Monday, March 19, 2018

Sohra Channeling


Namaste. Inviting connection at the Etheric Crystal at the Third Eye with the intention of meeting and receiving my energy there. I would like for you to place one part of your attention on these words as you read them, and another part of your attention on what the instructions are indicating and to do them.

I would like for you to visualize and feel the etheric crystal at the Third Eye and to visualize grow brighter and brighter with white light energy with each exhale that you do.

For the time being, I would like for you to not breathe in any special way, but just to add conscious awareness to the breathing. When you are breathing in, be aware of the breath coming in. When you are breathing out, be aware of the breath going out.

Feel that, in your lungs, you are gathering a breath essence, a felt energy of prana. Feel this energy present when you have finished your inhale and are feeling the inhale turn into the exhale. When you are exhaling, feel the essence move into the crystal and become part of the energy that pulses the crystal brightly. Trust the principle that energy follows attention and feel the attention you give to the crystal is letting this prana breath essence flow into the crystal.

I would like for you to imagine and feel that that the concentration of energy is getting stronger at the Third Eye, and to intend your physical body to become a holographic body of light. Visualize all your atoms in your body brightening and radiating white light. Feel them, too, pulsing on each exhale, in synchronization with the exhale, as if they are part of the breathing.

Sohra (continuing):

When doing the visualization, I would advise that you do not "try" or to "effort" or to "struggle" in any way. Just intend. We are working with the principle that, "When your attention is in gentle Third Eye crystal lock, whatever you imagine and feel becomes real in your experience." The purpose of intending at the Third Eye crystal is to focus a power that you are using all the time in your life. Your 7th consciousness has created your life through interpretation, through thinking and analyzing, and through reacting from old mental conditioning, all this is really part of what I am calling "imagination".

Sometimes you imagine yourself happy, sometimes sad, sometimes healthy and sometimes ill, sometimes clear and sometimes confused, sometimes angry and sometimes loving, sometimes afraid and sometimes courageous. In a subtle way, when you move about your day, a small amount of energy touches your Third Eye and becomes part of your experience. This automatic process keeps the conditioned chain reactions flowing in your life and also gently reinforces them.

When we focus in "gentle Third Eye crystal lock", we are establishing a reliable base for intentional growth into light body and through this base to help heal your life of all limiting conditions.

You will gradually feel old beliefs gently fall away as you continue this process. It is a different path than directly trying to analyze your belief systems and change them. Analysis does occasionally have some value, but the network of conditioned thoughts and how they interact with each other can be very vast and complex. When we analyze we can reinforce these patterns because it may be that the patterns is analyzing itself, and may make some underlying beliefs even more established.

As you feel the energy pulsing from the crystal and vibrating the atoms of your body, you are gently shedding the "thought of matter", the thought that there is a substance independent of consciousness that cannot be molded by conscious thought intention. As you feel your conscious thought intention gently shifting your "material experience" then your experience of matter will shift, and your beliefs about what "matter" is, will be updated from your own direct experience.

Sohra (continuing):

If you are feeling a flow of thoughts, emotions, and sensations within you, while your attention is focused in gentle Third Eye crystal lock, then I would like for you to check in with your experience of this flow.

Notice when you are clinging to a thought, emotion, memory, or sensation, and then gently let go of this clinging, returning to the focus of attention at the Third Eye and the crystal that is present there.

Notice where you are resisting a thought, emotion, memory, or sensation, and then gently let go of this resistance, returning to the focus of attention at the Third Eye and the crystal that is present there.

You do not want to push any experience away or try to hold on to any experience, but to let experiences flow within. When we hold on to an experience, we get stuck there. When we try to push away an experience, we also get stuck there. Notice the stuck-ness, let go of clinging and resistance, and continue the exercise.

Sohra (continuing):

If you are feeling a flow of thoughts, emotions, and sensations within you, while your attention is focused in gentle Third Eye crystal lock, then I would like for you to check in with your experience of this flow.

Notice when you are clinging to a thought, emotion, memory, or sensation, and then gently let go of this clinging, returning to the focus of attention at the Third Eye and the crystal that is present there.

Notice where you are resisting a thought, emotion, memory, or sensation, and then gently let go of this resistance, returning to the focus of attention at the Third Eye and the crystal that is present there.

You do not want to push any experience away or try to hold on to any experience, but to let experiences flow within. When we hold on to an experience, we get stuck there. When we try to push away an experience, we also get stuck there. Notice the stuck-ness, let go of clinging and resistance, and continue the exercise.

Sohra (continuing):

Again, I would like for all of you, in particular those who are in "training" about "non-identification", to not move into "trying", "efforting", or "struggling". In particular, not to "try to not identify". This is a subtle identification with "trying". The very noticing that you are locked into a conditioned thought is already a release from identification and you will have enough "free attention" to place it into gentle Third Eye crystal lock and focus there.

One way of understanding this process is to feel the 6th, 7th, and 8th precepts of the Eightfold Path. These are the key points about meditation training. The first two precepts, "right understanding" (the 12 Nidanas) and "right commitment" (the Triple Refuge) are the foundation. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th are the ethical karma containing precepts (so that we do not create any more karmas to undo and can concentrate on dissolving the accumulation that we have already collected and stored in our subconscious mind and in our habits.

The 6th precept is "gentle correction", where when you notice you have wandered from your focus, and gently return back to your focus.

The 7th precept is "sensitive awareness", where one is sensitive enough to notice clinging, notice resistance, and notice identification and to use the 6th precept to gently end them.

The 8th precept is "gentle focus" (sometimes called "right concentration"), where you hold steady your attention on the training intention that is present for you. The key to add is this: There is, ideally, no struggle to hold attention on the focus. Attention may waver as seed thoughts arise and get identified with. If you let this happen and then gently correction this, again and again and again, then each gentle correction will be a release of an identification and a lifting up from the conditioned trance of "human biological and robotic life". When struggle is present, there is at least a "partial identification" going on, that one is identified with conditioned human life and is trying to not be identified. Notice this "trying" as a seed thought and gently refocus back into gentle Third Eye crystal lock, and then place the attention at the crystal, and intend the physical body to shift into light body, noticing the atoms vibrating differently as a confirmation of right practice.

Sohra (continuing):

Once the conscious thought intention of "shifting the physical body into a holographic light body" is established in gentle Third Eye crystal lock, then you ask to have your subconscious mind, the holder of your conditioning, to take over this process and keep this process going on below the surface of your focus of attention.

Then focusing at the Heart Center, the center of the Chest, where the Thymus gland is. In some of the teaching texts regarding the Heart Center, the heart pumping station is considered the Heart Center. To be technical, this is accurate, however, it is wiser to consider the pumping heart and the Thymus gland to be part of the Heart Center, along with three other sub-heart centers, one is in the mirror image location to the heart pumping station, where you would have a heart pump if you had two identical ones one either side of the spine. The other two would be at the place where the collar bones join on the front, where the trachea would be, and the tip of the sternum, which is sometimes called the "power center".

The power center has to do with struggle and letting go of struggle. It is the place where the created self or ego learns to "let go" and allow everyone to live by their freedom, by their choice, by their beliefs, and by their values. You let everyone live their own truth. You meet only where you agree with each other. You let yourself live your own truth, your own beliefs, and your own values. You do not try to convince anyone of anything, but simply explain your own thoughts and why you believe them as best you can, and then let the other person decide what to do with them. If they feel it is "nonsense", this is okay. If they feel it is "wise and true", this is okay.

Sohra (continuing):

The power center "stands under" the Heart Center. In the English language, this metaphor works well. When the ego of the power center understands "unconditional love", then it stands under unconditional love and therefore engages in no power struggle with anyone. It surrenders trying to dominate anyone and even trying to submit to anyone, but simply lives its freedom and walks within agreement with friends. All power struggle can end this way and it can happen immediately.

Sohra (continuing):

The trachea heart center is about humor and lightness, about not taking anything too seriously. The higher aspect of humor is "non-attachment" to outcomes. Whether or not you attain light body is not crucial. If we push for it as a goal, we are getting too serious. If we do the exercises and trust that what is meant to happen will happen, then the trachea heart center is operational. It will prevent us from going into struggle.

There is a kind of seriousness that we need, that shows that we are sincere, that we are clear on the goal, and that we value the goal rightly. If we hold this, then we are "serious" in the right way. But if we get morbid, fanatical, and intense, pushing our ourselves into intense struggle and pushing others the same way, then we are serious in an unwholesome way, and need the light humorous non-attachment of the trachea heart center.

Many Buddhist meditation students find out, when they struggle with their egos, that there is something humorous about the antics of the ego, and that if they can laugh at the irony of how the ego takes things too seriously all the time, then there is a release through higher humor. The struggle ends with this release, including the struggle to not struggle.

Sohra (continuing):

The left pumping heart is the feminine empathic heart that can be sensitive, caring, and nurturing to people. The right etheric heart is the male active compassion heart that can be protective, actively helpful, and focused on burning away karma. In the middle Thymus heart, there is the core of unconditional love. These descriptions link with previous teachings and add more detail to the meditations. The thymus has silvery blue light radiating out to others, the male heart has magenta, the female heart has aurora green, the power center has golden yellow, and the trachea has a light cobalt blue.

I would like for you to visualize these radiances going out into the world and touching all the sentient beings that you meet each and every day, with the two week orb that we have been doing. Two weeks into the past and two weeks into the future. We can call this the "lunar present moment".

Notice the conditioned reactions that may arise when these lights appear and touch people you know. Any reaction of thought and emotion that is less than those named above, variations of anger, fear, sadness, jealousy (struggle), and arrogance (convincing others you are right) may arise. Just notice them, see them as conditioned reactions, and let them go. Just doing this will dissolve most of your afflicted karmaic emotions. There may be some deep core ones that you may have to explore individually, but always do this kind of practice first. Sometimes an insight will arise to more deeply release the afflicted emotions. Always start by lovingly accepting them as they are first, and then let them go.

Sohra (continuing):

Choosing to end this transmission here. Sending energy blessings. Temavah. Namaste.

Friday, February 23, 2018

About the Channeling: How It Happens Inside

The Sohra Channelings have felt different internally over the years.  Sohra had shared a few years ago that I have entered the "sixth unity" with her.  In the first unity, the difference between myself and Sohra was very distinct.  I could feel her information descending and touch a cone in the brain about two to three inches below the soft spot at the top of the head.  The wisdom energy felt like pulses of light and were translated into English at that point.  The translation was done by matching resonances.  It is like the light pulses had meaning tones to them and they were matched with the meaning tones of English words and sentences.

There were a lot of challenges at this first level.  One was that Itanamic language was very different than English or even most terrestrial languages, with the exception of Sanskrit, which has, or more precisely "had", a similar design.  Even here there were differences.

Sharing some of the challenges involved in channeling and/or translating Itanamic light pulses into English is worth sharing to give a sense of what is involved in channeling.  I wish to state, too, that this kind of channeling may or may not be the same as when other people channel different beings through them.  I was trained for two years before doing channeling, having had a deep conversation with Krishnamurti, after he had died, within a very vivid lucid dream.  Then Amida Buddha came in another powerful lucid dream about two years later and taught some things about channeling.  K had already distinguished between "entity" channeling, where the being takes over parts of the person and uses those parts to speak through the person, and "wisdom" channeling, where the being whose speaking emanates wisdom energy to a place in the brain that K called "the translation point", where light pulses or units of wisdom energy, would take on a verbal cloak of another language.

What I gather is that the "language of light" is the universal language of all creation and part of our emergence into being telepathic people is to relearn this language and make it primary in our lives again.  What K also shared is that when people hear someone channeling a wisdom being or enlightened being, they feel the wisdom energy in the words and feel a felt sense of understanding that feels peaceful and satisfying inside.  They then make the mistake of "conceptual grasping", that they try to hold the understanding by grabbing at the words and concepts that are the thought part of the transmission, and when they do this, the felt sense of understanding tends to slowly slip away from the words.  K shared that it would be better for people to let the words lead them into the warm understanding behind the words, and to just learn to "rest" there.  Part of what the Heart Sutra is sharing has to do with this very thing, because, indeed, Gautama Buddha himself was channeling the wisdom energy of the Mahadakini Prajna Parmita through the event of chanting and reciting the Heart Sutra.  K himself experimented with chanting some ancient Sanskrit sutras, too, in this manner.  His followers loved this part of the process, but apparently when K got what he needed out of this process he moved on.

I found when I channeled Sohra early on that sometimes one light pulse needed to be held by a paragraph of awkward English words and sentences that never felt quite right.  When I communed with Sohra and the Itanami, they shared that their language was "non-oppositive" and that almost all the Earth languages were "oppositive".  In other words, the words would tend to polarize into pairs that were in tension or dualistic struggle with each other.  The opposites form a tense field, like Democrats versus Republicans, hot versus cold, good versus evil, darkness versus light, Jedi versus Sith, etc.  Because Itanamic language was and is a language of unity and created no tension between various states, using polarized words which existed within a tension field, made it hard for me to feel "resonance correspondence".  And so they taught me about amounts to a 6th grader's understanding of their language, going over the basic building blocks of their core tones and how they map reality.

I was very impressed with the teachings that came through at this point, because I could see that their language remained very resonant with the light pulses of pure understanding and really were the sound pulses of pure understanding.  I found that if I overlaid their "grammar" over English that I could more readily translate the light pulses of Sohra into adequate English words, though sometimes there are Itanamic words that still do not have an easy correspondence with English.  These concepts would be parallel to concepts like "Quantum Uncertainty" and "Temporal Relativity".  Language convey what a culture has learned and the Itanami, having evolved within a culture of three enlightenments, have a vocabulary that points to many different states of consciousness and states of inter-functionality within those states of consciousness.

I found that they had, in a sense, shared a hybrid and adopted form of their language and I formed a hybrid and adopted form of English to build a bridge between the light pulses of understanding in Sohra and the conventional language of English.  This created a "blending zone", where my world and Sohra's world overlapped.  This was the "first unity" that would be activated during the channeling state or when I functioned as "devani" (choosing to surrender to a sacred movement of energy with concentrated attention).  I did gather that the word "devani" is different from "channeler" because the word "channeler" is a looser term that encompasses many states that the Itanami would consider functionally very different from each other.

As I channeled within the first unity a lot of beautiful siddhis would happen, including a few people seeing Sohra come out of heart and enter my crown chakra before I would start to channel, or feeling a powerful love emanate from me as energy, or people feeling Sohra speak to each person inside their minds before they heard the same words shared by me a few seconds later.  There was always a feeling of silent communion within the energy and an afterglow, which Sohra would sometimes name as a shared wisdom space that exists when the illusion of separation which defines the ego state is "trance ended".

In phase two, I noticed that Sohra herself was learning English and helping the light pulse translation process.  It was as if an overlap zone was being created between us, an energy field where Sohra and I were blending.  It seems that each time we "agree", then a blending happens, and this overlap zone grows more.  I could feel the process of "translation" in my brain being streamlined.  It felt more and more like she was speaking in me and through me, and I was holding an allowing for this process that took less and less effort, and more and more felt like a gentle attention and resting.  This was the "2nd unity".

During this time, she was making discoveries like noticing that the word "discipline" meant both "to learn" and "to punish", and she exclaimed, "No wonder why you have such a hard time learning on Earth!"  I could feel Sohra learning through being channeled by me in that there was no robotic or rigid step by step process of interfacing with our world.  I could feel her doing more to connect with people through me.  She was working "outside the translation barrier" to form a learning for people by "osmosis".

In the 2nd unity, I found that the differentiations between me and Sohra that I had used before were not working.  My sense of self was shifting a lot inside the channelings.  We tend to differentiate ourselves from each other through a feeling of separateness and this was no longer valid as a way of distinguishing between Sohra and myself.  I had to recompute what the difference was so that my "subjectivity" would not interfere with bringing Sohra through.  This lead to the "3rd unity", where I would focus on a shared energy field that is now always there uniting me with Sohra.

It was during this time that Sohra shared that my own light body process would be centralized in channeling her, and that the deeper unities between her energy field and mine would transform my cells into light, that I was meant to channel her as part of creating a "tech 6 transformational energy field" which included me, her, and the participants.

The 4th unity emerged from the 3rd unity when I found that Sohra could move my body, with me doing an "active allowing" for this process.  This allowed her to conduct her energy more powerfully into our world.  I noticed that at this stage that she was somehow "riding my biological cells" and that certain events would happen first as cellular sensations before manifesting.  At this point, too, she could simply shift others and heal them directly, when the conditions were right.

During the fifth unity the feeling of oneness has stayed constant with Sohra and has become strong enough so that if I do not complete the full shift into light body in my physical body, that I will be able to create the light body after death, like some of the Kriya Yoga masters and like Gautama Body was reported to have done.  It is wiser to at least continue the process in the physical body and intend to complete it here in the physical body, but if it is not completed, then it can be completed after death.

During the 6th unity, which is the last unity, the process will be felt more and more as energy conducting through, and energies surrounding the words and filling the words, and with the sense the my embodiment is an integral part of bringing energy through from her dimension to ours, like a step down transformer.  The shared feeling of unity is, in a sense, integrating "physicality" into its functioning.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Transcending the Fight, Flight, or Freeze Reflex


I have not posted much on this blog in a long while and have felt it is time to post to this site again.  I have found Facebook to be a viable network for sharing the Sohra channelings and using Freeconferencecall(dot)com to have been link together to hear them.  But what has happened is that Sohra has been sharing more and more material in her channelings.  They are embedded in the practice of Rakira breathing that she is sharing through the guided meditations.

I have found a need to go over the information so that new people who are joining in the practices can "catch up" more quickly.  The information that she has shared, too, is integral to the evolutionary changes and movement toward light body that she is sharing.

One of the teachings is that she has shared that the "fight, flight, or freeze reflex" is obsolete and does parallel what Gurdjieff had called the "organ kundabuffer".  Having this reflex no longer serves our evolution.  In previous time periods, it has allowed us to survive in a harsher natural environment where many predator animals stalked humans.  But at this time in history, humans have overcome all those predators and the reflex is no longer needed.

The crystal activations that Sohra is transmitting is designed to remove the fight, flight, or freeze reflex in three stages.  The first is to "remove" it from the genetic programs.  Then to dissolve it on the level of habit.  Then to dissolve our "investment" in the reflex.  She has chosen the word "investment" in that many of us have identified ourselves with the emotions of the fight (anger), flight (fear), or freeze (sadness as resignation to whatever might happen, while not trying to make it happen) reflex.  When we have invested in the reflex, then it becomes part of our personality, and loss of this reflex means loss of the corresponding part of our personality.  Because of free choice being honored at every step of the light body process, we must choose to let these "investments" go, and let go of the personality trait that we think we need to be "us".  The key to doing this is to impersonalize the reflex, to see that it was implanted in our biological genetic code and therefore has no "self" within it that is "us".  We do not identify with these emotions.  We do not feel "I am angry", but instead "Anger has been activated within my awareness by external stimuli hooking into biological conditioning".  Sohra can release the reflex from the genetic code, from our habits, and from our investment in the reflex, and our part is to be willing to let it go, not identify with the reflex, and being willing to replace the fight, flight, or freeze reflex with triadic love:

(1) unconditional love that accepts everything as it is.

(2) empathic love that feels what others are feeling.

(3) active compassion alleviates suffering when possible by acts of kindness and by burning away karma.

 This triadic love is intrinsic to our "Buddha Nature" and therefore does not have to be cultivated.  It needs only to be "brought forward" and "not obscured".

She also shared that part of the larger biological programming set that the fight, flight, or freeze reflex is a part of and which is also obsolete is the "mammalian status drive" with its "pecking order" and "emotional territorial defensiveness (us versus them, in-group versus out-group dynamic), its "pressure to conform", to punish non-conformity, to shame non-conformity, and to use blame/guilt as a motivator.  There is also the survival instinct and the sex/mating drive (to reproduce the species, form families, and go for pleasure).  These three interlocking systems have structured humankind to enhance survival, but have "hit their limit" on how far they can carry humans further into their future evolution.  Studying these patterns, acknowledging their activations within us, and not identifying with these patterns eventually allows Sohra to permanently release these patterns for us.  But we need to be convinced that we no longer need them anymore and that our life is better without them, and also to replace them with corresponding higher principles, like triadic love.  This being convinced is through intuitive wisdom and through release of any investment in (valuing of) these patterns within the conscious and subconscious mind.  As long as part of us clings to these emotions and the reflexes that they are based on, then we have not let them go, and Sohra must let us keep them until our free choice, intuitive wisdom, and clarity fully let them go.  We can, however, experience temporary relief from this reflexive system when we enter "gentle third eye crystal lock" and enter unity with Sohra's light body enlightenment wisdom.  These temporary experiences can eventually allow us to see that these reflexes are obsolete and allow us to let them go.

Sohra also shared that the reflex was implanted into sentient beings, humans and animals, on this world, in order to adapt to a disaster in the ancient sense of the world.  A meteor impacted on this world and severely hurt the biosphere.  It made life on Earth difficult and harsher.  Like Gurdjieff, Sohra did share that some higher beings who were in charge of preventing these kinds of events did not remedy this disaster or prevent it from happening.  She apologized on behalf of those beings.  The reflex was given to allow humans to rapidly adapt to the harsher world, but it was at great cost.  Gurdjieff taught that the "implanted organ" was removed, but habit force kept it alive and people invested in the reflex and kept it alive in their personality and thought conditioning.  Sohra agrees with this view, though feels it still needs removal from the genes and that spiritual initiations are attempts to do this.  In other words, the organ got imprinted upon other organs and functioned as a pattern through them.

The mating drive and the family formation it brings about is behind the grief and sadness that people feel.  Because you can gain a relationship, you can also lose a relationship too.  This will be replaced by a "telepathic love" (mudita) that, once created, cannot be lost.  Therefore, sadness and grieving as a response to loss of love, does not have to arise.  We can stay connected to each other within the unity of love.

The status drive defines "mass consciousness" and renouncing the world, going on the spiritual path is "dropping out" from this whole journey.  It is shifting to an alternative society called the "maha-sangha" or spiritual community.  This is based on "loving mutual service" and "felt harmony within the evolutionary purpose of moving into light body", feeling each other as part of one emerging organism where everyone is felt within a unity where each can simply be themselves.  This is called a "gar" within Dzogchen Buddhism.  Eventually the status drive and hidden conformity behind the drive is felt like a limitation on our freedom and is released.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Double Star Tetrahedron

Tenabah:  I wanted to share a general outline of the meditation process that Sohra has been sharing during the last several channelings.  She has been building up in stages over the last few years to reach this point and would like for me to summarize this level of transmissions.  She is going to repeat them with some subtle variations until a certain maturity of understanding has been reached, and then to move into another gear with this work.  In the next gear, the energies will be even more strongly activated, the cells will start to shimmer with light, and deep moment to moment processing will happen.  People will flow in a kind of intuitive wisdom to release hindrances to be present as a light body, diving into and embracing repressed emotions, and then spinning them into a higher frequency where they transmute back into unconditional love.  Even though this is a written description of the interlocking meditation processes.  You are invited to follow the instructions as you read them and make it an alive experience right where you are.


1.1 Sohra:  "Inviting connection at third eye.  Would like for you to place attention at 3rd eye with the intention of meeting and receiving my energy there.  Sending energy blessing.  Would like for you to feel that you are receiving intuitive guidance on how to breathe."

1.2 Sohra:  "Affirming that whenever you gently place attention at the 3rd eye and rest attention there that whatever you imagine becomes real in your experience."

1.3 Sohra:  "Inhale deep and full.  Exhale soft and smooth.  Inhale and exhale flowing into each other without harsh pauses.  The total breathing becoming one smooth continuous flow.  Belly gently expanding on the inhale.  Belly softly relaxing on the exhale, gently pushing the air out.  Rib cage and lungs gently expanding on the inhale.  Rib cage and lungs softly relaxing on the exhale, gently pushing the air out.

1.4 Sohra:  "Notice and feel the expansion and relaxation of the belly as the inhale rises and the exhale falls.  Notice and feel the rib cage expand and relax, also, on the inhale and exhale.  Notice the expansion in the front, sides, back, shoulder, and diaphragm, all six sides of the rib cage and lungs.  Let the inhale expand into all these areas without strain, gently massaging these areas into softness and openness."

1.5 Sohra:  "Notice how the spine naturally moves in response to the inhale and exhale, how it gently waves and pulses, and how the spaces between the vertebrae open and flex.  Gently notice where the spine is stiff and focus attention on the spaces between the vertebra there and let the breathing gently massage them open through the natural rise and fall of the inhale and exhale waving through them.  Focus your attention on these space and notice how this attention helps this process.  You are not forcing but allowing.  You are not straining or efforting, but inviting.  The body will willingly accept this invitation because it wants to."

1.6 Sohra:  "Add a whispering chant of 'yah' on the inhale and a whispering chant of 'hah' on the exhale.  The sounding is made through the wind moving through the throat, not with the vocal chords.  The soundings are continuous and prolonged, but never to the point of strain.  Feel as if the belly is pulling the air into itself on the inhale and gently pushing the air out on the exhale.  Each is a somewhat long drawn out syllable.  Again, you wish to have your primary attention resting at your 3rd eye and feeling that you are following the guidance directly from this place, with only part of the guidance coming through these words."

1.7 Sohra:  "Inviting you to do this basic breathing.  This linking breath.  Feeling like you are nonverbally communing with my wisdom energy at the third eye.  My wisdom then is your wisdom.  They are merged and flowing together when the attention gently rests at the 3rd eye.  Inviting you to do about 100 breaths, with 'yah' and 'hah' in them, with the intention of deepening our connection there.  This can be done in any posture, however, it is easiest to do when you are lying down on a soft carpeted floor, a firm yet soft bed, or a bed of grass.  You do not have to count the breaths literally.  It will be, in your way of measuring time, about 5 to 10 minutes."

1.8 Sohra:  "Gently hold the intention of deepening our connection.  Feel as if we are holding an intuitive warm silent space together.  Let it wash away any harsh thoughts and experiences from your mind.  Not pushing them away, but gently letting them wash away, like the ocean waters of your world and how they gently wash your shores.  This linking breathing, rooted in the 3rd eye, yet done with the whole body, heart, and mind is integral to all that comes afterwards.  It can also be a connection that you may carry throughout your daily life and even within your dream journeys during sleep.  There is a space of unity in this breathing where my wisdom merges with your wisdom, and my enlightenment merges with your own enlightened nature, helping it to gently wake up.  This single method of breathing can, by itself, be enough to bring a deep level of awakening."

2. Core Activation

2.1 Sohra:  "With your permission, activating Double star Tetrahedron."

Note:  Like everything that is written here, it is a translation of her Itanamic thought processes and language into English or a terrestrial language.  The background of the above sentence is that Sohra is very aware that everything that happens to us requires our conscious and/or unconscious permission.  Even when she already knows she has our permission, she wishes that we still consciously give it with full knowing that we are doing so.  The term that is being translated is "teh-teh-vah-nee" (tetevani) which can roughly translate as agreement to concentrate upon and move together within a sacred purpose and process.  Her heart intention ("teh") has already been formed, when we add our "teh" to this (heart choice), then "vani" is activated.

2.2 Sohra:  "Visualizing for you and with you, the Double Star Tetrahedron."

Note:  The Double Star Tetrahedron would be called in Itanamic language "Tatorakaba" (kaba=sacred form/geometry, tato=holographic heart macrocosm aligned with holographic heart microcosm so that universal and individual hearts are surrendered into each other, ra=heart blessing grace as energy in motion).

2.3 Sohra:  "Would like for you to renew your focus of attention upon your 3rd eye.  Please remember that the principle that we are working with is that, when your attention is resting at the 3rd eye, then whatever you imagine and feel becomes real in your experience.  Gently release the feeling that you are working alone, in isolation from me, and trust that we are united in purpose, that I am in you and you are in me."

2.4 Sohra:  "The Double Star Tetrahedron is composed of Two Star Tetrahedrons, and the Two Star Tetrahedrons are composed of two tetrahedrons each, and these are, in their turn, composed of four equilateral triangles.  These are triangles with all their sides of equal length."

2.5 Sohra:  "The triangles form a three sided pyramid with a same size triangle as a base."

2.6 Sohra: "A Star Tetrahedron is formed by two tetrahedrons interlocking to form a three dimensional Star of David."

2.7 Sohra:  "The Double Star Tetrahedron is composed of two Star Tetrahedrons.  The smaller one has the north tip touching the 3rd eye and the south tip touching the sacrum.  The larger one is 3 feet in radius larger than the smaller one or six feet in diameter larger than the smaller one." 

2.8 Sohra:  "The tetrahedrons that compose the Double Star Tetrahedron form counter-rotating spins.  The internal south points tetrahedron is rotating at 52 hz counter-clockwise or moving from left to right behind you and moving from right to left in front of you.  Another way of imagining the spin is that if you looked from above the tetrahedron it would be moving counter-clockwise.  The north pointing internal tetrahedron is spinning 48 hz clockwise.  The larger Star Tetrahedron is the opposite, with the external south pointing tetrahedron going 48 hz clockwise and the external north pointing tetrahedron going 52 hz counter-clockwise.  Each pair of tetrahedrons, internal above and below, external above and below, internal and external below, and internal and external above, all have a differential of 4 hz.  They create an isochronic sine wave beat pattern of 4 hz which inspires the brain to emulate this frequency and gently shift it into lucid dreaming."

2.9 Sohra:  "If you do not feel you can exactly visualize the counter-rotating spins of the Double Star Tetrahedron, then simply intend for the tetrahedrons to spin according to these frequencies and I will visualize for you and with you to align them to their exact frequencies."

(videos to give feeling of counter-rotating spins)

[I am going to add more here until it covers the complete meditation and it will have pictures and even video links so that the sounds, like 'yah' and 'hah' are heard, and geometries more accurately visualized.  But I am going to post the first section right now so that those involved can review.]

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Tech Levels (Tenabah Notes)

When asked about UFOs, Sohra shared a useful map that I have found on value in many ways.  It concerns different levels of technology:

Tech 0 = Stone Age.  Tools are made with stones, wood, and vine (rope), sharpened by rubbing, grinding, and chiseling, etc.

Tech 1 = Fire Age.  This tech level includes everything from using fire to warm oneself, making camp fires, to alchemy, iron smelting, candles, steam engines, and torches.

Tech 2 = Electric Age.  This tech level is where humans on Earth are now.  Batteries, computers, etc. are all from this level, though there are two exceptions.  One is things discovered at a higher tech level but which can be imported to a lower tech level.  Two is the next category.

Tech 2.5 = Atomic Power.  This tech level was not really meant to be, except as a passing discovery on the way to the next level.  This is why it is given a "2.5" rating, rather than a fully implemented technological level.  Even Nuclear power is really downscaled to fire (steam turbines) and electricity (electrical generators driven by steam turbines).  The atomic bomb is a sophisticated fire bomb activated by Tech 2 electrical technology.  Cold Fusion is really Tech 3 and would have been the proper outcome of atomic research.

Tech 3 = Zero Point Energy.  Drawing energy from the infinite field of luminous empty space.  Overunity electrical generators are part of this.  The electricity, too, is qualitatively different from conventional electricity.  This is also the energy of life itself and of lightning storms, auroras, noctilucent clouds, and even the stars.  This is really the minimum level for ETs to navigate the cosmos.

Tech 4 = Consciousness/Matter Interaction.  This is where the consciousness within each sentient being is felt as a force that can interact with matter telekinetically, as in "mind over matter".  However, consciousness is still understood almost like a physical force among other physical forces, and is studied in this context because of instrument science being limited to this kind of measuring.  The beginnings of this are seen in the interfaces that are used to brain pilot jet planes.

Tech 5 = Unity.  This is where the unified field equation is understood and includes everything.  It was necessary for Tech 5 level understanding of consciousness to happen first before completing this mission of Einstein.  The attempts to find an equation that resolves the four physical forces into each other has moved to string theory and m-state theory, but without the inclusion of consciousness is incomplete.  Once all the factors are combined into a unified vision, then you have a technological level that cannot be abused by evil purposes nor can it be used to win a battle within a dualistic struggle.

Tech 6 = Light Body.  This is where life is experienced as a Dream of Consciousness, with only one Dreamer (Unity), and we are parts of this Dreamer and are co-creating the world together.  Technology is literally dreamed into existence according the the laws that govern unity.

Tech 5 and Tech 6 are beyond misuse and it was the rising up to Tech 5 by the Sirians that ended the Sirian/Orion galactic war.  On this level, the Sirians needed to see the Orions as their own shadow side, just as the GMO biotech companies are the shadow side of modern science.  Because Tech 5 and Tech 6 are beyond dualistic struggle, if we learn to function on this level, real evolutionary progress can be made that is non-reversible.

Sohra shared that some ET civilizations are functioning at Tech 3 and above, and that all these levels of tech are interacting with our world, with a lot of our technology reverse engineered from Tech 3 and above space craft (mostly from Tech 4 craft, because Tech 5 is beyond being shot down or malfunctioning).  The ability to reverse engineer from those craft has to do with the human's ability to contextualize what the craft is doing in terms of their own technological level (Tech 2).  The silicon chip would be a reverse engineering of a Tech 4 space craft, though Tech 3 is about the highest level of what humans can grok about those craft.  It is hard to fully grasp more than one tech level beyond where you are.

Sohra has been sharing some Tech 6 crystal devices recently to help evolve our world through its transitional time.  It is functioning more on a Tech 5 level, conforming to the laws of unity in manifestation.  She had been preparing some people to bring it through, because proper use can only be done with a shift in our consciousness (Tech 4) aligning with its purpose and thinking clearly at the frequency of understanding Tech 5.  This can be temporarily done by alignment with the energies being channeled to the point where we meditate into conscious awareness of our Buddha nature.  Since the devices cannot be misused, proper use is accessing its level of function or not.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tenabah Notes 1211/2013: Outer Support for the Inner Process

Tenabah:  I wanted to add some notes especially for those who are linking deeply with Sohra and carrying this link into their daily lives, and who are using this connection as a primary support for their transition into light body.

I am entitling this article "Outer Support for the Inner Process".  There are a few things that Sohra is suggesting at this time, with more coming if these things are integrated:

(1) Drinking one quart of pure water with a few slices of limes charging it up.  This is done in the morning upon waking up.  The idea is to not eat any food or even take any beverage until this water passes through the system via urination.  This helps the body to cleanse, to use the long fasting during sleep efficiently.  Ideally, we are drinking enough pure water so that we have at least one clear (not yellow) urination per a day.

(2) Before sleep, to drink one cup of pure warm water with a half teaspoon of Triphalia.  Ideally, one has not eaten anything at least one hour before going to sleep.

(3) Sohra has been wanting people to learn towards being vegan and to ideally be vegan.  There are a lot of reasons for this.  One is ethical and karmaic, that by eating animals and animal products one is involved in killing the animals and the karma of this.  If one is taking dairy and eggs, then one is stealing from them and involved in the karma of this.  It is theoretically possible that one can make a conscious agreement with a specific animal and get some milk or eggs from her that would not be stealing, and this would be more karma free.  But this kind of transaction is not meant to be a regular part of the human diet.  Two is that human mother's milk has the carb/protein/fat ratio of 80-10-10 and possibly even less protein than 10 percent (the World Health Organization upped it to 10 percent just to play it safe).  Animal flesh is more like 30-40-30.  It is hard for our diet to move to its ideal health with unbalanced ratios like this.  It tends to produce an acidic blood stream.  It takes a lot more exercise to burn enough protein and fat to lose weight.  A banana has similar ratios to mother's milk and is recommended by the American Pediatric Association for babies if they cannot breast feed.  If the human baby body does not need more than 10 percent protein when it is massively building new tissues and literally doubling and tripling its size, then adults probably do not need very much protein to maintain the tissues that they already have.  There are some people very used to eating animal flesh and products, who may not be able to easily transition to being vegan.  There are herbal brews that will help this transition.  You also want to avoid eating gluten and GMO grains and anything made from them.  Eliminating casein/cheese/elmer's-glue from the diet is a pretty immediate need.  It will take special herbal teas to undo this damage to the intestines.

(4) Taking a hot bath with 1/2 cup to 1 cup of baking soda at night about 3 times a week.  This will alkalize the body and help nourish the skin which is being a little ravaged by oxidation reactions.  This will assist the overall cleansing process.

Blessings, Temavah, Namaste.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sohra Channeling on November 23, 2013 For Fukushima

Sohra:  Blessings to all of you who are gathered in this mental space and are hearing these words resonate within your minds.  Inviting you to place attention at your third eye, the space between your eyebrows and about 1/8 inch above, and then holding the intention of meeting my energy presence there.  You will feel a subtle tingling sensation there as a sign that I am with you.  This sensation can be very strong or delicate, either will do, and is sufficient.  Then imagine that your intuition with infused with my wisdom energy and feel that it is guiding your breathing, making your inhale deeper and fuller, your exhale softer and smoother, with the inhale and exhale flowing together into one smooth continuous breathing with no pauses when you switch from one to the other.  Feeling the belly expand on the inhale and the feeling the belly relax on the exhale, falling back to where it started before you inhaled.  Feeling the lungs expand in all directions, gently pressing the rib cage in the front and sides, slightly lifting the shoulders, and making the upper spine slightly straighter.  The spine will undulate slightly when you breathe.  Gently scan the vertebra and notice which vertebra are stiff and which vertebra are in subtle movement, responding to the movements necessary for deep, full, and smooth circular breathing.  Invite the stiff vertebra to slowly join this movement and they will gently find their way to do this.

Then hold the intention to divide your attention, with 70 percent of your attention holding connection me at your third eye, with 20 percent on your breathing, and only 10 percent on your thoughts and emotions.  Do not worry about measuring this, simply hold this intention and I will make it so.  If you lose the feeling of balance that this gesture of attention gives you, then deeply concentrate on your third eye and connecting with me, breathing in to receive my blessing and healing energy, and breathing out to let go and allow me to shift your energy back into balance.

Consciously and intentionally give permission for me to join in energy purpose with you, through this, I can visualize for you and with you, and strengthen all that we do with my energy, clarity, wisdom, and concentration.  I have already evolved into unity within myself.  I have not contradictory thoughts inside myself and therefore my every thought flows in the same direction and can manifest what it wishes, born of wisdom, love, and creativity, within the limits of cosmic law and within the limits of the permission that you give me.  Nothing that I do will over-ride anything within you.  I can only work with what you give.

Through your presence in your own world, your good wishes for your own world, and your permission to let my energy flow inside you and through you, I can support the healing, growth, and evolution of your world.  Just as I am being channeled by Tenabah into your world, I am also channeling the collective energy of the mahasangha, the cosmic community of liberated beings who now live in the light bodies.  I can call on them to be with me if and when I need them, to support what is needed in your world

I would like for you to imagine your body as hollow, like a hologram of light, to feel your spine as also hollow, and within this hollow spine is a filament of light, like a glowing white thread, in the very center of your spine, running through all your vertebra like a thread through your beads that you where on your necklaces.  With your permission, I will multiply my light body into many light bodies and superimpose my light filament over your light filament, to energize and boost it as much as you allow me, as much as you are able to allow yourself to evolutionarily advance into light body at this time, as much as you are willing and able to let go of all past hindrances that hold you back.  I am able to multiply myself almost indefinitely to do this simultaneously with anyone who calls upon me, who gives the right kind of attention at the third eye and holds it there with the intention of meeting me there, and who sincerely wants to allow me to transform you from physicality to luminosity.

For the sake of acceleration, and with your permission, I will visualize layers of spinning geometries of light surrounding you, both within you, and outside you and enclosing you, and even on a microscopic level of each and every cell in your body, that each may synchronize its movement with Ekadana, the planet at the center of the galaxy, with Sirius, with your three suns (with Jupiter and Saturn being small emerging suns), and with your Earth.  Establishing this for you, so that you may concentrate on visualizing a single star tetrahedron for Fukushima, for the reduction of harmful radiation to the degree allowable by universal law at this time.  The total energy not stopping until humankind gets clear that they need to and wish to end their nuclear power plant direction, acknowledging that nuclear power is to dangerous, messy, and toxic to really be viable, and shift to using zero point energy technology, which is safe, nontoxic, nonpolluting, infinite, and eternal.

Visualizing two interlocking tetrahedrons, one pointed up and one pointed down, interlocking like the Star of David would be if it were three dimensional.  The north pointing tetrahedron spinning at 52 rps (rotations per a second) and the south pointing one at 48 rps, forming a 4 hz frequency, activating lucid dreaming and the dream body.  A fire spins up from the south meeting a liquid light flowing down from the north, the fire is red, the liquid white, there is a light filament connecting the north and south poles of the star, and they mix at the center and form silvery blue light, a shining sphere of compassion as this light radiating into your world.  Program this star tetrahedron with the thought intention to serve your world, to spin over Fukushima, and reduce the radiation there.  You may call this the "Zero Star" because of its dual intention to reduce the Fukushima radiation to zero and to bring forward zero point energy into your world, for the sake of healing your world.

If there are instructions that are not clear to you, please do not worry, hold the intention that I am with you and will fill in any details that are missing and make any subtle corrections that are necessary.  Some adjustments may need to be made for different times and situations that may arise as the Fukushima crisis unfolds.  I will bless whatever activity and good intentions that you hold at your third eye that relates to this healing purpose and also any other areas of your life that you hold up to the third eye and offer to me.  Please also do not worry about whether or not what we do will work.  It will accomplish whatever is possible within the limits of cosmic law in each moment.  Once you are done programming the star tetrahedron, the zero star, that release it, let it go, and even forget about it, being not attached to any results for or against.  If possible do not think about this any more, but continue your spiritual activism for your world, continue your spiritual path, walk in the light, and may peace prevail in your world, and then occasionally check in to see if more wishes to be done.  I will remember all of you until you remember yourself.  All of you are also sentient radiant stars born of a nebula of loving energy, here to serve and be served, to evolve into enlightenment, unconditional love, and light body, and to celebrate, day by day, the wonder of being alive.

End of transmission.  Temavah.  Namaste.