Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Transcending the Fight, Flight, or Freeze Reflex


I have not posted much on this blog in a long while and have felt it is time to post to this site again.  I have found Facebook to be a viable network for sharing the Sohra channelings and using Freeconferencecall(dot)com to have been link together to hear them.  But what has happened is that Sohra has been sharing more and more material in her channelings.  They are embedded in the practice of Rakira breathing that she is sharing through the guided meditations.

I have found a need to go over the information so that new people who are joining in the practices can "catch up" more quickly.  The information that she has shared, too, is integral to the evolutionary changes and movement toward light body that she is sharing.

One of the teachings is that she has shared that the "fight, flight, or freeze reflex" is obsolete and does parallel what Gurdjieff had called the "organ kundabuffer".  Having this reflex no longer serves our evolution.  In previous time periods, it has allowed us to survive in a harsher natural environment where many predator animals stalked humans.  But at this time in history, humans have overcome all those predators and the reflex is no longer needed.

The crystal activations that Sohra is transmitting is designed to remove the fight, flight, or freeze reflex in three stages.  The first is to "remove" it from the genetic programs.  Then to dissolve it on the level of habit.  Then to dissolve our "investment" in the reflex.  She has chosen the word "investment" in that many of us have identified ourselves with the emotions of the fight (anger), flight (fear), or freeze (sadness as resignation to whatever might happen, while not trying to make it happen) reflex.  When we have invested in the reflex, then it becomes part of our personality, and loss of this reflex means loss of the corresponding part of our personality.  Because of free choice being honored at every step of the light body process, we must choose to let these "investments" go, and let go of the personality trait that we think we need to be "us".  The key to doing this is to impersonalize the reflex, to see that it was implanted in our biological genetic code and therefore has no "self" within it that is "us".  We do not identify with these emotions.  We do not feel "I am angry", but instead "Anger has been activated within my awareness by external stimuli hooking into biological conditioning".  Sohra can release the reflex from the genetic code, from our habits, and from our investment in the reflex, and our part is to be willing to let it go, not identify with the reflex, and being willing to replace the fight, flight, or freeze reflex with triadic love:

(1) unconditional love that accepts everything as it is.

(2) empathic love that feels what others are feeling.

(3) active compassion alleviates suffering when possible by acts of kindness and by burning away karma.

 This triadic love is intrinsic to our "Buddha Nature" and therefore does not have to be cultivated.  It needs only to be "brought forward" and "not obscured".

She also shared that part of the larger biological programming set that the fight, flight, or freeze reflex is a part of and which is also obsolete is the "mammalian status drive" with its "pecking order" and "emotional territorial defensiveness (us versus them, in-group versus out-group dynamic), its "pressure to conform", to punish non-conformity, to shame non-conformity, and to use blame/guilt as a motivator.  There is also the survival instinct and the sex/mating drive (to reproduce the species, form families, and go for pleasure).  These three interlocking systems have structured humankind to enhance survival, but have "hit their limit" on how far they can carry humans further into their future evolution.  Studying these patterns, acknowledging their activations within us, and not identifying with these patterns eventually allows Sohra to permanently release these patterns for us.  But we need to be convinced that we no longer need them anymore and that our life is better without them, and also to replace them with corresponding higher principles, like triadic love.  This being convinced is through intuitive wisdom and through release of any investment in (valuing of) these patterns within the conscious and subconscious mind.  As long as part of us clings to these emotions and the reflexes that they are based on, then we have not let them go, and Sohra must let us keep them until our free choice, intuitive wisdom, and clarity fully let them go.  We can, however, experience temporary relief from this reflexive system when we enter "gentle third eye crystal lock" and enter unity with Sohra's light body enlightenment wisdom.  These temporary experiences can eventually allow us to see that these reflexes are obsolete and allow us to let them go.

Sohra also shared that the reflex was implanted into sentient beings, humans and animals, on this world, in order to adapt to a disaster in the ancient sense of the world.  A meteor impacted on this world and severely hurt the biosphere.  It made life on Earth difficult and harsher.  Like Gurdjieff, Sohra did share that some higher beings who were in charge of preventing these kinds of events did not remedy this disaster or prevent it from happening.  She apologized on behalf of those beings.  The reflex was given to allow humans to rapidly adapt to the harsher world, but it was at great cost.  Gurdjieff taught that the "implanted organ" was removed, but habit force kept it alive and people invested in the reflex and kept it alive in their personality and thought conditioning.  Sohra agrees with this view, though feels it still needs removal from the genes and that spiritual initiations are attempts to do this.  In other words, the organ got imprinted upon other organs and functioned as a pattern through them.

The mating drive and the family formation it brings about is behind the grief and sadness that people feel.  Because you can gain a relationship, you can also lose a relationship too.  This will be replaced by a "telepathic love" (mudita) that, once created, cannot be lost.  Therefore, sadness and grieving as a response to loss of love, does not have to arise.  We can stay connected to each other within the unity of love.

The status drive defines "mass consciousness" and renouncing the world, going on the spiritual path is "dropping out" from this whole journey.  It is shifting to an alternative society called the "maha-sangha" or spiritual community.  This is based on "loving mutual service" and "felt harmony within the evolutionary purpose of moving into light body", feeling each other as part of one emerging organism where everyone is felt within a unity where each can simply be themselves.  This is called a "gar" within Dzogchen Buddhism.  Eventually the status drive and hidden conformity behind the drive is felt like a limitation on our freedom and is released.

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