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Sohra 12/19/2010

Sohra: Tenabah asked me to share in more detail the "prophesy" regarding the test pulse that will appear approximately 2pm on Tuesday, 12/21/2010 PST. Wishing to clarify that I am not used to translating the pure thought light pulses to this calibration of detail, as it requires much from both the brain system of Tenabah and for me to enter more deeply into the linguistic thought patterns of your species. I am going to be riding upon the thought patterns of Tenabah to fill in some of the gaps and so a 3 to 15 percent error margin may appear in the "calculations".

When tunneling a test pulse beam through a "wormhole" pathway through multidimensional galactic and universal geometry and then needing to represent those calculations in three different languages, ours, yours, and those of the beings of the galactic center, the chances of some imprecisions are probable. But because the radiations that will proceed forth on your solstice are not limited by the speed of light, but proceed through a system of "black holes" that are expressions of a spatial fold and moving string geometry, the calculations are a little simpler than usual.

There is another level of imprecision that will be happening, because the event is not a "prophesy", but something "scheduled". We will be adjusting the beam, intensifying and decreasing the beam as needed depending on how the Earth elements of fire, air, water, earth, and space respond. The beam will not seem to "enter the atmosphere", but will feel like they are "surfacing" from the Earth itself and infusing new vitality into the magnetosphere of your world. Some of the beam will appear to emerge from your sun. These may feel somewhat like they are coming from the sky downwards. It would better and more exact to feel space itself being enlivened with a warm presence coming from everywhere.

There may be some weather formations or responses happening during this day and a 12 hour orb on either side of this day, the first 12 hours being the "rev up" time and the last 12 hours being the "cool down" time. The total duration will be approximately 48 of your hours. However, it may be contracted or extended depending upon what is the perceived need of the Sirian high council on Getan. There is a 5 percent probability that this may happen.

The five elements that compose your world, that of earth, fire, air, water, and space are more out of balance than was expected in the original temporal unfoldment. We are attempting to bring the energies more into alignment to accord more with the original plan for your world. There is a concern that if left unattended that the 12/23/2012 beam will be a little too strong and cause planetary perturbations of an unknown strength and intensity, with corresponding earthquakes, tidal waves, tornados, and severe storms of various kinds lasting for days afterwards. Please be assured that this "timeline" is being adjusted so that this will be minimized. We are attempting to guide your world in accord with the "path of least resistance". We apologize that we have not been able to totally neutralize all the possible reverberations of unbalance that plague your world at this time. The law of karma sets limits on what we can do on your behalf.

There is the intention of keeping the "kriyas" as gentle as possible and keeping the "balancing karmas" within a certain tolerance zone within certain specifications. It is possible that some "karma ripples" may happen during the time period mentioned. If they do, it is so more intense ripples will not need to happen later on. If you do feel those ripples, then know that some meaningful and significant adjustment is being made as gently as possible. If the ripples are not felt, it means that the test beam was a complete success and that everything is perfectly on course. If some ripple is felt, then chances are, in the next two years, other test pulses will appear at significant astrological conjunctions where solar, earth, and moon aspects are significant, though other planets, in particular Jupiter, may join. It would be also good if your astrology would include Europa and Io as a harmonic modifier of the Jupiter magnetic pulsation and how it is affecting the total "celestial song of creation".

If perturbations happen during the next two years, please feel thankful that the impact is within a certain tolerance zone, even if some of your population does die in those events. Please be assured that there are light beings who are helping those who "exit" on the other side and that they are taken care of. This is the first "failsafe level" that is supporting the unfoldment. Use of the first failsafe level will be minimal. At present, humankind still does not handle "the death of beloveds" very peacefully and so we are minimizing and delaying those events as much as possible within the limits of karmaic law. You may notice that inspite of everything that is happening on your world that many of the indicators of longer lifespan have increased. There are two other failsafe levels that could be invoked, but there is, even in worse case senarios, a very low probability of the second fail safe level being invoked. The third level, a system wide "reset" is so low probability that it is, at present, almost zero.

The second failsafe level involves interventions that have been pictured in various brains and dreams of your "seers" in terms of "UFO landings". Although these pictures may be very vivid and the feeling that they represent something real may be very strong, I would like to clarify that the most advanced "aliens" do not need any machine craft to "travel across space". Mind is omnipresent everywhere and we can concentrate on where we already are to touch any point in space and "be there". The kind of matter spaceships that your science fiction writers imagine, while very wonderful and very symbolic of something real, are too limited to really travel very far "into space". Some of our kind have "visualized" those craft, energizing the pictures in your own brains and manifested through them, so as to "not freak you out (too much)". These "craft" can feel "material" and even be touched, under certain circumstances, but you will learn that what you call "matter" is more of a mystery than you presently understand. If we visualize "machines" they are to help you take some technological leaps forward. You might notice that behind each of these technological leaps is an inner leap where some new consciousness ability will come forth.

There are many who are recalculating the harmonic completion day and targeting events sooner or later than 12/23/2012. Without wishing to add to the spin of the present set of opinions and thereby add to confusion, I wish to share two things. One is that the one you call "Jose Arguelles" did, in fact, accurately predict the "harmonic convergence" and that the same set of calculations are on target for 2012, give or take a few days. This figure is "close enough" as a time marker. Please remember that this is more of an appointment than a prediction. You are presently in a special time where some wonderful things will eventually happen. I would suggest that you do not worry too much about this larger picture, but keep radiating compassion into your present moment to help us to help you. Paradoxically, you can draw those changes in faster if you do not hurry.

In the wording of the original light pulses, the words "wormholes" and "black holes" are put in quotation marks. These are approximate. Your present astronomical vocabulary still feels awkward to us. Some of the words from your four dimensional mathematical geometries and from phenomenology are more meaningful to us. If you imagine what those would be like if they were made into music and then assume that those tones had color and texture to them, you would feel these dimensions similarly to us. I would like to assure you that what connects us all together does not look at all like worms.

There are things that you can do to help us during the day in question, but I am not going to mention too much here. The message I am delivering to you is just for your inner peace amidst the changes that you are already going through. We are happy with your progress, with your help, thankful that you have heeded the evolutionary call and are already moving forward to join us. You already know how to help this process and are already doing so. We bow down to you and bless you. My own people evolved through a gentler, easier, and more peaceful path than you have. You have been very heroic, courageous, and compassionate, facing far more obstacles than we had to do, and you are overcoming them in a way that makes us admire you and shed tears of joy for the wonders that you are showing us. Everything that you have shown us makes us confident that you will arrive and meet us some day, "eye to eye", "heart to heart", and "mind to mind" within the oneness of universal love. If you appear very stupid to yourself now and then, it is only because you have made leaps of wisdom so large that when you look back you will notice how much you have changed, and this change is getting faster.

If you wish to help us, on the day in question, visualize a lotus flower opening up on the top of your head and visualize a light coming down into the soft spot at the top of your head, let this light touch your third eye point and feel it get energized, and then let the energy flow down to your heart and radiate love into your world, then feel energy rise up from the Earth holding you and embracing you, making you feel at home in this wonderful cosmos, and well up also into the heart, and radiate love into your world. Imagine that we are singing a song of sounds in the ocean of light that surrounds you and if you wish, join the dance of creation in your own way. If all this feels familiar to you, do not be surprised, we are not surprised at how well you are doing, we are awed.

Tehva. Namaste. Svaha.


  1. Footnote1: Sohra: In a similar manner, "Sirian High Council" is also an abstraction to give some representation approximate to your understanding of how society is organized. There are really no leaders who have become so through an external political process or even through voting. There is a field of telepathic unity with some individualities choosing to be focus persons for that field and who are in some sense in constant dialogue with all the others in the field. Because Earth is a Sirian colony, the field includes the inhabitants of this world. The dialogues are not in verbal thoughts but in pure light pulses that are exchanged and pooled immediately.

  2. PS There are a lot of worldviews running simultaneously right now, if this is too far out, please feel free to take this as something merely poetic...

  3. From a parallel Facebook entry:
    Jeff Bossler: I like the three languages - ours, yours, and those !

  4. From a parallel Facebook entry:
    Carol Hoyt: really cool will...thanks...

  5. From a parallel Facebook entry:
    Timothy Stetz: I'll welcome it.

  6. From a parallel Facebook entry:
    Edward T. Babinski: What can measure such a pulse? And how often does Sirius "pulse?"

  7. This particular pulse is intentional and intelligently regulated, not something periodic. I think many people will be able to feel it and some not. Some may assign other causes or explanations to what they feel. Some people have already reported feeling the "rev up" (we are already in the orb). I would suspect that the magnetic pulse frequency 7.83 hz, the Schumann resonance frequency, will be boosted in strength as part of its effect and possibly other shifts in the magneto-sphere. Sohra said this may include the aurora borealis effect intensifying for short periods of time. Please remember that none of this is meant to be believed nor is it an attempt to prove anything. It is about balancing the five elements of this world within the present limits of karmaic law. There are some unknowns even for the Sirians and hence it is a test pulse. Not all the effects are going to be predictable even for them. Interesting, but probably not conclusive is this magneto sphere tracking:

  8. From a parallel entry on Facebook:
    Jeff Bossler: I totally believe it. The simultaneous part is in the "ours, yours, and those" I saw on the posted website. These represent paralell realities to me. I believe a part of our personal balancing act is how to apply the right amount of focus on incoming and outgoing energies regarding ourselves (individual), our collective cohorts working toward similar goals and visions (group), and the collective which is going to who knows where (the human species as a whole).

  9. The site is mentioning a 5+ kp geomagnetic spike that is still active as this is being written down, but is expected to drop to 4.3 kp in about 10 minutes. 5+ kp is prime for the aurora borealis. It just might get south enough in the next two days for Jeff to see one, but probably not for us further south in Oregon. The site is updated every two minutes, but you do need to hit "refresh" manually. Blessings.

  10. My crown chakra is already tingling. Sohra is sharing that the first test pulse in the series was successful. It was the "scout" pulse to kind of test the circuit and was fairly light.

  11. From a parallel entry on Facebook:
    Debbie St: From blog url above here is Sohra's beautiful meditation suggested to help them, help us. **Visualize a lotus flower opening up on the top of your head and visualize a light coming down into the soft spot at the top of your head, let this l...ight touch your third eye point and feel it get energized, and then let the energy flow down to your heart and radiate love into your world, then feel energy rise up from the Earth holding you and embracing you, making you feel at home in this wonderful cosmos, and well up also into the heart, and radiate love into your world. Imagine that we are singing a song of sounds in the ocean of light that surrounds you and if you wish, join the dance of creation in your own way. If all this feels familiar to you, do not be surprised... ***



  14. From a parallel Facebook entry:
    Holly Lorien Adams
    Very familiar... bliss. ♥
    Been reading the ascension sutra completely often, for the last two weeks and it became part of me quite instantaneously. Each day, it shifted from remembering to embracing... To a highly devoted commitment on a soul level to live this process, to my/ our collective light.
    It is home.
    Thank you for opening your vessel to receive and transmit this remembrance of home, and sharing it with so many beings. The ripple is felt, and infinitely appreciated Will.
    Glad for the chance/glorious meeting at the ShopnKart line recently to send waves of thanks and smiles of love with you.

  15. From a parallel Facebook entry:
    Holly Lorien Adams big love and gratitude> also to Sohra... For connecting us,
    And John Palombo for introducing me to the sutra in 2007, and re-introducing it again recently.

  16. Much love and gratitude to everyone for sharing their thoughts, love, and energy here. The two posted with URLs above are some analysis from Earth based sensors. They are not enough to really get a full picture of what happened with the beam, but they are interesting little windows to peak through. Sohra shared that the beam did succeed in do the balancings that were wanted, far more smoothly than was expected.

  17. From a parallel Facebook entry:
    Baba Michael thanks for sharing this with us Will. i re-posted, and did a meditation today with Akelah & the kids. a really cool chant came through. blessings!

  18. From a parallel Facebook entry:
    John Palombo Will, did you see the Mayan Kin for the day? All appears to line up - great day for the "power of Life Force" :)
    [12/21/2010 post]

  19. [many thanks to all, merry xmas/solstice/rohatus]