Saturday, June 19, 2010

Staying Positive

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are gathering in this mind space and heart space. Inviting you to link with me, here and now, at and through the third eye point, and to receive blessing, energy, and grace through this point from me to you as a gift to your healing and evolutionary process. I have shared some ways to deepen this access to me through mantra and mandala. Or you can simply visualize a dot of white light at your third eye and intend to meet me there, using these words, this communication, as a basis of referencing me. If you are accepting this invitation, simply take a small pause to place attention at the third eye, intend to meet me there, intend that only what is shared be shared in the mood of unconditional love and mutual respect, with only the highest good and good intentions being behind all the sharings to and from both of us, and that all other communications be filtered out. There is nothing that needs to be shared between beings that is worth sharing that cannot be shared only from love for each other. Then take time to consciously breathe with the intention of receiving and allowing yourself to feel our connection. Your third eye should tingle when you do this as a sign of our connection to each other. If it does not, it may simply take a little time to be felt. You may wish to review the more detailed connection processes and, if you still wish and if you need to do so, ask for some assistance from Tenabah about deepening and vitalizing this connection for you. There is no cost to you in doing this, other than the time, energy, and intention that you will need to give from your side to join this process. In the realm of telepathic linkings with each other, sometimes some obstacles appear. They can be healed when a deeper psychology is understood and worked with. This psychology is similar to what your psychologists are slowly beginning to understand and create, but is more direct and more like your science of physics. Thought is worked with more objectively and understood more impersonally and scientifically. You have the power to simply link with me through your third eye once you understand how thought is creation and learn how to focus there. But like any skill, it may take time to learn and to be confident in what you have learned.

I am choosing to primarily link through the third eye at this time and from this basic connection to eventually establish a seven chakra link with those who wish to rapidly evolve into a light body consciousness. The next chakra to establish is the heart chakra, and then the root chakra, so that the three main chakra regions has the leader chakra engaged. Through the third eye link, we will be in unity consciousness with each other. This level usually only operates unconsciously in all of you. Each of you interacts with each other often on this level in dreams and day dreams, but you have not yet psychically validated this level of your experience. Many of the alternative new age therapies presuppose this level and have you consciously work with what is happening there. When there is work with removing "chords" that attach you to each other, this work is directly involved in this level. All chords have the three poisons of the mind forming them, of addictive craving, of aggressive condemning negativity, and of fearful codependent delusions. They have a more solid and denser vibrational rate than the radiances that are meant to unite each of you on a higher level of loving functioning with each other. Chords were never meant to be. They are allowed, because evolution is meant to be in freedom for freedom. You are given tremendous lattitude to explore and grow from your exploratons. As higher loving beings, the mahasangha, those who have attained light body and who care for you, we cannot violate your free choice ever. The love we choose to embody and live, which is part of our true nature, must accept and respect your free choice unconditionally. We cannot rescue you even from massive pain and agonizing death, unless you freely, sincerely, and consciously give permission for us to do so. We cannot even warn you of such an event against your will. We cannot even contact you against your will. Our love is that respectful of your free choice and is completely nonviolent. If you understand this point, then the question about why we do not appear and prove ourselves to all of you, as a society, is answered at its deepest level. We can only work within permission that is freely given to us.

You have a primate fear of the unknown and this primate fear is the main unconscious block to all of you giving permission for us to link with you and help you. The brains of your species formed in a natural environment where predators roamed more freely than they do now. It evolved in fear and is attached to physical survival. It is okay to value physical survival and even to evolve the physical body to the point where aging and death are overcome, where death is a release of the physical body after its chosen purpose is done is as simple and drama free as shedding clothes, or where you choose the higher and more complete consciousness evolution that translates the material density of the physical body into an eternal indestructible light body. But this evolution needs to be free from fear and paranoia. It is possible to do an energy conversion of survival oriented fear into a kind of nonattached practical wisdom that values and honors life in the body. This practical wisdom is superior to the intelligence of fear and can even do better job of keeping alive, happy, and healthy. Fear itself causes all kinds of psychosomatic illnesses and accelerates your aging process all by itself. It can kill you. Fear is almost a self fulfilling prophecy. It is dwelling on the very things that it resists with a lot of faith that they may happen or will happen. This faith energy has manifesting power to make it happen in your life. Understanding and mastering this primate fear response is essential to your further healing and evolution. When you are gripped by primate fear, your physical body literally becomes denser, heavier, and life feels less worth living. Living in constant fear is not a life worth living. When life does not feel worth living, then your body starts to age and die.

There is a verse that appears in a channeling of Jesus through Helen Schucman which later became a book called A COURSE IN MIRACLES. This verse is similar to many other passages and it seems to have been editted out of later versions of the Course, along with other verses, but which is very clear and concise, "If the mind is fully healed, the body will not die." It appeared in a section which was titled, "The Incorruptible Body" which is a term that links with many Christian saints who attained a level of consciousness where their bodies no longer decayed or further aged. The alternative to death is "gently laying the body down after its purpose is done" or "taking the body with you by translating it into a light body". The second choice is not touched upon in the Course, except as a few hints here and there. This is because of the Course limiting itself to people making a choice between love and fear, forgiveness and condemnation, and kindness and attack so that you may live in peace with the world that you see.

In a previous focus, Tenabah had held space for me to materialize to people who are connected to me through gatherings where I was being channeled. I had agreed to this intention because I had felt that my materializing before others was the reverse of the conversion of the physical body into a light body. When you have attained a light body you can manifest before others any time you want, anywhere, and at the speed of thought, merely by imagining and intending to do so, and even in multiple locations simultaneously. The main limit to this ability is that I must work within the permission that is given, both consciously and unconsciously, by everyone who is participating in such a gathering. If even one person is not joined in this purpose, then the intention cannot manifest. The second limiter is that it must serve my own sense of purpose and what I feel is important in my service to you at this time.

I still may choose to manifest in a light body to any one of you who is participating in these channelings, if you are open to this happening to you and if it is aligned with my idea of what is needed in the moment in terms of your further peaceful survival, healing, growth, and evolution. Before this can be a relevant demonstration, a general evolutionary commitment to your own process must first be established and some progress made along this path. There needs to be some necessity and relevance generated inside you for this experience to be meaningful to you and for this experience to confirm to you that it represents an evolutionary possibility for you that you will eventually attain.

At present, the mahasangha does not feel a need or even an option to appear to people who call themselves "scientists" and who want to test the validity and existence of beings who have attained light bodies. When it is relevant, we will prove ourselves to the sangha on Earth, the individual seekers of truth who are actively involved in the higher evolution which is being offered. We have already done demonstrations in the past, but they have ceased to be proof experiences. Events like the light translation of Padmasambhava, Tara, Jesus, and others are now, once again, considered legends, believed by some and not believed by others, with the proving quality of those experiences to the scientists eventually considered inconclusive. In terms of our interaction with the seekers of your world, almost all of us will, in the early channelings, do something "miraculous" to show that we are not mere fantasies of those who channel us. Etabah materialized visible flowers that could be smelled to one gathering and I spoke directly into all the minds who gathered before Tenabah could speak the words that I had given him. In this way, the experience of the channeling was validated. At other times, I have given information through Tenabah that Tenabah did not yet know and which was relevant to the healing which wanted to happen. At other times, I made my presence felt to support those who came for help, long after the channeling was done, so that those involved could move through a fearful transition in their lives.

I did materialize to different degrees to a few people, but needed to withdraw from them because of the activation of the primate fear. The activation of this fear signalled that the person was not yet fully ready to allow me to appear before them. My manifesting as a physical form that can be experienced can be reality shattering to the paradigm of your primate world. Many of you do not yet fully realize how attached you are to your world being comprehensible to your primate brain and how much this comprehensibility makes you less afraid. When some experience proves this paradigm to incomplete in some fundamental way, then it brings up some fear to the primate brain. It feels more threatening than death, because you do not know what is going to happen to you and the primate brain fears the worst. Death feels like a known and quantifiable threat for the primate brain now, but some versions of dying feel riskier to the primate brain. This fear is behind many burial customs that are designed to make death more knowable and more familiar, and therefore less charged with fear.

Those that are called scientists somehow they imagine themselves to be representatives and guardians of reality, facts, and truth for your society. But they are not appointed through a democratic process to represent you. There are competing primate factions among them and competing versions of reality which are trying to assert social dominance. The scientific method that is being used is relatively precise, but has some limitations, since egos can and do distort the data and sometimes even fake the data. There is also a bias in terms of what research is being funded and prejudices influencing what is worth researching. In simple terms, some profit motive is behind many of the research directions or some fame motive on the part of individual scientists, who want a kind of immortality through being written up for some great discovery. Both these motives are different from a spiritual seeker and what is needed to evolve further. Any attachment to historical recognition and accumulating wealth, beyond what is simply needed to have a good life on Earth and to help those you care about, needs to be released in the evolutionary process.

I would encourage you to be your own scientist and investigate things with such an impartiality in your own life, to eliminate any dogma that does not hold up to scientific testing and analysis. It is possible to design your own personal experiments and to see what happens. The meditation methods that have been shared in the wisdom traditions of your world do not require blind faith and can lead you step by step to your own verifications and in your own personal experience. Until then you do not have to believe anything until you have verified it, but can take those beliefs as a working hypothesis to guide your research. You will, though, generate more and more faith in the larger world view of enlightenment, very naturally as you practice. This, in turn, will calm your primate fear reflex until it no longer gets activated and is totally transcended. When this reflex is gone, then I and others of my kind will have less trouble appearing in your lives and helping you further.

I would like to share that you can factor us into the equation of your world and its present historical transition to a greater life. There are a lot of fear messages running through your media relays. It is an extension of your communal primate tribe and its fear based messages to itself. It is an extended high technology nervous system that links you to what I would call your "mental tribes". This tribes are not linked through genetics and birth as much as they used to be, but are linked by a common system of thoughts and emotions, beliefs and values, about life and how it is meant to be lived. There are periodic battles for one tribe or another to control the media. There are powerful primate tribes who do run much of your world and who primarily only care about other members of the same tribe. Yet it is in their self interest to at least partially respect the other tribes in your own world. Many of these tribal members have some friends outside their own tribe now and their conscience has extended ethical consideration more and more beyond its own tribe. They want you to keep inventing things, serving each other, and helping each other, because they benefit also from what you create. They find you more productive and valuable in what you are freely doing than you would if you were mindless slaves. In short, the level of freedom that you have is no accident and it is something that you have established for yourself. We, the light beings of the mahasangha, will support your continued evolution into greater creative, compassionate, and wise actualization of the infinite potential you have and help you to realize and live your creative freedom to do whatever you wish to do. We anchor ourselves into your world by joining with the most free part of you, the Buddha nature or true nature within you that is you, and help you keep this part strong, vital, and alive. We keep this part from going dormant and unconscious, submerged in worry, limitation, darkness, and fear.

We have enough anchors into your world and extend energies on your behalf for you so that the pain of your journey is minimized and the limitations that you experience are lessened. We will keep in living remembrance of your own sacred power to manifest a life that you want in love. Sometimes you do get submerged, lost in fearful thoughts, because that has been your past. It still limits you like an undertow that pulls you back into the fear based primate world of your past and the primate power struggles that are part of your past, even in your family systems. You are learning to live in and through another power that is more shared, because love itself shares everything, produces more abundance, and grows by sharing. Linking with us can accelerate this learning process. Eventually you are meant to link with us, too, because in order to attain a light body that is a luminous expression of love itself, you need to be fully open to all the other light beings that are present in your world. We do live in love with each other, openly and freely. We do not close down our energies and shut down all but a few relationships. We are not miserly with our loving energy and neither will you be miserly. Linking with us fast forwards you to a time when you have a light body and are communing always with us, sharing a light field in common with us as a kind of shared home that we all swim in.

My message and wish for you in this transmission can be summed up in "stay positive" and if you are not positive right now please vibrate up to being so. You have a right to not be negative about what is happening in your world. We are in partial control of what is happening in your world and have enough influence through all of you who have linked with us, directly or indirectly, so that your world will never completely fall down to an inferior state of living and being. We must allow many karmas to play in your world, because our control is through a shared power that must include your willing assent to the energies we broadcast into you, through you, and with you. We do not rule over you like primate rulers who only understand control through guilt, fear, threats, edicts, and intimidation. We do not rule over you at all. But our influence combined with your willing and joyful permisson and sends out blessings and new causes into your world shaping creative stream to uplift and balance your world. We have enough influence to keep your collective process afloat, to keep it above apocalyptic doom. You can trust the process that is healing this world and be a part of its healing, through linking with us and adding your own dharma power to our collective action on your behalf.

Staying positive does not mean being blind to the corruption that still infects your world, but it does mean making sure the infection does not take root inside you and distorts your mood into a dark place. When you let a dark mood run you, then the undertow is pulling you back into the primate fear based past and holding you in its grip. Be realistic of the powers that be and their corruption, but see if you can lift yourself from a kind of blindness to the mahasangha working through you and among you, according to universal law and compassion, on your behalf, and for the sake of the healing of your world. The primate brain tends to be blind to what the radar of fear cannot pick up. We are a factor in your world being healed and we are a sufficient cause for things to turn out well. When you are linked with us, we will gift you with awareness and faith in this larger picture, and you will be positive as a result. Please also see that the law of karma has a positive side, that corruption always ends up destroying itself. Knowing this, take refuge in your own ethical idealism, live as high integrity a life as you can, and let it release the love that is within you into all your relationships and interactions with others. Release any primate beliefs that corrupt power is superior to this idealism, because it is not. Corruption is very karmaically stupid and short sighted, and leads to so much pain in the lifestream of those individuals that walk this path that they deserve your pity and your compassion for their neurotic plight. At the same time, there is a part of you still locked into that corrupt, power based, guilt based, and fear based world, that still is willing to compromise on your creative ethical idealism to get ahead, that needs to be honestly looked at and transmuted into a higher frequency. Your belief in their corrupt power hides your own faith in your own corrupt power based primate activities. You might be merely angry at them because they seem to be the winners of a primate struggle to get the best water hole or oil well or gold mine or whatever is the power token of the time. This is a narrow consciousness view of what real value is and real power is. If you perceive them as truly powerful, then you cannot help but locked into their reality tunnel and cannot help but blind yourself to a vaster nonprimate evolutionary awareness. The leap, when fully done, is so large and so big that the power struggles for oil wells and other sources of primate control over primate brains that the struggles of nontelepathic humanity will look as narrow and limited as two apes in your zoos fighting over a potato.


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