Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tenabah Notes 1211/2013: Outer Support for the Inner Process

Tenabah:  I wanted to add some notes especially for those who are linking deeply with Sohra and carrying this link into their daily lives, and who are using this connection as a primary support for their transition into light body.

I am entitling this article "Outer Support for the Inner Process".  There are a few things that Sohra is suggesting at this time, with more coming if these things are integrated:

(1) Drinking one quart of pure water with a few slices of limes charging it up.  This is done in the morning upon waking up.  The idea is to not eat any food or even take any beverage until this water passes through the system via urination.  This helps the body to cleanse, to use the long fasting during sleep efficiently.  Ideally, we are drinking enough pure water so that we have at least one clear (not yellow) urination per a day.

(2) Before sleep, to drink one cup of pure warm water with a half teaspoon of Triphalia.  Ideally, one has not eaten anything at least one hour before going to sleep.

(3) Sohra has been wanting people to learn towards being vegan and to ideally be vegan.  There are a lot of reasons for this.  One is ethical and karmaic, that by eating animals and animal products one is involved in killing the animals and the karma of this.  If one is taking dairy and eggs, then one is stealing from them and involved in the karma of this.  It is theoretically possible that one can make a conscious agreement with a specific animal and get some milk or eggs from her that would not be stealing, and this would be more karma free.  But this kind of transaction is not meant to be a regular part of the human diet.  Two is that human mother's milk has the carb/protein/fat ratio of 80-10-10 and possibly even less protein than 10 percent (the World Health Organization upped it to 10 percent just to play it safe).  Animal flesh is more like 30-40-30.  It is hard for our diet to move to its ideal health with unbalanced ratios like this.  It tends to produce an acidic blood stream.  It takes a lot more exercise to burn enough protein and fat to lose weight.  A banana has similar ratios to mother's milk and is recommended by the American Pediatric Association for babies if they cannot breast feed.  If the human baby body does not need more than 10 percent protein when it is massively building new tissues and literally doubling and tripling its size, then adults probably do not need very much protein to maintain the tissues that they already have.  There are some people very used to eating animal flesh and products, who may not be able to easily transition to being vegan.  There are herbal brews that will help this transition.  You also want to avoid eating gluten and GMO grains and anything made from them.  Eliminating casein/cheese/elmer's-glue from the diet is a pretty immediate need.  It will take special herbal teas to undo this damage to the intestines.

(4) Taking a hot bath with 1/2 cup to 1 cup of baking soda at night about 3 times a week.  This will alkalize the body and help nourish the skin which is being a little ravaged by oxidation reactions.  This will assist the overall cleansing process.

Blessings, Temavah, Namaste.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sohra Channeling on November 23, 2013 For Fukushima

Sohra:  Blessings to all of you who are gathered in this mental space and are hearing these words resonate within your minds.  Inviting you to place attention at your third eye, the space between your eyebrows and about 1/8 inch above, and then holding the intention of meeting my energy presence there.  You will feel a subtle tingling sensation there as a sign that I am with you.  This sensation can be very strong or delicate, either will do, and is sufficient.  Then imagine that your intuition with infused with my wisdom energy and feel that it is guiding your breathing, making your inhale deeper and fuller, your exhale softer and smoother, with the inhale and exhale flowing together into one smooth continuous breathing with no pauses when you switch from one to the other.  Feeling the belly expand on the inhale and the feeling the belly relax on the exhale, falling back to where it started before you inhaled.  Feeling the lungs expand in all directions, gently pressing the rib cage in the front and sides, slightly lifting the shoulders, and making the upper spine slightly straighter.  The spine will undulate slightly when you breathe.  Gently scan the vertebra and notice which vertebra are stiff and which vertebra are in subtle movement, responding to the movements necessary for deep, full, and smooth circular breathing.  Invite the stiff vertebra to slowly join this movement and they will gently find their way to do this.

Then hold the intention to divide your attention, with 70 percent of your attention holding connection me at your third eye, with 20 percent on your breathing, and only 10 percent on your thoughts and emotions.  Do not worry about measuring this, simply hold this intention and I will make it so.  If you lose the feeling of balance that this gesture of attention gives you, then deeply concentrate on your third eye and connecting with me, breathing in to receive my blessing and healing energy, and breathing out to let go and allow me to shift your energy back into balance.

Consciously and intentionally give permission for me to join in energy purpose with you, through this, I can visualize for you and with you, and strengthen all that we do with my energy, clarity, wisdom, and concentration.  I have already evolved into unity within myself.  I have not contradictory thoughts inside myself and therefore my every thought flows in the same direction and can manifest what it wishes, born of wisdom, love, and creativity, within the limits of cosmic law and within the limits of the permission that you give me.  Nothing that I do will over-ride anything within you.  I can only work with what you give.

Through your presence in your own world, your good wishes for your own world, and your permission to let my energy flow inside you and through you, I can support the healing, growth, and evolution of your world.  Just as I am being channeled by Tenabah into your world, I am also channeling the collective energy of the mahasangha, the cosmic community of liberated beings who now live in the light bodies.  I can call on them to be with me if and when I need them, to support what is needed in your world

I would like for you to imagine your body as hollow, like a hologram of light, to feel your spine as also hollow, and within this hollow spine is a filament of light, like a glowing white thread, in the very center of your spine, running through all your vertebra like a thread through your beads that you where on your necklaces.  With your permission, I will multiply my light body into many light bodies and superimpose my light filament over your light filament, to energize and boost it as much as you allow me, as much as you are able to allow yourself to evolutionarily advance into light body at this time, as much as you are willing and able to let go of all past hindrances that hold you back.  I am able to multiply myself almost indefinitely to do this simultaneously with anyone who calls upon me, who gives the right kind of attention at the third eye and holds it there with the intention of meeting me there, and who sincerely wants to allow me to transform you from physicality to luminosity.

For the sake of acceleration, and with your permission, I will visualize layers of spinning geometries of light surrounding you, both within you, and outside you and enclosing you, and even on a microscopic level of each and every cell in your body, that each may synchronize its movement with Ekadana, the planet at the center of the galaxy, with Sirius, with your three suns (with Jupiter and Saturn being small emerging suns), and with your Earth.  Establishing this for you, so that you may concentrate on visualizing a single star tetrahedron for Fukushima, for the reduction of harmful radiation to the degree allowable by universal law at this time.  The total energy not stopping until humankind gets clear that they need to and wish to end their nuclear power plant direction, acknowledging that nuclear power is to dangerous, messy, and toxic to really be viable, and shift to using zero point energy technology, which is safe, nontoxic, nonpolluting, infinite, and eternal.

Visualizing two interlocking tetrahedrons, one pointed up and one pointed down, interlocking like the Star of David would be if it were three dimensional.  The north pointing tetrahedron spinning at 52 rps (rotations per a second) and the south pointing one at 48 rps, forming a 4 hz frequency, activating lucid dreaming and the dream body.  A fire spins up from the south meeting a liquid light flowing down from the north, the fire is red, the liquid white, there is a light filament connecting the north and south poles of the star, and they mix at the center and form silvery blue light, a shining sphere of compassion as this light radiating into your world.  Program this star tetrahedron with the thought intention to serve your world, to spin over Fukushima, and reduce the radiation there.  You may call this the "Zero Star" because of its dual intention to reduce the Fukushima radiation to zero and to bring forward zero point energy into your world, for the sake of healing your world.

If there are instructions that are not clear to you, please do not worry, hold the intention that I am with you and will fill in any details that are missing and make any subtle corrections that are necessary.  Some adjustments may need to be made for different times and situations that may arise as the Fukushima crisis unfolds.  I will bless whatever activity and good intentions that you hold at your third eye that relates to this healing purpose and also any other areas of your life that you hold up to the third eye and offer to me.  Please also do not worry about whether or not what we do will work.  It will accomplish whatever is possible within the limits of cosmic law in each moment.  Once you are done programming the star tetrahedron, the zero star, that release it, let it go, and even forget about it, being not attached to any results for or against.  If possible do not think about this any more, but continue your spiritual activism for your world, continue your spiritual path, walk in the light, and may peace prevail in your world, and then occasionally check in to see if more wishes to be done.  I will remember all of you until you remember yourself.  All of you are also sentient radiant stars born of a nebula of loving energy, here to serve and be served, to evolve into enlightenment, unconditional love, and light body, and to celebrate, day by day, the wonder of being alive.

End of transmission.  Temavah.  Namaste.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Some Mantra Notes

Om Namo Amritayana Dharmakaya Hreeh.
Om Namo Amida Buddha Hreeh.
Om Namo Dharmakaya Hadeemkajabee Hreeh.

Om Namo Mahadakini Sohra Saganah Itaho Hreeh.

Om Namo Mahadakini Sohra Saganah Bodhisattva Tenabah Devani Itaho Hreeh.
Om Namo Mahamudra Tevalara Tevalabah Itaho Soha Hreeh.

Om Namo Bodhisattva Tenabah Devani Itaho Hreeh.
Temavah Itaho Svaha.


(dharmakaya level)
Om Namo Amritayana Dharmakaya Hreeh.
Om Namo Amida Buddha Hreeh.
Om Namo Dharmakaya Hadeemkajabee Hreeh.

(shambhogakaya level)

Om Namo Mahadakini Sohra Saganah Itaho Hreeh.
Om Namo Mahadakini Sohra Saganah Bodhisattva Tenabah Devani Itaho Hreeh.
Om Namo Mahamudra Tevalara Tevalabah Itaho Soha Hreeh.

(nirmanakaya level)
Om Namo Bodhisattva Tenabah Devani Itaho Hreeh.
(final blessing, sealing, releasing)
Temavah Itaho Svaha.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Tenabah Notes 11/4/2013

I wanted to share some notes in support of the channeling process and wanted to comment, in particular, about Sohra's "leaning toward being Vegan" as part of the criterion for linking with her.  The second and more central item is to "commit to moving into light body" as the third enlightenment.

Sohra had shared, from time to time, things about diet and herbs.  When she started to do this, she had prefaced her communications with "I am not a cop about this".  She is not wanting to take on the role of a police and watch over anyone with any rules.  There is mode of interaction with each other based on commanding, obeying or rebelling, and arguing about who is right and wrong, which really leads nowhere and causes a lot of tension between people.

She had showed me pictures of people eating flour products, starches and processed foods, and showing me how their aura collapsed in five minutes.  About fifty short video pictures of people at various restaurants.  I was at a restaurant myself and was eating something that fit what she was showing, ate the food the same way as the others, and waited with awareness for five minutes, and indeed the energy field suddenly became weak.  I realized that we, as humans, survive this food impact often, and are able to function fairly well.  But it is not an optimal state.  When we are moving to light body, our energy system needs to learn how to function better than this.  We need to remove all the glitches in our thoughts, emotions, and biological processes.  We need to eat very optimal diets and let go of anything that does not work for us.

When we are addicted to food, nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, chocolate, and relationships, we go through a curious ambivalent process with them.  We are for it one day and against the next day.  There is a kind push pull struggle with the substance.  These dances can take a long time to shift, if ever.  Many people die in their addictions and then these addictions propell one through the bardo where they are active factors in selecting our rebirth.  In some renditions of the bardo, there is things like "life reviews" and other events, but these do not happen for all people.  Many will speed through these events and simply seek rebirth in a place which can fulfill their addictions.  They do the same thing with friends and healers who may gently try to guide them to explore and transcend their addictions.

In one Sufi bardo work that I studied, they had a Dharani:

"All phenomena is illusion,

Neither attracted nor repelled,
Not making any sudden moves,
My habits will carry me through."

Dharanis are slightly longer mantric chants than the single line ones and double as alchemical transformational formulas.  Each line is a summary of a key.

The first line is "all phenomena is illusion".  It is a shift in understanding and perception.  It parallels the Buddhist understanding of emptiness.  It also parallels Sohra understanding about "releasing the thought of matter" that appears in the Ascension Sutra that she channeled through me (it is located on this blog).  The thought of matter is that something exists, some stuff, that is not affected by thought.  In Quantum physics, this idea of matter, that most humans hold, was disproven by noticing how Quantum particles change behavior relative to the observing scientist.  If the scientist expects Quantum waves, then they behave as waves and conform to wave function equations.  If the scientist expects Quantum particles, then they behave as particles and conform to particle mapping equations.  There is, therefore, an interaction or interdependence between the five shandhas of consciousness, thought, emotion, sensation, and body, all of them interacting with each other and mutually influencing each other, and nothing that can exist or stand apart as "real" separate from this unity field.  The seeming material universe takes on something of what is projected upon it from the observers who collectively shape the events each species and their reality tunnel moves through.  The whole process is "illusion" in the sense that there is no reality "out there" separate from the participant observers and how they affecting what is seen.  The whole process is a convergence of multiple causes merging to produce experiences and multiple effects emerging out of these events to produce more causes for more events.  This dynamic field is what we live in moment to moment.

The phrase "all phenomena is illusion" does not say much about what reality is, but says a lot about what it is not.  We release the perceptual hold of "seeing phenomena as real" so that we can move from conceptually dominated awareness to free awareness which can move with the mystery of what is as it reveals itself moment to moment.

The next phrase "neither attracted nor repelled" is the foundation of Vipassana Buddhist awareness insight meditation.  We learn how to watch our experience with "simple attention" or "bare attention".  We learn to watch everything that arises, abides, changes, and passes away with no clinging (attraction) and no resistance (repelled).  The second phrase is therefore a reminder to not push anything away ("How can I get rid of X?") and no clinging ("How can I stay in bliss/enlightenment?").  When we watch our watching, we notice how our attention gets pulled into dramas and gets lost in dramas and reacts to dramas with more drama.  When Sohra shares to meet her at the 3rd Eye chakra and gently hold attention there, meeting her blessing energy there, it is holding attention in a focus where all phenomena is seen as illusion and where we are above cling, resistance, and reaction to any dramas of thought and emotion that we might have been lost in.

The next phrase "not making any sudden moves" took me a long while to deeply understand, but it is a key to how to handle "trauma".  When we move through the bardo, all our traumatic stored repressed experience will come up to be healed.  Because we repressed them for not so good reasons, because we could handle the events when they happened, we will feel overwhelmed, shocked, and freak out when they surface to consciousness again.  A samskaric activation is happening.  Sense experience is activating a latent unit of subconscious conditioning and triggering a full blown experience again.  The key to handling all of these experiences is in the third phrase.  It translates into: THERE IS NO EMERGENCY GOING ON AND THERE NEVER WAS.  Questioning the sense of emergency on this deep a level is the key to understanding, "not making any sudden moves".  We have to move fast, suddenly, and quickly in an emergency and at the same time we do not know what to do.  The answer is this:  There is no emergency going on (since "all phenomena is illusion") and there is nothing we need to do (except watch with no clinging and no resistance to whatever is arising).

I have been noticing little "speed throughs" to move past certain mental/emotional states and count these as little "sudden moves" that we are meant to slow down and be present for.  There are little reactions of resistance to what is, something we are speeding through and avoiding (in order to seek and cling to something else).  This is combined with another sudden move which are hesitations and slow downs, where we resist moving through something (in order to hold on to a more pleasurable present state that we seem to be in).  When we relax our sudden moves, then we sink into the natural flow of human experience.

The last phrase "my habits will carry me through" is about maintaining each and every moment the habit of meditation or the habit of processing.  With Sohra, the yoga that she is sharing is to link with her through the 3rd Eye, let our breath be guided, and giving 70 percent attention to the 3rd Eye focus, 20 percent to the breathing focus (including body awareness and sensations), and 10 percent to thoughts and emotions.  The habit of grounding, again and again, in this gesture is the "my habits will carry me through".

The term "habits" is plural and suggests more than one practice.  On the spiritual path, we will practice many different meditation methods.  They are not mutually exclusive and will build on each other.  They will converge into a kind of single practice with many aspects working together.  Ideally, when we move through the bardo, the habit has become natural to us and will allow us to flow through the bardo and eventually rest in the clear light, and allow us to birth into light body.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Tenabah Notes 11/1/2013

Tenabah:  There have been a number of people who have asked if they can invite people to come to the Sohra channelings.  I wanted to address this question in this post to clarify about the nature of the channeling.

Firstly, the group is semi-closed.  Occasionally, Sohra has been okay with people joining the group.  She can see when a person is ripe for this kind of work and she has been okay with people joining it.  The minimum criterion is that people are meant to "lean toward becoming vegan".  In other words, be in the process of becoming vegan.  It is okay that they eat meat and even processed foods, but are in the process of changing their diet, stage by stage, towards and into becoming vegan.  If a person is attached to eating animal flesh and knows that he or she does not want to ever change his or her diet to become vegan, then this group is not for them.  Dietary teachings are going to be given at some point in the process, stage by stage, for people to undergo this kind of change.  It is meant to support this core process of the group.

Secondly, a person needs to be committed to shifting into light body, to undergo transformation into the rainbow body, as an integral part of their spiritual path.  It needs to be more than just the "in" thing to do or something nice to try even though you really do not think it is real enough to really achieve.  In terms of what has been shared, the light body shift is the third enlightenment.  The shift into unconditional love is the second enlightenment.  The shift into "awareness mind" or "luminous presence" is the first enlightenment.  All three of these enlightenments are essentially the same, but the third enlightenment, the shift into light body, is the deepest, truest, and clearest.  All the other enlightenments are "nirvana with residue", there is still a trace of confusion or nonenlightenment involved in these other states.  A person, too, cannot merely commit out of curiosity just to see what this thing is about.  The channeling event is not a grocery store where you can shop around nor is it casual dating where you can say all kinds of things and not really mean them.  It is for people who are clear about how important the shift into light body is for their spiritual orientation and spiritual purpose.  It is about, too, letting go of any imaginary lesser enlightenment and believing that anything less than light body is an end point to the spiritual process.  Many already think that they have arrived at enlightenment, but if their bodies have not shifted into light, this enlightenment is not yet complete.

Thirdly, even if a person is committed to shifting into light body and has integrated the vegan diet and maybe even be moving to breatharian level, the Sohra channeling may not be for them.  While Sohra is okay with anyone being on any spiritual path and working with her, what she is offering as a process is very specific and one needs to feel called to this work and attuned to this work.  It requires that people release embedded beliefs or dogmas about reality that literally block the shift into light body.  These dogmas feel like reality are sometimes deeply defended by a whole nexus of thoughts.  Transcending every thought is part of the first enlightenment.

The context I wish to hold about the channelings is that they be about focusing on light body, about serving and healing this world, and about linking with Sohra to receive her blessing energy and surrendering into a flow of transformational events that leads to light body.  I do not want it to be about some kind of workshop, social event, or a higher kind of entertainment.  There is an assumption that any student can link with any teacher, with teachers wanting to create a following and students wanting the status of having worked with the teacher.  But this is a gathering of friends who are focusing on the light body together.  It is not about getting any kind of status or creating any kind of formal system of inner work.  It is about my sharing my connection with a advanced being and cherished friend, who is now my main teacher in this life.

Another important point is that Sohra can pretty much do anything instantly that she visualizes and consciously intends, but she is limited by the "law of free will".  She will not impose anything upon anyone.  Each of us needs to be be receptive, open, and intentionally allow it, with no reservations within our subconscious minds.  People can carry very complex issues below the surface of their conscious awareness.  If one person in the group is not open to her materializing in our dimensional frame of reference, then it will not happen.  If a person is afraid of that happening, then it will not happen.  If a person has a certain kind of mental doubt and a hidden emotional investment in something being impossible about it, then it will not happen when he or she is in the room.  Sohra is beyond any need to validate herself through others or to prove anything to anyone.  She does not mind anyone disbelieving that she exists or that she can materialize within our dimensional frame of reference (when the conditions are supportive).  But not every is able to "meet her halfway" and they should not come.  As long as they come, she will literally not be able to fully materialize, unless they gradually let go of their dogmas in their own mind, voluntarily and from within their own process.  They can literally hold back the entire group from experiencing something.  Each of the people who is already coming is in some sense learning how to open up to what wants to happen in similar stages.  The slowest opener is the limit of the group.

There is a need to be discerning and then also to check with me.  I will check with Sohra and decide.  It is also good to check with one's issues about this, about any hidden need for approval.  On a simple level, have the people start with the written channelings and see how they feel about them.  If they do not like them, then that disqualifies them.  If they are going to fit it into a whole lot of mental opinions in a new age curiosity shop, then that disqualifies them.  If they read it and feel a connection, want to meet this being through a channeling, feel a certain kind of eagerness and resonance with what is shared, then they are probably welcome.  I still need to double check.

The whole channeling process has gone through changes over the years and will probably go through more changes as it expands.  Some of these information may become obsolete when the channelings are done through the video internet resources, because everyone is gathering in different locations, she could materialize in the groups that are ready while other groups are at their own level of the process.  The filtration can be different then.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sohra Channeling October 26, 2013: On Sexual Union

Sohra:  Blessing to all who are reading these words.  Inviting you to place your attention at the 3rd Eye with the intention of meeting my blessing energy there, to meet me, feel me, and commune with me through this chakra.  When you connect with me at this place, then feel that I am guiding your breathing and that it is becoming deeper and fuller on the inhale, softer and smoother on the exhale, with inhale flowing easily into the exhale and with exhale flowing into inhale, forming a blissful continuous flow of breathing with no pauses.  Through the breathing, the blessing energy will flow into your whole body, into every cell in your body, and circulate so that all the other chakras and subchakras share their energies with each other.  Emotions will surface and process within this flow.  By staying centered at the 3rd eye, you can remain a non-reactive witness, not clinging to what arises, not resisting what arises, not identifying and getting caught in what arises, and not still being gently sensitive, aware, and curious about what arises, without collapsing into judgment about what arises.  Intuitively feel into holding 70 percent attention at the 3rd Eye, 20 percent attention in the breathing, and 10 percent attention to your thoughts and emotions.  Notice when you lose this focus and gently refocus back to this level of connection.  In this way, you will be able to easily, rapidly, and peacefully process your repressed storehouse of emotions, empty your subconscious mind of all neurotic confused samskaras, and transform your physical body into a light body.

There is a way in which your body is already light.  Everything that appears is seen because of light, being part of a luminous empty energy field of love and light, being a harmonic geometric frequency of vibration that builds form around itself, and manifests within a dimensional frame of reference.  What is called your 3D world is a system of agreements and settings, where your molecules pulsate in and out of existence in synchronization with each other and with all the other bodies that choose to inhabit the same dimensional frame of reference.  Your senses are synchronized with this pulsation so that the appearance of materiality and bodies can be experienced in almost the same with each other.  What is called "real" to all of you is a vast and arbitrary agreement that manifests what is akin to the "virtual reality" games that many of your children are playing (and they are figuring out what I am sharing with you and learning a vast interactive quantum physics).  The arbitrariness is partly about what worked, in your evolution, for survival, for healing, for growth, and for celebration.  Some individual and common settings worked better than others, but there is a wide range of settings that would have also been viable.

During the last channeling, I intersected 10 percent in a stable way, and was felt as a palpable presence in the room.  I situated one of my high vibrational physical etheric bodies in the center of the macro-geometries and chose to pulse "zero point energies" into your space.  I am wishing to generate another word for "zero point energy" or what is also called "overunity energy" in your world.  I will call these energies "nirvanic energies" or "sunyata prana".  There were times that I intersected, in peaks, to even 50 percent, where the radiant light of my physical etheric body appears in your dimensional frame of reference as actual visible light.  At 10 percent, I have sufficient intersection to do much in your world, effect much healing in your physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies.  Your linking at the 3rd Eye is the quantum unity that I need to do this.

All of you are committed to transforming your physical body into a light body.  I am wishing to share that there is a second path to light body which can happen even if physical death occurs.  If we hold connection at the 3rd Eye through the death process, I can latch on to your bardo dream body or subtle energy body, and infuse it with intuitive wisdom energy and sunyata prana to transform this into a light body.  There is a deeper and vaster learning if you take your physical body with you and transform this into a light body.  But for some of you, who are processing and releasing much deep and heavy karma from your living system, you may not reduce your karma rapidly enough to prevent the death of your physical form.  I am wishing to share with you to please do not see this as "the end", but to continue your process with me.  When you transform your subtle energy body into a light body, it will be the same outcome with slightly less practical wisdom having been learned, but this practical wisdom can be learned in other schools, can be completed through returning as I have, in service of the galactic healing process which is happening in your quadrant of the Ekadana galactic system.

Although I am doing many many things for you in the meditations I am sharing, you are shadowing and echoing these processes with me, you are learning through staying in a state of yieldedness and flowing with me.  I am using your inner functions to accomplish my activity in your world.  I am synchronizing my activity with your activity.  There are some meditation teachers in your world who have done certain processes for you, like shaktipat, like abhisheka, like deeksha, like transmission of baraka, like activation, like empowerment, like attunement, and like initiation.  What like to affirm that what I am doing is similar to these.  Each is a little different.  Each of these teachers can only raise you to the level that they have accomplished in themselves.  Because I have attained a fully functional light body, because I have fully learned from 72 Buddhas who appeared in my world, I can activate the light body process within you, bless you, and heal you, within the abilities and limits of our unity with each other.  There will be times where you will need to be active and to do within the unity field that we are generating.  I will be giving, through the Devani Tenabah, verbal instructions to you.  He has a part in this unity field which is integral and which has to do with subtle alignments between two dimensional frames of reference and how they are encoded into the very cells of his body.

I am wishing to share more about what the word "Devani" means.  It is a word from Itanamic language referring to a specific role within a unity field.  It is similar to the phrase "being a channel", but more specific.  A channel can serve many functions, from accessing psychic information, from using the link with a higher being to talk to dead relatives, and share encouraging spiritual messages.  But within the unity lock that we are involved in, I am functioning as "yidam" or "ishtadevata" in this relationship for Tenabah, as his primary guide.  I am here to take him home into the regions of light, to Metaka (deep free choice to enter and abide in sacred space of the loving heart which births the light body).  Those who are coming into this channeled space are part of a Merkaba, a tech 6 space ship with a nirvanic energy engine.  A Devani is needed to generate the nirvanic core of this spaceship.  The word "Devani" means "one who have deeply surrendered by essential free choice, paravritti, into an energy movement that has a specific purpose intention ("nee", siddhi).  Through these "senkas", you will all learn much and be healed much, and if you, too, totally yield into this wisdom energy flow, it can carry you all the way to light body, you, too, can be fully healed of everything and attain this evolutionary omega point.  Becoming a Devani is a specific attainment in and of itself, Tenabah was trained in dreamtime for over two years before starting upon this path and then has been evolving to this function over 20 years.  It is allowing me to anchor into your world and interact with all of you.

Some of the meditations have involved planetary service (seva, wisely choosing to move with an energy inspiration).  This is part of the moving into light body.  In seva, you are functioning as a light being.  We live compassion.  We love service.  We are vibrating at a level where, like the original Ekadanis, we cannot be exhausted no matter how fully we give of ourselves.  You will feel your emerging light body in these sevas.  It will transform how you feel present in your world.  You will wake up beyond the forces that you feel subject to at this time.

I am wishing to share another item now.  We are still involved in the theme of healing all the malformations of the sex chakra.  With the activation of the third shamballa tonewave, there are three interlocking movements happening in all the sentient beings of your world.  There is the healing of the female, the healing of the male, and the healing of sexual union between the two.  Each of these three has its own needs and its own natural sanity or state free from neurosis.  Many of you are feeling a desire to find your soul mate and move into a dual vehicle path.  I, Sohra, am in an eternal relationship with Etabah, and can affirm that what you seek is possible and natural for all of you.  Your 24th Buddha, Guatama, taught celibacy because your world needed to have some "down time" from sexual activity for a certain level of healing to happen without the karmaic replay of dysfunctional patterns of relating deeply hurting your sexual energies.  Sexual union was never meant to be painful and hurtful to either partner of a relationship.  Indeed, an eternal partnership would be literal hell if it were hurtful and painful.  There are a lot of beliefs in your world about the necessity of pain and hurt in your sexual relationships.  We, the Itanami, had shared early on to Tenabah that every samskara, every karmaic seed, has its roots in the sexual chakra, as what we are calling a "malformation".  All the other karmas are echoes of the karmas of this chakra.  If you release these samskaras, the echo karmas will easily and quickly release.

The sexual chakra, the 3rd eye chakra, and the heart chakra are meant to function within a deep infinity energy loop, where breathing gently pumps the energy through this mobius flow, first within the individuality and then within the dual unity that is sexual union.  It is a sacred union in the deepest and truest sense of the word.  If it were merely a hedonistic pleasure, it would not be worth it.  You are better taking some of your recreational drugs and getting high on them, because you will hurt each other less this way.  In Itanamic language, the energy being used and explored in sexual union is "lah".  This is the energy of creation itself.  It is through this energy that the light body and children are birthed.  Your Buddha Guatama had as a precept "to not misuse sexual energy, but to be loving, honoring, respectful, and trustworthy of your sexual partner".  Your partner in sexual union is meant to be the place where the deepest, highest, most intimate loving connection is made with another being and through this union you are able enter into healing interactions with everyone else, to have the love from this fountain flow into all your other interpersonal relationships with everyone.

The level of wounding of this chakra in your world is such that many of become cynical about this possibility and do not believe it can be this way, that it is "just hormones" or "chemicals" inside one that are doing everything, as if the energy that manifests the cosmos can be reduced down to "endorphins".  The chemical level of your body will indeed alter in love, but it is not the sole cause of those changes.

When you are in what is called the "honeymoon" phase, you are experiencing an evolutionary fast forward to a higher state of being.  The higher states of your own evolution first come in flashes and then these flashes happen more often and are of longer duration, until you learn to inhabit the higher state and never fall down to a lesser state.  There is a nervousness in the early meeting of a potential partner where you get nervous and afraid, because you do not feel adequate to hold your part of this sacred mudra.  There is wisdom in this anxiety, because when you flash into the future of your species, you will return feeling inadequate to fully embody this very high level of functioning.  Yet you will also be attracted to the growth that is represented in this exploration.  It will require you to make changes.  Many of you will feel inspired to quit many bad habits for the sake of such relationships.  I would recommend loving yourself enough to make those changes now.  I would recommend not waiting until you find a loving partner and then try to make all those changes at the last moment.  It will not work.  Because if you do everything that you already know you must do to evolve into high sexual union, then you will meet other things that also need to be changed as well.  If you only feel motivated to change for the sake of a partner and not for yourself, this is a state of confusion that will hurt your potential partner somewhere down your time walk with them.  It misses the point of such sexual unions.  The paradox is that if you receive these relationships in the right way that they can be easy, rapid, and peaceful growth for you, within a journey that is both serious and playful, loving and desirable, tender and joyful, spontaneous and focused, flowing with intuitive wisdom, spontaneous creativity, and unconditional love.  The strange thing is that this is how of all you feel with your first innocent explorations of the honeymoon phase of your loving relationships.  There is a deep feeling that the total relationship can flow this way forever.  I am wishing to affirm that it can and in my own case that Etabah and I have this feeling eternally.  Outwardly our oneness with each other is now quiet and cool.  It is a simple warm joyful feeling in the hearts of each other.  It does not need renewal by outer sexual play anymore.  Our love simply vibrates within every cell of our eternal light bodies.  It feels like harmony, warmth, sensitivity, joy, bliss, peace, connection without end, mutual spontaneous unforced growing, shimmering orgasm, and a feeling that he is ever near, even though he is literally thousands of light years away, helping another world that is not the Earth, but is undergoing a similar set of initiations into eventual supernova.

End of transmission.  Blessings.  Namaste.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sohra Notes October 11, 2013: A Senka

In communion with Sohra, it was decided that it would be better to just add notes concerning this than to do a channeling.  One Itanmaic word "senka" has been shared before.  It is roughly equivalent to "mantra" in Sanskrit.  Both have to do with a sacred phrase that is repeated either with vibrato or with a song like inflection to produce a result (siddhi).  The word "senka" has a little wider meaning in that it also means something like "prophecy".  It can refer to speaking from divine inspiration to people in a timely manner that releases them, enlightens them, or heals them.  It means any communication that that is "syntonic", that speaks to the need of the moment, and allows a consciousness shift to happen.  A good spiritual teacher tends to speak and share what the listeners need to hear, addressing the growth edge that they are on, and calling them forward in terms of their spiritual maturing and evolving.

The Itanami do not fully believe in repetition or the practice of something that you repeat over and over.  They feel that if you do not do something that is perfect enough, then you are practicing the imperfection, and if you do it perfect enough, then you do not need to practice it.  Like many of the communications that they shared, they were less about people abandoning their daily practices, but about questioning them to see what they were doing in them, with the idea that more could happen if they took a deeper look into what the process really is.  For instance, if I am doing Chi Kung, I can slavishly and robotically repeat the process, or I could see it as an exploration of how to move chi energy through my body.  Behind the overt repetitions of the exercises, there are many things that are not being repeated.  I may slow down the movements until they feel very mindful.  I may explore how my breathing and moving are flowing together and synchronize them more deeply.  I may focus on elongating some chronically tight muscles without trying to force them open.  I may practice "tensing and releasing" with certain muscles to relax them and enliven them.  I may wake up a set of cells that is not generally weaving into the total pattern of my energy field until they align with a subtle pulsation that moves through my whole body and its general bio-electric conductivity.  I may concentrate in my ankles, knees, and hip socket to see how they are relating to each other within certain movement patterns.  I may adjust the angle of my elbows during one movement to see how this feels or stretch another part of my body a little more to encourage more energy flow.  If I am concentrating solely on repetition, then I will not keep on open-ended exploration going that could keep me growing/

In a similar manner, it is important that a senka or mantra not "go robotic".  It is important that each repetition be fresh and alive, as if doing it for the first time, going deep into how each repetition is being created, and gently improving each repetition from within itself, focusing on its fullness, its sincerity, and its intonation, to see if it is coming from a calm relaxed space or whether there is some tension in the voice that indicates something to explore and maybe release.  One can also explore how the senka "rides the breath", like whether the inhale is hurried like in much human speech, or whether you keep the inhale deep and full, the exhale soft and smooth, and have an easy flow between inhale and exhale.  Many humans, in what looks like an attempt to keep control over the conversation by talking very rapidly and leaving no space for another to respond without interrupting, make the inhale into quick anxiety gasps, in a manner oddly similar to Didgeridoo circular continuous breathing so that the Didje can played nonstop, though the Didje breathing is calmer and more controlled.  In terms of the Sohra channelings, the breathing is meant to "flow with intuitive wisdom" that pours into the 3rd eye from the connection between us and her.  When this is done, the energy releases into the whole body and enlivens the cells.  Otherwise one remains, what is called in the Sufi work, a "talking head".

There was a music composition that I heard on "Sound Cloud" that was entitled "Bass Time Continuum".  Time and music are related in a deeper way that first appears.  Time is like a river that flows, sometimes branches, and sometimes even gets caught in a temporal deja vu whirlpool.  Time has moods.  In music, the bass rhythm is the time keeper and through this we can move from one dimensional frame of reference to another.  The human species creates its own dimensional frame of reference through keeping a kind of rhythm with each other.  There are fluctuations and variations to this rhythm, but also a common ground that is kept very tight.  This can be seen when driving cars and noticing how well behaved all of us are, driving in neat little rows all across the entire planet, everyone pausing on red lights, slowing down on yellow (or speeding up to get through fast), and going on green.  All this creates a kind of pattern that people interact within, playing individual melodies off this larger pattern.

The mantra that is being shared at this time is:

Om Namo Amida Buddha Hreeh.
Om Namo Mahadakini Sohra Saganah Itaho Hreeh.
Om Namo Bodhisattva Tenabah Devani Itaho Hreeh.
Om Namo Hadeemkajabee Hreeh.

This is actually a group of four interlocking mantras.  The first one is an invocation of the transpersonal Buddha of infinite love and light, with love and light being the same thing.  The second one invokes the light body manifestation of Sohra.  The second mantra is in two languages, Sanskrit (Om Namo...Hreeh) and Itanami (Sohra Saganah Itaho).  This is showing that the mantra is constructed and blessed for a purpose that relates to this world.  The third and fourth are the same in this regard.

The second one includes the word "Devani" in Itanamic.  The word "Saganah" in Itanamic is a title for someone who is fully enlightened (one who experiences the wholeness of wisdom).  The word "Devani" refers to a special kind of channeling that I am entering into.  The root "Deh" means "consciously chosen surrender or let go".  "Vah" means "movement," in this context it means "transmission", "flow", or "channeling".  "Ni" (Nee) means "experience with a purpose".  When the roots are combined, they become a noun refering to a person who is locked into a channeling connection (yidam, unity lock, Ishta Devata) with a higher being.

When taken all together, Sohra is merged with Amida Buddha and is part of Amida Buddha, part of the infinite love and light that is this being.  This is the Saganah state that is perpetual inside of her.  The wholeness of the wisdom of enlightenment is the wholeness of feeling infinite love and light all the time as a living background state for all the events of her time journey.  It is "Tantra" (continuity) for her.

My connection with Sohra is mediated by "conscious choice" (the root "eh" is the choice sound) and "commitment" (ee sound).  It is surrender (dah) to a flow (vah) of experience (nah).  It is not merely to channel information and energy through me to others.  It is also about staying locked into an energy flow that is transforming all the cells of my body and shifting them into light body.  It is the practice that makes real the eternal heart (Ita, unconditional love) in my personal experience (hoh).

In a sense, I stand in relation to Sohra to how she stands in relation to Amida Buddha.  Hers is completely stabilized through enlightenment, whereas mine is via conscious choice moment to moment.  The fourth mantra is the desired intention which is to transform the physical body into a light body.  The Hadeemkajabee is both the sonic code for activating the light body and the name for the light body.  Hah=exhale, sacred individual experience.  Deem=surrendering to the essential purpose of.  Kah=sacred space.  Jah=bliss.  Bee=purpose of body.  Grounding in our individual process through breathing, we surrender into the natural and essential purpose of our body, what the body is secretly wishing to grow into and evolve into when we are sensitive to its real needs, feeling the bliss of health when we live in our organic body conscience (and also honor our ethical idealism and serve our individual purpose within the planetary organism), and actively commit to this process through breathing and following our bliss.

The cells of my body have shifted to support my place in this mantra equation.  Sohra needs the cell structure of my body as a kind of "leaping off" place to conduct her energies into our world.  I am like an index that she uses to isolate our dimensional frame of reference and synchronize it to her marcospace.  She had shared that she would only channel through me, though she might speak inside of many.  It is because of the kind of alliance I have formed with her.  More energy will be felt if the whole mantra is used and my cells are accessed to feel her energy.  In engineering terms, I am like a "step down transformer" that makes the infinite energies of her realm usable in our realm.  When people link with her through me in the channeling space, she is the active source, I am the conductor, and the people are grounding rod.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sohra Channeling October 9th, 2013: Meeting Halfway

Sohra:  Blessings to all who are meeting here in this energy.  Inviting you to place attention at the 3rd eye with the intention of meeting my energy there, letting your breathing be guided by the wisdom that pours into this chakra, inhale deep and full, exhale soft and smooth, inhale flowing into exhale, exhale flowing into inhale, forming one smooth rhythmic but not rigid circle of breathing.  When you are reading these words, please take a pause now to reground in your breathing, establishing a good felt sense of connection, before continuing with these words...

I am sharing more channelings through Tenabah in order to prepare for an upgrading on the energy level that exists between us.  The main purpose is to assist your shift into light body, to lay down a stable matrix of support for this process, and then to catalyze the process into full activation.  Part of the catalyst will be my intention to materialize within your dimensional frame of reference.  The process of doing so I will call "meeting halfway".  While it is possible for me to intersect your dimensional frame of reference, in terms of immediate ability as you understand it, right here and right now, the timing of the event must be in accord with cosmic law and the nonviolence of unconditional love.  I cannot materialize into your dimensional frame of reference, your usual experience of the physical universe, without the entire permission of each and every one of you who comes to group, at least not if I choose to reveal myself within that group.  The permission needs to be in the moment, too.  It cannot be like a contract that you sign in the past that binds all your future present moments even if you do not want to be bound anymore.  There are no contracts like that possible in the real cosmos.  It is considered part of wisdom to not hold anyone to the unconscious ignorance of the past and the decisions made in this ignorance.  While it is good to make time binding agreements, vows, they sometimes become obsolete and must be updated or released, as respectfully as possible, with minimum impact upon all involved.

To be sincerely open to me materializing in your midst is not so simple.  Your minds have evolved so that you have complex layers of internal processes.  Some of you do not distinguish between feeling it is the right thing to give permission to me to manifest among you in your dimensional frame of reference and actually being willing, able, and ready for the experience.  In terms of your inner democracy of multiple subselves, I would need complete agreement of all parts of you in every member of the group before being fully able to manifest.  This is primarily why I have materialized only to certain "percentages", like 10 percent to a Bandon group, 50 percent to a person in Washington, 25 percent to a person from Talent, and recently 5 percent to the Ashland group that came two sessions ago.  Nor is this openness a rigid setting that gradually increases, it can fluctuate a lot, moment to moment.  I can only initiate the materialization process when it achieves relative stability for at least 5 of your minutes.  Otherwise I cannot "hook into" your energies and calibrate my sensory output to your sensory input.

You are all interfacing each other, calibrated to each other, unconsciously, through alignment with your biological genetic bodies, to see each other, feel each other, touch each other, smell each other, taste each other, hear each other, and a thousand other subtle senses and sense input summation cells to form your experience of each other.  You do not know how you do this and sometimes the mechanisms break down, temporarily scrabble, or are suspended to shift you into a paranormal experience.  Many of you are experiencing these mechanisms being reset right now and are experiencing these things as glitches in your processing, like losing your balance for a short while when your subtle reference points, feedback loops, and balancing mechanisms shift.  Some of the anxieties you have are due to these resets happening.  Some of the anxieties about "money" are really more about these things happening below the surface.  What is felt as a possible "economic collapse" are more about a new patterning to your world being laid down and jump started, with the solar magnetic field reversal kicking the new operating system in.  The new influences arrived around the 2012 solstice but full activation is still in process.

I will be working to prepare for my materialization into your dimensional frame of reference from my side, but something from your side is needed too.  Giving permission summarizes this something.  It is also necessary that you do not try to grasp, possess, or analyze this experience.  What will be helpful is to use the picture Tenabah made of me to visualize me materializing and notice what kind of tension or relaxation arises in your body, whether or not you hold your breath or not, whether your visualization feels crisp and alive or dull and fuzzy.  And, yes, I am affirming that I will materialize, as you say in your world, naked, or just clothed in luminosity.  I am in a holographic light body that is immune to any harshness from any weather, beyond any karma that may allow me to be a victim of anyone, beyond any sense of shame or low self esteem, beyond being impacted by any guilt coming from taking on the judgment of anyone, have a radiance that prevents tentacles of lust for touching me without my permission, and am unselfconscious about how others see me.  My body can take any form that I wish to visualize, since it is, literally, a visualization.  Your own form is also this way, only it morphs more slowly within your present vibrational density and is the result of more complex intentions coming from mind that often have purposes and cross purposes competing with each other for dominance as the voice that guides the organism to where it would go and what it would do.  The truth is that the density that you live within provides a stability that you sometimes chaotic mind does not give you.  It holds your mind until you slowly form enough "mental mass" to move your body in a certain direction.  When your mind is more unified, then you will not need this material density to contain you.  Then you will have outgrown your present body design and vibrational frequency.  So my appearing naked is an affirmation of me regaining an enlightened sense of innocence (pah) and is also a kind of lesson in its own right that will serve you in your light body process.

The picture that Tenabah composed, with some help from his friend Andy, has been blessed as an access point for my energy.  If you look at with relaxed eyes and with the intention of connecting with me, you will feel me connect with you and send you energy.  I would like for you to visualize me materializing before you.  Please do this playfully, without worrying about results, imagining that you and me are in a movie and am beaming into your world as if from a Star Trek spaceship.  Notice what kind of reaction you have to this kind of appearance.  There are parts of your brain that do not fully distinguish between this exercise and my actually doing so.  This means that this visualization will help prepare your emotional body for receiving me and being comfortable with this idea.  I can also inhabit your visualization, kind of take it over within your dream, to work with you within your own lucid dreaming (as always only with your permission, intention, and sincere wish).  Keep doing the visualization until it feels peaceful and even not so exciting that this is happening.  Then we can proceed to the next step.

Blessings, Temavah, Namaste.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sohra Channeling October 7, 2013: Choosing Separation

Sohra:  Blessings to all of you who are meeting in this intention and this space.  Inviting you to place attention at your third eye with the intention of meeting my energy there.  Sending blessing energy.  Inviting you to breath according to the wisdom that is flowing into and pouring into this chakra.  Inhale deep and full, exhale soft and smooth, inhale flowing into exhale, exhale flowing into inhale, one smooth circle of breathing, then breathing from the breath itself, breathing from the breath as the breath, not feeling that you are remote controlling the breath from a little place inside your head.

I am wishing to add more to the series of instructions designed to assist in the activation of your light body and with the secondary purpose of my materializing in your dimensional frame of reference, what you have sometimes called "the real world" or "the material world".  The theme I wish to add at this time is "choosing separation".

The main process of light body activation is "unity lock" where we link together and dynamically activate energy after energy until a process is activated, then there is the unburdening of the entire karma load that keeps you bound.  The process involves emotionally charged pictures rising up to be gently released.  All that you need to do is stay in unity with me and let me release them for you.  What is required of you is that you have passive non-resisting awareness of whatever floats through your view screen, you acknowledge what you see, and let it go, and if necessary you forgive yourself and everyone involved in the pictures for whatever was done.  This forgiveness is also simple.  It involves understanding that, as your teacher Jesus said, "Forgive them because they did not know what they were doing."  It is unconscious ignorance that makes people do anything foolish, hurtful, and unwise.  It is unconscious ignorance that makes us do foolish things, get hurt, and set ourselves up for pain.  If you grok this point, then you will more rapidly release everything in your past.  There are ultimately no evil malicious people in the universe.  There are no evil geniuses.  People can have a measure of intelligence in their evil, harmful, and hurtful actions, but they cannot be totally conscious and totally aware of what they are doing.  If you feel continued resentment when you are forgiving yourself and others, then love the resentment, acknowledge that it gave the strength to let go of the grip someone had on you or gave you strength to do what was needed to empower yourself, and then let it go.  Vibrate up to a place where it is not needed anymore.

The process needs your moment to moment permission for you to continue.  When you do not give this permission, then you are "choosing separation" and the process literally ends.  You are then making real your illusory isolated sense of self.  This ego state is the carrier of all your karma.  Every choice to be separate makes this illusion stronger and feel more real.  To the degree that it feels real is the degree you get enmeshed in matter and wander in sorrow.  What you call matter, too, is an illusion projected by the ego state.  The sense of matter that you have is that this is stuff that exists in and of itself, separate from everything else, and this stuff has different kinds of relationships with other stuff.  There are mainly three relationships it can have.  It can dominate and control other stuff which is aggression and anger energy and be engaged in power struggles.  It can feel victimized and resist, run away, or feel stuck which is fear and avoiding energy.  It can be resigned to the way things are and just feel sad.  There is still a kind of momentary happiness even in the ego state, like when an angry person gets his or her way or when you feel you have run so far away that you have avoided something or when the situation you were resigned to sometimes changes for the better, even if only for a day.  But what you call matter is illusory in this sense.  Everything is an expression of an interactive and creative energy field.  This unity responds to your thoughts, emotions, and reactions.  Even how you interpret events changes how the event is experienced.

I wish for all of you to notice when you choose separation, when you recoil from being present with your process moment to moment, when you pull into your thoughts, stay in your story and merely live it out, when you shutdown, feel something is too much, when you tighten and resist what is arising, when you hold your breath, or when you shift back to remote controlling your breathing, rather than being in the breath, breathing from the breath itself as the breath.  There is nothing you cannot solve by staying in your process and moving with your process.  When you choose separation, then you have recoiled from the process and have become an isolated self in a hostile world.  If you notice you have done this, you can reconnect with the process by placing your attention back at the 3rd eye with the intention of connecting with my energy, then breathing from the breath itself as the breath, feeling the breathing guided from within itself by the wisdom that is pouring into the 3rd eye, and through the breath running the energy throughout the whole body simultaneously and spontaneously.

When you have noticed you have chosen separation, please do not spend too much time feeling bad about it, but just gently reconnect, move as gently, quickly, and peacefully back into connection as you can.  Realize that I do not need you to feel sorry about anything.  You cannot hurt me.  I have already attained light body and am beyond those kinds of issues.  I can protect myself by just being myself.  If you have some guilt to process, please reconnect first and then release it within the process.  Use your advantage in having me available to you.  If you do not do so, there is a chance that you will return to living in a repeating karma loop that you might be sustaining without realizing it.  When you are connected rather than separated, then the very energy that moves within the connection will keep you growing through all your challenges.

If you become sensitized to when you and others choose separation, then you will more rapidly learn to stay connected or notice separation and return.  If someone you care about disconnects, then just notice and love them where they are.  Notice the part that is wanting to call them back.  You do not want to get caught in a power struggle to get them back.  You can invite them back and if this does not work just bless them where they are.  I would like the share, at another time, more about how to disentangle your relationships so that you will not need to reprocess them over and over.  It is about being very clear inside you.

This completes the transmission regarding this unit of understanding.  Blessings, temavah, namaste.

Sohra Channeling October 7, 2013: Unity Lock

Sohra:  Blessings to all who are meeting in this space.  Inviting attention at the 3rd Eye with the intention of meeting my energy there.  Sending blessing energy to this chakra, pouring energy into this place, wishing all of you well.  Inviting you to be guided in your breathing from the wisdom that is flowing into your 3rd eye.  Deep and full inhale, soft and smooth exhale, inhale flowing into exhale, exhale flowing into inhale, forming one continuous circle of breathing, breathing from the breath itself, becoming the breathing, breathing from the breath as the breath.  Through this connection with me, feel the energy flow into your whole body.  With your permission, I am visualizing for you and with you the sacred geometries of light, the double star tetrahedrons, the small star tetrahedron with south point touching the sacrum and the north point touching the 3rd eye.  The south tetrahedron rotating counter clockwise at 52 cycles per a second.  The north tetrahedron rotating clockwise at 48 cycles per a second.  The larger star tetrahedron is about 3 feet larger in all directions, increasing the size by six foot in diameter.  The south tetrahedron rotating clockwise at 48 cycles per a second.  The north tetrahedron rotating counterclockwise at 52 cycles per a second.  Each relationship between the composite tetrahedrons is forming both a counter-rotating vortex field and a 4 hz dreamtime harmonic.  This will eventually allow you to lift out of your physical body in a fully formed energy body and may allow you to transform your physical body into a light body as well.  With your permission, imprinting this activation into your genetic code and subconscious storehouse mind that it might continue to evolve you in the background of your life.  It will still need to be renewed from time to time, because many of you still hold thoughts in your mind that run counter of the purpose of this activation.  These habitual thoughts will weaken the energy of this activation and even eventually neutralize it, until you learn how to not think them and not nourish them.  I advise that you gently watch over your thoughts and your energy level, notice which thoughts drop your energy level down, and then gently release them.  Question them all and only think the thoughts that are truly necessary for your survival, healing, growth, and celebration.  Notice which ones are birthed from love, wisdom, and creativity, and only flow with these.  Gently acknowledge and release thoughts carried by anger, fear, and sadness, and in their turn sustain these emotional states.  Love them, acknowledge that they served their purpose in your growth and that you can now rise to a higher frequency and higher functioning where only love is needed.  In this higher frequency and functioning, there is no suffering.  I am here for you in this alchemical transformation, this evolutionary mutation, this spiritual death and rebirth into a new being, this awakening to supreme perfect enlightenment, this shift into light body.  I meet you at this event horizon and call you forward into your evolutionary future.  My call can accelerate a process that would take far longer without me.  I am the manifested potential of your own enlightenment process, just as a seed contains the tree, your evolutionary seed contains the possibility that I have manifested.

Within the wisdom field of my light body is the entire Buddha dharma of 72 enlightened teachers who came to my world, many of whom also came and taught in your world.  When you merge with me and I merge with you, you are accelerated in your growth, just as the presence of any good teacher accelerates the learning of his or her students.  There is the law of freewill mediating the process.  In order for this acceleration to happen, each of you needs to choose, moment to moment, to take in and allow the transformational energies to shift you.  Many thoughts and emotions from your unresolved past may arise to be looked at and released.  I advise that you do not analyze what arises, or you will proceed more slowly, tensely, and ambivolently. The wisdom of my energy field, when in unity with your own biological energy field, will illuminate what is arising and reveal its patterns to you, if you stay in silence, in centeredness, and in peace.  If you are thrown off center and are in a reactive spin, then all your analysis will be caught in this vortex and unwittingly perpetuate what is arising, exhausting your energy in the process.  If you notice this is happening, return to me, link with me, again, at the 3rd eye through attention and intention, and then breathing, flowing with the wisdom that knows how to breathe.  This way you will return into "unity lock" with me and I can carry you all the way to the very end of the process.

I am wishing to affirm that all of you, indeed, have the power and potential to go solo and achieve complete perfect enlightenment on your own, through your own efforts.  This is not the issue here.  The question for you, at the evolutionary juncture that you are in right now, is to find the most optimal path for this process to complete itself, that one that is the most easy, rapid, and peaceful for you to take.  And even with my support for your process, there are things that you must do for yourself to stay connected to this process and aligned with this purpose.  The law of free will requires this.  It is the free will itself that is in evolution.  It is the central principle that makes you an alive sentient being.  It cannot be subverted.  Those who wish to do mind control are violating this principle and are doing something worst than the murder of bodies, yet your free will is the seed essence within you that vibrates already at the highest frequency of your being.  It cannot be destroyed.  It cannot truly be violated in any way.  Yet you can imagine that you are not free, you can freely choose to imagine that you are not free, and make this very real in your experience.  You can also paradoxically agree with the mind control people and make their hold on you feel very real as well.

I have shared with you before that "I will remember you until you remember yourself".  In your language, there is a beautiful paradox in your word "remember", meaning that you become a member of something again.  When you remember yourself, you become a member of yourself again.  You become whole and complete.  Inside your free will is a being who is already fully liberated, but who has not yet fully agreed with his or her liberation.  This agreement needs to come from understanding and cannot be forced in any way.  No pressure can force free will to make any decision.  What can be forced is not free.  If I push you, then I push the parts that are not free and this cannot activate your awareness of your freedom.  I can, however, join your freedom and walk with you up the mountain of enlightenment, moving you past the steep and dangerous parts, helping you to avoid unnecessary struggles with paths of sorrows, detours into adverse karmaic relationships, and to watch for low hanging branches that you might trip over or bump your head upon.

Because I have fully awakened the dharma power of a living Buddha, I can infuse you with energy that would take you longer to generate for yourself.  It is like you are still building a power station within you that I have already built.  I can supply power, resources, and energy that are needed for you to complete your power station, even the blueprints for the most advanced designs, and help you to build it quicker and better.

There is a need to learn what your part in your own process is within this yoga of the light body.  It is learning how to deeply cooperate with the evolutionary energies that I am calling "blessing energy".  On the simplest level, you do the instructions as best you can.  They will walk you through your side of the process until to get the feel for flowing with my energy guidance.  Then a more intuitive alignment will replace the more literal instructions.  This "flowing with intuitive wisdom" moment to moment is the vital key that we all allow you to move all the way to the very end of the process, where you awaken to light body and transform your physical body into a living functional hologram within the Quantum luminous field.  It will also guide you throughout your days on Earth, help you meet your seeming challenges, and even let you use them as food for your evolutionary growth.

I will be shared more about this process in other transmissions.  This unit of understanding is complete and being released for you to integrate.  Blessings, namaste, temavah.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21, 2013 "Malformations of the Sex Center"

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are gathered in this space.  Inviting connection at the 3rd eye by placing attention there with the intention of meeting my energy there, and gently repeating "Sohra Saganah Itaho" three times, and then breathing according to the intuitive wisdom you feel when resting your attention there, with inhale deep and full without strain and exhale soft, long, and smooth without strain, with inhale and exhale flowing together creating one smooth circular feeling of continuous breathing, first through the mouth and then through nose when the tingling sensations start, belly expanding on the inhale, belly relaxing on the exhale, lungs expanding outwards in all four direction, upper back, the sides, and the front chest slightly lifting up.  Pausing here to allow you time to fully feel these words in your experience.

Wishing to share a theme that has already been discussed in some of the gatherings surrounding the channeling.  The theme is "the malformations of the sex center".  Early in the contact with Tenabah, he was given a senka "Toboharee Mehdehboh Etalah".  This senka had encoded an equation regarding the root of sorrow in humankind (with "humankind" referring the root genetic pattern that was seeded upon many worlds, including the Earth).  "Tobo" is an external conditioned created attitude.  "Ha" is individual life breath or individual living principle.  "Ree" is strong concentration on purpose.  The first phrase suggests that some artificial purpose rules the human condition.  It shows up in how often, in your world, people seek happiness in sexual relationship with the opposite gender and find sorrow instead and how they eventually end, with each person seeking another and another.  There is a right belief that sexual union should ideally be blissful, the deep harmony easily possible with someone who is loved so fully, deeply, and truly in this sexual union, that it should not be difficult, stressful, challenging, and painful.  There is an instinctive knowing that it should not be the way that it has been in your world.  Occasionally, there are people in your world that do find blissful, harmonious, easy, loving, and peaceful sexual union and sexual bonding with a worthwhile partner who is able to sustain and flow in harmony with the relationship, and some rare beings who are able to flow eternally with each other, evolving into light body with each other, finding the harmony evolving a wonderful telepathy with each other so that there is never a feeling of ever being apart from each other, giving total freedom to each other with the deep trust that other is always willingly connected in each moment, having no control of each other or trying to get one's way with another, not through anger and not through seduction, but trusting natural desire will naturally unfold to all that is meant to happen with each other, in right timing.  Having no negative judgments of each other, where the other is not merely seen as being forgiven of everything that he or she has done, but also seen as being faultless in his or her essential nature.  There being no jealousy, no competition, no struggle to prove that one is better, inferior to, or equal to the other, but simply feeling the innate equality that does not need to measure and compare, with each being too different to really measure and with each being too similar to tell the difference.  Everything that prevents this from unfolding in sexual union with someone is a malformation of the sex center.  These are where the imprints are held dormant and activated as painful experiences.  They are the "tobos" that drive our "ha" energies into strong purpose which is painful in and of itself.

The cure is "medeboh etalah" (spelled differently above for the sake of pronouncing it) which has the meaning of choosing to let go (meh) and actually letting go (deh) of the attitude (boh) and then offering the energy into the heart (eta) so that it restructures the sexual/creative energy (lah).

Because the "tobos" are unnatural and are malformations of the sex center, they will get activated during sexual union.  They will arise when the two lovers are riding the bliss current from sacrum to crown.  They have an artificial "ree" driving them into a different channel, a kind of addictive craving, moving them to a different outcome than the natural alchemical unfolding of sexual union.

In the Ascension Sutra channelings, there were four purposes that sexual union can have.  One is simple pleasure which has the tobo of forming an addiction to this pleasure and depersonalizing the heart to heart connection with the partner in love.  Two is mammalian bonding and family formation which has the tobo of jealousy, possessiveness, control, betrayal, distrust, and dominance struggle.  Three is Tantric energy initiation, learning, activation, and growth which has the tobo of getting stuck, feeling blocked, not flowing, and stagnating.  Four is the three purposes purified and united, enjoyment without addictive craving, bonding without jealousy and possessiveness, and growth without getting stuck or blocked.

The Buddha of your world first taught renouncing sexual union to go "cold turkey" on the addictive energy.  This was only one stage of a larger healing process.  It is "medeboh" without "etalah".  The laypeople were allowed to have sexual union with the requirement of mutual respect, mutual love, and everything done by mutual consent, with no effort to exploit the other person, to use them for sexual pleasure, emotional security, or higher economic status.  Yet this is not complete transformation either.  The sexual creative evolutionary energy has a life purpose.  Every cell is formed through sexual union, carries a life energy activation from the love making of two individuals.  The purposes are either "lunar" for birthing children or "solar" for birthing our light bodies.  Ideally, sexual union serves either one or the other of these purposes.  On your planet, right now, is lunar sex with birth control, thus collapsing the purpose of the sex to pleasure or bonding.  Since the bonds are weak, it is pleasure that is the ruling factor.  This pleasure can have the bliss and warmth of loving feelings, but it is still pleasure and it has an addictive quality until this energy is resolved.  If it has an addictive quality, you will suffer withdrawal and grief when there is loss of this loving energy in your life.

The Tumo Yoga of Tibetan Buddhism is a restructuring of the sexual energy, a movement up the solar channel rather than down the lunar channel, a movement of the lah energy from the sacrum up to the heart with the 3rd eye intuitive wisdom mixing in with the warm energy of the activated heart.

Inviting you (plural) to think "update" at the 3rd eye point and to repeat 24 times the breath senka "etalah".  Feel like you are giving permission for your tobos to be transmuted back into "pah" (innocence).  See if you can be in your sincerest wish to have your energies transformed back into pah.  There may be surfacings of what you may need to acknowledge first about the state of our sex center, things that you are ashamed of and have not fully admitted to yourself.  See if you admit that you have them, acknowledge them and name them without shame or judgment.  You will know when this is done when you forgive others for those same things.  Any judgment on the opposite gender, any issue that holds an emotional charge for you, needs to be forgiven and erased.  Any thing that holds an emotional charge has a corresponding within you that needs self forgiveness and release.  "Eh" is sounded on the inhale in a kind of breathing whisper that shapes the throat air passage and "tah" is sounded on most of the exhale, with a relatively fast "lah" at the end which has the flavor of creatively and intentionally letting go.

I am leaving you (plural) with this instruction that those who are wishing to evolve into light body may rapidly restructure their patterns here and activate the core light process soon.

Blessings, Temavah, Namaste.