Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Telepathic Link Yoga S2

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are meeting in this space. My third eye to your third eye, sending blessing as energy to all of you. Would for you, if possible, to meditate as you are reading these words. Feel as if I am speaking to you directly, meeting you where you are, keeping part of your attention at the 3rd eye point. I would like for another part of your attention to be present in your breathing, feeling your belly expand on the inhale and relax on the exhale, feeling also a more subtle expansion of the rib cage when your lungs fill with air. Please also feel, if possible, the rib cage expanding, not only in the front of the chest, but also in the upper back area. See if you can shift your breathing into "full lung", with the diaphragm pushing down when your belly is expanding outwards and with your lungs fully filling on the inhale. There are six compartments that need to be filled in order to do this. Three are on the right and three are on the left. Two are on the bottom edge near the diaphragm. Two are in the middle, in the center of the upper chest, and naturally open up when you focus on the center of the sternum and try to push it outwards about a half inch. Two are a little below the shoulders and naturally open up if you lift your shoulders slight upwards. Place your attention on filling all the six compartments until you get to the feeling of full lung breathing as one unitary movement, as one smooth flow of inhalation and exhalation. Then place your attention on where the inhale turns into the exhale and the exhale turns into the inhale. Notice if there is a subtle pause between the two breaths and then see if you can smooth this pause out, until the inhale and the exhale feel like one smooth circle of breathing. Notice any place where you feel you might be straining to fully breathing and relax this strain, even if it means having slightly less than a full lung expansion. It is more important that the breathing have no strain than for the breathing to be completely full. It will naturally expand into full lung breathing on its own, given enough time.

On the inhale, feel like you are receiving energy from the air, feel like you are receiving blessing energy or divine grace. On the exhale, feel like you are allowing this energy to heal you, relax you, and regenerate you. Inhale receiving, exhale letting go, one smooth circle of breathing, with strainless, full lung expansion is what you wish to feel.

If you are sitting down while doing this, place part of your attention on the soles of the feet, and feel that there is a magnetic pulsation between you and the Earth. It will pulse on the exhale. Some of the shoes that humans wear may make this pulsation harder to feel. If this is so, you can either pause from reading this and take them off, or merely imagine that there is a pulsation. Eventually you will feel the pulsation, but if you do not do so immediately that is okay. Just intending to feel it and imagining you are feeling it is enough.

You also want to check your tension level and gently relax whatever can be easily relaxed. If some part of you is holding tension and it does not easily let go, then do not force it. Just wish for the place to relax and trust that it eventually will in its own time and in its own way. Notice if you are clenching your jaw and allow the jaw to be relaxed, see if you can get into the feeling and reality of the teeth just lightly touching each other or even being slightly open. You will wish to periodically check them. The jaw holds some of our control tensions. It relates to issues about expression and repression. You want to see if you can gently let go of the need to do either and just be yourself right now. Again, if the tension does not easily release, let it be as it is.

In a similar way, you wish to check your shoulders, your lower back, and then your wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. If you feel a chronic tension, see if you can breathe into this tension and out of this tension, having it tighten a little on the inhale and relax a little on the exhale. It is like a subtle flexing of the tension to make it alive again so that you can regain choice and let it eventually relax.

While you are doing all this, you want to keep the main attention at the third eye point, feeling your connection to me there. If you feel that you cannot hold all the multiple attention focuses, then just hold the third eye point for a while until it feels grounded, and then "shuttle" between the focuses. Check your breathing, then return to the third eye point. Check your jaw, then return to the third eye point. Check your tension level, then return to the third eye point. Check the smoothness of the breathing and then return to the third eye point. Check the fullness of the breathing and then return to the third eye point. Check the feeling of receiving energy on the inhale and then return to the third eye point. Check the feeling of relaxing and letting go on the exhale and then return to the third eye point.

You may notice that the feeling of energy is present at the third eye, that the third eye is glowing or tingling with energy. You may notice that the energy is lighting up in various parts of your body and pulsing with the breathing. Keep nourishing this pulsation with your attention. Imagine and feel, too, that I am pouring energy into your through the third eye, when you inhale, that you are receiving light pulses to nourish and deepen your meditation, and that this energy is "mixing" with the more general prana, divine grace, and blessing energy that you are breathing directly into your lungs.

Next I would like for you to visualize a red dot in the center of the sacrum. The exact location is not crucial. If you ball park it, get close to the what it is meant to be, it will gently shift to the right location by itself, in the same way that two magnets will leap together when they are placed close enough to each other. When you exhale, visualize and feel that this red dot is pulsing with energy, like a blinking neon light. Intend for this dot to get hotter and hotter each time it pulses. If you cannot do this, then just imagine that you are doing this. See if you can generate at least a tingling sensation in your body at this place. Then, after a while, feel the red dot burst into a fire that moves up the spine. Think that this fire is cleansing, purifying, and burning away any obscurations and karmas that block you from feeling your enlightened nature. Feel also that, as this energy is rising, it is mixing and blending with the other energies that you have been drawing into yourself, the third eye infusion that I am doing with you and for you, and the general prana that you are drawing from the air. This mixing is created a silvery blue energy that is charging your blood cells and spreading pranic energy throughout your body.

Your body is becoming a attractor, transformer, and generator of energy. These changes are relatively permanant. Each time you do this meditation, the circuitry will interweave your physical body and interconnect your energy body with your physical body. It is not quite fully permanant yet, but it will become so if you persist for about 21 days. Your persistence will signal to your subconscious mind to pick up on what you are doing and continue it for you. It will signal to your subconscious mind that you want this change to be imprinted on your energy field. In doing so, every breath you take, whether conscious or unconscious, will become part of your meditation process, part of your evolution into a light body. You are drawing in the food that you need to heal and grow into this ideal. If you are clear that you want these changes to become permanant, then put out this signal, right here and right now, by simply saying, "Subconscious mind, please continue this meditation even when I am not putting my conscious attention and intention on this process, let this process become as natural as my heartbeating and my breathing while I am sleeping." Feel your intention to make it so.

As your tension relaxes in your body, you may experience "surfacings" of once repressed emotions and confused thoughts. These surfacings can be a little intense. I will share with you how to move through these surfacings in another transmission. If you need help before this, you may wish to contact Tenabah. To summarize, though, simply reground in your connection through the third eye, go back to basic breathing, and just allow the surfacing to happen. Let the experience flow through you to completion. Use the advantage of having me with you to help you and trust in the process to do all that is necessary. Allow the healing to happen. Sometimes there is a panic reaction that is not necessary when change starts to happen. Everything will happen naturally. All symptoms are the cure in progress. See if you can stay centered with me at the third eye place while all this is going on. The surfacings are part of kenosis, the emptying of the accumulated karmas, including the false sense of self that holds the karma together. This self will dissolve in the process and a newer truer sense of self will emerge. It has been called "the ancient yet evernew".


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