Friday, October 14, 2011

Sohra Channeling 10/14/2011

Sohra: Blessings to all who are gathered in this space. Wishing for all of you to place attention at your 3rd eye with the intention of meeting me there. Then let your intuitive wisdom, emerging from within our connection, guide your breathing, so that it is deep, full, smooth, gently rhythmic, and without any strain or efforting. Let our connection and your breathing gently flood your body with energy, gently fill you, opening meridian flows within your subtle energy body, and gently blocking the pathways of feeling within your emotional or astral body. If you stay centered at the third eye, gently resting your attention there, then everything can happen for you in terms of an easy, rapid, and peaceful pathway of healing, growth, enlightenment, and celebration. Give yourself permission to no longer need to strain or struggle, let happiness come to you from the environment that surrounds you. I will walk you through this step by step if you will let me. There are some who are maturing their telepathic receptivity so that you will be able to get a clear and specific guidance from me and there are some whose minds are too filled with many doubts and confusing thoughts to get something so clear. This is okay. Just trust that you are getting something in the more subtle level of pure thoughts and of pure frequency. Even if you are only being silent and receptive to what is beyond your thoughts and confusion, letting in this silence and place of "no message", something can happen from within this luminous void. All wisdom exists within this field within this space, because there is, within the vacuum of empty space, a fullness and richness, a kind of nonspecific common sense that we all share within. It does not matter if it is not seen to come from "me" to "you" because we are united in that space. If you just tune into this space, it is like setting the FM dial of one of your old radios to a place inbetween all the usual stations that put out music and messages of all kinds in your own language. The places in between those stations has a kind of wilder energy, a kind of white noise, filled with a richness of nonspecific messages. Just relax there and be sensitive, be receptive, the very receptivity will teach you and heal you.

Many of you are doing intense inner psychological work, dredging up all kinds of traumas from your past, looking at your reactions, your defenses, your ego mechanisms, your automatic reactions, your prejudices, your blindspots, your repressions, your emotional knots, and your thought patterns. It is a lot of work to go through all this, work through this mass of stuff. Many of you believe that is what is necessary and that has to be done. And perhaps in some sense of this work is needed, some specific knots and blocks may be essential to go into, work through, and move beyond. But there are choices about how you can go through such stuff. You can be supported and guided by a gracious energy which can smoothly carry you through such trauma memories and heal them with you and for you. I would like to offer this possibility. You may find that the "mass of sorrow" may dissolve more quickly than you may have originally expected.

The spiritual path on your world is filled with images of heroic masters who had to undergo a lot of suffering to overcome the obstacles to their path and achieve enlightenment or ascension. These images are embedded within you, even in those who believe that they do not believe in those images. They subtly define what the path is meant to be for all of you. These images can be so strong inside you that you can actually attract and create a difficult path for yourself, that you may generate challenges to overcome in order to feel your internal power to overcome them. This kind of path has been walked by many and is useful to many up to a point. This kind of path is slow, difficult, and stressful by its very nature. I am holding the thought for you that the path does not have to be so arduous, that it can be easy, rapid, and peaceful, and wish to keep on illuminating your 3rd eye until it is flooded fully with the light of this understanding.

I am, through these words and through the energy contact we are making, actively challenging and displacing the thought forms, the memes, that infect you world and which give you no option but to suffer some, struggle through things, and cause stress to appear on your path. There, too, a lot of forces in your world that wish some level of hardship to be in your life. Many of them are invoked in the name of morality, in the name of justice, and many good people have been tortured for doing nothing wrong, accused by being witches and wiccans, heretics and magicians, in the past, dying some painful deaths. These unconscious imprints sometimes cause you to react in fear to confrontative and aggressive people, who unconsciously invoke your past life traumas to gain some power over you.

The remedy for this is to visualize a bubble of protection around you, to send love to all those who have wounded you or threaten you. Visualize sending light to all these people, because light and love are one and the same. Keep on visualizing this energy reaching out to all those people, touching them, and blessing them. There is a logic within us that does not understand this, that love is the only safety, the only secure refuge, and only defense that is truly needed. There are no evil people. There are no enemies anywhere. Those who appear evil are simply humans or sentient beings who have lost their way, who have become insane, who are deluded, and who have become negative. It is like they have caught an illness or infection, that they have an unwholesome emotional state which may even be a little contagious. It can become even a war or a mob riot in your world. It is not a sign of corruption but of a mental illness that has spread everywhere.

If you see life in terms of a struggle between good and evil, then you will lock into a battle, be angry, and fight a lot with nearly everyone at some time or another. If you see that enlightenment is merely cosmic sanity returning to a sentient being, then you will wish only to cure yourself and cure others. There is no battle, except in the sense that the infected have taken control of your world and are spreading the sorrow that they are already in. They may think that they are clever, already healed, already sane, but these are only more symptoms of the illness that they have. Please visualize your world through this compassionate lens and notice what happens. It is the deepest way of understanding that commandment of your Jesus to "love your enemies". It is implied when he prayed, "Abwoon, forgive them for they know not what they are doing." If they were truly evil, then they would know what they were doing. It is the insane, sick, and ignorant that do not know what they are doing.

Understanding this, you go beyond "right" and "wrong". Morality is part of the disease. There is another kind of ethical idealism that is based on compassionate love that does not produce guilt and does not require punishment. Part of this higher ethic is to understand that what you wish for others you bring to yourself. Therefore wish only love, only blessing, only peace upon everyone all the time. Be steady in this. If you find it hard to do so, then realize you are holding some moral law upon both you and the one who has troubled you, a law that you have most likely broken in your thoughts, emotions, and/or deeds. Forgive both of you, because neither of you knew what you were doing and are suffering because of this. Notice that where you find difficulty loving is where you are suffering, notice how holding judgment upon another keeps yourself bound, and then forgive, let go, and release these burdens.

If you get this deeper logic, then the insane logic of your war torn world is broken and the chance for peace arises. Offer this to your world so that it might be healed along with you. Trust that, deep down, the disease that you all have will respond to the cure which is love itself. It may take some time to learn this simple lesson, to really get it so deep that it fully releases you of everything, but I will hold this understanding, focus, intention, and energy for you until it becomes stabilized within you. By joining with me, my strength becomes your strength, my love becomes your love, my peace becomes your peace. Let my unity with you heal you. This is a deeper thing than may usually be realized. All sorrow comes from a sense of being separate, separate from love itself. Meeting me, joining me, at the 3rd eye, heals this subtle sense of separation and ends sorrow at its root.

The 3rd eye level is not the deepest level of realization of unity. There is the unconditional awareness of your crown chakra level yet to be reached. But this level requires even less effort than our meeting at the 3rd eye. There is no practice at all on this even higher level. It will open up some day for you when you spontaneously relax into what you already know and fully trust in your own deepest experience. Meeting at the 3rd eye level, working on this level gently together, will prepare for this deeper leap into the light, this final relaxation into calm abiding in who and what you already are. It is like your inner free choice and intentionality dissolves back into the essential freedom that you have always been. Meanwhile, meeting me at the 3rd eye will allow you to prepare this ground and bring in a lot of peace, right here and right now.

What I wish to share at this time is that all of your deserve and need to be happy, at peace, and quietly joyful with your life. This needs to be unconditional, through all events, everywhere, even when your body is running some trauma pattern. There is a subtle fear of doing the wrong thing and getting punished, by karma, by a vengeful and just god, or even just by a cold atheistic universe that simply rolls over those too foolish to step out of the way of tanks. Whatever the thing, in our childhood we get into the belief that we must behave or get punished. It seems that often children get this still from parents who are dimly learning that this is not the way to raise children, but who might not know how to go beyond this whole pattern. We then get very afraid of doing the wrong thing and want to do the right thing. Yet the fear inside remains. Some children give up on doing the right thing and sometimes get labeled evil. They accept this label, because it hurts less than living in the fear that the parents wanted to instill within them. Living in fear is more painful than submitting to all the threats that a fear inspired imagination is fed by the verbal images that parents conjure. Children accept guilt instead of this. They still suffer, but it is less suffering than living in fear. They chase after pleasure, but the very feeling that they do not deserve happiness, because they are evil, sabotages them and hurts them. Behind all the clever ways of making corrupt bucks, your leaders have this kind of complex and simply play this out. Their plans for global domination are not working well. They sometimes pay for cops to abuse your protesters, because it is about the parenting that they were used to. Behind their efforts is a complex neurosis that you might be understanding from these words. All of you are running similar scripts and playing out parallel wounds. There are few real grown ups in your species right now. The infection on your world was nearly perfect and only a few heroic types like your Buddha broke through and started to generate a wave of infectious sanity that is still trying to heal your world. I am linking in purpose with them and supporting their efforts. They are still with you. They have ascended into their light body now. This gives them a lot of power to help you and also some limitations as to what they can do. They have to play by certain rules. They cannot violate free choice. Their sensitivity to this is very deep and clear. They cannot pressure you in any way. They are very patient. They know that the final outcome is complete healing of your world. They trust that your instinct for complete healing will gently overcome all obstacles to inner peace. They could do more if you knew how to let them. Under certain conditions, they can literally move mountains for you. But it requires a permission, willingness, and readiness for them to do to this with you. There is not a clear knowing on your part about how your subconscious mind creates your life through the beliefs, conditionings, imprints, mental energies, intentions, and emotions held inside you. Most of you have lost awareness of how you co-create your world on this level and therefore do not know how you often block help from reaching you and being effective with you. Many of you do not know how you even fear real healing, because it pushes you beyond the comfort zones of your familiar levels of pain and into a vast, wide, and open unknown where you can eventually learn how to soar. If you look within, watch your internal processes, and learn what is going on there, then you will understand what a sea of chaotic creative energy is waving below the surface of your consciousness and you will be surprised at how coherent your life is inspite of all that is within you. What you can do is hold steady at the 3rd eye level with me and we can learn together how to calm the inner storm and make a sunrise of joy happen to your inner world.

What I want to infuse into your energy is the ability to watch all that is happening within you without getting caught by what is going on there. It is a kind of impartial seeing where you can notice the inner tidal waves of massive energies without getting taken up in them. You do not want to tidal waves to hook into you and carry you all over the place. You do want to be able to watch them from a kind of safe distance, so that you can see, notice, and release their energy, and calm the storms that they represent. Your outer world is forged in the subconscious mind. Each of your subconscious minds joins together to make your world. They are like rivers that flow into a great ocean that manifests the collective events that you move through. You cannot control what the other minds are doing unless they let you. As all of you embrace your freedom, other minds will less and less allow you to control them. There is another joining of each other that we can do that honors freedom and allows us to join in purpose together and manifest a utopian world, and in fact, many utopian worlds, each one better than the one before. It is about a word you call "consensus". Something unforced, which does not come by pressure, by argument, by persuasion, but by everyone simply feeling the simple truth of life and joining within a joyful creation of love that wishes everyone well, that banishes every hell for anyone and everyone. It is time for all of you to go completely beyond the hellish dreams of your past and feel into a world without sorrow. We are holding this vision for you until you fully take it in and accept it. You can enter now if you want. Nothing outside you is stopping you from this. Let me infuse you with the joy of this pure world. This joy is the forerunner of this world appearing upon the landscape of your present world.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sohra Channeling 10/4/2011

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are meeting with me in this space. Wishing for all of you to link through your third eye, to intend to connect with me here. I am sending a beam of light to each of you as you meet here, linking us all together, and sending blessing energy to all of you, that your joy may be full. Some of you may already be feeling a tingling sensation at the 3rd eye point, while others may yet need to visualize a dot of white light at this point until this tingling sensation is felt. Please pause and breathe, with conscious awareness, deeply, slowly, fully, and freely, not straining, keeping the flow easeful, while holding attention at the 3rd eye, and holding the intention to meet me and commune with me, and through me with all the illuminated beings of the mahasangha. In the beginning, I advise that you do not try to pull in any specific information. The feeling of connection is enough. Within this simple feeling is the dissolving of the illusion of separation and the sorrow that this illusion creates in many of you, when you imagine that you lose someone that you love. The emotional tone of such losses reverberates within most of you, darkens your aura some, and gives you, at times, a feeling of low energy. As you meet me in this space, your awareness energy will radiate into your aura field and mind-heart-body, start illuminating everything that is there. You might be tempted to contract into a smaller radius of awareness and even center this sphere of awareness in your head, literally above your emotions, and live in this smaller space. There is a subtle cost for this contracted way of life, because you cannot be the fullness of your self. There is also a subtle fear of expansion, of moving beyond a certain point, and a subtle imagination of dark creatures lurking outside the range of your awareness. Even in dreams, you might fear drowning in the ocean of neglected emotions, being tossed around in a wind storm of rage, or feel anger erupting from volcanos. These dreams may actually literally manifest on your planet as "natural disasters" that come from a cold impersonal universe, rather than be seen as a reflection of your emotional states. Not all that appears in dreams manifests in your visible world. What is collectively agreed upon in dreamtime appears in your visible world. There are collective energy levels you can feel in your dreaming. On these levels, you can feel how the future is being shaped and constructed. When you are swimming in these waters, you are beyond your personal individual dreams. The metaphor to help describe the relationship between your personal dreams and your collective dreams is many rivers pooling their energies into a single ocean, with family collective dreams being lakes along the way, and the dreams of couples or friends being a place where two rivers join.

As your energy expands into those dreaming levels, it is important that you stay centered at your 3rd eye and keep breathing through these spaces. By doing so, you pour fresh prana into those emotional worlds. This new prana is meant to carry peace and bliss into those places. The new energies will mix with the older energies, diluting the emotional angst that is often found on these levels. It is important to learn to witness those surfacing emotions without the reactions of fighting them, resisting them, repressing them, or condemning them one one side and without indulging in them, intensifying them, dramatizing them, amplifying them, getting lost in them, or being overwhelmed by them on the other side. The key is to just be aware without reaction, to not manipulate them, to not aggressively try to change them into something else. See if you can feel into the impartial awareness that I am calling you to do with your emotions. It is the natural way of seeing of a healthy and awakened third eye. It is within you to look at your emotions like this.

Many of you react so fast to your emotions and then react to your reaction of the emotions, that a chain reaction happens and before you are solidly aware of what is going on that you are experiencing an echo of an echo of an echo many times over. If you are able to honestly look at this reaction, then you can let it go. By simply acknowledging this, noticing this, and being okay with this, it will simply release. You do not want to "go into judgment" about yourself when you see this reaction. If you go into judgment, this is yet another reaction to the chain reaction, and, I assure you, not the end point to this reactions. Judgment itself is a chain reaction, like a spinning tornado of low self esteem, traveling on a guilt trip, and even lashing out at others. It sucks everything into itself and then hurdles out debri and strikes at anything that happens to be around. It is very interesting weather to see inside you. What is important is to rest in impartial awareness and simple notice whatever is, without judgment, including noticing judgment without judgment.

If you learn to rest in the 3rd eye, to center there, and hold this centering steady, then you will be able to move through whatever arises with ease. To simply be in attention at this point, to whatever arises, is enough to release everything that binds you. This kind of impartial awareness is a key to unlock every door of every barrier wall that arises in your process. All barriers are gates. When the last barrier arises, then you enter into unity and are at peace. If you stay centered within impartial awareness, then you are in the eye of the tornado and you can have peace even when everything seems to be a whirling chaos around you.

Tenabah likes to call this state "knowers ark" from a Sufi teacher that he had worked with on Earth. It is a play on words referring to a story of Noah building an ark, a special boat, to move through the stormy world of a massive flood. Symbolically, water represents emotions and storms have to do with negative painful emotions. The boat is sealed with a water proof substance that is impartiality, nonjudgment, or nonattachment. The single opening in the front is the third eye awareness of what is. The single opening on the side is the "third ear" awareness, hearing the voice of the dharma, the teachings of a higher spirituality, that guide you through these times. When you listen to your media, your news, with all its tornado spins, exaggerations, playing down, denials, and false affirmations, you may get caught up in the whirlwind of the events that surround you. If you get caught up, then you because an effect of the chain reactions reacting around you, and are blown around by the merciless winds of karma. If you stay centered within you, then you ride knowers ark through this time period and eventually rest your ship upon a mountain above all the storms and waters that flood your world. If you stay linked with me, then I will draw you forward, through this time period, and into the safety of supreme perfect enlightenment. It is good that I am here, because for many of you, in the simplest sense, it is hard to multi-task and carry on all that is needed to move through this time period. It is challenging enough, at times, for many of you to hold impartial awareness about what is arising and learn to ride the exact point in the event horizon called the "here and now". To do other things at the same time, when you are learning to surf the tidal wave of overwhelm and stay centered and balanced on your surf board at the same time. I will take care of the rest of the things for you as you do what you can do.

It is important that your awareness sphere at least expand to include your mental, emotional, energetic, and physical bodies. It is meant to radiate into infinity in all directions from what may be called your "soul body". I would wish to share more about this at some other time, but if you are contracting from elements within your emotional body, then this produces a tension state by itself and creates a knot to slow down your evolutionary process. You want to untie these knots so that you are not tripping over your own legs while moving through life. Simply remaining in impartial awareness will unravel every knot as long as you "see it through to the very end".

When your awareness sphere encompasses your emotional body, the mixing of awareness with your emotions produces an important alchemy inside you. It transforms and transmutes the energies of your anger, fear, and sadness into love, wisdom, and creativity. It is important to see these energies have "no self" which means seeing them an impersonal phenomena arising within inner space with no self attached to them. In this kind of awareness, they will spontaneously transmute into their higher aspect. If you get the hang of this, then you have learned to turn the compost of your emotions into the flowers of liberation. But you cannot learn to do this without learning how to be present to your emotions and to be with them until the process is complete. Many of you contract quickly from the emotions that you do not like and do not let this process continue to the very end. Energetically, it means to let them go through a complete "rise and fall" within your awareness sphere, without losing your impartiality, without you going into clinging or resistance.

Within your energy body, the energy wants to flow upwards, within a special subtle channel inside your spine. It is usually not exactly lined up with your spinal anatomy, because your inner bodies do not usually line up in the fit that they really need. If you run energy through your energy body, you will sometimes experience spontaneous spinal alignments, your physical body being transformed by your energy activity. All the inner bodies have a subtle interdependence with each other and one body can help heal another. The energy level is one of the safest and easiest places to start healing everything. Running energy through those places will help your spinal alignment and visa versa.

There are many subtle channels in your energy body, in the one that I am focusing on now the energy is meant to "complete the circuit" by moving from the sacrum root chakra to the soft spot at the top of the head crown chakra. This completion of circuit is one aspect of enlightenment. It should not take too long to do. If you concentrate enough time and energy, it should take anywhere from a week to six months to do so. You may, however, need to do this many times more, when new knots appear within the emotional body and disturb this circuit. It is what may be called "relative enlightenment". This is like a temporary enlightenment that needs periodic reaffirmation and renewal. While this is not supreme perfect enlightenment, which is completely stable and completely immune to getting "pulled down", it is enough of an enlightenment to align you with the deep truth of your life and give you a basis to go deeper and heal yourself. If you integrate this level of enlightenment, making it a base camp at the foot of the mountain of supreme enlightenment, then you can always fall back to this level and ground in peace here. In a sense, you cannot really work at supreme enlightenment. It either happens or not. But you can work at relative enlightenment and grow here enough so that you eventually "take the leap" and finish your process.

Namaste. Temavah.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Channelling 10/01/2011

Sohra 10/01/2011:

Blessings to you who are meeting me in this space. Wishing for you to link with me through the 3rd eye, through visualizing a light beam going from my radiant energy to your 3rd eye. You can do this through simple and pure thought intention, through the wish to connect to me, and holding both intention and attention at the 3rd eye. Then consciously breathe. Let the energy that you receive gently guide your breathing. Feel yourself receptive, flowing with what you are taking in. This is will deepen and expand your breathing, allowing it to fall into a fluid rhythm that will ground you and at the same time periodically change according to moment to moment need. Let your exhale be a gentle letting go of energies that no longer serve you. I am here to take you home, back to the energy that you already are. It is as if you extended yourself outward, lost yourself in the objects and experiences of your world, in the issues that you struggle with, in the desires that you pursue, in the fears that control you, and in the angers that lock you into many battles with others and sometimes even with life itself. This extension of yourself, entangled in your world, can relax and fall back to its source. It can come home. I can show you the way to do this, though at some point in our dialogue and energy interaction, you will simply understand from yourself and complete the process on your own. There is a part of you that already knows the way and when you feel it you will know that you can trust it, and it will take you the rest of the way. When you are too confused inside, then an outside voice like my own can help you to remember, do, and feel again. I can encircle you with protection and love while you do this. I can do this in a way that you humans are not yet able to do for each other. This is because you are not yet able to be totally constant for each other. I have evolved beyond all needs save one and this need is always fulfilled by my abiding in the radiant light that is the source of all worlds. When you are on Earth, you have many needs and these needs sometimes pull you into time conflicts, where you give your time to those whose needs in the moment are strong, and then must leave to take care of your own needs, abandoning each other sometimes to obtain what is needed, and returning when you have the time again to attend to each other. Because I am beyond the pulls of these kinds of needs, I can abide in the radiance and send forth beams of light to your third eye, connect with you, guide you, bring you home, and be sustained in this connection until the process is complete. My guidance, too, does not violate your free choice and is not meant to take over your life. You are the artist of your life and are meant to create it in fullness, with each other as well as alone. I may help you to look at the parts of your life that are worth changing, worth letting go, and worth giving more energy, so that your joy may be full. I do trust that you all will arrive home in your own time and in your own way. My compassion is such that I will wish to help you do this easily, rapidly, and peacefully, with a minimum of pain, struggle, and hardship. Your species has suffered too much already. Your history has too much torture, too much warfare, too much disease, too much poverty, too much oppression, too many accidents that make you lose loved ones to death, and too many tears. Some of this you will need to move through, there are some emotions that you will need to reclaim and fully feel again before you can let them go. Yet there are emotions that you are merely entangled in and you can move past quickly. You have already learned whatever lessons that they had to offer and they are already worn out, ready to be released. Therefore, if you wish, please journey with me that your sorrow may gently, peacefully, easily, and quickly dissolve away and that your joy may be full, and that you return home, back to the radiance that gave you birth, many many many lifetimes ago. I will hold you and remember you until you remember yourself and return home.

What I wish to share and infuse in you is the understanding that you are love itself. You are not merely loving people or merely good people, but you are love itself. This is love is first and foremost a living energy. It is not a moral edict that you are meant to obey. It is not about doing the right thing. When you are loving, you will usually obey your ethical ideals and will usually do the right thing. You can have an intuition of what love is through your ethical ideals and through your wish to do the right thing. But when you formulate ethical ideals, analyze the ethically relevant features of the dilemmas that you face, and decide what to do, this process engages the intellect only and may not help you to feel more love and you are meant to in love always, because you are this energy. Very often, childhood fear of punishment looms your ethical decisions. You can be in great terror about doing the wrong thing. This can be transferred into "obediance to god" and then you carry what is really a portable hell. To have an invisible god who will club you if you do something wrong, who visits you with poverty, accidents, disease, rapists, and enemies to punish you if you do not love and serve it, giving it complete obedience and worship, is a demon that you do not need. Please outgrow this false spirituality that you may be free, that you may serve each other and love each other in freedom and joy. It is not possible to go from this kind of fear into the depths of real love. This kind of fear makes very obedient believers and disciples, but it does not produce liberated ones. I want all of you to be free and live from the energy that you are. I do not want to form yet another club of fear filled believers. If this kind of religion is what you really needed, then you would already be liberated, because you are far too many of these religions upon your world. I am here to celebrate life in love and help those who freely come to me and who want my help. I have no ambition to create a religious club. I have no delusion that you absolutely need me or are completely lost without me. With or without me, I know you will arrive home and will some day meet me in the energy that we share in common and that we are. I know that I can help you to the degree that you allow me to and some day even this will not be needed, that we will be true equals in a vast family of light. We are already essentially equal, but I do have an advantage now that you do not. I have completed my journey back home and forever abide in this place. My abiding has evolved to unshakability and I have complete confidence that the radiant energy that I abide in can do all things. You are free to use my advantage until you learn how to do this for yourself. In my own journey, teachers from other worlds came to my people and taught us until we were completely liberated. We were infinitely grateful for this and the thought of our teachers is now always accompanied by gratitude and joy.

There are two wishes in this third eye transmission what I wish to give to you. One is a clarity about what love is and two is a clarity that you are this energy called "love", so that you may feel this, right here and right now. I wish to validate that each of you already knows this. What I sense, though, is that there is a cloud of confusion that often surrounds what love is. It has been linked with many unloving things, like punishment. Indeed, the story of one of religions is that the supreme god of the universe had to torture his only son to forgive all of you, by heaping on all the punishment you deserved, which was so bad that you are meant to burn in hell forever, tortured each day forever, for what you have done. I wish to affirm, here and now, that this is not true. The radiant energy at the core of the universe is unconditionally loving and wishes to punish no one for anything. It forgives everyone instantly and holds nothing against anyone. It does not need to transfer a wrath it never had to an innocent victim in order to forgive those who are supposedly guilty. The fact that this thought form, this dogma, has had a grip on your collective consciousness and conscience has caused a deep confusion and agony inside of many of you. Some of you have completely outgrown this thoughtform, while others are a dimly gaining the courage to question this. Some of you have penetrated this thoughtform intellectually and found a degree of freedom from its delusion, but still have emotional entanglements with the idea, because it was anchored subliminally through childhood abuse, through past life inquisitions and sheer torture of the worse kind, through constant dogmatic preaching, through political corruption, through outright intimidation posing as righteous judgment, and carefully crafted images that your consciousness accepted into itself. Many of you who call yourself "atheists" have an intuition of its falseness, but may not actually be atheist enough. The emotional conditioning arising from childhood cannot so easily be discarded. It needs to be looked at, seen, and released. When you have learned to be emotionally aware and how to move with your emotions, then the releases will eventually become very easily and very quickly. What is needed to be understood right now is that emotional repression does not get rid of the emotions that torment you. It is how you keep them and sustain them. They operate below the threshold of your conscious awareness and generate the emotional tone of your whole life. Enlightenment, liberation, has the effect of shifting this emotional tone into deep joy.

It is time to truly understand the radical simplicity and deep wisdom of unconditional love. It wishes everyone well, even enemies. It is generous and kind, patient and peaceful, respects free choice completely, and does not impose anything upon anyone without his or her permission, even if it is completely good. It is completely sensitive to what is arising and responds moment to moment with constancy. Every star and sentient being is birthed from this energy and always is a part of this energy. Because you were birthed from this energy, you are being called back into unconditional love, to be this energy again, to bring forth that which is already within you to be, rather than acting out confused identities that you have never truly been. The confused identities that you live out are very complex, but love itself is very simple. Part of this complexity is necessary, because your world is very complex and there is a need to understand its complexity in order to navigate your life while you walk upon your world. In understanding this complexity you will find that you are not the confusion that you live. When you are clear, the confusion disappears, but you do not. When you cut through this confusion, the issues that you have as sentient beings are very few. It comes down to you being called to be love for yourself and each other or to move into a tortured illusion that only subtly repeats itself until released. This repetition is the only the karma that must be worked through and finished with.

If, when hearing these words, you are feeling a warm energy arise within you, then identify yourself with this warm energy and feel that this is who you are. Relaxing into feeling yourself as this, until this relaxation releases all other identities. If you feel that you are not quite connecting with this, then stay in connection with me. I will feel you as this energy until you feel how I am feeling you and through this relationship I will erase the impositions of identity that others have placed on you. I remember you until you remember yourself.

There is a larger field of initiations being stimulated by the planetary events your world is moving through. Complex relationship entanglements form your social world right now and need to be simplified into love. I would wish to address this more deeply, but perhaps you can leap to the individual processing that I am sharing into this larger context. The healing of relationships is what will heal your world. I will send this pure thought directly and telepathically to you so that it will simply dawn in your mind and heart when you are ready to see this.

Namaste. Temavah.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sohra Channeling May 22, 2011

[The above picture is Sohra's mandala with a cuniform like simplified Itanamic script of her name. It is a blessed access point to Sohra's energy and has her Itanamic mantra (Senka) of "Sohra Saganah Itaho" in the circle around the figure. It has been uploaded before, but I have colorized a version of it with the Gimp Linux Software.]

Sohra: Many blessings to all of you who are gathered in this space and at this time. I am wishing for all of you who are open to, right where you are now, as you are reading these words, to place your attention at the 3rd eye point, the space between the eyebrows, and hold the intention to link with me there. As you do so, feel that I am guiding you in a subtle way to breathe more deeply and fully on the inhale, more softly and slowly on the exhale, letting the inhale and exhale flow together into a smooth continuous circle of breathing with no pauses, and letting your breathing move into a rhythm and synchronicity with my own breathing. I am also pacing my breathing so that it will be easier for you to harmonize with me. I will be harmonizing with you as you are harmonizing with me. When the two breathings match and move as one, then more energy will flow through me, into you, and into your world. I am wishing for you to visualize, intend, and feel that you are, on the inhale, drawing fire energy up from the ground, from your beloved Terra, raising it up to the heart level, and allow this energy to mix with the energies that I am pouring down from the 3rd eye. In this way, your energy will form a special circle with your world and follow the precept, "If you take care of your world, then your world will take care of you." Doing this energetically allows this feeling to permeate your way of being on your world so that you are inspired to do things like support the growing of organic food, both by doing so and by buying vegetables from your local farmers.

There are many economic concerns presently arising within the collective consciousness of those linking with me and of those with whom you are linked. I would like to share some thoughts that may help to ease and fulfill these concerns in many of you and to at least soften some of the worries that many of you are feeling. It is natural and spiritual for all of you to trust your world to take care of you and you will be able to do this when you care for your world and care for your body. There are some who see the body merely as a vehicle that you live through and that you are meant to discard after a while. This metaphor is useful in some ways to give you a feeling of nonattachment to the fate of your body and hence a certain amount of freedom from worry and fear. But your body is more intimate than the usual vehicle. Your energy field builds this body around itself, causing it to grow, and causing it to heal. It is important that the energy that flows from you to your body be loving and supportive. It is not a wholesome orientation to your body when you do not lovingly take of your body and metaphorically drive it recklessly, trash it, and crash it. This way of using your body does not serve your evolution. Taking care of your body does. This is because your body is more than a vehicle. It is something that you live through and through which you express yourself. It is your connection with your world. This means that the more you take of your body, the more your body takes care of you. As you take care of your body, so also do you take care of your world. It is also true that all the wounds of your beloved Terra are felt in your body, so that healing your body is healing your world.

There is a level of your economics where it is considered wise to be calculating with money and with investments, to buy the best products for the cheapest prices, and then try to sell the cheapest products for the highest prices. This theme shows up much in your world and many of you image "making a living" through this process. This kind of calculation, this search for bargains, can easily move out of balance. It is curious to me that when the price of something is too good to be true, then it is sometimes called "a steal". It seems that this happens when some internal sense of a balanced transaction is violated. It seems many capitalists in your world lose their conscience some and do end up stealing, often in very clever and complex ways, pouring a lot of intelligence into this process, often subtly putting hardships on your "economic system", making "a big profit". Many of these people are actually admired for their "money making skills" and many wish to emulate them. They are considered the successful ones and the fear of failure in many of them is even higher than their fear of death.

What I would like for all of you to do, as a meditation, in your imagination, and in your contemplation with me, is to step out of this economic orientation and process. Your master Jesus invited you to trust life to take care of you, to let the Divine Cosmos continue to support your real needs and simple good wholesome desires. This Divine Cosmos grew your bodies with you and did not drop you into an unsupportive vacuum. But grew you in a world where your food grows on plants nearby, with enough raw materials to build your houses, make wonderful art, and fashion your civilizations. You are meant to serve each other in love, exchanging your products and services with each other to make a good life for all of you. In the original intention of your species, within your genetic mandates, you were not meant to compete with each other, try to better each other, try to rob and steal from each other, try to exploit and enslave each other, or try to kill each other to get at the resources that they own. There was and still is plenty of room for all of you to live and let live, meet each other in love and respect, help each other to grow in ways that honor your evolutionary potential, and build a world together that is worth living within. In the original intention, this did not mean polluting your rivers, lakes, and oceans, poisoning your food with harmful pesticides, making processed foods that are all addictive taste experiences with very little real nutrition, poisoning the air that you breathe, and spewing clouds of radiation into your environment. This poisoning is not needed. It does not have to be the "price of progress". There is no reason why you cannot have very pure water running in your rivers and still have an advanced technological society.

Your insightful Jesus, when he talked about trusting life to take care of you, also talked about a need to decide between serving life and serving money. He did acknowledge that, in a simple and practical sense, you need money. When he said, "Render to Caesar", to those whose faces appear on the coins of the realm, to the politicians and rulers of the realm, he also gave wise advice about how to handle the world and even pay the taxes as a responsible citizen. This advice is still useful and valid. There is sometimes a time to rebel against paying taxes. You will know when and if this is necessary. But when Jesus said this, there was a wisdom that the Roman Empire would collapse of its own accord. Meanwhile, you do need to make exchanges for products and services. There will be a time when money itself will not be necessary for all of you, when you can just share with each other, lovingly serve each other, lovingly grow, work, pray, and play with each other, without money, fear of failure, fear of not surviving, fear of not thriving, and fear of being legally punished for violating rules that you would not consent to following if given a choice. Right now, you are driven by fear and hate the master that you serve. It is behind and within your system. It is possible to peal off this whole layer of motivation and live differently, right here and right now, when you are ready to make this leap. It is still good to be street smart and survival wise, knowing how to live and thrive in your world. You can play the game in a nonattached way and succeed in the world, as long as you are "in the world and not of the world". The inner change comes first and then the outer world will be revisioned and repurposed to serve the higher evolution that wants to happen.

What helps is to imagine that the world is already running without money and you are motivated only by love to serve each other, to grow together, and build the very best world with each other. Find out what you would do in this kind of world and then do it, trusting that money will come and that your needs will be met. That is what Jesus had taught for people to do. It is actually the only advice that works in the long run. It is the only advice that is supported by life, because it is the only advice that asks you to trust life and let yourself be supported, sees you as part of life, and asks you to serve life in return. When money does not also serve this larger process, then it becomes an artificial system and must eventually collapse.

What is interesting is that Jesus instinctively and intuitively also cautioned against "hoarding", against amassing a lot of wealth and then relying on it for security. Such a wish and orientation is the peak goal of the artificial system. It means lording it over others, absolving yourself from lovingly serving others and using the system to make others into indirect slaves of your needs. This is why Jesus said, "The greatest among you is the servant of all." He was aligning you back to the higher evolution. We should want to love each other this much. I am serving you in this capacity. There is a sense that I do not have any more survival needs of my own and am only motivated by love to support your own healing and evolutionary process. My serving you is how I continue to evolve. When I say that in some sense that I have no needs, it is really that I have only one need and this needs is perfectly fulfilled by trusting life to support me. It is always fulfilled directly by my plugging into the universal life field, the pure energy that permeates all of space and all of time, and knowing and trusting that this is enough and that this is all that I need and that this will always be there for me.

There is no need to "hoard wealth" if you live in this kind of trust. It is okay to save some money, because some is definitely needed in your world, and even take some wise precautions as your economic world undergoes the changes that it must go through. But your real wealth is your loving service and the products that you create and share with each other as part of this service. Economics functions rightly when these goods are exchanged with each of you. This is part of your one life together. In a vaster sense, I am here because of you and you are here because of me. Economics also functions between us, though for me I do not need anything from you. Economics has become free energy exchanges within love.

If this perspective is deeply understood, you can then see how your politicians still do not trust love and life. They think in terms of manipulation, fear, and creating incentives, of stimulating the economy, and giving bribes to make things happen and taking bribes in order to succeed. Lots of special interests compete in order to manipulate to make profit. It is like a vacuum that is always sucking energy into a black hole and hoarding wealth, seeing it as manipulative power, and a willingness to lie and present false images to hide what is really going on. When saying this, it is perhaps a bit of an over-simplification, there are good and well intended politicians around, and even those who are corrupt have a small measure of altruistic motivation. Some love is needed even in the coldest and most closed hearts to give their life some meaning. Yet there are major players who are warping your world with their mastery and command of what I am naming "the artificial system". They have figured out what works within this system and play it to the max. In a real sense, their skillfulness, wise within an artificial context and foolish in terms of real life, will drive the artificial world to its natural collapse. They are doing their part. If you go "back to the basics" and stay there, then you will move through this transition in your world in peace.

In doing these meditations, you are co-creating another world, aligning the old world back to its genetic and evolutionary roots, resequencing your world back to the blueprint it was meant to follow, and finishing your detour to go back to the highway.

Namaste. Temavah.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sohra Channeling May 15, 2011

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are meeting me in this shared space, meeting me at the 3rd eye point, within a mutual relaxed intentional concentration, within an atmosphere of love, peace, joy, and even the lightness of humor. I would like for you to hold your attention gently at the 3rd eye point, with a simple gesture of attention. Please notice if you are straining any muscles when you are concentrating there. What may help you is to rub a very small amount of lavender oil, or ideally some lavender and rose blended essential oil, at the 3rd eye point, and then to use this subtle sensation as the place to hold your attention. If you have a favorite essential oil, it may even work better than this, since the emotional wisdom that chooses something to be favorite is often tuned to your specific energy needs.

When you have placed this kind of attention at your 3rd eye, intending to link with me, intending to allow me to infuse your biological expression with energy, and intending to allow me, for a small time, to guide you to your own place of deeper wisdom, where we will be united in purpose and where we will be present to each other as the One-Who-Is-All, please then synchronize your breathing with me. Feel as if guided by me in your breathing. Imagine that I am giving you subtle signals, nonverbal and intuitive, about how to deepen your breathing, how to make your breathing smooth, soft, and relaxed, how to connect both inhale and exhale into a smooth flow with no pauses inbetween, how to expand belly and rib cage without strain so that they have their fullest breathing capacity that is possible in this moment, and how to have what is called "the mother rhythm" between us.

This mother rhythm is something that a few Sufi circles have known and shared within what is called an "oral transmission", passed in a living way between teachers and students. It is really more than just a breathing technique and the form I am presenting to you is different in details to the breathing pattern that you may find scribbled down in some books or in some notes. Many of the breathing methods that are shared in your world do not have the mother energy component of relatedness, love, and energy transmission. Because of this, the mother rhythm is obviously not something that you can learn and do alone. It requires a relationship to carry its energy from generation to generation. It links together whole lineages of Sufis, Taoists, Tibetan Buddhists, Gnostic Christians, Hasidic Jews, and Santana Dharmists, and even many others who transmitted a living sense of truth within Aboriginal Shamanic groups of your world. Within a kind of Cosmic Buddhism, we would call this the linking to the Mahasangha. It is the esoteric core of living light that includes all the spiritually enlightened beings of this cosmos, the living embodiment of the eternal truth that can never be corrupted. This sense of truth cannot be captured within any dogmatic belief, no matter how strongly held in the mind and believed, because only a loving heart can relax into this light and abide within its energy. It is always the mother principle who brings each spark of living light, each individual soul essence, back to its home within primal luminosity, the beloved Dharmakaya, formless truth. And yes, this mother principle exists both within the male and within the female, and even in beings who never chose to enter the gender polarity dance, rare as they are upon your world called Earth. The females of the Earth who are awakening now have more necessity to bring this principle forward and hence are usually closer to this principle, but growth for both genders, at this time in your historical and evolutionary unfoldment within your present timewave, require access to this principle and integration of this principle into your very sense of identity.

There is a passage from one of your non-canonical gospels that is attributed to Saint Thomas, who did follow the Bodhisattva Issa, known as Jesus the Christ within the spiritual traditions and lineages of Europe and North America, and who did go with Issa to study in the spiritual climate of India and the Himalayans, who was and is loved and known within many circles, who smile knowingly and quietly to this day, and who are constrained by secrecy vows to keep quiet about what they know about this master teacher, and who only share about his own teachers when the time, place, and conditions are right. There are small alchemical formulas that have been summaries for the meditation and prayer processes that Issa had taught. One of them, in the original form, lost to your history and archeology, goes approximately as follows, adjusted for right grammatical, linguistic, psychological, and cultural context:

the living breath
of the mother
and the sustained concentration
of the father
conjoined within primordial presence
will make
the female integrate her male principle
the male integrate his female principle
balance and fuse
the male and the female principles
into a new harmony and unity
within each living being
that will manifest in love, peace, and simplicity
within all external relationships
especially within the love
of two twin flames
by feeling the outside beloved within
and the inside beloved without
until there is only oneness
and the dimension of light
is seen to include
the living Earth
and the entire material world

I invite you to deeply enter this mother breath and by doing so deepen your connection to me. It will create an environment within you where your heart will flourish open and radiate healing energy into your world.

There is a channel, a pillar of light, that links your crown chakra to your heart chakra. This pillar of light is the channel through which the living energy of love can flow downwards, pour into your heart chakra, join with your own love for your world, amplify and boost it into a tidal wave of blissful and healing energy, and pour into your world.

I would further wish for you to visualize the whirling spiral arms of our galaxy, whirling within an eliptical geometric unfoldment, around a trinary core of focal points, and to visualize a beam of intelligent, creative, and compassionate lazer light emanating out of this Galactic Center, through the Sirian Trinary Star system, to the emerging Trinary Star system of Sol which is your own solar system. Visualize the light going through the central Sirian sun and through the very center of your own Sun, and through your own heart chakra sun, and into your world. Visualize another beam emerging from right channel of the Galactic Trinity, moving through the right star of the Sirian Trinity, and then moving through Jupiter and into your crown chakra, flooding you with the energy of light and love, pouring into your heart, joining the central beam, and pouring out into your world. Then visualize the left focal point beam, moving through the left star of Sirius, moving through Saturn, beaming through the core of your Earth, welling upwards through the soles of your feet, up the leg chakra channels, joining at the sacrum, lifting upwards through each vertebra, and joining at the heart chakra as a living fire energy, mixing with the other two energies, so that silvery blue energy, a golden energy, luminous green energy, violet energy, magenta energy, bright white energy, and a rainbow light energy emanates from your heart, and pours into your world.

I invite you who are participating in this channeled meditation to trust that I am adjusting for the details, not to worry if your visualizations do not correspond exactly to your Earth based scientific astronomy textbooks. You will feel that some visualizations "lock in" to the feeling energy transmissions more tightly than other visualizations, let yourself be okay with whatever visualization "locks in" for you and release concerns with accuracy. As wonderful as your Earth scientists are, they are in their own growth as well, and will revise their text books many times in their own investigative journeys. They are doing very well in their calculations. Please do not worry about how Sirius A, B, and C in their system correspond to central, right, and left Sirius in my own description. When the visualizations feel right, they are good enough to tune into the frequencies and bring the energies through. It is the intention linking with the wisdom field that the visualizations build around.

You are already in the last time wave of the Mayan Calendar. There is already enough alignment of the Galactic Center, Ekadana, with the Sirian System, Getan, and your Solar system, Tabara, for the convergence fusion to start happening. The closer you move towards the Winter Solstice 2012 CE time marker, the stronger a certain initiation energy wave will become for all of you.

You may wish to give conscious permission to the initiating energy to transform and upgrade your energy system to a new level of functioning. As you serve each other in love, through this initiation, whether felt very directly in this channeling or felt indirectly through your Bodhisattva and Dakini vows to have compassion on all sentient beings, to eradicate all your individual karmas, to master all the Dharma teachings, and to lovingly serve each other, your energy system will be upgraded in stages. It will be a little faster within this kind of initiation, because it is more deliberate and does not have to wait until evolutionary necessity calls down what it needs. Sound and light, or the higher aspects of each, will download into your genetic computer and even shift the chemistry of your bodies. It will be necessary, at some point, to alter your diet to align with these new frequencies and the new metabolisms which wish to activate in your energy systems. Food addictions will surface and be felt more strongly as addictions as part of the required shifts to this new level of functioning. Within this perspective, addictions are obsolete habits that still have some force in your life energy processes and which do need to weaken, be realigned, and repurposed to serve the evolutionary shift that wishes to happen inside you.

In other words that your beloved Issa spoke to you, he said, very simply, "You must be born again." Although this phrase has been reduced down to a simple conversion into one religious sect, it really means something larger than this. It is a birth into light, midwifed by all the spiritual teachers who have come to your world, who have spoken of truth, light, and love, inspired you to embrace your highest ethical ideals, and given esoteric transformational keys to activate the dormant genetic codes that signal your biological organism to move to its next evolutionary stage. In order to be reborn, you need a mother, which is the womb of creation, and the umbilical chord is this 3rd eye link and the mother rhythm breath. You are birthed from the same place that stars are born and by the very same mother.

Namaste, Temavah.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sohra Channeling May 10

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are meeting me and each other within this space and within this intention. I am happy to feel the response to the previous channeling and am happy with the energy that was able to be poured through into your world because of the energy portals that you have opened up. There are two worlds which supportive of this intention. One is Ita, my home world and the other is Getan which is the central world of the Sirian Galactic Community. There are some questions that arose in the minds and hearts of those who linked with me. I am wishing to respond to them through this communication.

As you feel these words being shared with you, I would like for you to use them to attune telepathically to me through your 3rd eye, that our link may deepen. The strength of this link will be the main factor in how much energy I can bring through you into your world. Even when the words are being shared through Tenabah to you, put into writing, rather than being sounded through your senka or voice, there is still a vibration to these words that will allow you to attune more deeply to me and I to you.

Some of you are already reporting energy shifts happening inside you. Your energy system is being rewired to handle a greater and greater load of energy output. This will, in the long run, assist your evolution into light body. You are birthing a new body within your biological body. This new body will be able to exist independently of your physical body, have greater capacity, less limitations, be less subject to illness, and be more responsive to your love motivated thought intentions. There are two possible destinies of this new body. One is that you may at some point shed your biological body and fully inhabit this one, trading as it were, one for the other. Two is that you may absorb your biological body into the light body in a process that is sometimes called, in your New Age and Tibetan Buddhist texts, "taking your body with you". While the latter is preferable and produces a deeper transformation, both are acceptable paths. Your karma will decide which destiny you will take on. If you burn away enough karma, the need to age and die will be eclipsed and you will take your biological body with you. If you do not burn away enough karma, then your light body will generate experiences for itself to complete the same evolutionary process in the after death state.

In asking you to help in the healing of your world and to join me in this intention, I have indirectly offered an evolutionary path through loving service to your world. It is an easier path than some of the paths that I see many of you working within. This path is not exclusive. You can continue on the paths that you are already on and some of the ease of this path of service will help your other paths to function more easily, rapidly, and peacefully. Ideally, you are actually on three paths simultaneously. One is your personal individual path of growth, through daily meditation practices, higher physical yogas like Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and many other advanced bodywork systems that your New Age consciousness is generating and exploring, including Sacred Dance which may integrate all of these into an even more advanced system, especially when it is integrated with a kind of moving sacred geometry and the corresponding chanting of frequency precise mantras. Two is your work with each other in groups, including the partnership journeys you may undergo in the Tantric Dual Vehicles you are seeking to form. In the group work, even greater compassion, patience, and sensitivity is required to learn how to stay centered in your own process and at the same time honor and harmonize with the individual journeys that surround you. Sacred Dance, taken to a higher level, with heart chakras opened wide with those you dance with, may yet serve for even more powerful transformations than what can be accomplished alone. My sense is that in order to reach the most advanced levels of what is possible through this, though, that the "workshop" format will need to be released, that people intend to unite in community with each other, become a living Sangha and guard the harmony of the Sangha very deeply. It will need to be something experienced as intimately as your close loving relationships are meant to be. Workshops, even intimacy workshops, have an element of impersonality to them by their very format which subtly prevents the full maturing of this kind of Sangha. Workshops are a place to start, some basic methods and tools can be given, but more is needed to go deeper than this. Three is the loving service to your world and to its evolutionary journey. This is a joining within a very large purpose that unites both you and I, and your Earth with Ita, Getan, and the Galactic center world, and even beyond this. When you attend all three of these paths simultaneously, in your life, then you will not be easily stuck. You will be gently challenged every step of the way to grow. When your process gets stuck in one, then the other two paths will carry you across this stuck place.

Please remember that I am in deep honoring of your free choice. If your body is getting rewired, you gave unconscious or conscious permission for this shift. It was agreeable to your consciousness to allow these positive changes to happen to you. Some of the conservations that I have had with each of you have been on a nonverbal light level that your conscious experience may not yet fully validate. But the changes will feel right to undergo and will not feel like a violation. You are still the one in charge of your process.

Having said this, you may wish to increase your uptake of organic silica. There are apparently supplements in your coops which can supply these needs and have been tested for absorbability. There is also horsetail and other herbs that have silica to offer you. Some of you are in areas where it grows nearby you and you can freely take what your biosphere is offering to you. This silica will be needed for you, because the light body has crystalline elements within itself. It refracts light energy to perform its internal alchemies. You are becoming a superconductor for new kinds of energies to flow through you. Many other kinds of minerals will be needed, too. Some of them are found in the Himalayan salts that you have in your coop shelves and other similar products.

Although many of you are not quite ready for this, it would be wise to shift into a vegan, vegetarian, and near vegetarian diet. If you feel unable to do this immediately, see if you can reduce your consumption of animal muscle tissue. If you put your intention to make this change, you will be guided step by step to make this transition in relatively peaceful stages. In the interim period, try to eat as much green veggies as possible, drink pure living water, and gently eliminate any food addictions that you have. If you do not re-align your diet, you can still undergo the energetic shifts and biological upgrades that will wish to happen in your mind, heart, and body, but then your body will cause "a healing crisis" to happen, it will generate or attract an illness to produce the changes necessary. This "healing crisis" is very much parallel to what is happening in your world as you go through this planetary transition phase.

Your world is still not yet "under dharma". It is possible that at some point in the future that all of you will be aligned with universal law and the evolutionary blueprint for the unfoldment of your species, living the way of life that is truly in harmony with your biosphere and galactic energy nexus. But at this point in time, it is not yet fully so. Your Earth is going through a transition right now. It is being initiated into a deeper alignment with the dharma. It wants to carry as many of you with her as possible right now. Her energy matrix is going to go through a kind of "reboot". It will very rapidly realign the four elements and the fifth element into a new pattern. Many cleansings and shake downs will happen.

The closer the four elements are to their ideal pattern, the less intense the alignments will need to be. Different parts of your world have different needs. If you take care of your world, then your world will take care of you. Some places will need some drastic shifts to bring them into alignment, while others will feel just a gentle nudge into a higher alignment and frequency. The vast majority of your world has been built by people who are literally "third eye blind". It is as if there is a geometric pattern that any third eye awakened person can see, certain lines of energy across your world, meridian lines and junctures which are energy relays that keep your world healthy, vital, and alive. Yet most modern cities are not built upon this energy grid. It looks very odd to the energy aware, because it would take a simple effort to align with the grid and things would work better if you did. There have been cultures on your world that have honored this pattern and still do. Many of the buildings that were built on this pattern are still standing. Some are artfully woven into nature so that they are hard to even notice.

During the reboot process, the magnetic field will collapse some. There will be periodic infusions of energy to help this. It is wise to be near a strong local magnetic field, like that of Mount Shasta and of Sedona. I am not surprised that many people who are aligned with what is called "the New Age" are attracted to these natural magnetic field zones and are building a new world on their energy matrix. It shows that many of you have good spiritual instincts and do follow where you are being led. These will be good places to stay in when these transitions happen. They are already at least partly aligned to the new pattern. I would advise you to align more deeply with those patterns and invoke more energy into these vortex points. If you invoke your connection with me, at your 3rd eye, then I and those who are with me will be exceedingly glad to pour energy into those vortex points, to help you renew your Earth. You can reclaim the areas that you live into this new energy pattern. You will start to see it and feel it more as you serve in this manner.

In terms of answering a question regarding the energies that are forming your auroras. The answer is "yes" that most of the energies coming through are part of the evolutionary ballad that your sun is singing to your planet. The auroras are a reflect of this deeper energy sharing. The Earth is in a knowing about what is required of her and she is moving obediently along her path. Her only sorrow is really for you right now, for the humans who are going to suffer as she shifts to the new level of energy in her own journey. She would have wished that she had more time to allow for humans to catch up to what is needed. But now must go forward anyway and hope that all of you keep up. If you serve as energy portals for the healings to happen to the Earth, you will naturally and easily morph in such a way that you will keep up.

Sensing that what wishes to be shared at this time is complete.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sohra Channeling May 7, 2011

Sohra: Many blessings to all of you who are reading this. Here and now, I am sending energy blessings to you, regardless of when and where you are reading these words. I am holding this pure thought intention and vibrating this intention so that there is no barrier to connecting with you. My energy will be nearby you at this time. You can bring it in more deeply simply by placing your attention at your third eye and intending to receive it into your mind, heart, and body. I will always respect your internal gate, always respect your permission and choice, about what you let in to yourself and about what you do not open up to. I can and do surround all of you with love, patience, and trust until you let this energy into you. I surround you with love, because this is all that I have to offer you at this time. I surround you with patience, calmly waiting for you to receive what I have to offer. I surround you with trust, knowing that you will eventually open up and receive this energy and be transformed. If not my own personal loving energy, then any of a vast number of higher beings who form "the one who is all" and share this same gift to you and for you. Who you choose matters not. There are many doors to the same room and in the center of this room is the same shining lamp.

When you link with me through your third eye, you may feel a tingling sensation there. Please then breathe consciously, smoothly, deeply, fully, and peacefully. Imagine that you are being guided to breathe in such a way that the energy connection grows deeper between us and in such a way that you feel the energy more strongly and fully. Allow it to flow inside of you. See if you can "stay in this intention and concentration". Be careful that you do not wander or stray from the concentration. In the real world, you do not give permission once in the past and then forget about it. What is needed is an ongoing conscious feeling of permission, allowing, and cooperation with the energy. It can eventually be a conscious habit that you naturally always do, but until then many stray thoughts will lead you to other moods and other places. In general, the past thoughts that you have will create and repeat your past karmas. They are meant to surface and be burned away within the purifying energy of radiant awareness. But you can also get lost in them again and give them energy to manifest again in your life. If you feel the tingling sensation weaken at the 3rd eye, then you are lapsing back into your usual space and losing this energy mood that we are co-creating together.

When you "make the link" with me, you may find, in the beginning, that it is hard to stay in the link. The habit of samsaric wandering is very old and you are too used to this kind of mind wandering. You may find your mind rebelling against remaining in a continuous surrender to the one who is all. You do not wish to give this mind too much power either by giving into this mind or fighting against this mind. If you indulge in this mind, then you lose the mood of surrender. If you fight against this mind, then you have "switched intentions" and are no longer merely doing surrender as a process. When this rebelling mind arises inside you, accept this mind, love this mind, and offer this mind to the mood of surrender. Let me handle this mind with you and for you. Just give me permission to work with this mind and I will do the rest. If you can truly do this, then I will dissolve this mind into peace for you. If you cannot do this quite yet, just intend to do this and intend to give permission, and it will be enough to start the process in motion.

In the previous communication, I had talked about the Winter Solstice 2012 time marker and how, we, the Sirians, were sending balancing energies in an effort to neutralize the maximum adverse and painful karma that cosmic law allows. Our wish is that this transition be an painless and nontraumatic as possible. As you have now witnessed, some traumatic events have happened inspite of our wishes. There are more events that will manifest according to karma and cosmic law that are, at present, forming in your planetary manifesting fields, brewing like storms, and readying to unleash the pains that are forming within them. Some can be picked up very clearly and have a very high probability of manifesting and some are vaguer and still have a low probability of manifesting. Like your stock markets, the shares in the events market go up and down very often. The emotions and moods that you collectively feed into have a lot of manifesting power and shape these probabilities. The emotional energy that is being generated has a lot of anger, fear, and sadness within itself right now. When this happens, the energies tend to lean toward the darker outcomes and amplify the probabilities of the painful events. Many of you will still learn the same basic lessons whether through a path of peace, love, and joy or through a path of anger, fear, and sadness, it is worth, as much as possible seeing if you can learn through the former and abandon the latter. I am choosing, at this time, to bring through a communication and support for your planetary process, to turn the tide as much as possible, while the traumatic events that I see manifesting on your event horizon and probability fields are still in the seed stage and are only gathering their manifesting energy. They are like storm clouds that are getting moister and moister, and darker and darker, but have not yet unleashed their lightning and rain.

We, the Sirians, are doing and have done, all that we can by ourselves on your behalf to neutralize as much adversity from your planetary rebirth process. We will do more on your behalf within the limits of cosmic law that we are constrained to work within. I am wishing to support a process whereby our energies can be conducted into your world through you, with your conscious permission and involvement, that could potentially make an enormous difference in the reduction of sorrow from your evolutionary birthing process and even significantly accelerate this process.

I am offering this process outside the usual timing of the spiritual lessons that are normally given within a certain sequence over a longer period of time. I apologize in advance that some of this may be outside the range of your immediate verification by your own personal experience. In a more ideal situation, I would be happy to teach you and guide you step by step so that every lesson makes sense to you, is explained carefully so that you can easily understand, and builds logically from the previous lessons so that you mature higher and higher in your understanding in natural stages of maturity in wisdom, creativity, and compassion. But if I do so in the usual manner of lessons and the usual sequence of lessons, then it will literally be too late to avert some painful disasters that I would prefer that you do not experience. At this point in my own evolutionary journey, I have deep recall of my many past lifetimes and remember being a mother in thousands upon thousands of those lifetimes, feeling my love for my children, and wishing them to be protected from any unnecessary harm. I do have this same love for all of you, having known most of you through the light rays emanating from Tenabah's heart, to whom I am joined with in yidam, as teacher to student. The love of a liberated and fully awakened being touches everywhere in all directions. Something intervenes for us to call our attention so that we can focus this love to a specific person, time, and place, to help him or her. All of you can be our eyes and hands in your world. Because you are in your world, you can serve as a portal for our energy to enter your world and heal your world.

You may ask why we cannot simply just intervene directly and bypass the need to have your permission. We are doing this to some extent. But you do not, collectively, see how you are interwoven together within a common movement and creative journey. Many of you still feel an illusion of how separate you are from each other. When I see you, I see many lines of causation connecting all of you together and organizing the succession of experiences that you have with each other and with your world, forming them moment to moment, within a kind of collective dreaming mind. There are literally thousands of free choice transactions you are making telepathically with each other in this realm that is shaping an enormous part of even your physical journey on Earth with each other. We cannot interfere with those transactions and we are rarely invited into those transactions to influence them. We need to work "within the gaps" where "quantum leaps" are possible and subtly organize synchronicities that bend your evolution in a positive direction. Many of these gaps have to do with permission that you have given in the past, through ancient rituals you participated within in many of your religious processes in past lifetimes. Some of those thoughts float up inside of you, especially when you read your books, and feel a shift happen inside you when you "agree again" with rituals you had done a long time ago, times in the past where you woke up from your habitual sleep walking and really realized what you were doing and why, where some word or line of teaching really struck home, and you awoke for that moment and joined the purpose of life.

I do not wish to scare you in any way or use fear as a motivation for any decision you may or may not make about this communication. I do not believe in fear as motivation. I do not believe that fear as emotion and motivation can lead you to the highest level of awakening and realization. It is too tied to attachment to an illusory self and physical survival. This kind of fear ends by trusting universal life to take care of you and not being attached to your present physical body and its survival. It will last long enough for many wonderful things to happen. You are meant to take care of your physical body and feed loving energy to all its cells. You are meant to even conquer aging and death in your biological cells. It is not so hard to do and maybe perhaps we can have another discussion about this after the Winter 2012 solstice. But right now, for life in your physical bodies to remain worth living, it would be nice if some concentration gets generated that can shift the probability field so that you take a different fork in the time river than the options many of you are focusing on and unwittingly making real.

There is a lot of power and energy we could pour through you to help your world find the path of least trauma throughout this planetary birthing process. At some point in the future, when you fully wake up to your own divinity, you will do the same for others as we are wishing to do for you. And if you do send our energy through you and into your shared world, you will participate in our energy and eventually will feel that you can do the same we are doing through you. Then you will "take over the process" and we will gladly step back and let you continue with our blessings. Right now, though, there are some differences between us. One is that your faith in your own divinity is still growing in stages. Many of you have subtle beliefs that run contrary to your fully believing and trusting in your innate divinity. It shows up the most in the times of crisis where you do to what you really believe in. Many times it is regular chemical medicine and surgery with little razor sharp knives. Many of you talk about breathing and visualization until your life is really at stake and then you go to your "bottom line" and show what you do have faith in, what you trust the most with your own process. I do not say this to condemn in any way, because you are slowly shifting your faith, in stages, to the power of your own mind and the innate divinity behind it. But it is still young and fragile. We have been where you are. You do have enough faith to believe in our divinity and let our power go through you. You have enough faith to give us permission to work with you and on your behalf. As you see us work through you, then even your faith in your own mind and your own divinity will grow, because we can demonstrate for you what you will eventually do from yourself. There is a part of you that wants proof, that wants to see the power of "mind over matter", even though every time you move your fingers you are using this power, and grows in faith when you receive validations in experience of this power in action. When you allow our power to go through you, then you will set in motion these kinds of validating experiences. Your faith will grow from those experiences.

I am wishing to keep our link simple and direct. Place your attention at your 3rd eye, and give permission for me to flow my energy into your crown chakra and out through your heart chakra and out through your hands. Visualize this energy going out to Earth, to Fukushima, to the dry deserts that need rain, to the cities that need peace and hope, to the hungry that need food, and to everything in your world that you notice. Feel the energy go into the ground and heal the ground itself. Let yourself be guided about where to direct this energy. Notice that when you hear the news, how you react to the news, whether you are feeling upset and helpless, or whether you are feeling that this is an opportunity to flood energy that could make a difference. If you are into the latter, then you can be thankful that your news does show things that require our attention and healing energy. Do not miss these opportunities. Please notice that when you feel upset and helpless that you are giving your faith to adverse processes and are believing that they ultimately rule your life. Try to feel that "all symptoms are the cure in progress", that things are flushing up to be healed, and ride the process with this attitude. Please do not underestimate the power of our minds and hearts joined together to reshape your world through love. Try, if you can and want to, to spend about one hour a day devoting yourself to your world and pouring our energy through, for especially the next two weeks. Each of you is at the midpoint of a thousand lines of causation and shift how all these lines function through you. By changing your energy, you can profoundly change your world.

There is some more detailed information that I would like to share at a later time, about targeting some specific things to help heal your world. But right now I would like to see some very general wise, loving, and creative energy flood into your world through the portal of your life and let this level of change integrate.

Thanking everyone in advance who will choose to join this.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pulsating Auroras

PULSATING AURORAS: During the geomagnetic storm of Feb. 4th, Fredrik Broms of Kvaløya, Norway, witnessed an episode of elusive pulsating auroras. "The sky was filled with patches of green that oscillated in brightness," he explains. A snapshot with his Nikon D3 caught the phenomenon in mid-pulse:

Photo details: Nikon D3, AF-S Nikkor 14-24 mm f/2,8, 10 sec, ISO 1000

"The patches didn't move much, but their intensity changed. When one patch got brighter another became more diffuse and so on," Broms describes.

Reports of pulsating auroras go back more than a century, but until recently no one knew what made the aurora borealis behave like a strobe light. Researchers from UCLA solved the puzzle in 2009-10. Using data from NASA's THEMIS spacecraft, they discovered that auroras pulse in sync to 'chorus waves' in Earth's magnetosphere. This is a type of plasma wave that, apparently, can modulate the flow of solar wind particles down to Earth during geomagnetic storms. It sounds cool, too--hence the name 'chorus.'


Friday, February 4, 2011

Auroras 02/04/2011

GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A solar wind stream hit Earth's magnetic field during the late hours of Feb. 4th, sparking a G2-class (Kp=6) geomagnetic storm, in progress. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras, especially during the hours around local midnight.

In Gimsøy, Norway, the whole world seemed to turn green when the solar wind hit:

"The Northern Lights danced for us tonight showing all its magic and strength," says photographer Cristina Albuerne. "I'm living in a very special place."


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Auroras May Be Calming Down For A While

"The beauty of the Arctic is in full swing," says photographer Fredrik Broms of Kvaløya, Norway. "Strong auroras have been observed each night for a full week now, beginning after nightfall and going on most of the night until early morning. A particularly nice display came on Jan. 13th when the sky exploded in green and purple. Bright moonlight only added to the beauty." As an example, he offers this shot of "a very happy aurora watcher" in the Norwegian mountains:

The non-stop display might be coming to a temporary end. Earth is exiting the solar wind stream that sparked the brightest lights, and the next stream is not due to arrive until Jan. 19-20. Photographers, take this opportunity to recharge your cameras and, of course, be alert for auroras.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Sohra Channeling 01/14/2011

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are gathered in this inner space. Inviting you to place your attention at your 3rd eye and to meet my energy there. I am continuing from the last channeling which invited you to radiate loving energy as visualized light from your heart, to send it forth to all that you meet each and every day. I wish for you now to visualize a bubble of light surrounding your body and hold the thought intention that this bubble protect you, that it filter out any energy that is not of love from harming you, that it will transmute the negative energies into love and send them back to those who sent it to you. I would like for you to visualize this light emanating from your solar plexus point, the tip of the sternum, and radiate out as a green light to form the bubble. This will give you a level of protection and boundary setting in your life. Realistically, there are thought energies that you are used letting in and used to allowing to harm you or to take your energy down to a lesser state of internal joy, creativity, and peace. You can strengthen this energy over time by giving attention to your state and noticing what you are allowing to affect you. By revisualizing this bubble, you can choose to not let these influences take you down. In this way, old karma can come to end. There is more that is needed than this visualization, but this will set in motion many good changes for you. Alchemically, you are creating the container for further energetic transformations. It is important that you be relatively immune to external influences before proceding with the next steps.

I would like for you to also visualize another light that is vibrant and fiery red in color, behind the green bubble. This fiery red bubble will burn away any energy that penetrates through the transmuting green bubble. This is the thought intention I would like the second bubble to be infused with. There is, also, another bubble behind the fiery red bubble, which is silvery blue, and is the mirror bubble. The thought intention is to just send back the energy to the owner as is. If the thought is so intense that it cannot be transmuted or purified, then it is meant to be a karmaic lesson for the sender to experience what it is that he or she is giving to others, "as is", and the lesson can be harsh and intense for them. They had two opportunities to learn the lesson more gently with the other two bubbles. All the rays emanate from the solar plexus point.

You also want to release everyone from your control, to honor their freedom, and to let them flourish in their freedom. Visualize yourself releasing any chords and tentacles from everyone, including any children under your care. If you have children, then replace the tentacles of the solar plexus with the radiant love of the heart, surround them with love, guidance, and protection, but bless their freedom. Children willingly and easily obey love when it is pure, because it does honor their freedom. They may occasionally have issues with the seeming control of parents. They have their own process. But simply be gentle and firm with them, trust that they have placed themselves under your care. You will notice that they will respond to your energy when it is clear.