Thursday, July 22, 2010

Enlightened Politics

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are meeting in this awareness space, who are communing with me through these words. I invite you, as always, to link with me through concentrating a dot of white light energy at the third eye point and through holding the intention to connect with me. Please pause for one short consciousness moment, in receptive concentrated silence, to feel and receive my blessing energy. It is my gift to your enlightenment, evolution, and liberation process. I wish for this blessing, this gift, to always be the most important thing that is shared between us. It is a boost to your growth that I am able to give to all of you that I am happy and honored to give.

In consensus with Tenabah, I have decided to release the energy hold upon all previous tranmissions to the ones recorded in this blog, with the exception of the ones that have come to be known as THE ASCENSION SUTRA and the Ten Transmissions. All the other transmissions were for the time, place, and need of beings who had, in the moment received them. They have served their purpose and have been released so that they can dissolve back into luminousity. Any parts of those transmissions that may yet be relevant will be retransmitted if and when they are needed. In other words, all the relevant messages will be gathered into this place and all the other places will be energetically released. This will produce a concentrated focus of thought intention which will assist your enlightenment process.

When we, the Itanami, had first contacted Tenabah, we wanted to share that the spiritual path could unfold easily, rapidly, and peacefully. We had shared the basis for this understanding and practical methods through which you could make your path unfold more easily, more rapidly, and more peacefully. The simplest of these methods is simply to ask yourself, whenever you are faced with what seems to be a difficult challenge, "How can I move through this easily, rapidly, and peacefully?" There has been a set of beliefs, stored in your unconsciousness, through which you look at your world and from which you operate in your world. It is a mass of interconnected thoughts, formed in the evolutionary struggle that you have experienced so far in your journey through many lifetimes. Your world has not been and still is a sometimes brutal place where many people suffer. Your news broadcasts constantly report the sorrows that people are presently enduring on your world. It has constantly reports of murderers, rapes, theft, property damage, natural disasters, earthquakes, tidal waves, diseases, poverty, prejudice, fights, battles, wars, organized criminal empires, secret conspiracies, special interest groups, greedy and powerful corporations, government corruption, and unethical oppression well intentioned factions trying to remedy all the ills that they see.

Because of your meeting all these experiences in your past, you formed attitudes and beliefs about how to deal with all these things. You did conclude that life is often difficult, painful, stressful, and unfair. Many of you who have been a part of a dogmatic religious group or still are a part of a dogmatic religious group have often taken on a belief system, strongly and emotionally believed in the dogmas of this group, but still have not displaced this unconscious belief system. Inspite of imagining and believing that an all powerful and loving god is on your side, you still believe that life is hard, difficult, and stressful, that evil beings run your world and remote control your life, and that they can snuff out your life at any time by sending hit people out to shoot you, if they see you as a threat.

There is a reason why this unconscous set of beliefs is not so easily uprooted, even when you let yourself believe something else. If you look carefully at the emotional preaching of a dogmatic group, the very intensity of the effort to convince others shows that there is a doubt already there, that those who preach the strongest and the loudest have the most trouble believing what they do. They already believe that it is hard to have faith and are afraid of not believing. The shadow of the older belief system is still there and shapes the newer believes into conformity with themselves. Rationalizations are put in place so that the contradictions are not seen. The rationalizations neutralize the newer beliefs until anything positive that they could be shared is gone.

It would have been a powerful positive idea to believe that an all powerful, all loving, and all wise god was on your side and wanted to make your life happy, prosperous, healthy, and abundant. If there idea was real, it should make a big difference to everyone and wipe out all the problems that you presently endure. If this belief were true, then all the complaining about evil conspiracies, greedy corporations, organized crime empires, serial rapist predators, crazy insane murderers, and fanatical religious terrorist groups should be irrelevant. The very attention and faith that people put towards all these groups, the dismay that they feel, and sometimes even the cynical faith that these groups are always going to be around, getting their way, and molesting, killing, and exploiting good people with impunty, betrays that they really do not believe in some higher good power that is greater than all the evil that they see. The so called believers in this god really act, have emotional feelings, and have bottom line beliefs to show that they really do not believe. Even the preachers fall into this. They have more faith in satan winning than god winning.

There are, of course, explanations for all this. I do not wish to get into a discussion about whether or not those explanations are really adequate or not or whether or not there is some merit to those explanations. What I wish to share is that, if you remove the belief that there is an all powerful, all wise, and all loving god and look at the world, seeing all the ills, problems, oppressions, troubles, wars, natural disasters, poverty, corruption, and brutality, and notice your emotional feeling about what is happening, you would see that they are pretty much the same as the emotions you would have if you believed god existed. In your philosophical studies, this issue is sometimes called "the problem of evil". If god is all powerful, all loving, and all wise, then why does any evil at all exist? There is the motivation to end it, the power to end it, and the wisdom to end it. So why is it not just wiped out, right here, and right now? Many philosophers, contemplating this, concluded that god must not exist, because the existence of evil and the existence of god are mutually exclusive, and evil exists.

When this issue is presented philosophically and abstractly, though, it may not touch you and your life. It may not feel relevant to your life. But let us contemplate this idea a little deeper. Let us say that everyone on your planet had no particular beliefs, were very agnostic and atheist about all beliefs, and were just learning what life was by interacting with life, learning as they go along. Let us imagine that you go about your day without any religious beliefs one way or another about anything. All those beliefs are merely not believed, not because you reject them, but because no one made up those stories, preached them, or made them an issue. No one tried to make you believe anything. Would you arrive at this belief in god naturally? Try to imagine and feel the difference between these two views: One is where no such god exists, that everything is run by impersonal universal laws that just happen to be there, that life on Earth was an accident, that other forms of life went extinct millions of years ago when a meteor hit or some catastrophe happened, and that no higher being exists to stop such events from happening again. Two is that there is a loving god who all powerful enough, wise enough, and loving enough to know every possible disaster and prevent it, just as a rich and powerful friend would prevent it if he or she could. The idea should be very relevant to find. Why are believers not living better than nonbelievers as a result of having this wonderful god supporting them all the time? Maybe, perhaps, some study could show that believers are happier than nonbelievers, but why should a study even be needed? We are not talking about a rich friend backing us up. We are talking about a being even more loving, who has infinite power and wealth, and the wisdom to know how to help, who is closer than everyone than any friend can be. Why does not big difference not show up in a more obvious way? We are not talking about an extra dollar you found on the street, we are talking about an infinite love, power, and wisdom who supposedly backs you up all the time.

There are three levels of faith in something. The first level are thoughts you mentally assent to. The second level are thoughts that you verbally assent to or chant in your life. The third level are thoughts that you act upon. When you do all three, then you have the deepest faith possible in something. The only thing that can make this faith deeper is to have no opposing beliefs inside your subconscious mind. In Buddhism, they talk about "unifying body, speech, and mind". There is a faith that naturally emerges from studying the teachings, from testing and verifying them as true, and from making a life commitment to live according to those truths.

As a being who has attained to light body, I have tremendous power to help all of you. Not just me, but all the masters that you know that have attained to a light body. We do wish to help you. We are beyond needing money for our services, because we are plugged into infinite energy. But we can only work within the constraints of universal law. This law applies to believer and nonbeliever alike. Our love has matured to the point of being deeply nonviolent. We will not impose our will upon any of you. This means that, in order of us to influence your lives, you must give permission and allow us to help you. It requires that you are open to receiving and open to changing from what is received. You have to let it touch you and transform you. This openness requires mental decision, emotional vulnerability, and body relaxation. If you are too afraid, then you are too guarded to let our energy in and let it transform you. We have to work within the limits of what each of you allows.

I would like to assert that there is a universal energy field that permeates everything, that is loving, that is love itself, that is wise, that is wisdom itself, and that is infinitely creative and is creativity itself. It works through universal law and sets up a matrix of life that is designed to work a certain way, according to a set of reliable laws, and this universal law does not get violated. I have also reached the point in my maturity where I would not wish to violate universal law, to do better than what it allows. What I mean by this is that your free choice is sacred, is inviolate, and is the very point where you grow from. I would never wish to invalidate this core principle that makes you alive, rather than a mindless and emotionless robot. It is more important than your bodily survival and your immediate happiness.

The third eye link that I offer to you is very relevant and could make an enormous difference for you. It is possible to link this way with any of the light body masters of your planetary spiritual traditions. Each, however, may have designed a slightly different ritual of access. The ritual itself is not an extra condition, but simply something that you can do, something you can choose, that allows you to access them. It is like dialing a phone number to make a certain kind of call. The mantras that are used to access these higher beings are like phone numbers to call. The chanting that is needed is so that you breakthrough all your internal barriers to opening up to us. Depending on what is inside you, it could be as simple as a thought intention held at the third eye.

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  1. Are the Ascension Sutras and the Ten Transmissions going to be included in this blog...or perhaps they already are, and I haven't come across them yet?
    Unifying body, speech and mind...having no opposing beliefs in our subconscious mind! These words have helped me take a leap...of faith! Deep gratitude and celebration!