Monday, May 31, 2010

Telepathic Link Yoga S1

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are meeting in this space. Wishing to share and activate what is being named "telepathic link yoga". This is similar to what the Tibetan Buddhist teachers have called "guru yoga". The change in the name is for a reason. There is a wish to emphasize that it is not an authoritarian relationship. You do not surrender to me, but simply open up to my energy and allow me to help you. The feeling of the relationship is of a spiritual friend. I have attained a light body and am supremely free at this time in my journey. Out of simple compassion, my wish is that all the sentient beings of this galaxy reach the same level of freedom, if and when they so wish. I am not necessary for you to attain this level of freedom. Each of you will attain this with or without my help. I am just offering help that may make your own journey easier, more rapid, and more peaceful than merely going completely solo to this goal. You are my brothers and sisters in the light. You have the same enlightened nature that I do. This is what you have always been and always will be. There are only three differences between us. The first is that your enlightened nature has not fully awakened to itself. There are obscurations that prevent you from feeling and embracing who and what you truly are. The second is that even when you have glimpses of your enlightened nature, when you feel your essence at it is, you do not fully comprehend the immensity of its innate abilities and virtues. Some of you are just beginning to intellectually grasp the immensity of who you might be, but you have not yet learned to fully have faith in who and what you are. The creative power of your enlightened nature is inexhaustible. Each and every time you transcend some feeling of limitation and discover something new, you are gaining some faith in who and what you are. The third is that you have not yet fully felt the powers of thought and awareness. This power presently binds you when it could free you.

When we are linked together, through the third eye and through pure thought communion, you can feel my own faith in my own enlightened nature and you can also feel that this is also who and what you are. When we are joined in this purpose, you can feel this commonality between us, our unity in the ocean of being, and share in my state as I share in yours. I will remember you until you remember yourself.

I have to "work in the universal law". You and I are equals and will always be equals. There is no one greater or less than another. No one rules over another. Dominance of one person over another is always an illusion, though this illusion can seem very real to you and have very powerful effects in your life experience. There is always some subtle consent behind every relationship that arises in life. There is always some place where everyone involved is agreeing with what is happening. We are always co-creating our experience together. You may have given power to your own fears and these fears may be running your life and making you submit to all kinds of beings outside yourself and making them into authorities in your life. But looked at very deeply, at the very roots of your energy, you are choosing to give fear this power over your life, and you can unchoose to live in this fear. You can live in the energy of unconditional love instead.

The universal dharma must respect your free choice. It cannot do anything without your consent. I can only work with you to the degree that you open up and allow this. This consent has to be your bottom line in the moment of choice. If there is a motive behind a motive, then the bottom line energy is the hidden motive. Sincerity comes when you actually have just one clear and conscious motive to what you are doing. But rather than for you to try to analyze all your hidden motives and try to let them go, you can simply choose, here and now, to open up. You can keep repeating this motive until it purifies out all the other motivations from within yourself. When the other motives are not fed any more energy from you, then they will become exhausted and dissolve from your energy field. Most of you have enough dharma at this point to be able to be sincere and concentrate your energy into this process. If you felt some internal guidance, attraction, and feeling for coming to this transmission, then chances are you are ready for what can be offered through this transmission.

The thoughts I am sharing within this transmission must of necessity be somewhat generic. These are general sharings that I have found tuned to the human consciousness I have met since my recent connection with your world. All of you have the same nature and receive information about who and what you are through similar communications. When we link more directly and immediately, then I can go deeper with each of you, and help each of you to release specific hindrances and obscurations that are unique to your own personal challenges. For the time being, please consider these words, although somewhat generic, to be my first one to one communication with you. Please imagine and feel that I am talking to you and with you directly. Some of you may notice your third eye starting to glow as you do this. This is because all of us are only a thought away from each other. My field can boost your own innate abilities, help them to wake up, and help them to become more available to you. This principle of field boosting happens often in your world. Each of you inspires each other and helps each other to awaken to new levels of ability. It is why, when you play some of your games, that you play those who are winning more often, and find yourself getting better and better. The superior play of the other person inspires you to play your best. Behind all this is the faith that your abilities are equal to those who seem superior and that you can bring this forth from within yourself. Below the energies that seem to be competing with each other is a deeper level of cooperation and sharing.

What is being shared above, in the picture, is a simple mandala that I have blessed as an access point to connect with my energies. Just as each of you has blessed your own physical bodies as an access point to your energies, I have blessed this symbol. The written language that is shared is one of two hybrid scripts that have been created to help translate the words of my world to use in your world. My own language, like yours, evolved over many millions of years, changing pronunciations, scripts, and feel over those many years. Once awakened to light body, there is an aspect to the light body that has been called "the time body". It is like all of time wakes up, you can look back and see/feel your history, feeling your space time journey with vividness and aliveness, much like you experience your present moment through your physical senses. From this view, all the scripts feel equal to us, all the ways of representing our thoughts feel equal. At present we do not need them, but prefer what is called "the language of pure light". Our thoughts are simply light pulses now and they can be cloaked with whatever thought forms, scripts, and words seem to resonate with its essence. It was decided to form this script and another to translate the pure light impulses into something usable by you.

Below the mandala are the two syllables of my name. The first syllable of name is "Soh" and has a symbol to describe it. Please visualize this symbol at your third eye, the space between and slightly above your eyebrows, in a glowing neon red. This color is the color of fire and is meant to purify and burn away all the obscurations of thought that block direct experience of your true nature. It may seem somewhat alien to you that such a simple thing as thinking a color can do so much, but please think about this: The obscurations, too, are also merely thoughts. As we journey together, you will understand the creative power behind your thoughts and just how much of your world is shaped by the power of thought. At present, you usually link with each other through commonalities of thought and belief, form tribes on this basis, and sometimes even conflict with each other on this basis. There is a point where you will shed these thought identities to feel yourself without these labels, where you will feel that these thought labels are not necessary, and where you meet each other because you are all sentient beings whose true nature is love itself.

There is also a mantra inscribed on the mandala which is "Sohra Saganah Itaho" (phonetically, it is soh-rah sah-gah-nah ih-tah-hoh). If you visualize the syllable (the box with the open lid and a circle in it) "Soh" at the third eye, look at the mandala at the same time, and mentally or verbal repeat, 100 times, the mantra, then you will have made a strong enough link with me. If you do this each day, the link will grow stronger. I can infuse you with energy and shift many things inside you through "field boosting". The main thing that you will need to learn is to just trust and allow, not have resistance, to the changes that wish to happen to you. I am stimulating the same evolutionary energy that grew me. It is like watering a plant and letting the genetic blueprint unfold, only in this case it is a quantum field potential or pure thought ideal within the field.

It is also possible to simply think of connecting with me while placing your attention at your third eye. If you feel your third eye glowing when you do this and feel me present at this place, then this is all that you need. I would, for the sake of learning, use the mandala, visualization, and mantra for at least 3 times just to feel how this works. These is something that can be done through these supports that cannot be done simply by pure thought intention alone. This is because much of your brain operates on images and sounds. The visualizations and chant involves these parts of your brain. It will allow you to switch from the unconscious visualizations you might be holding there and which may have a profound effect on your life, for better or worse, and your happiness. When we are aware of what we are doing, then we have more choice. It is the patterns that we live out that are presently unconscious that run us. When we are aware of what we are doing, then we can unchoose them if they do not serve us. Also, when you choose to engage these processes, then you are automatically unchoosing whatever focus you had before. This, in itself, is a more profound change than it first may appear to be.

Once you have connected, imagine that I am guiding you to shift your breathing. You will find that breathing in a certain way will help deepen our connection and make the third eye glow more strongly. The breathing will become deeper, fuller, slower, and smoother. It may, later on, also wish to breathe very rapidly and intensely to pump energy through an emotional rapid or through the central channel, but not in the beginning.

It is also possible to have our direct connection tuned and calibrated by experiencing a channeling of me from Tenabah. We can focus in this situation so that your own connection can become strengthened, firstly as a skill, and then also at times when some confusion, emotional rapid, or obscuration is making your own learned connection seem less reliable to you. I am naming this here, because you do not have to journey alone. There is support for you.


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  1. is coming together. Thank you Tenabah. A little unclear about whether to visualize the neon read for duration of entire mantra?