Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sohra Channeling on November 23, 2013 For Fukushima

Sohra:  Blessings to all of you who are gathered in this mental space and are hearing these words resonate within your minds.  Inviting you to place attention at your third eye, the space between your eyebrows and about 1/8 inch above, and then holding the intention of meeting my energy presence there.  You will feel a subtle tingling sensation there as a sign that I am with you.  This sensation can be very strong or delicate, either will do, and is sufficient.  Then imagine that your intuition with infused with my wisdom energy and feel that it is guiding your breathing, making your inhale deeper and fuller, your exhale softer and smoother, with the inhale and exhale flowing together into one smooth continuous breathing with no pauses when you switch from one to the other.  Feeling the belly expand on the inhale and the feeling the belly relax on the exhale, falling back to where it started before you inhaled.  Feeling the lungs expand in all directions, gently pressing the rib cage in the front and sides, slightly lifting the shoulders, and making the upper spine slightly straighter.  The spine will undulate slightly when you breathe.  Gently scan the vertebra and notice which vertebra are stiff and which vertebra are in subtle movement, responding to the movements necessary for deep, full, and smooth circular breathing.  Invite the stiff vertebra to slowly join this movement and they will gently find their way to do this.

Then hold the intention to divide your attention, with 70 percent of your attention holding connection me at your third eye, with 20 percent on your breathing, and only 10 percent on your thoughts and emotions.  Do not worry about measuring this, simply hold this intention and I will make it so.  If you lose the feeling of balance that this gesture of attention gives you, then deeply concentrate on your third eye and connecting with me, breathing in to receive my blessing and healing energy, and breathing out to let go and allow me to shift your energy back into balance.

Consciously and intentionally give permission for me to join in energy purpose with you, through this, I can visualize for you and with you, and strengthen all that we do with my energy, clarity, wisdom, and concentration.  I have already evolved into unity within myself.  I have not contradictory thoughts inside myself and therefore my every thought flows in the same direction and can manifest what it wishes, born of wisdom, love, and creativity, within the limits of cosmic law and within the limits of the permission that you give me.  Nothing that I do will over-ride anything within you.  I can only work with what you give.

Through your presence in your own world, your good wishes for your own world, and your permission to let my energy flow inside you and through you, I can support the healing, growth, and evolution of your world.  Just as I am being channeled by Tenabah into your world, I am also channeling the collective energy of the mahasangha, the cosmic community of liberated beings who now live in the light bodies.  I can call on them to be with me if and when I need them, to support what is needed in your world

I would like for you to imagine your body as hollow, like a hologram of light, to feel your spine as also hollow, and within this hollow spine is a filament of light, like a glowing white thread, in the very center of your spine, running through all your vertebra like a thread through your beads that you where on your necklaces.  With your permission, I will multiply my light body into many light bodies and superimpose my light filament over your light filament, to energize and boost it as much as you allow me, as much as you are able to allow yourself to evolutionarily advance into light body at this time, as much as you are willing and able to let go of all past hindrances that hold you back.  I am able to multiply myself almost indefinitely to do this simultaneously with anyone who calls upon me, who gives the right kind of attention at the third eye and holds it there with the intention of meeting me there, and who sincerely wants to allow me to transform you from physicality to luminosity.

For the sake of acceleration, and with your permission, I will visualize layers of spinning geometries of light surrounding you, both within you, and outside you and enclosing you, and even on a microscopic level of each and every cell in your body, that each may synchronize its movement with Ekadana, the planet at the center of the galaxy, with Sirius, with your three suns (with Jupiter and Saturn being small emerging suns), and with your Earth.  Establishing this for you, so that you may concentrate on visualizing a single star tetrahedron for Fukushima, for the reduction of harmful radiation to the degree allowable by universal law at this time.  The total energy not stopping until humankind gets clear that they need to and wish to end their nuclear power plant direction, acknowledging that nuclear power is to dangerous, messy, and toxic to really be viable, and shift to using zero point energy technology, which is safe, nontoxic, nonpolluting, infinite, and eternal.

Visualizing two interlocking tetrahedrons, one pointed up and one pointed down, interlocking like the Star of David would be if it were three dimensional.  The north pointing tetrahedron spinning at 52 rps (rotations per a second) and the south pointing one at 48 rps, forming a 4 hz frequency, activating lucid dreaming and the dream body.  A fire spins up from the south meeting a liquid light flowing down from the north, the fire is red, the liquid white, there is a light filament connecting the north and south poles of the star, and they mix at the center and form silvery blue light, a shining sphere of compassion as this light radiating into your world.  Program this star tetrahedron with the thought intention to serve your world, to spin over Fukushima, and reduce the radiation there.  You may call this the "Zero Star" because of its dual intention to reduce the Fukushima radiation to zero and to bring forward zero point energy into your world, for the sake of healing your world.

If there are instructions that are not clear to you, please do not worry, hold the intention that I am with you and will fill in any details that are missing and make any subtle corrections that are necessary.  Some adjustments may need to be made for different times and situations that may arise as the Fukushima crisis unfolds.  I will bless whatever activity and good intentions that you hold at your third eye that relates to this healing purpose and also any other areas of your life that you hold up to the third eye and offer to me.  Please also do not worry about whether or not what we do will work.  It will accomplish whatever is possible within the limits of cosmic law in each moment.  Once you are done programming the star tetrahedron, the zero star, that release it, let it go, and even forget about it, being not attached to any results for or against.  If possible do not think about this any more, but continue your spiritual activism for your world, continue your spiritual path, walk in the light, and may peace prevail in your world, and then occasionally check in to see if more wishes to be done.  I will remember all of you until you remember yourself.  All of you are also sentient radiant stars born of a nebula of loving energy, here to serve and be served, to evolve into enlightenment, unconditional love, and light body, and to celebrate, day by day, the wonder of being alive.

End of transmission.  Temavah.  Namaste.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Some Mantra Notes

Om Namo Amritayana Dharmakaya Hreeh.
Om Namo Amida Buddha Hreeh.
Om Namo Dharmakaya Hadeemkajabee Hreeh.

Om Namo Mahadakini Sohra Saganah Itaho Hreeh.

Om Namo Mahadakini Sohra Saganah Bodhisattva Tenabah Devani Itaho Hreeh.
Om Namo Mahamudra Tevalara Tevalabah Itaho Soha Hreeh.

Om Namo Bodhisattva Tenabah Devani Itaho Hreeh.
Temavah Itaho Svaha.


(dharmakaya level)
Om Namo Amritayana Dharmakaya Hreeh.
Om Namo Amida Buddha Hreeh.
Om Namo Dharmakaya Hadeemkajabee Hreeh.

(shambhogakaya level)

Om Namo Mahadakini Sohra Saganah Itaho Hreeh.
Om Namo Mahadakini Sohra Saganah Bodhisattva Tenabah Devani Itaho Hreeh.
Om Namo Mahamudra Tevalara Tevalabah Itaho Soha Hreeh.

(nirmanakaya level)
Om Namo Bodhisattva Tenabah Devani Itaho Hreeh.
(final blessing, sealing, releasing)
Temavah Itaho Svaha.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Tenabah Notes 11/4/2013

I wanted to share some notes in support of the channeling process and wanted to comment, in particular, about Sohra's "leaning toward being Vegan" as part of the criterion for linking with her.  The second and more central item is to "commit to moving into light body" as the third enlightenment.

Sohra had shared, from time to time, things about diet and herbs.  When she started to do this, she had prefaced her communications with "I am not a cop about this".  She is not wanting to take on the role of a police and watch over anyone with any rules.  There is mode of interaction with each other based on commanding, obeying or rebelling, and arguing about who is right and wrong, which really leads nowhere and causes a lot of tension between people.

She had showed me pictures of people eating flour products, starches and processed foods, and showing me how their aura collapsed in five minutes.  About fifty short video pictures of people at various restaurants.  I was at a restaurant myself and was eating something that fit what she was showing, ate the food the same way as the others, and waited with awareness for five minutes, and indeed the energy field suddenly became weak.  I realized that we, as humans, survive this food impact often, and are able to function fairly well.  But it is not an optimal state.  When we are moving to light body, our energy system needs to learn how to function better than this.  We need to remove all the glitches in our thoughts, emotions, and biological processes.  We need to eat very optimal diets and let go of anything that does not work for us.

When we are addicted to food, nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, chocolate, and relationships, we go through a curious ambivalent process with them.  We are for it one day and against the next day.  There is a kind push pull struggle with the substance.  These dances can take a long time to shift, if ever.  Many people die in their addictions and then these addictions propell one through the bardo where they are active factors in selecting our rebirth.  In some renditions of the bardo, there is things like "life reviews" and other events, but these do not happen for all people.  Many will speed through these events and simply seek rebirth in a place which can fulfill their addictions.  They do the same thing with friends and healers who may gently try to guide them to explore and transcend their addictions.

In one Sufi bardo work that I studied, they had a Dharani:

"All phenomena is illusion,

Neither attracted nor repelled,
Not making any sudden moves,
My habits will carry me through."

Dharanis are slightly longer mantric chants than the single line ones and double as alchemical transformational formulas.  Each line is a summary of a key.

The first line is "all phenomena is illusion".  It is a shift in understanding and perception.  It parallels the Buddhist understanding of emptiness.  It also parallels Sohra understanding about "releasing the thought of matter" that appears in the Ascension Sutra that she channeled through me (it is located on this blog).  The thought of matter is that something exists, some stuff, that is not affected by thought.  In Quantum physics, this idea of matter, that most humans hold, was disproven by noticing how Quantum particles change behavior relative to the observing scientist.  If the scientist expects Quantum waves, then they behave as waves and conform to wave function equations.  If the scientist expects Quantum particles, then they behave as particles and conform to particle mapping equations.  There is, therefore, an interaction or interdependence between the five shandhas of consciousness, thought, emotion, sensation, and body, all of them interacting with each other and mutually influencing each other, and nothing that can exist or stand apart as "real" separate from this unity field.  The seeming material universe takes on something of what is projected upon it from the observers who collectively shape the events each species and their reality tunnel moves through.  The whole process is "illusion" in the sense that there is no reality "out there" separate from the participant observers and how they affecting what is seen.  The whole process is a convergence of multiple causes merging to produce experiences and multiple effects emerging out of these events to produce more causes for more events.  This dynamic field is what we live in moment to moment.

The phrase "all phenomena is illusion" does not say much about what reality is, but says a lot about what it is not.  We release the perceptual hold of "seeing phenomena as real" so that we can move from conceptually dominated awareness to free awareness which can move with the mystery of what is as it reveals itself moment to moment.

The next phrase "neither attracted nor repelled" is the foundation of Vipassana Buddhist awareness insight meditation.  We learn how to watch our experience with "simple attention" or "bare attention".  We learn to watch everything that arises, abides, changes, and passes away with no clinging (attraction) and no resistance (repelled).  The second phrase is therefore a reminder to not push anything away ("How can I get rid of X?") and no clinging ("How can I stay in bliss/enlightenment?").  When we watch our watching, we notice how our attention gets pulled into dramas and gets lost in dramas and reacts to dramas with more drama.  When Sohra shares to meet her at the 3rd Eye chakra and gently hold attention there, meeting her blessing energy there, it is holding attention in a focus where all phenomena is seen as illusion and where we are above cling, resistance, and reaction to any dramas of thought and emotion that we might have been lost in.

The next phrase "not making any sudden moves" took me a long while to deeply understand, but it is a key to how to handle "trauma".  When we move through the bardo, all our traumatic stored repressed experience will come up to be healed.  Because we repressed them for not so good reasons, because we could handle the events when they happened, we will feel overwhelmed, shocked, and freak out when they surface to consciousness again.  A samskaric activation is happening.  Sense experience is activating a latent unit of subconscious conditioning and triggering a full blown experience again.  The key to handling all of these experiences is in the third phrase.  It translates into: THERE IS NO EMERGENCY GOING ON AND THERE NEVER WAS.  Questioning the sense of emergency on this deep a level is the key to understanding, "not making any sudden moves".  We have to move fast, suddenly, and quickly in an emergency and at the same time we do not know what to do.  The answer is this:  There is no emergency going on (since "all phenomena is illusion") and there is nothing we need to do (except watch with no clinging and no resistance to whatever is arising).

I have been noticing little "speed throughs" to move past certain mental/emotional states and count these as little "sudden moves" that we are meant to slow down and be present for.  There are little reactions of resistance to what is, something we are speeding through and avoiding (in order to seek and cling to something else).  This is combined with another sudden move which are hesitations and slow downs, where we resist moving through something (in order to hold on to a more pleasurable present state that we seem to be in).  When we relax our sudden moves, then we sink into the natural flow of human experience.

The last phrase "my habits will carry me through" is about maintaining each and every moment the habit of meditation or the habit of processing.  With Sohra, the yoga that she is sharing is to link with her through the 3rd Eye, let our breath be guided, and giving 70 percent attention to the 3rd Eye focus, 20 percent to the breathing focus (including body awareness and sensations), and 10 percent to thoughts and emotions.  The habit of grounding, again and again, in this gesture is the "my habits will carry me through".

The term "habits" is plural and suggests more than one practice.  On the spiritual path, we will practice many different meditation methods.  They are not mutually exclusive and will build on each other.  They will converge into a kind of single practice with many aspects working together.  Ideally, when we move through the bardo, the habit has become natural to us and will allow us to flow through the bardo and eventually rest in the clear light, and allow us to birth into light body.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Tenabah Notes 11/1/2013

Tenabah:  There have been a number of people who have asked if they can invite people to come to the Sohra channelings.  I wanted to address this question in this post to clarify about the nature of the channeling.

Firstly, the group is semi-closed.  Occasionally, Sohra has been okay with people joining the group.  She can see when a person is ripe for this kind of work and she has been okay with people joining it.  The minimum criterion is that people are meant to "lean toward becoming vegan".  In other words, be in the process of becoming vegan.  It is okay that they eat meat and even processed foods, but are in the process of changing their diet, stage by stage, towards and into becoming vegan.  If a person is attached to eating animal flesh and knows that he or she does not want to ever change his or her diet to become vegan, then this group is not for them.  Dietary teachings are going to be given at some point in the process, stage by stage, for people to undergo this kind of change.  It is meant to support this core process of the group.

Secondly, a person needs to be committed to shifting into light body, to undergo transformation into the rainbow body, as an integral part of their spiritual path.  It needs to be more than just the "in" thing to do or something nice to try even though you really do not think it is real enough to really achieve.  In terms of what has been shared, the light body shift is the third enlightenment.  The shift into unconditional love is the second enlightenment.  The shift into "awareness mind" or "luminous presence" is the first enlightenment.  All three of these enlightenments are essentially the same, but the third enlightenment, the shift into light body, is the deepest, truest, and clearest.  All the other enlightenments are "nirvana with residue", there is still a trace of confusion or nonenlightenment involved in these other states.  A person, too, cannot merely commit out of curiosity just to see what this thing is about.  The channeling event is not a grocery store where you can shop around nor is it casual dating where you can say all kinds of things and not really mean them.  It is for people who are clear about how important the shift into light body is for their spiritual orientation and spiritual purpose.  It is about, too, letting go of any imaginary lesser enlightenment and believing that anything less than light body is an end point to the spiritual process.  Many already think that they have arrived at enlightenment, but if their bodies have not shifted into light, this enlightenment is not yet complete.

Thirdly, even if a person is committed to shifting into light body and has integrated the vegan diet and maybe even be moving to breatharian level, the Sohra channeling may not be for them.  While Sohra is okay with anyone being on any spiritual path and working with her, what she is offering as a process is very specific and one needs to feel called to this work and attuned to this work.  It requires that people release embedded beliefs or dogmas about reality that literally block the shift into light body.  These dogmas feel like reality are sometimes deeply defended by a whole nexus of thoughts.  Transcending every thought is part of the first enlightenment.

The context I wish to hold about the channelings is that they be about focusing on light body, about serving and healing this world, and about linking with Sohra to receive her blessing energy and surrendering into a flow of transformational events that leads to light body.  I do not want it to be about some kind of workshop, social event, or a higher kind of entertainment.  There is an assumption that any student can link with any teacher, with teachers wanting to create a following and students wanting the status of having worked with the teacher.  But this is a gathering of friends who are focusing on the light body together.  It is not about getting any kind of status or creating any kind of formal system of inner work.  It is about my sharing my connection with a advanced being and cherished friend, who is now my main teacher in this life.

Another important point is that Sohra can pretty much do anything instantly that she visualizes and consciously intends, but she is limited by the "law of free will".  She will not impose anything upon anyone.  Each of us needs to be be receptive, open, and intentionally allow it, with no reservations within our subconscious minds.  People can carry very complex issues below the surface of their conscious awareness.  If one person in the group is not open to her materializing in our dimensional frame of reference, then it will not happen.  If a person is afraid of that happening, then it will not happen.  If a person has a certain kind of mental doubt and a hidden emotional investment in something being impossible about it, then it will not happen when he or she is in the room.  Sohra is beyond any need to validate herself through others or to prove anything to anyone.  She does not mind anyone disbelieving that she exists or that she can materialize within our dimensional frame of reference (when the conditions are supportive).  But not every is able to "meet her halfway" and they should not come.  As long as they come, she will literally not be able to fully materialize, unless they gradually let go of their dogmas in their own mind, voluntarily and from within their own process.  They can literally hold back the entire group from experiencing something.  Each of the people who is already coming is in some sense learning how to open up to what wants to happen in similar stages.  The slowest opener is the limit of the group.

There is a need to be discerning and then also to check with me.  I will check with Sohra and decide.  It is also good to check with one's issues about this, about any hidden need for approval.  On a simple level, have the people start with the written channelings and see how they feel about them.  If they do not like them, then that disqualifies them.  If they are going to fit it into a whole lot of mental opinions in a new age curiosity shop, then that disqualifies them.  If they read it and feel a connection, want to meet this being through a channeling, feel a certain kind of eagerness and resonance with what is shared, then they are probably welcome.  I still need to double check.

The whole channeling process has gone through changes over the years and will probably go through more changes as it expands.  Some of these information may become obsolete when the channelings are done through the video internet resources, because everyone is gathering in different locations, she could materialize in the groups that are ready while other groups are at their own level of the process.  The filtration can be different then.