Monday, June 21, 2010


Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are meeting in this thought space. Wishing for all of you, if you are willing and wish to join in the purpose of this transmission, to place attention at the third eye point and to hold the thought intention there of receiving evolutionary energy from me, and then breathe in with the intention of taking it in and breathe out with the intention of letting go and allowing the change to happen.

When you are involved in this process, you will experience surfacings of images and thoughts. Many of these thoughts and memories are coming up because there is an emotional charge on them, which means that something is unresolved in them. You are still reacting to what is represented in the images and thoughts that are coming up. You are still holding some energy in regards to some person in your past.

It is OK to hold an emotional charge about some event or person in your past. We need to always start from acceptance of where we are in our process and simply be honest with ourselves, even if it is simply being honest about where we are not yet honest with ourselves. But the reason why these surfacings are happening is because these reactions are meant to become obsolete. They are meant to end as you evolve to another level of functioning as a light being.

You are meant to live in total unconditional love for all sentient beings. The more primitive emotions of fear, anger, and sadness are meant to become obsolete in your spiritual journey, in your evolution into a light body. You will find that when you identify with these emotions and let them rule your energy field that your body cells and tissues will feel denser, heavier, and tenser. You are retreating back to the "dog eat dog" jungle of your ancient past.

Your Buddha evolved very rapidly, even when incarnating in animal forms, through altruistic acts of compassion, where he sacrificed himself to help save others. While martyrdom is not necessary for your evolution, the altruism behind martyrdom is. We are meant to generate a love inside us that is this compassionate, sensitive, and loving towards everyone. This loving energy is a tangible force in our evolution. It is the most powerful energy that there is. If you contemplate what love is, feel the truth of love, and commit to living in this energy, you will start to feel your energy field generate and emanate this love. At some point you will feel an explosion from within yourself releasing outwards the love that is part of your true nature, your true being. You are this loving energy. It wants to radiate outwards. It wants to touch everyone that you meet. If you are not feeling this love radiating out of you always, then you are repressing yourself, holding yourself back. This requires enormous tension to do. This tension will cause you to age and die.

The evolutionary energy that I am infusing into you is this same loving energy. It will flush out everything that is unlike itself from within you. It will bring up any unresolved anger, fear, and sadness that is within you. All that you need to do is simply to feel it and release it. You are meant to feel those emotions without resistance and without clinging to them. They will then simply purge from inside of you.

This is an evolutionary fast track for you to take if you want to. You can also process the emotions in a psychotherapy mode. This kind of process may be good for you if you need some time to fully understand why you have felt resentment, apprehension, and depression in your life. Sometimes you may not be able to release some energy from you until certain lessons are learned, until you are clear about certain things, and until you feel willing, able, and ready to forgive. But you will find, after processing much in this manner, that the lessons start feeling very much the same, that it comes down to living in a more primitive sense of self, anxious for your survival, guarded when it comes to others, and sad about all the misery that you feel in you and around you. There is a sense that you are retracted into a cocoon and very wrapped up in your own internal world, afraid to meet others because you will get shattered by them. Indeed, the sense of self that you have formed is not who you truly are. This sense of self is meant to totally dissolve in this process and be replaced by a deeper and truer feeling of self that is eternal. Because this false sense of self is not who you are, it is very fragile and is hurt by everything. Every thought impacts on its own system of thoughts shakes it up and stirs up a feeling of hurt inside. Some thoughts shatter more than other thoughts, and produce great pain, but if you are sensitive inside, you will notice that every single thought that is alien to its own system, whether positive or negative, hurts it a little. This is because without all these thoughts this sense of self would completely vanish. It wants to continue to exist by compulsively thinking all its own thoughts again and again. It runs its story all the time, presents its story to others, wants to be right, is willing to argue and win with everyone to prove it exists and is right, has automatic defensive answers to any challenge to its existence, plays the victim in order to push its abusive agenda on others, and edits reality to make its story seem more right than it is.

Because this story is mentally constructed and supports the emotions of anger, fear, and sadness, and the story is necessary to keep its sense of self alive, the story gets projected on to everyone. Everyone is assigned roles in its play and is punished when people do not follow the script, unless the script itself has already written punishments for some of the characters already. It is possible to look at all this and analyze all this. But it is really simpler when you engage this process. They are all loveless states. The false sense of self, because it is artificial, cannot really love. YOU can love, but it cannot. This is why, when you are in loving sexual communion with someone, you feel this sense of self lifting from you. It can be seen and felt to be like a fever you had going away because the illness is being healed. When you really love someone, whether it is yourself, another person, or even a tree in your backyard, you will feel some relief from the torment of the false sense of self.

Your world is ambivalent about sexual love, because it is ambivalent about love. The false sense of self dimly realizes that it will die in the process of loving and yet it also wants the relief from pain that comes from deeply loving someone. I can testify that the act of deeply, fully, and truly loving someone in sexual union is one of the highest pleasures that there is. Yet the pleasure, the ecstasy, and the bliss is only one part of the experience. The deeper wonder is that you are bringing out the love that is within you and that is truly who you are. It is no wonder that many feel transported to heaven in this love. You are moved into a dimension where you feel life as it is meant to be always. You do not need to have a loving sexual partnership to feel this, but it is natural in such a loving place. What is needed is to bring out love from you and radiate it outwards, to everyone without exception. You do not have to physically make love to everyone. It would freak them out if you did and it is unnecessary. You simply need to radiate love to everyone, to feel it as light energy, and visualize beams of high grade love towards everyone. This way you will uplift them into the very same energy that love is. You might also be stirring the pot and bringing up stuff for people to process. All the issues that people have are ultimately about love. So we can go direct into love and let love heal us fully. We do not have to wait for the ideal romance to appear before practicing. We can become ready for a wonderful loving partnership by learning to love everyone all the time. If you do not have people around, love your pets, hug a tree, or just send love to the very space that surrounds you. Let yourself overflow with this energy.

You may notice that a part of you might shrink back a little from this kind of openness. You might contract into a little ball inside yourself. You might choose separation and take refuge there. See, instead, if you can stay in the openness, not contract into your little self absorbed ball of issues, but stay with the evolutionary process. You contract to this place because you fear life. Memories of hurt will arise in your mind, memories of other times when you were more naive will come up, when you opened up to loving and got hurt. The small self will use these memories as reasons to stay in separation. It will not give up on love, but make it something you do not do now. It will try to control love, to take it in small doses, rationed out, only under certain circumstances, when everyone behaves a certain way, and only as reward for obedience to certain conditions that keep the small self happy and in control. The small self cannot be very happy and constantly sets up conditions where it is going to be unhappy and upset. It is setting up the story so that it will get betrayed and hurt. You will observe all this as you rapidly evolve. Simply notice and release it.

Feeling the support of my energy at your third eye, visualize a golden sun in your heart radiating out love towards everyone around you. Start with people you feel are easy for you to love. If you are in love with someone, then feel the love and devotion that is natural to you there. Feel this warm love and then send it to people whom you have not felt it for. Feel it for those you have felt as strangers, looming in the background of your life. When get your liquid fuel for your metal traveling boxes, notice person who is pouring the liquid into metal box. Feel a gratitude to him or her for the service that is given. Feel this opportunity to send energy to a sentient being. Shift from feeling this person as a "stranger" and feel this person as a "neighbor". Each sentient being is a miracle of creation. Perhaps some sentient beings have gotten a little messed up or twisted inside, but they are still wonders of creation. In the long evolution, lifetime after lifetime, people sometimes lose their way. But just because they have lost their way, does not change the truth of their true nature. Everyone will eventually get enlightened.

Some of you might already feel that you know what I am talking about here and this is good. The words are nothing new. Yet what is important is that the feeling of love be there. If you look carefully, you will see that when you are getting negative that you are falling from the "story of love" to another lesser story. Stay in the story of love, stay in your devotion to all sentient beings, feel yourself generating this love towards everyone. You will notice that this love may fluctuate much inside you in the beginning. You will get pulled down into your victim story time and time again. But you will start rising up for longer times and staying there. When you have nothing inside you that can trigger you into a downer, you will have become emotionally enlightened. If someone can pull you down, then thank him or her for doing this, because he or she will have exposed something within you that you need to release. They are literally serving your process.


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  1. Thank you to all those whom I have perceived as having hurt whose presence my heart contracted...WHAT A PRECIOUS REMINDER.