Friday, March 15, 2013

Sohra Channeling 3/15/2013

Sohra:  Blessings to all who are reading these words.  Inviting you to meet me by placing attention at your 3rd eye point and using the thought of my name to make felt contact with me there.  After making this contact, please then allow your breathing to feel intuitively guided, to deepen, slow down, soften, and find a gentle rhythm that will deepen the felt sense of contact further.  You may stay with this connection as long as you wish.  If you imagine that I am pouring subtle subliminal wisdom messages to you, whatever you are able to receive now that is compatible with your growth into light body, this imagination will not be delusional.  You will notice that subtle positive changes have happened either in this moment or later on.

There is something that may be called "the language of light" which is universal and common to all beings through out this universe.  It allows pure thought pulses to be encoded as frequency pulsations and carried upon light waves to be understood by another who has a different verbal language.  We are meeting "in the light" through the 3rd eye in this manner.  Rather than try to figure out what is being said and immediately try to translate into your verbal language, please consider relaxing and trusting that you will gradually understand by gentle immersion in the energy of the transmission.  If not today, maybe another day.  When the subtle changes gently cross a certain threshold, then you will be light language more clearly and have your experience validated.  Until then, please give your experience a little time to show itself.  Place what happens here into a container of nonjudgment until you grok the experience and understand.

There is a community of light on your world emerging.  I am feeling honored that many of you are seeking guidance from me in regard to your lives.  Please know that I bless you with the space to organize your own life in any manner that you wish and only wish to assist you in creating a worthwhile and peaceful life for yourself and those that you care about.  I am not here to organize and direct every detail of your journey, but am available to illuminate and release any hindrances to your ascension process.

If you wish some generalized advice, some precepts, to organize your experience, then what I would recommend is that you inwardly and mentally decide, here and now, (1) to make your path easy, rapid, and peaceful, (2) to open up to blessing energy from the Universe, from the evolutionary life force that permeates and interweaves all living beings into a universal ecosystem, and from the mahasangha of all the liberated beings that have gone before you, (3) learn how to circulate this blessing energy within you so that it mixes with your own energy, heals your own energy and supports your continued growth, that you may be sensitive to its guidance and promptings, and that you learn to flow with this energy, (4) that you learn to let go of all mental habits that do not serve you, to let go of old afflicted emotions that do not serve you, and to become immune to the thought radiations of people who are not growing with you, but seek to hold you at their own afflicted frequency level, and (5) that you learn to not eat the sentient beings, the animals, of your world, but instead learn to eat healthy fresh vegan food.  If you do not feel able to fully do this yet, then at least minimize the consumption of animal flesh, wishing the animal that lost its body well in its bardo journey, and trust that the habit of eating animal flesh is, by the grace of blessing energy and your openness to the intent to let it go, slowly dissolving away.

I do support honoring the ancient precepts of the religions of your world about not lying, not stealing, not killing, not misusing sexual energy, and not intoxicating.  While there are some exceptions to these rules, there is a natural honoring of each other that requires you to follow these precepts.  If you do violate them from time to time, still love yourself, gently and mentally correct the error, resolving not to do it again, and then let it go, trusting the blessing energy to gradually wean you from the old patterns that you had been educated and conditioned into.

With this foundation of resolve, hold the intention to love everyone unconditionally, to radiate love as light to everyone, including all animals.  When you visualize yourself sending light out from your heart, trust that you are sending love to everyone that those light beams touch.  If you find yourself resentful, fearful, and sad around certain people, forgive them, and send light to them.  Thank them for exposing some low vibrational thought conditioning, let it go, and send light to them.  Gradually all unloving thoughts will fade their grip away from you and only love will shine forth from you.  Trust love to transform your world.  Realize that sending out love as light from your heart, uplifting everyone around you to its frequency, and honoring the true nature of everyone by knowing, seeing, and feeling that their inner nature is love, this, and only this, will transform your world.  It is the most powerful vote you can cast.  It is the most powerful investment you can make.  It generates the most good karma and is a good deed that comes back to bless you that you can always do.  Realize that your love gets stronger and stronger when you can sustain this beam when around those who are negative, judgmental, untrusting, greedy, exploitive, threatening, and addictively lustful.  Stay in your power, stay in this love.  When faced with adversity, love even more.  Let the very challenges of your life call forth more and more love from you.  Let love move your mountains of karma.

If you get the feeling of what I am saying, you will find that the key is to remember.  You will, from time to time, fall into old reactive patterns.  In those places, remember to love.  It is like turning a light in a dark room.  It instantly changes everything.  Breathe in and out this love.  If you feel guilt arising, thank the guilt for arising, acknowledge it, love yourself for feeling guilty, and then let the guilt go.  Keep on breathing through all this.  Resolve to move completely through it all to the other side where there is bliss.  If you get stuck somewhere, keep choosing to breathe through it.  If you still have trouble, call for help, from your spiritual friends and from me.  Reread these channelings until you find something that directly relates to where you are.  Even though the advice here may seem very generic at times, there are sentences crafted for individual people to help release something specific.  If you do not vibe with what is said, then let it go for now.  The words are either not meant for you or not meant for you now.  Notice what you vibe into and live that.

You will find that contacting my energy at your 3rd eye will lift you out of a trance more quickly and allow your own love reflected back from your sendings to teach you even more.

Blessings, end of transmission, Temavah, Namaste.    

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