Friday, May 14, 2010

About 2012

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are meeting me within this virtual space. Sending energy blessings to you in the moment that you are reading this. Visualizing the link between my third eye and your third eye, a beam of visualized light connecting us, my thoughts to your thoughts, my mind to your mind, peace be with you, pouring out loving energy, infusing you to the degree that you wish to open up and receive this, vibrating wisdom energy to assist your own ascension, to assist your own conversion of your present physical body into a light body, to the degree that you open up and allow this. Your free choice will never be violated by these energies, but must work with your own level of permission and your own willingness to undergo the transformation process.

I have attained to a light body approximately 1,000 of your Earth years ago. There are many others who have gone before me in this shift. Some beings like the Dakini Tara are very old, more than several billion of your Earth years old. The Dakini Tara has initiated whole solar systems of worlds into the galactic dharma.

The intention of these transmissions is to create a basis for those who wish to meditate in telepathic link yoga to be assisted in their own spiritual and evolutionary process. Those interested can be of any religion or no religion. No particular beliefs are necessary to be involved in this process. A mind open to learning is needed and a courageous heart willing to open up to the fullness of devotion, gratitude, joy, and laughter. Some commitment, too, is needed to have the physical vehicle be cared for with wholesome high quality food, pranic breathing, and some discipline like Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi, walking, and some of the newer bodywork modalities that are appearing in your world. Some effort to care for yourself on the body level is needed. The body has many gifts to share with you and is marvelously designed. It is not a crude lump of flesh with sinful lusts, but a wise vehicle that knows how to care for itself and only needs you to listen to its needs and help it heal. Kundalini evolutionary energy is a biological force that drives its further growth. It will awaken all the dormant potentials which await you as you mutate from Homo Sapiens to Homo Telepathicus. I am here to help you to powerfully activate this energy so that it serves you and you surrender to its ascension current and allow it to transform you.

Your planet is undergoing a massive birthing process, preparing for an evolutionary leap. You have already changed much more than you have realized and very fast in terms of biological evolutionary time. In the past, the mutation process has been more individual with only a few of your saints, dakinis, and bodhisattvas fully maturing to some depth of enlightenment, only showing some of the evolutionary miraculous abilities before moving onwards with their own journeys. Many of them did not come from your Earth, have not been part of your historical collective, have not reincarnated again and again within your continuum, but only visited to teach, love, and share with you for a time to help your process before returning to their home worlds. Even your Guatama Buddha was a visitor, one who has chosen to stay and be with you. If you know how to reach him, he is here now for you, still guiding those beings loosely called Buddhists and who have taken refuge in his energy, his teachings, and those who form the community of beings who practice the dharma together. He still wanders the world through his third eye and sends blessings to those in need. His light body is somewhere around Mount of the Holy Vulture, his favorite place when he was still growing within a physical body like yours. But he is more mobile and free now. He is accompanied by Yasodhara, his wife in that lifetime, who is a powerful dakini in her own right and serves the same evolutionary purpose as her beloved partner. They are both very different now than their historical appearance and different from what little has been written about them. They have served a larger history of planetary unfoldment that is not so well known in your world. What has served this historical unfoldment will be better known sometime in your future and be seen as more important than memorizing the dates of wars and your leaders fighting for land, making slaves, and maneuvering for black oily sludge.

During 1987 CE, an influx of energy appeared in your world. It was subtle, entered the crown chakras, and initiated all who were sensitive enough to be influenced, to the degree each of you was ready. Nearly all of you picked up on this signal and were changed by this initiation. Some were very conscious of what was happening and some only felt a subtle upliftment of their mood. Others did not register too much, but were merely open enough to be changed. Afterwards each of you started growing more in sync with each other, having more common experiences of awakening. The cruder initiation process of the 1960s and 1970s where a chemical herbal stimulus opened minds to evolutionary change started the collective awakening process. Even deeper roots had to do with the formation of the Buddhist sangha and the Christian ekklesia reported in the second chapter of Acts of the Apostles, and Greeks being inspired to form the idea of Democracy and to start to implement it, an idea nurtured in your history during the Renaissance, supported by various Sufi groups and hidden European spiritual groups, small bands of Taoists, and many others. But during the 1987 galactic energy infusion, one of the cleanest and purest inputs to your social, biological, and spiritual evolution happened. It has lead to a 25 year incubation period that you are still in and which will end in 2012, where a new infusion will happen near the end of that year. The exact dates are really not crucial. The energy initiation window is larger than the 1987 influx. The galactical spiral core, Sirian trinary star system, and Earth solar system alignment will last a sufficient time to encompass a few days. It will fluctuate in a good way during this time as influences will be conducted by more than one heavenly body. This initiation will be technologically assisted by the planets Getan and Ita, both of which have light beings who can conduct energy through conscious intention and focus it upon your world. They are partly waiting for this galactic astrological and astronomical juncture so that the effect will have maximum potency as an evolutionary stimulus. The dates from December 20th to 23rd, especially the 23rd, will be important to this process. But the influence will not be like a light bulb that turns on at one point and turns off at another point. It will be like something appearing like a sunrise and a sunset, waxing and waning like the moon. The energy influx will herald a relatively permanent change in your collective consciousness. An enduring harmonic relationship between the Earth and Getan will be established. Earth had started as a Sirian Getan colony that was released into its own evolutionary process and is now only indirectly supported at key intervals. Evolution must be within freedom and cannot be forced along a track.

It is not yet decided how much the ET and UFO presence wishes to manifest itself in your historical process. There is more than one alien group that is interested in the Earth. The Getanis would rather that you evolve with alien input being secondary to your own creative drive, though some of your knowledge and your technology has alien contact as its inspiration. There is some concern that too much knowledge and technology may upset a balance that is needed for you to grow properly. If you gave some of your advanced weopons to warring primitive tribes they would decimate each other in a matter of days, whereas with their own technological level they could fight each other for years and have more time to learn how to live in peace. But because of some knowledge has been woven into your world, other knowledge is being more actively presented to balance the evolutionary equation.

There is no apocalyptic doom story that needs to play out in your world. The actual energy initiation will be as quiet as the 1987 one was. It will set new causes into motion. It may stimulate some bloody revolutions in some political spheres. It may stimulate some shifts in nature, cause some tidal waves, and cause some earthquakes. Even some new diseases may appear because of all the new chemicals saturating your world from your industrial sectors. There are measures that all of you can take to help minimize the harsher "evolutionary groanings" that will happen. It is like a child birth of a new species. It may be a little messy. It is nothing that you cannot handle by living your vision and serving your world. If you take care of your world, your world will take care of you. Most of the so called apocalyptic things that could happen are already happening, appearing on your news broadcasts, and are part of the normal background of your everyday lives. This is about as bad as it gets. You are already used to these things happening around you. It could happen less as you empower yourself to join the regenerative forces of nature and serve this energy movement.

Much of what could make a difference is to feel that love itself can be a powerful energy in shaping your world even politically, that it can replace hatred and the crude tools of war and fear as an organizing force for society. Love, wisdom, and creativity manifesting as a kind of intuitive skillfulness. In this way you become part of the energy that is creating the future rather than merely trying to predict it. Rather than being an onlooker to the unfoldment, you are in the center of the vortex that is changing your world. I would like for you to feel that the prophecies are echoes of something that is already alive and present in your world. This is the shift in consciousness that wants to happen. Please also know that you have the support of what are your elder brothers and sisters from other worlds. We will help you within the limits of cosmic law and within the constraints of what truly honors your evolutionary unfoldment. We cannot take over the parts that you are meant to do for yourself and need to do for yourself. Itaho.

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  1. I have no idea about what "profile I should select", so this is my learning curve comment-and wanting to acknowledge the power of these words, and the shift I am feeling. Wonderous Grace. Thank you.