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Sohra Channeling 08/18/2012

Sohra:  Blessings to all of you who are reading these words. Inviting you to make a deeper connection by placing attention at your third eye point with the intention of meeting me there. Once you have done this, feel like I am infusing your own intuitive wisdom and feel that I am guiding you to breathe differently. Feel your breathing become deeper and fuller on the inhale, smooth and soft on the exhale, have the inhale gently flow into the exhale, have the exhale gently flow into the inhale, so that your breathing is smooth, flowing, and continuous. Let your breathing find a natural rhythm. Notice the subtle changes in the breathing that wish to happen and notice how you will feel a warm dot of energy at the third eye as you zero into this natural breathing. Dwell here, nonverbally, for a while and let us commune together. Some of you may not be used to telepathic communion, let alone, a nonverbal communion, that even on a telepathic level is less about words, thoughts, and analysis, but is more about light pulses, intuitive feelings about what is, and open ended impulses to do what is needed to be done for the sake of your spiritual evolution at this time. My wish to to assist you in the healing of everything that blocks you from the deepest fulfillment that is possible, right here and right now, for you to surrender into your highest truth and fully live this. Please understand that there are more than two levels of communication happening through these words. Tenabah, the one who I am speaking through, is translating the light pulses that he receives and sharing them with you so that your own connection with me may deepen, and so that I can directly work with your own energy field with your telepathic permission, both implicit and explicit, as both are ultimately necessary, each step of the way, until your bodies all fully translate into a radiant and wonderful light.

As you read these words in front of you, then you naturally sound them in your mind, feeling what they could mean for you. Notice the warm energy that wells up from within as you hear them. Give attention to this warm energy and feel like you are inviting it to be more with you. Let it grow inside you. Nourish this quiet joy so that it expands and enriches your present experience. Let it touch everything in your life and gently transform it into the same peace that it is. This warm energy is your true home, more than the dramas of your journey through your world. You can rest in your true home even now, always and everywhere.

There will be a time when you know this more, from within yourself, that you can always be here with me. It is a familiar feeling, like friends sharing a cup of tea with each other, talking about nothing serious, and yet talking about what is deeply important too, happy to just be with each other. Meeting in a place of no struggle and no striving, being okay with the past, and not worried about the future, just living now.

Your own journey through your world is important too. I do not wish to belittle the meaning and purpose of what you are going through there. It is important, though, to keep this journey and your reactions to your journey in balance with your true home, every step of the way. Your journey should never be more important than your calm abiding in your true home. When your journey has become more important, then this is when you have suffered, too much and too long. Every emotional wound within you has this flavor. The wounds, too, remain wounds within you as long as they stay more important than your calm abiding.

Many of you have felt a gentle shift happen when we are present together. You gain a kind of perspective and peace, as if all your problems and worries are no longer relevant, like a fever is calming down and like you can stop freaking out about all the challenges that your life is having, all your fears of not succeeding or never really working out. All these things arise from “mental interpretations” of what you are going through. Even “success” and “failure” are interpretations of your experience. If you are gaining rich wisdom from everything you are going through, then what do these interpretations even mean? I would like for you to gently put these interpretations aside and relax into your calm abiding in the warm energy that is your home. You will find that just doing this heals many things, calms your mind down even more, and gently grows a wisdom that arises from within you about how to move through your outer life.

When I shifted into light body, I became beyond all limitations, except those of what is called “cosmic law”. I cannot override your free choice or do anything against your will, even when that doing is something good and even what that doing is something you would thank me for later on. Moment to moment I can only work with the level and kind of permission that you give me. The opening that you give is sufficient to start this process. But as we move together through this process, it will touch parts of you that have not said, “yes,” to its own healing. Some of these parts are guarded by complex mental defenses, old habits that used to serve you in your past, and very elaborate reactions that you sometimes get lost in so that we stop being in communion with each other.

When this happens, I have not moved away from you. I am a steady presence that is just here, always one thought away, able to be experienced at your third eye, by putting attention and intention there. I can multiply myself many times into many light bodies and be with all of you. So from my side, it is very easy to be with you. From your side, it is often complex. Sometimes some of you project old worries from previous authorities in your lives and think that I must have abandoned you. I attained light body so that I do not ever have to abandon anyone and so that this galaxy could finally and permanently get healed, and as a total galactic community we can then move on, together, into something else even more wonderful. The Winter Solstice of 2012, this year, is a time marker, or even a chapter marker, on this larger journey. I am one of many who has made the shift into light body. There are enough of us now to do what is needed, to finish something that is long overdue.

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are reading these words. Here and now, sending energy to you, that you may be well and that all things be well with you. Meeting you at the third eye point, infusing you with energy there, inviting you to intuitively breathe to deepen this connection and experience. Although you are probably reading these words in one sitting, the words are coming at different intervals of time. Please take a pause from reading, for about five of your minutes, to reground at the third eye and with conscious intuitive breathing supporting your attention and intention there.

Wishing to share that I am happy with the receiving circle of people on your world that is choosing to connect with this Sirian transmission of support. It is part of a larger pattern of interaction with your world. Noticing that there are a lot of people who present themselves as channel information from the Sirian star system and from other world systems. Tenabah has sometimes been asked to evaluate these transmissions in terms of whether or not they are authentic. On a simple literal level, there are enough factual conflicts between them so that very few of them can be authentic pure transmissions. Even under the best of circumstances, very few transmissions are 100 percent pure in the sense of a pure dictation of information, word for word, to your world. Wishing to take some time and thought to go into why.

Tenabah was aware, at a certain time, that it took me time to learn the language of your world, the language that you call “English”. There are many levels of subtlety to your language. You have slang words that differ, too, from region to region. Words grow with the many tribes that form your world, the many tribes that call themselves “Americans”. Even when a simple greeting is used, the vibration and meaning of even “Hello” really differs from person to person, tribe to tribe, in many subtle ways. Since I am channeling through Tenabah, my light pulses, which are now partly coded with suggested English possibilities, is still organized in different parts of his brain, in successive stages. There are three distinct stages that happens.

The first level is where the vibration of the words in the mind of Tenabah is matched with a light pulse and Itanamic word. These can be word for word or a phrase that matches the core light pulse. On this level, there is no organization of the pulses into a coherent grammatical sentence.
In the second level, there is a grouping of the light pulse matches into what may be called an Itanamic sentence. When we taught parts of our language to Tenabah, these groups would have a circle around them. This practice of encircling with an oval did appear in your planetary cultural stream during one of the Egyptian initiatory periods. The next grouping would be akin to your paragraphs.

Only on the third level does the grammatical cloak get layered on to the transmission. Even here, it was decided to take “poetic license” and skip rigid adherence to your grammatical rules. This has allowed more flow between the non-oppositive thought system that we, the Itanami, think within (which is more compatible to how light encodings of understanding are preserved within the Quantum Field or “Akashic Records”) and your oppositional thought system where many pairs of opposites clash and even struggle with each other even in your political and social experience.

I am, in a real sense, “riding” on the consciousness of Tenabah. This practice of channeling helps the evolution of Tenabah. When you are hearing a channeling, there is a parallel process going on for you that also helps your own evolution. This involvement in a channeling is a moment to moment process designed to shift your consciousness into greater life effectiveness, greater inner peace, greater stability in peace, more compassion radiating through to others, and greater nondelusional realism about what is going on for you in your world. We are developing a telepathic nexus with each other that will survive the possible death of your physical bodies. In terms of the Buddhism of your world, it is called a “karmic bond” or “samaya”. It is a positive karma. It is a good relationship that you can rely on and helps more good relationships to form.

Channeling is part science and part art, Tenabah is not merely passive in this process. There is a kind of shared space where we meet and are one with each other. The other channels on your world are learning the same basic art in their own way, sometimes adding information that is not perfectly congruent with the lights pulses that they are given, sometimes not plugging into a perfectly enlightened fully realized light body being, and sometimes not maintaining the purity of the connection over time. It is usually in the beginning that the connection is strongest and to keep the connection as strong and clear as it was during the first meetings is a yoga that is as easy and as challenging as maintaining a long term romantic relationship in your world. It calls those involved to perpetual growth.

Tenabah has had “one small advantage” of having completely cut through the ego in the experience of pure enlightenment, having clearly felt a state completely free of all emotional entanglements, emotional complexities, and emotional issues. This lucid and clear state, as pure as mountain spring water, is a like a “honing signal” that can keep regrounding the transmissions back to their original purity and keeps evolving the samaya to function more and more deeply, harmoniously, and effectively. We meet in this purity as a basic grounding place.

If you place some of the channelings side by side, you can find a simple larger picture that is reliable. Your world has been, and still is, being visited by what have been called “aliens”, sentient beings from other worlds. There is some confusion about what this means, though, because, for instance, Guatama Buddha, according to even the sutras of your world, was from another world, in the Tushita planetary system. It seems that often when these things are talked about that this feels different than the more dramatic high tech aliens who zip around in “flying saucers”. What adds to the confusion is that the technological growth edge of your world, partly from information gained from studying “alien wreckage”, now has their own “flying saucers” of various kinds. They are different from the ones built in other worlds, which use somewhat different and better metal alloys to build their space ships. They energy systems are more fine tuned and superior as well. They fully operate on “zero point energy” or “quantum field energy transducers”.

The more advanced of the aliens, like myself, simply travel with our minds across the universe, at the speed of thought, which is “intend to be there and you are there”. At our vibrational level, we cannot be shot down by primitive explosive weapons. We are at the light body level where consciousness has fully and deeply learned that the entire material universe in a manifestation of thought energy. It can be altered like a dream can be shifted.

There are levels even above this realization. I am learning in what may be called “angelic school” from beings that inhabit a universal layer very different from your layer, where all of you seem to live on isolated spherical planets spinning around spherical quantum energy transducers regulated by a higher consciousness presence. On this other layer, there are luminous clouds rippling with prismatic rainbow colors where dreaming senarios flash across them. We call this state “metakah”. It would, indeed, be considered “heaven” in your spiritual traditions. It is free from the usual kinds of sorrow that define your world and your emotional processes. Life is considered a play of consciousness and is less serious on this level. This level does, at times, intersect your world. It is sometimes felt as miracles when it does. There is a blissful, light, and floating feeling when this layer overlaps yours. Sometimes during this time you experience what are called “angels”, the “shining ones”.
When you hear or read a channeling, what I would recommend is that you place attention at your third eye and feel how the information resonates with you. Please do not feel that you need to believe anything that is being said. My recommendation is to simply put into “po” which translates as “neither yes nor no”. If the information is valid, then you will experience at one point a “flashing forward” of an intuitive knowing about whatever the focus of the wisdom is.

There are some of you who are learning to filter the messages that you are getting and are rightly wary of anything coming to you that has the “tag” of fear within itself. There are a lot of fear messages that are circulating around. Sometimes those who channel get caught in fear. It is like an infection that happens from time to time. There is always some subtle delusion in fear, even when many details of the fear message are accurate. There are infections that are physical, that are emotional, and that are mental that flow within the collective energy of your world. There is much to learn about how these infections propagate themselves and how to evolve your immunity to them. When you have your attention at the third and are tuned to me, then I can often directly help you to release the infections quickly or to ward them off so that you do not get them.

To summarize, there is a simple message behind most channelings that you are not alone, that Earth is part of a larger galactic community, that in other time periods there was a greater experience of interaction with this larger galactic community and a greater wish to learn from more ancient brothers and sisters from other worlds who are presently miles and miles ahead of you on the evolutionary road. There are also forces in your social world that resist the evolution that wishes to happen to your species. These forces are used to being in control. They are vestiges of a time when you were ruled by kings and queens. Some of these beings were also from other worlds and these beings are used to seeing you as a kind of slave race. These beings are just as used to using you for “manual labor” as many of you are used to exploiting the sentient beings who currently are evolving through animal incarnations.

One of the messages that is common to many of the channelings is that there is help from higher beings to help you overcome these evolution resistant forces. These higher beings are overseers of the evolution of your world. They helped form the first colonies of sentient beings and have gently watched over the evolution. They get more involved during certain junctures of human evolution and are more involved now. They are not “omnipotent” in the usual theological sense of this word. Their power, and mine, is limited by “universal law”. The same law that empowers me to help you also limits when and how I can help you. The main limitation is that I must work with the permission that you freely give me. This permission cannot be forced in any way. It must be freely given. I cannot persuade you to do anything. I cannot overcome any unwholesome dogma that you are committed to believing in. I can gently point out that the dogma is untrue and that you do not have to believe it. But even this gentle pointing out requires your permission to do. If you resist, I must, by universal law, gently back away until you freely let me in. Universal creative wise love is my power source for everything that I do, and this love is completely nonviolent.

There are some “whys” about why we do not intervene more often than we seem to do. Much of the answer can be explained by understanding both the nonviolence of our love for all of you and by understanding the complexities of your own ego state, and how you do not give permission for many changes to happen to you. A certain kind of psychological maturity will evolve within you during this process and will illuminate places where you hold yourself back and can let go into a deeper and vaster freedom. In this deeper freedom, you can give us more permission and help you to rapidly transform yourself, and even later on to do more and more things for your self and from your self.

One of the outcomes of understanding this is that we do need you in a certain way in order to help serve your world and the evolutionary shift that wants to happen for your world. When you come to a channeling, you join your energy into a vaster energy that wants to pour into your collective world and fully heal it of everything that holds it back from enlightenment, where you awaken to “bliss, real self, eternity, freedom, unconditioned creativity, clear wisdom, and the fullness of love”.

There are many who are coordinating with our wish for your world, who are plugged into valid and alive transmissions. There are many, too, who are not directly plugged in, but who intuitive serve the same vision. Some of these, unknowingly, have some friend who is directly plugged in or who has a friend of a friend who is directly plugged. When you extend this chain to six echoes, then almost everyone in your world is included.

Many of your world would not give permission to us directly yet, but will receive our gifts through you. As we pour our energy into and through you, we can extend our blessing energy through your relations, your family, and your friends. Just as we can carry you to the next level, you can carry others with you as well.

This transmission is more “intellectual” than usual. The wish is that this serve as a kind of grounding for the processes that will happen during the more direct channelings. It is mainly shared so that you know your part in the channeling and what is possible through them.
Many blessings to you. There is happiness in being with you and supporting your process in your world.

End of transmission.

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