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Sohra Channeling 09/05/2012

Sohra:  Blessings to all of you who are gathered in this space.  Inviting you to meet me at the 3rd eye place, gently concentrating attention there, holding the thought intention of meeting me there, and trusting this connection has been made by doing so.  Inviting you to let me, through your own intuitive wisdom, guide your breathing, that it may be deep and full, soft and smooth, circular and connected, without any pauses and rushes, and having the feeling of breathing from the breath itself.

The next gathering is on September 22nd, 2012 CE, of your mass consciousness calendar system, from 10am to Noon.  Would like to review and go forward concerning the foundations of the channeling, that it is meant for those who have the commitment to attain the "light body" or the "rainbow body" and the corresponding inner state of consciousness that is able to shift into this frequency and abide there.

There is a set of teachings that was delivered to you that is called "the Ascension Sutra" that I wish for everyone who is involved in this process to read, gently ponder, and reflect on what the teachings could mean for you.  In particular, the very first stanza, where Ascension, into Light Body, is defined is complete alignment of your conscious vibration with your individual divine nature.  Every thought that you have has a vibration to it.  When you believe any thought, then your consciousness vibrates at the frequency of the thought.  The sum total of all your thoughts in some sense averages out to your general vibrational level.  My wish is that you watch your thoughts and choose to think, choose to believe, the highest vibrational thoughts possible.  If you wish to be very safe, choose as much as possible to think a mantra or affirmation, and gently repeat this often.  There are many that will upgrade your vibration very rapidly.  They work best when this release the thoughts you hold in your subconscious mind that believe differently.

One such thought is simply, "Everything is unfolding perfectly".  It can be expanded to, "Everything is unfolding perfectly, not resisting what arises, not clinging to what is passing away, flowing with the now, lovingly accepting whatever is happening, step by step I will gently ascend."  I invite you to repeat this at the beginning of your day, gently repeating this 12 times, slowly, softly, and with feeling.  You will notice a subtle energy shift by doing so.  You will feel that you are locking on to a track that will carry you to the goal that you wish to achieve.  You will gently raise your life condition and feel better about everything that is happening to you.  You will also be able to let go of all things that you do serve your growth, become assertive for yourself, doing what you need to do to advance on your path, and not need to shrink to fit into what others think that you need to be.  You will be able to trust that being fully committed to your growth is ultimately what is best for everyone around you.  You will be able to let everyone around you have the experiences that they need in order to grow, even if they are difficult and painful ones.  At the same time, you can step into a path where pain is rapidly becoming obsolete as a motivator for growth, where love replaces pain as a motive, and invite others to do the same.  Some will take you up on this invitation and others are not yet ready, not yet tired of life as conflict, struggle, and sorrow.  Let them have their process and know that when they are indeed ready that they will come to you and someone like you to show them how to be happy.

One of the intentions of the channelings is to move toward me demonstrating "materialization" by manifesting to your five physical senses and appearing in a way that you would call "real".  I have manifested to Tenabah 5 times during his present incarnation at what is called "90 percent level".  This would appear to be 100 percent to all of you.  I needed to hold back 10 percent of my manifesting energy because of how energy flows through and pours out of my physical body.  As reported by Tenabah, my energy gently pushed him against the wall as it was.  Had I chosen to manifest at the 100 percent level, it would have taken deep concentration to avoid destroying the walls.  I could have adjusted the frequencies and attenuated my energies so that I could just appear as you do to each other, but it would feel like a strong concentration that I would be holding for a period of time.  When the concentration releases, I would return to the frequency that is natural for me and which I choose to abide in always.  In some sense, it is the reverse of your challenges to ascend.  That it takes some concentration for you to temporarily inhabit a higher frequency, to think very pure and very high vibrational thoughts, and stay with the intention to be in your light body process.  When you relax this concentration, you fall back to your usual and habitual frequency.  Each time that you temporarily raise your vibration, though, you do not fall down as far as you did before.  When you land back, you are in some sense landing a few inches higher than before.

I can serve your ascension process best by waiting to "meet you half way" where in one of your more elevated states of consciousness I will appear to you.  The threshold that I am choosing to meet you in will appear naturally in your ascension process.  It is where I can still hold my multiple functioning on many levels and still appear to you.  There is a level where I can best serve you that I am committed to maintain.  I do not want to enter into a concentration which impairs this even slightly.

What "materialization" means, in this context, is that my physical appearance intersects your five senses.  A "10 percent materialization" is where these intersect with only a 10 percent overlap.  At approximately 70 percent you will have an overlap level that was similar to when Padmasambhava appeared before a king.  He looked very normal until the king tried to touch him and his hand went through him.  It is sometimes called the "holographic level" of appearance.  What sometimes happens is that the energy we share upgrades the cells of your senses to a new frequency and where they can see, hear, and feel new sensory bands of experience.  If they even shift 30 percent higher, it will be enough to have some experience.  In this way, my choosing to manifest to you will be completely aligned with your ascension process.

Whenever a group meets, the lowest frequency level any member is attached to will be a subtle limiter for what the group can experience in regard to both ascension and materialization.  This is because you have defined "reality" to be a world that you share in common.  In the ordinary definition of this word, light beings are mythical or fictional characters that people at best hope they exist.  It is because of this definition being held in your minds that we meet in the gaps and in margins of your experience, just a little outside, at subtle points of entry that do not rock your world too much.  Love is nonviolent and needs the permission of all involved to be active.  If my appearance freaks anyone out, then it will not happen.  This is why light beings usually appear in stages, first in visions, and in other forms that are acceptable to your "reality".

What is interesting is that your definition of reality has changed a lot, every 100 years on your world, the word "reality" has been redefined.  At one point, the consensus was that your world was flat and now you visualize yourself living on a sphere.  Another shift opened up the your bodies undergoing vast moment to moment chemical changes, with micro-computers within a molecular machine called your DNA.  At another point, time became more flexible and relative, more alive, dancing around the speed of light, rather than a rigid march of one moment after another.  Your "reality" changes often enough so that I need to check in and re-feel how you are shaping your world.  Even your consensus world is really a collection of very different views, with some believing in angels, demons, and saviors, and some believing only in the "material world" and nothing divine, where some gods write books for people to obey, and where science has "disproven religion".

I share these thoughts to show what is behind the words "materialization" and "ascension".  It is not always clear what is understood by these words when you place the context of what you call "reality" over them.  You feel your bodies differently than your ancestors.  When you believe that your physical body was "fashioned from the dust of the Earth", then your body will feel heavier and denser to you.  When you believe that your body is a membrane envelope over an 80 percent water solution where complex biochemical interactions are taking place that drive all kinds of constructive and energetic processes, that thoughts and emotions have chemical reflections, and that chemicals have mental and emotional effects, then your physical body feels less dense than your ancestors felt their own bodies.

When you feel energies flowing through your bodies during the channelings, you are at least temporarily shifting your beliefs about your bodies and allowing a new level of experience to open up for you.  Like other shifts, your body will open up to new possibilities.  These will be reflected in more rapid tissue regeneration, longer lifespan, a biological sense of peace and health, and the healing of illnesses that were considered not curable.

Because there is a collective group level, there is a sense that you are being initiated step by step into a larger world.  It is important, for the sake of the goals behind these channelings, to "stay with the program", to commit to the ascension process, and as best you can push your accelerator fully to the ground and go full throttle.  Find a level of growth that works for you and see if you can keep it alive behind your daily life tasks.

I would like those that have not come to one of the last three channelings to try to appear for the next one or to gently release their commitment to the collective process that surrounds this channeling.  If you do miss any channeling, please check into this blog page and read up on what has been shared.  The channelings on the blog will not be the same as the channelings at the connector space, but they will be structured, in part, to keep you caught up with what has happened.

I also would like everyone who is involved to devote 5 minutes every day to focusing on the 3rd eye, meeting me there, and breathing.  If you have more time than this, and if you feel a strong energy movement in your body, then I invite you to let this movement complete itself before stopping.  If you are sensitive, you will feel a completion signal when any process is done for the time being.  But if you focus on me for 5 minutes a day, I can keep the process alive for you and with you.  When you feel able, try for longer times.  There is always the time when you are sleeping that can be devoted to the process.  If you focus attention at the 3rd eye and meet me there, before sleep, the processes of sleep and dreaming can be organized to serve your ascension process.

If you have other guides that you are working with, you may do something similar with them.  You can ask them to synchronize their work with you with what we are doing together.  I can also make adjustments the other way and keep what we are doing in sync with what they are doing. If you choose to do this, then it becomes important to keep your process as alive as possible with them, and have the work activate energy sensations in your body.

If there any of you who have not come to the any of the last 6 channelings, and who miss the September 22nd one, then what is required to re-enter is to read the Ascension Sutra, and all the channelings on the blog, and to chant "Sohra Saganah Itaho" or "Om Namo Mahadakini Sohra Saganah Itaho Hreeh" one thousand times, while holding attention at the third eye, and having established intuitive breathing.  You may break the chanting up into different days if you wish, but no block smaller than one hundred counts towards the one thousand, and if three days are skipped without chanting then you must start over again.  This condition is like a barrier and a gate.  It requires a certain amount of effort and sincerity to open this gate.  It is meant to be a barrier so that those who choose to come randomly are filtered out.  There needs to be more of a purpose than this.  Those who have enough purpose will not feel that the condition is too much and will understand why it is required.  It does not take too long to do this.  It takes less time than the time missed by not going to all the previous channelings.  If someone becomes interested, then please share these thoughts with them.

We are creating an alchemical container for the deep transmuting of energy through these conditions.  The commitment is serious in the sense that the changes that happen are positive and permanent.  They will require that you let go of much of your old life at different points along the way.  The commitment is not serious in the sense that it is meant to be joyful, humorous, playful, gentle, light, and freeing.  My blessings go with you.

Namaste.  Temavah.

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