Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sohra Channeling 8/30/2012

Sohra: Blessings to you who are hearing these words.  Inviting you to place attention at your third eye with the intention of meeting my energy there, opening to receive the blessing energy that I wish to infuse into your process, and allowing this energy to fully accomplish the healing, growth, and ascension into light that it wishes to impart to all of you.

Tenabah has asked that I share something about "geometric consciousness" with you.  There is an implicit geometry to your existence.  In terms of your science, your Quantum physics, there is something called "string theory" that is approximating this understanding.  It will be replaced, eventually, by an understanding of sound, electromagnetism, and frequency, by how sound generates a geometry within its wave patterns, and by how harmonics are generated when wave patterns intermesh with each other.  These overlapping frequencies form nodal points of light which in turn become building blocks for the material world.  In the Buddhist teaching of emptiness, these nodal points are seen as expressions of space and the conjunction of all the forces of causality recreating an appearance moment to moment, and that even your densest forms of matter are always more space than substance, and even those little atoms are mostly space, and even those electrons are mostly space, all the way to the primal vortexes that emerge from the potent emptiness of space.

If you wish, try to visualize and imagine that this is how the world is constructed.  Feel yourself as expressions of this infinite energy field always.  Rest in this energy field.  Trust its intelligence, wisdom, creativity, and compassion to move through your experience and evolve it from within itself.  Breathe as if the whole universe is pulsing with you and breathing with you.  It is always constructing you moment to moment.  Notice what happens when you entrust yourself to this energy field and relax into its care.  Notice what happens, when even a little, you release your fear based control of your world as an isolated ego identity, and trust that you are taken care of.  Let each exhale that you do be a letting go deeper and deeper into this entrustment.  Let this even include your physical body and know that, this too, is an expression of this energy field.

When you are doing this, you are enlightened.  This may be a radical thing to say given that many of your Earth traditions talk about enlightenment as a far goal that takes a lot of work to fully attain and even say that to claim to be enlightened is arrogant.  But to claim to be enlightened, in this context, is just to relax into being yourself and being okay with who you are.  This basic enlightenment can be deepened and perfected.  It reaches its final maturity in "light translation" where your physical body subjectively transforms from a feeling of being dense matter to a feeling of being made from light.  It is like we hold a lot of thoughts inside our subconscious minds that are based on clinging and resistance.  When all of these let go, then we translate into light.

Because it is clear that you have not converted your physical body into a light body, this means that there is a purpose and direction to your evolution.  You are meant to arrive at this point and even eventually move beyond this point too.  This will keep you humble about what you have attained and have not attained.  At one point you will experience "light episodes", where your physical body will temporarily translate into light.  It may be just for a few seconds or a few minutes, in the beginning, but it will happen if you stay focused in your process.  When we release a core obstructing thought from our subconscious mind, it sometimes releases enough energy to make a temporary shift.  These shifts will give you more faith that light translation is possible.  It will give you the experience of what is to come.

The geometric consciousness is transitional on the wave of creation that flows from luminous emptiness to intention vibration to geometry pattern to physical expression.  There are further intermediate levels that could be described, but this four part model is very useful to organize your process.  In several of the channelings I have invited people to visualize the star tetrahedron with the downward pointing counterclockwise one spinning a 48 cycles per second and 52 cycles per a second for the upward pointing one.  It generates a 4 hz harmonic that activates the dreaming body.  I then invited this meditation to deepen into a micro star tetrahedron with the lower point at the sacrum and the higher point at the third eye, and a macro star tetrahedron where the upward and downward points are a few feet above and below the physical body when standing and having reverse rotational patterns (downward pointing one going clockwise) and still generating the same 4 hz harmonic between them.

This particular visualization is not dogma, is not the "right way" to do it.  The visualization is just one possible choice among many.  You can imagine that you can set the frequency ratio between the component tetrahedrons to different frequencies, like a fine tuned dial.  You can also entrust me, through our third eye link, to regulate the setting, moment to moment, for you.  Each setting has a corresponding breathing pattern that keeps the spin alive.

What the alive geometry does is bridge the world of pure frequency with the world of form.  It helps keep the formative pattern coherent enough to serve as a healing template for the body to regenerate itself more rapidly through.  Formations like tumors are expressions of frequency patterns that do not align with this formative geometry.  Perfect health is aligned with those frequency patterns and is an expression of them.

Although I gave more instruction during the recent channeling, you can ride on the group effort that was made by holding attention at the third eye, meeting me, allowing me to guide your breathing, grounding in this feeling, and then holding this thought intention "activate spinning star tetrahedron geometries, double layer, 4 hz harmonic".  This will activate the process.  You then sustain it through conscious breathing.  I invite each of you to do at least 20 breaths this way, each day, if possible.  Or for a fuller practice, 100 breaths.

Sending energy blessings to all of you.  It is always a joy to meet with you, work with you, and support your process.

Namaste.  Temavah.

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