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Sohra Channeling 10/10/2012

Sohra Channeling 10/10/2012

Sohra:  Blessings to all of you who are meeting me in this space and at this time, this here and now when you are reading these words.  I send to you energy.  Wishing for you to place attention at your 3rd eye, with the intention of meeting me here, and then feeling intuitive wisdom guidance entering your breathing, allowing your breathing to change and flow within this energy, feeling the breathing deepen on the inhale and soften on the exhale, with every inhale receiving the gifting of energy that I share with you and with every exhale flowing with the healing changes that are inspired within you because of the blessing energy.  Before going further with the words, be with me, please, for twenty cycles of breathing, one cycle being one inhale and one exhale, but consciously present for each breath and commune in the shared energy space that opens up for you...1... 2... 3... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10... 11... 12... 13... 14... 15... 16... 17... 18... 19... 20...

As you read these words, please continue to flow in the breathing, deepening the connection to this process.  As much as possible, notice your breathing, when it stops, when it gets shallow, when it gets fast, when you push your exhale, when you hurry your exhale, and when you find a natural rhythm, stay within this rhythm, keeping your inhale deep and full, your exhale soft and slow, your flowing from inhale to exhale and exhale to inhale smooth and free with no pauses.

If you stay in this energy with me, you will notice "surfacings", emotions will rise.  They are energies stored in the body, stuck in the meridians, which want to complete their journey, resolve whatever they are holding inside themselves.  Some of the issues inside them are old and already resolved, and they only need to be updated back into present time.  They are meant to be fully felt and released.  They will arise and dissolve in the breathing on their own.  You may notice that when they surface that you may tighten parts of your body against fully feeling them.  Intend to fully feel them and you will notice these body parts relaxing.  You may notice that your breathing with weaken and go shallow, or even stop, when a surfacing is happening.  You want to keep your breathing in the natural rhythm and not let your breathing fall into the pattern of the arising emotion.  You do not want to resist your emotions or tense against them.  You also do not want to have your emotion dominate you, like fear making your breathing freeze, anger making your jaw tighten, or sadness making your breathing shallow.  You want to fully feel your emotion without resisting the emotion or having the emotion control you.  You want to ride the breathing until the emotion dissolves.  What is happening is that the emotional energy is dissolving back into the primal prana before it took on form.  It is form dissolving back into emptiness.  If the breathing stays strong in the process and if you breathe through what arises, then it will dissolve back into emptiness and be integrated into your understanding.  If your emotions affect and control your breathing, then you will be stuck in the emotion and move into a repeating loop or story.  You want to let go of this repeating loop by staying in the natural rhythm of the breathing, within the intuitive wisdom flow that guides the breathing, and move completely through the emotional process until the emotion dissolves into "emptiness, bliss, silence, peace, and luminous presence," what you truly are.

I would like for those involved in the circle to connect with me, if possible, on a daily basis, spending some time each day, even if only for twenty breathing cycles.  You want your attention to center at the 3rd eye level and, if possible, not fall lower than this.  You have a "center of attention" and a "peripheral awareness" around that center.  You want to center, to stay gentle and steady, at the 3rd eye.  When it falls below, then you are controlled by a surfacing emotion and will be lost inside this emotion, run by it, and caught in a repeating loop of karma.  It is likely that you will fall down and get caught in the emotion many times.  But if you discover this, then just gently return back to the 3rd eye, meet me there, and rest in the shared space.  I invite you to process with me and through me.  It will accelerate your healing process to do so.  Part of the reason why this is so is because many emotions are based on a feeling of separation from luminosity.  When you are afraid, you are separate from the protective safety of the luminosity.  When you are angry, you are separate from the invulnerability of luminosity.  When you are sad, you are separate from the love of the luminosity.  By staying connected with me, the illusion of separateness is perpetually broken, by me not being separate from you, until it is fully seen through.

When you are centered at the 3rd eye, you wish to stay in the purity of high vibrational thoughts.  When you look at your world, interpret what you see with high vibrational thoughts.  You can be realistic about what is happening in your world, see the facts of your world, within a vision of how everything is unfolding perfectly, and trusting this process.  You can organize the facts of your world into beliefs that are negative and bring your energy down or organize the facts of your world into beliefs that are positive and bring your energy up.  Notice the effect of your thoughts.  As you get boosted by each time we commune together, notice what thoughts bring you down.  It is not what happens in your world that is doing this, but what beliefs are interpreting your experience.  There will be a time when you can simply and directly see what is, without interpretation, and experience what may be called "the pure thoughts of the luminous void".  There are natural beliefs that will arise from your own personal experience.  They will not feel like dogmas, but will feel like they are expressing the natural view of intuitive wisdom.  You do not have to believe them until you believe them.  Until then, notice the thoughts that move through your mind and notice which ones bring you down.  Sometimes the very act of noticing which ones bring you down will make you question them and let them go.

What I am noticing is that there are habitual thought patterns that you live in that would be worth letting go of.  They are automatic thoughts that come up when people you meet push your buttons, activate your conditioned response, or that you just thinking all the time like a repeating ritual.  Notice what these are, choose to take a vacation from reinforcing them.  Ask yourself,  "How can I see this differently?"  Ask me and then be in receptive silence until another way of seeing dawns in you.

When our sessions are over, please do not be in a hurry to return back to your usual thinking.  Dwell in the silence as much as possible.  Question the need to "think" at all.  Notice that another kind of thought flows from silence, loving service, and creative emptiness which is different from the thinking that comes from conditioning, habit, and the past.  Create a gap of silence for the new to arise within.  Remain in "I do not know" until the answer dawns, rather than old solutions that have been worn out and have become obsolete.  Chances are you will eventually return to your old mode for a little longer until you fully see something and fully release the old patterns.  But for now, create some gaps where change can happen.

To those who are not in the circle, blessings to you also.  There is advantage in being in circle, but you can compensate by communing with me without the direct and obvious support of my channel.  You can use these words to tune into me and be with me.  It will take a little more time.  Some of these words will touch you strongly and are meant for you.  Let them be fully taken in so that they change you.  In one channeling or another, it will happen if you stay with the process.  If possible, send a message to my channel, so that you may be included in the circle.  Catch up by reading the channelings that have already happened.  Eventually there is an intention to do this through the internet and expand this support, if and when a certain "critical mass" is reached for this.

Blessings, Namaste, Temavah.

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