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Channelling 10/01/2011

Sohra 10/01/2011:

Blessings to you who are meeting me in this space. Wishing for you to link with me through the 3rd eye, through visualizing a light beam going from my radiant energy to your 3rd eye. You can do this through simple and pure thought intention, through the wish to connect to me, and holding both intention and attention at the 3rd eye. Then consciously breathe. Let the energy that you receive gently guide your breathing. Feel yourself receptive, flowing with what you are taking in. This is will deepen and expand your breathing, allowing it to fall into a fluid rhythm that will ground you and at the same time periodically change according to moment to moment need. Let your exhale be a gentle letting go of energies that no longer serve you. I am here to take you home, back to the energy that you already are. It is as if you extended yourself outward, lost yourself in the objects and experiences of your world, in the issues that you struggle with, in the desires that you pursue, in the fears that control you, and in the angers that lock you into many battles with others and sometimes even with life itself. This extension of yourself, entangled in your world, can relax and fall back to its source. It can come home. I can show you the way to do this, though at some point in our dialogue and energy interaction, you will simply understand from yourself and complete the process on your own. There is a part of you that already knows the way and when you feel it you will know that you can trust it, and it will take you the rest of the way. When you are too confused inside, then an outside voice like my own can help you to remember, do, and feel again. I can encircle you with protection and love while you do this. I can do this in a way that you humans are not yet able to do for each other. This is because you are not yet able to be totally constant for each other. I have evolved beyond all needs save one and this need is always fulfilled by my abiding in the radiant light that is the source of all worlds. When you are on Earth, you have many needs and these needs sometimes pull you into time conflicts, where you give your time to those whose needs in the moment are strong, and then must leave to take care of your own needs, abandoning each other sometimes to obtain what is needed, and returning when you have the time again to attend to each other. Because I am beyond the pulls of these kinds of needs, I can abide in the radiance and send forth beams of light to your third eye, connect with you, guide you, bring you home, and be sustained in this connection until the process is complete. My guidance, too, does not violate your free choice and is not meant to take over your life. You are the artist of your life and are meant to create it in fullness, with each other as well as alone. I may help you to look at the parts of your life that are worth changing, worth letting go, and worth giving more energy, so that your joy may be full. I do trust that you all will arrive home in your own time and in your own way. My compassion is such that I will wish to help you do this easily, rapidly, and peacefully, with a minimum of pain, struggle, and hardship. Your species has suffered too much already. Your history has too much torture, too much warfare, too much disease, too much poverty, too much oppression, too many accidents that make you lose loved ones to death, and too many tears. Some of this you will need to move through, there are some emotions that you will need to reclaim and fully feel again before you can let them go. Yet there are emotions that you are merely entangled in and you can move past quickly. You have already learned whatever lessons that they had to offer and they are already worn out, ready to be released. Therefore, if you wish, please journey with me that your sorrow may gently, peacefully, easily, and quickly dissolve away and that your joy may be full, and that you return home, back to the radiance that gave you birth, many many many lifetimes ago. I will hold you and remember you until you remember yourself and return home.

What I wish to share and infuse in you is the understanding that you are love itself. You are not merely loving people or merely good people, but you are love itself. This is love is first and foremost a living energy. It is not a moral edict that you are meant to obey. It is not about doing the right thing. When you are loving, you will usually obey your ethical ideals and will usually do the right thing. You can have an intuition of what love is through your ethical ideals and through your wish to do the right thing. But when you formulate ethical ideals, analyze the ethically relevant features of the dilemmas that you face, and decide what to do, this process engages the intellect only and may not help you to feel more love and you are meant to in love always, because you are this energy. Very often, childhood fear of punishment looms your ethical decisions. You can be in great terror about doing the wrong thing. This can be transferred into "obediance to god" and then you carry what is really a portable hell. To have an invisible god who will club you if you do something wrong, who visits you with poverty, accidents, disease, rapists, and enemies to punish you if you do not love and serve it, giving it complete obedience and worship, is a demon that you do not need. Please outgrow this false spirituality that you may be free, that you may serve each other and love each other in freedom and joy. It is not possible to go from this kind of fear into the depths of real love. This kind of fear makes very obedient believers and disciples, but it does not produce liberated ones. I want all of you to be free and live from the energy that you are. I do not want to form yet another club of fear filled believers. If this kind of religion is what you really needed, then you would already be liberated, because you are far too many of these religions upon your world. I am here to celebrate life in love and help those who freely come to me and who want my help. I have no ambition to create a religious club. I have no delusion that you absolutely need me or are completely lost without me. With or without me, I know you will arrive home and will some day meet me in the energy that we share in common and that we are. I know that I can help you to the degree that you allow me to and some day even this will not be needed, that we will be true equals in a vast family of light. We are already essentially equal, but I do have an advantage now that you do not. I have completed my journey back home and forever abide in this place. My abiding has evolved to unshakability and I have complete confidence that the radiant energy that I abide in can do all things. You are free to use my advantage until you learn how to do this for yourself. In my own journey, teachers from other worlds came to my people and taught us until we were completely liberated. We were infinitely grateful for this and the thought of our teachers is now always accompanied by gratitude and joy.

There are two wishes in this third eye transmission what I wish to give to you. One is a clarity about what love is and two is a clarity that you are this energy called "love", so that you may feel this, right here and right now. I wish to validate that each of you already knows this. What I sense, though, is that there is a cloud of confusion that often surrounds what love is. It has been linked with many unloving things, like punishment. Indeed, the story of one of religions is that the supreme god of the universe had to torture his only son to forgive all of you, by heaping on all the punishment you deserved, which was so bad that you are meant to burn in hell forever, tortured each day forever, for what you have done. I wish to affirm, here and now, that this is not true. The radiant energy at the core of the universe is unconditionally loving and wishes to punish no one for anything. It forgives everyone instantly and holds nothing against anyone. It does not need to transfer a wrath it never had to an innocent victim in order to forgive those who are supposedly guilty. The fact that this thought form, this dogma, has had a grip on your collective consciousness and conscience has caused a deep confusion and agony inside of many of you. Some of you have completely outgrown this thoughtform, while others are a dimly gaining the courage to question this. Some of you have penetrated this thoughtform intellectually and found a degree of freedom from its delusion, but still have emotional entanglements with the idea, because it was anchored subliminally through childhood abuse, through past life inquisitions and sheer torture of the worse kind, through constant dogmatic preaching, through political corruption, through outright intimidation posing as righteous judgment, and carefully crafted images that your consciousness accepted into itself. Many of you who call yourself "atheists" have an intuition of its falseness, but may not actually be atheist enough. The emotional conditioning arising from childhood cannot so easily be discarded. It needs to be looked at, seen, and released. When you have learned to be emotionally aware and how to move with your emotions, then the releases will eventually become very easily and very quickly. What is needed to be understood right now is that emotional repression does not get rid of the emotions that torment you. It is how you keep them and sustain them. They operate below the threshold of your conscious awareness and generate the emotional tone of your whole life. Enlightenment, liberation, has the effect of shifting this emotional tone into deep joy.

It is time to truly understand the radical simplicity and deep wisdom of unconditional love. It wishes everyone well, even enemies. It is generous and kind, patient and peaceful, respects free choice completely, and does not impose anything upon anyone without his or her permission, even if it is completely good. It is completely sensitive to what is arising and responds moment to moment with constancy. Every star and sentient being is birthed from this energy and always is a part of this energy. Because you were birthed from this energy, you are being called back into unconditional love, to be this energy again, to bring forth that which is already within you to be, rather than acting out confused identities that you have never truly been. The confused identities that you live out are very complex, but love itself is very simple. Part of this complexity is necessary, because your world is very complex and there is a need to understand its complexity in order to navigate your life while you walk upon your world. In understanding this complexity you will find that you are not the confusion that you live. When you are clear, the confusion disappears, but you do not. When you cut through this confusion, the issues that you have as sentient beings are very few. It comes down to you being called to be love for yourself and each other or to move into a tortured illusion that only subtly repeats itself until released. This repetition is the only the karma that must be worked through and finished with.

If, when hearing these words, you are feeling a warm energy arise within you, then identify yourself with this warm energy and feel that this is who you are. Relaxing into feeling yourself as this, until this relaxation releases all other identities. If you feel that you are not quite connecting with this, then stay in connection with me. I will feel you as this energy until you feel how I am feeling you and through this relationship I will erase the impositions of identity that others have placed on you. I remember you until you remember yourself.

There is a larger field of initiations being stimulated by the planetary events your world is moving through. Complex relationship entanglements form your social world right now and need to be simplified into love. I would wish to address this more deeply, but perhaps you can leap to the individual processing that I am sharing into this larger context. The healing of relationships is what will heal your world. I will send this pure thought directly and telepathically to you so that it will simply dawn in your mind and heart when you are ready to see this.

Namaste. Temavah.

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