Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Living Library

1. Sohra:

The term "living library" is used here differently than a number of channelings that talk about how information is coded into many worlds, including the Earth. The term refers to a Tech 6 (conscious co-creation with the One Dreamer as the One Dreamer, with all sentient beings feeling the state of unity within themselves and from this unity creating the manifest universes, with each universe being a manifestation of consciousness) storehouse of practical knowledge. On Tech 6, there is no material universe that exists independently of consciousness. This makes the living library different from what may be called "the akashic records", though I sense that many who used the term "akashic records" did refer to the living library and made a concession to those they were speaking with, letting them assume that it was in some sense material, made out of invisible light, and part of the implicate order of the Quantum Field. The student of Krishnamurti and Quantum Physicist, David Bohm, wrote a book concerning his studies of the Quantum Field on this level.

When you explore matter deeply, you find that it is made from a kind of information. Your "video games" that your civilization is evolving are beginning to understand what manifest life has always been, a display of empirical energy that manifests according to Dharma or Universal Law. There is an "implicate order" to how things arise. The karmaic patterns of your life is a kind of coding within your subconscious mind or storehouse consciousness that transmits, ksana (one single thought instant, the smallest unit of relevant time for consciousness) after ksana, within a "time continuum" where the causal energy of the previous moment imprints into the next moment, and creates a living stream of energy that is the life process of each sentient being.

This living stream is not isolated, but arises from a feeling of unity with the Totality of All Life Everywhere, a vast number of interactions happen between the individual "source code" and this Totality, and this is where forms the life of everyone, and how each of you can experience a shared world from each of your own unique perspectives.

2. Sohra:

Understanding what has been shared, one can understand what the Buddha meant when he shared that, "Karma is in the Interdependence". Karma is latent coding, samskaras, within the subconscious mind. These are then activated by sense experience and activate a mental and emotional conditioned response to a situation, the interaction between one conditioning and another within an empirical experience of your world is the play of karma.

A part of the One Dreamer is a kind of "living library" or "living memory", this is held in Consciousness within the MahaSangha, all those illuminated and enlightened beings who are fully attained Light Body. It is a library in the sense that it is shared by those who have attained Light Body. The "book" in this living library is also a "computer program" that can be downloaded and activated by your "crystal" at the third eye. You can call it telepathically into place. You can access the information through my mediation of your process. I can be, in a sense, the "librarian" for you and get the exact book aka program that is needed for you growth into Light Body.

3. Sohra:

Each "book" is the distilled essence of one exact and complete Dharma transmission that is carried out for a specific purpose. Many of these were originally in the form of "ritual practice" by Sanghas from other worlds and some of them are from your Earth. Many of the chants of your world activate a Dharma transmission from your own archive within the living library.

Because of the nature of your volatile and karma filled history on Earth, very few of your outer historical records are complete in terms of these "keys" in your living library. Your book called the "Tibetan Book of the Dead" or Bardo Thodol (Liberation through Hearing) was partly destroyed during one of the many battles that happened in the Tibet and Mongolian region, and only 21 days of the 49 days of the Bardo survived in tact. This version has been restored into its fuller version and published in your world during the last 20 years. One of the Lamaseries managed to keep the larger text and the Sufis had also kept a record of the larger process, kept it within the Sarmoun archive and adapted to the Sufi practices of this Order. These two older manuals do agree in the essence of the teachings regarding the 3 Clear Light "days" and the 49 chambers of the Bardo. The Tibetan version links with the 12 Nidanas in its expanded Abhidharma (higher dharma form) where the 52 peaceful principles and the 48 active principles are described. These are found in our own work in the spin ratios of the Double Star Tetrahedron and the 3D 4 hz sine wave that they generate.

There is also yet another problem with transmitting Dharma libraries in a seemingly material world in the form of books and now pdf-s. Many of the original texts were never intended to present the whole process but were in the form of what are called "pith instructions". These are really a form of short sutra like memory notes so that a "teacher who knows" can remember all the important keys and to teach them to the point where the students fully understand these points. But when such teacher have died, sometimes there is no one left within an order who has the full understanding of what the pith instructions were about. Due to the hazards of your historical process on Earth, there are lineage gaps and the knowledge transmitted is no longer complete. I am hoping to fill in some of these gaps and to jump start your processes with the fullness of knowledge.

4. Sohra:

I would like for you to imagine and feel what I wish to share next regarding the archives of the living library. Imagine that a dedicated group of advanced and sincere students are working with the fully liberated teacher. They evolve a ritual which is also a meditation practice that moves them through steps where they contact different levels of consciousness and coordinate these levels with each other.

In the beginning, the advanced students are only able to literally follow the outer instructions and only dimly feel the inner essence of the practice. This dim feeling, though, is a lot for them to feel and feels only dim in comparison to the vast fullness of consciousness that the fully liberated teacher is channeling through himself or herself. As they practice, the feeling gets stronger, subtle misconceptions are gently corrected, elusive teachings are understood to the point where they become "common sense", and some of the students can even guide others into the literal practice and have their own students "get into the feeling" that they too enjoy, even though from the standpoint of the liberated teacher, the feeling is still "dim". Every now and then, "alignment" happens and the fullness of the energy of the practice comes forward.

What this means is that the students align with the practice on the level of sincerity of intention, deep understanding and agreement with the practice itself, and actively and correctly calling in the "higher pranas" to support the process. At one point the ritual is done "perfectly" and these perfect practice sets are stored in the living library archive. These records do not merely have the entire pattern of the ritual, but are "cross indexed" with all the relevant dharma teachings, including "remedies" for anything that could go wrong, including "modifications" that the teacher can introduce so that the practice stays on course, and even including "adaptations" when the ideal of the practice needs to be down scaled to something manageable for the students on their own level of practices. Elements of the "program" are interactive with the students and will adjust the "interface" to compensate for what the students are not yet able to do or not yet able to understand. The wisdom of the teacher can "fill in the gaps" for the student, so that the process can still work. Though the student may not always be able to track all the "results of practice" on all the levels where shifts are occurring. All the interactive elements are operational in "real time".

5. Sohra:

I am using a level of verbal redundancy to describe the process from a number of complementary angles so that the use of the "living library" is fully understood and that you can confirm the understanding when you read the redundancies that they make sense to you. This is a principle of learning called "convergence", when many seemingly different teachings and transmissions do the "same thing". Each angle deepens the understanding and makes the understanding fuller and richer. The Sufis, Buddhists, Santana Dharmists, Taoists, and Christian Contemplatives have evolved unique angles to the "same thing". This is good in that very few of these paths, at your stage in history, are complete in themselves, and do need to "borrow notes" from other paths to complete their symphonies. The Sufis, in particular, have made it a point to integrate the essence of each of the viable religious paths of your world, not merely from a scholarly point of view, but also from a practice point of view.

As a result of this, there is not just one "Sufi path" but a series of interconnected "work groups" that each has been given a "vital chunk" of a larger teaching and which the group needs to be faithful to. In the teachings of Gurdjieff, he did study with the Sarmouni, as did the Buddhist Mahasattva Padmasambhava (who said he learned in Odiyan in a place called Surmang, which is Sarmoun pronounced with a Tibetan guttural). The some of the Sufi teachers at that time were 500 years old and are still incarnate in your world.

Again, during the historical hazards of your world, the Sarmoun group, whose base camp was near Pemir in Afghanistan, was forced to leave their community base, because of a Russian tank invasion which happened in this region. They are now in a kind of "portable base camp" mode, still overseeing what has come to be called "the Fourth Way" (dharma transmission). Other centers in your world are in a similar mode to the Sarmouni. Many centers were lose during the Chinese Communist invasion of Tibet. Whole orders of lamas did not survive and a few of them are dying out at this time. Groups of people called the "preservers" are trying to find the remaining lamas of these dying traditions and to preserve them within the "hive" of human consciousness knowledge.

6. Sohra:

Those that have "gone into light body" are beyond the hazards of the historical unfoldment of karma. We are the holders of the distilled essence of all the vital traditions of this galaxy, the distilled essence of all the awakening processes that have ever been used within our galaxy.

On our level, "only consciousness is", there is no matter that is outside of consciousness and matter can only be a manifestation of consciousness. If you imagine that we, those who have gone into light body, form a conscious luminous unity with each other and that this "form" is the One Dreamer of Everything, then the living library is our consciously created and perfected living memory of all the awakening, growing, and healing processes. It does look a little like a "bee hive" which each hexagon chamber filled with the "nectar" or "essence" of a teaching. If you imagine an Icosahedron with hexagon chambers on all its interior sides, and nested Icosahedrons inside each other, with the interior isosahedrons having hexagon chambers on both inside and outside, then you can feel the "living library" in its "outer dream expression". There is a living consciousness that may be called the librarian and his or her function (the post is a rotating one and is shared among a group that is called the "librarians") is to enliven this dream chamber for the sake of all sentient beings in the galaxy.

The one called Tenabah did visit the Sufi living library, which is like a branch library of the galactic living library. A Sufi master who was a scholar during the time when the library of Alexandria still existed had "memorized" every key religious text of this Alexandrian library and kept it alive inside himself, every page of text, in his "perfect memory". He did so out the Mahayana compassionate wish to help liberate all sentient beings. When Tenabah entered this library, he could feel it was the living dream of this Sufi master, who smiled a lot and showed a love of scholarship and a wish to share the gems he found in the writings. After the library of Alexandria was destroyed, he continued to study texts, perfectly memorize them, and bring them into his "archive".

Tenabah also found something interesting. Although the Sufi Master had styled the library as a classic one with bookshelves and books, when Tenabah pulled one from the shelf, and pages were empty, but when he kept attention at his third eye, then the words would start forming on the page in his own English language. It was clear to Tenabah that the writings were distilled into "telepathic light pulses" or "pure thoughts", and only manifested in his language for the sake of making the text easier to read. Behind the dream cloak are these "templates" and part of the adaptive function is to "translate" into the language of the person who has arrived, to adapt to the abilities of the person and the level of understanding that they are capable of.

The particular text that Tenabah was interested in was the "Book of Prophecy" and several of the passages that were read predicted events that were happening in his outer physical reality and were confirmed by the "news". It was part of a series of lessons that were being prepared for Tenabah regarding the nature of time itself and it was no accident that his first enlightenment (out of the three enlightenments) was related to "time", in that he saw how "mind creates time" (or more precisely now how "consciousness creates time"). With "time" comes "trying" or dualistic struggle, which is related to one of the 12 Nidanas, sometimes translated as "becoming" but is better translated as "striving". This keeps human consciousness operating at Tech 4 maximum. At Tech 5 and 6, everything happens by "thought intention" and "trusting tariki", and there is no struggle.

7. Sohra:

It is possible that an outer empirical book can be imbued with the energy of a dream time living library book. The book called the I CHING is like this. It has the interactive properties of a template from the living library and is one of the more successful "anchorings" of this kind of knowledge within your historical and karmaic process on Earth. The book called the TAROT is also like this and is also very potent in communicating messages from the living library, though the teachings surrounding this book are looser and not all the knowledge about how to access it is fully intact anymore. There are some "gifted psychics" who can add the missing pieces from their consciousness and make it work.

Other systems of divination, like the Viking Runes, are also useful in the same way. They link into a book in the living library and activate the adaptive programs within this book and allow it to speak into the condition of the seeker of knowledge, if he or she is sincere and comes humble enough to allow himself or herself to be changed by the messages.

8. Sohra:

When you insert the template into the etheric crystal at the 3rd Eye, you are using a Tech 6 crystal to interface the living library. I am holding this path in consciousness for you and am empowering your access to this living library. I am forming a reliable ritual bridge for you to cross in order to do this.

For now, I would like for you to "play" with this connection, to hold the template in the etheric crystal at the 3rd eye, and then to use "yaha" breathing to "call in the higher pranas", and using the principle that "energy follows attention" to let the higher pranas that are breathing into your lung and heart chakra be gently directed by attention to your crystal at the 3rd eye, and then, with simple thought intention, hold the thought "activate template", and continue to breathe, and to notice what happens. Please remember, that you are not trying to make anything happen. When you try, you invoke "joriki" or self power, and when you do not try, you allow "tariki" or divine grace to do everything for you. This relationship between you and tariki will eventually become "trust", that you trust that tariki will do everything for you. However, the divine grace, although willing to serve your every need, is also not your slave. Whatever we wish to do must come out of love and never be the result of the three poisons of the mind, addictive craving, judgmental negativity, and obscuring delusion, or craving, hatred, and ignorance. The wishes we have that are born from love are non-dualistic. They are above all the push and pull games of the power struggling world. Love itself holds the secret about how we can co-create with the One Dreamer that we are all a part of. Love is the basis for the unity that we can live with each other, love is why the living library was even created, so that liberation can be shared and can eventually be a positive contagious energy that will heal your world very completely.

The Oneness in Love that is part of the second enlightenment cannot be understood without a felt love being present in our heart. The intellect, left to itself, is too locked into the implicit dualism of feeling everything in terms of subject-verb-object in each sentence it thinks. The very languaging sets subject and object into a kind of separation and interaction with each other, and then how to act and what to do become important questions for everyone, and once you get your instructions, then you try to follow them, and striving is born.

For now, I would like everyone who is involved in these channelings to feel the difference from when you are "coming from separation" and feeling your "little self" and when you are "coming from unity and love". To feel this energetically, and to see if activating the templates that are being given helps to "organize" a path for you to move from separation into the unity of love.

Blessings, Temavah, Namaste. End of Transmission.

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