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About the Channeling: How It Happens Inside

The Sohra Channelings have felt different internally over the years.  Sohra had shared a few years ago that I have entered the "sixth unity" with her.  In the first unity, the difference between myself and Sohra was very distinct.  I could feel her information descending and touch a cone in the brain about two to three inches below the soft spot at the top of the head.  The wisdom energy felt like pulses of light and were translated into English at that point.  The translation was done by matching resonances.  It is like the light pulses had meaning tones to them and they were matched with the meaning tones of English words and sentences.

There were a lot of challenges at this first level.  One was that Itanamic language was very different than English or even most terrestrial languages, with the exception of Sanskrit, which has, or more precisely "had", a similar design.  Even here there were differences.

Sharing some of the challenges involved in channeling and/or translating Itanamic light pulses into English is worth sharing to give a sense of what is involved in channeling.  I wish to state, too, that this kind of channeling may or may not be the same as when other people channel different beings through them.  I was trained for two years before doing channeling, having had a deep conversation with Krishnamurti, after he had died, within a very vivid lucid dream.  Then Amida Buddha came in another powerful lucid dream about two years later and taught some things about channeling.  K had already distinguished between "entity" channeling, where the being takes over parts of the person and uses those parts to speak through the person, and "wisdom" channeling, where the being whose speaking emanates wisdom energy to a place in the brain that K called "the translation point", where light pulses or units of wisdom energy, would take on a verbal cloak of another language.

What I gather is that the "language of light" is the universal language of all creation and part of our emergence into being telepathic people is to relearn this language and make it primary in our lives again.  What K also shared is that when people hear someone channeling a wisdom being or enlightened being, they feel the wisdom energy in the words and feel a felt sense of understanding that feels peaceful and satisfying inside.  They then make the mistake of "conceptual grasping", that they try to hold the understanding by grabbing at the words and concepts that are the thought part of the transmission, and when they do this, the felt sense of understanding tends to slowly slip away from the words.  K shared that it would be better for people to let the words lead them into the warm understanding behind the words, and to just learn to "rest" there.  Part of what the Heart Sutra is sharing has to do with this very thing, because, indeed, Gautama Buddha himself was channeling the wisdom energy of the Mahadakini Prajna Parmita through the event of chanting and reciting the Heart Sutra.  K himself experimented with chanting some ancient Sanskrit sutras, too, in this manner.  His followers loved this part of the process, but apparently when K got what he needed out of this process he moved on.

I found when I channeled Sohra early on that sometimes one light pulse needed to be held by a paragraph of awkward English words and sentences that never felt quite right.  When I communed with Sohra and the Itanami, they shared that their language was "non-oppositive" and that almost all the Earth languages were "oppositive".  In other words, the words would tend to polarize into pairs that were in tension or dualistic struggle with each other.  The opposites form a tense field, like Democrats versus Republicans, hot versus cold, good versus evil, darkness versus light, Jedi versus Sith, etc.  Because Itanamic language was and is a language of unity and created no tension between various states, using polarized words which existed within a tension field, made it hard for me to feel "resonance correspondence".  And so they taught me about amounts to a 6th grader's understanding of their language, going over the basic building blocks of their core tones and how they map reality.

I was very impressed with the teachings that came through at this point, because I could see that their language remained very resonant with the light pulses of pure understanding and really were the sound pulses of pure understanding.  I found that if I overlaid their "grammar" over English that I could more readily translate the light pulses of Sohra into adequate English words, though sometimes there are Itanamic words that still do not have an easy correspondence with English.  These concepts would be parallel to concepts like "Quantum Uncertainty" and "Temporal Relativity".  Language convey what a culture has learned and the Itanami, having evolved within a culture of three enlightenments, have a vocabulary that points to many different states of consciousness and states of inter-functionality within those states of consciousness.

I found that they had, in a sense, shared a hybrid and adopted form of their language and I formed a hybrid and adopted form of English to build a bridge between the light pulses of understanding in Sohra and the conventional language of English.  This created a "blending zone", where my world and Sohra's world overlapped.  This was the "first unity" that would be activated during the channeling state or when I functioned as "devani" (choosing to surrender to a sacred movement of energy with concentrated attention).  I did gather that the word "devani" is different from "channeler" because the word "channeler" is a looser term that encompasses many states that the Itanami would consider functionally very different from each other.

As I channeled within the first unity a lot of beautiful siddhis would happen, including a few people seeing Sohra come out of heart and enter my crown chakra before I would start to channel, or feeling a powerful love emanate from me as energy, or people feeling Sohra speak to each person inside their minds before they heard the same words shared by me a few seconds later.  There was always a feeling of silent communion within the energy and an afterglow, which Sohra would sometimes name as a shared wisdom space that exists when the illusion of separation which defines the ego state is "trance ended".

In phase two, I noticed that Sohra herself was learning English and helping the light pulse translation process.  It was as if an overlap zone was being created between us, an energy field where Sohra and I were blending.  It seems that each time we "agree", then a blending happens, and this overlap zone grows more.  I could feel the process of "translation" in my brain being streamlined.  It felt more and more like she was speaking in me and through me, and I was holding an allowing for this process that took less and less effort, and more and more felt like a gentle attention and resting.  This was the "2nd unity".

During this time, she was making discoveries like noticing that the word "discipline" meant both "to learn" and "to punish", and she exclaimed, "No wonder why you have such a hard time learning on Earth!"  I could feel Sohra learning through being channeled by me in that there was no robotic or rigid step by step process of interfacing with our world.  I could feel her doing more to connect with people through me.  She was working "outside the translation barrier" to form a learning for people by "osmosis".

In the 2nd unity, I found that the differentiations between me and Sohra that I had used before were not working.  My sense of self was shifting a lot inside the channelings.  We tend to differentiate ourselves from each other through a feeling of separateness and this was no longer valid as a way of distinguishing between Sohra and myself.  I had to recompute what the difference was so that my "subjectivity" would not interfere with bringing Sohra through.  This lead to the "3rd unity", where I would focus on a shared energy field that is now always there uniting me with Sohra.

It was during this time that Sohra shared that my own light body process would be centralized in channeling her, and that the deeper unities between her energy field and mine would transform my cells into light, that I was meant to channel her as part of creating a "tech 6 transformational energy field" which included me, her, and the participants.

The 4th unity emerged from the 3rd unity when I found that Sohra could move my body, with me doing an "active allowing" for this process.  This allowed her to conduct her energy more powerfully into our world.  I noticed that at this stage that she was somehow "riding my biological cells" and that certain events would happen first as cellular sensations before manifesting.  At this point, too, she could simply shift others and heal them directly, when the conditions were right.

During the fifth unity the feeling of oneness has stayed constant with Sohra and has become strong enough so that if I do not complete the full shift into light body in my physical body, that I will be able to create the light body after death, like some of the Kriya Yoga masters and like Gautama Body was reported to have done.  It is wiser to at least continue the process in the physical body and intend to complete it here in the physical body, but if it is not completed, then it can be completed after death.

During the 6th unity, which is the last unity, the process will be felt more and more as energy conducting through, and energies surrounding the words and filling the words, and with the sense the my embodiment is an integral part of bringing energy through from her dimension to ours, like a step down transformer.  The shared feeling of unity is, in a sense, integrating "physicality" into its functioning.

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