Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sohra Channeling on November 23, 2013 For Fukushima

Sohra:  Blessings to all of you who are gathered in this mental space and are hearing these words resonate within your minds.  Inviting you to place attention at your third eye, the space between your eyebrows and about 1/8 inch above, and then holding the intention of meeting my energy presence there.  You will feel a subtle tingling sensation there as a sign that I am with you.  This sensation can be very strong or delicate, either will do, and is sufficient.  Then imagine that your intuition with infused with my wisdom energy and feel that it is guiding your breathing, making your inhale deeper and fuller, your exhale softer and smoother, with the inhale and exhale flowing together into one smooth continuous breathing with no pauses when you switch from one to the other.  Feeling the belly expand on the inhale and the feeling the belly relax on the exhale, falling back to where it started before you inhaled.  Feeling the lungs expand in all directions, gently pressing the rib cage in the front and sides, slightly lifting the shoulders, and making the upper spine slightly straighter.  The spine will undulate slightly when you breathe.  Gently scan the vertebra and notice which vertebra are stiff and which vertebra are in subtle movement, responding to the movements necessary for deep, full, and smooth circular breathing.  Invite the stiff vertebra to slowly join this movement and they will gently find their way to do this.

Then hold the intention to divide your attention, with 70 percent of your attention holding connection me at your third eye, with 20 percent on your breathing, and only 10 percent on your thoughts and emotions.  Do not worry about measuring this, simply hold this intention and I will make it so.  If you lose the feeling of balance that this gesture of attention gives you, then deeply concentrate on your third eye and connecting with me, breathing in to receive my blessing and healing energy, and breathing out to let go and allow me to shift your energy back into balance.

Consciously and intentionally give permission for me to join in energy purpose with you, through this, I can visualize for you and with you, and strengthen all that we do with my energy, clarity, wisdom, and concentration.  I have already evolved into unity within myself.  I have not contradictory thoughts inside myself and therefore my every thought flows in the same direction and can manifest what it wishes, born of wisdom, love, and creativity, within the limits of cosmic law and within the limits of the permission that you give me.  Nothing that I do will over-ride anything within you.  I can only work with what you give.

Through your presence in your own world, your good wishes for your own world, and your permission to let my energy flow inside you and through you, I can support the healing, growth, and evolution of your world.  Just as I am being channeled by Tenabah into your world, I am also channeling the collective energy of the mahasangha, the cosmic community of liberated beings who now live in the light bodies.  I can call on them to be with me if and when I need them, to support what is needed in your world

I would like for you to imagine your body as hollow, like a hologram of light, to feel your spine as also hollow, and within this hollow spine is a filament of light, like a glowing white thread, in the very center of your spine, running through all your vertebra like a thread through your beads that you where on your necklaces.  With your permission, I will multiply my light body into many light bodies and superimpose my light filament over your light filament, to energize and boost it as much as you allow me, as much as you are able to allow yourself to evolutionarily advance into light body at this time, as much as you are willing and able to let go of all past hindrances that hold you back.  I am able to multiply myself almost indefinitely to do this simultaneously with anyone who calls upon me, who gives the right kind of attention at the third eye and holds it there with the intention of meeting me there, and who sincerely wants to allow me to transform you from physicality to luminosity.

For the sake of acceleration, and with your permission, I will visualize layers of spinning geometries of light surrounding you, both within you, and outside you and enclosing you, and even on a microscopic level of each and every cell in your body, that each may synchronize its movement with Ekadana, the planet at the center of the galaxy, with Sirius, with your three suns (with Jupiter and Saturn being small emerging suns), and with your Earth.  Establishing this for you, so that you may concentrate on visualizing a single star tetrahedron for Fukushima, for the reduction of harmful radiation to the degree allowable by universal law at this time.  The total energy not stopping until humankind gets clear that they need to and wish to end their nuclear power plant direction, acknowledging that nuclear power is to dangerous, messy, and toxic to really be viable, and shift to using zero point energy technology, which is safe, nontoxic, nonpolluting, infinite, and eternal.

Visualizing two interlocking tetrahedrons, one pointed up and one pointed down, interlocking like the Star of David would be if it were three dimensional.  The north pointing tetrahedron spinning at 52 rps (rotations per a second) and the south pointing one at 48 rps, forming a 4 hz frequency, activating lucid dreaming and the dream body.  A fire spins up from the south meeting a liquid light flowing down from the north, the fire is red, the liquid white, there is a light filament connecting the north and south poles of the star, and they mix at the center and form silvery blue light, a shining sphere of compassion as this light radiating into your world.  Program this star tetrahedron with the thought intention to serve your world, to spin over Fukushima, and reduce the radiation there.  You may call this the "Zero Star" because of its dual intention to reduce the Fukushima radiation to zero and to bring forward zero point energy into your world, for the sake of healing your world.

If there are instructions that are not clear to you, please do not worry, hold the intention that I am with you and will fill in any details that are missing and make any subtle corrections that are necessary.  Some adjustments may need to be made for different times and situations that may arise as the Fukushima crisis unfolds.  I will bless whatever activity and good intentions that you hold at your third eye that relates to this healing purpose and also any other areas of your life that you hold up to the third eye and offer to me.  Please also do not worry about whether or not what we do will work.  It will accomplish whatever is possible within the limits of cosmic law in each moment.  Once you are done programming the star tetrahedron, the zero star, that release it, let it go, and even forget about it, being not attached to any results for or against.  If possible do not think about this any more, but continue your spiritual activism for your world, continue your spiritual path, walk in the light, and may peace prevail in your world, and then occasionally check in to see if more wishes to be done.  I will remember all of you until you remember yourself.  All of you are also sentient radiant stars born of a nebula of loving energy, here to serve and be served, to evolve into enlightenment, unconditional love, and light body, and to celebrate, day by day, the wonder of being alive.

End of transmission.  Temavah.  Namaste.

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