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Sohra Channeling May 22, 2011

[The above picture is Sohra's mandala with a cuniform like simplified Itanamic script of her name. It is a blessed access point to Sohra's energy and has her Itanamic mantra (Senka) of "Sohra Saganah Itaho" in the circle around the figure. It has been uploaded before, but I have colorized a version of it with the Gimp Linux Software.]

Sohra: Many blessings to all of you who are gathered in this space and at this time. I am wishing for all of you who are open to, right where you are now, as you are reading these words, to place your attention at the 3rd eye point, the space between the eyebrows, and hold the intention to link with me there. As you do so, feel that I am guiding you in a subtle way to breathe more deeply and fully on the inhale, more softly and slowly on the exhale, letting the inhale and exhale flow together into a smooth continuous circle of breathing with no pauses, and letting your breathing move into a rhythm and synchronicity with my own breathing. I am also pacing my breathing so that it will be easier for you to harmonize with me. I will be harmonizing with you as you are harmonizing with me. When the two breathings match and move as one, then more energy will flow through me, into you, and into your world. I am wishing for you to visualize, intend, and feel that you are, on the inhale, drawing fire energy up from the ground, from your beloved Terra, raising it up to the heart level, and allow this energy to mix with the energies that I am pouring down from the 3rd eye. In this way, your energy will form a special circle with your world and follow the precept, "If you take care of your world, then your world will take care of you." Doing this energetically allows this feeling to permeate your way of being on your world so that you are inspired to do things like support the growing of organic food, both by doing so and by buying vegetables from your local farmers.

There are many economic concerns presently arising within the collective consciousness of those linking with me and of those with whom you are linked. I would like to share some thoughts that may help to ease and fulfill these concerns in many of you and to at least soften some of the worries that many of you are feeling. It is natural and spiritual for all of you to trust your world to take care of you and you will be able to do this when you care for your world and care for your body. There are some who see the body merely as a vehicle that you live through and that you are meant to discard after a while. This metaphor is useful in some ways to give you a feeling of nonattachment to the fate of your body and hence a certain amount of freedom from worry and fear. But your body is more intimate than the usual vehicle. Your energy field builds this body around itself, causing it to grow, and causing it to heal. It is important that the energy that flows from you to your body be loving and supportive. It is not a wholesome orientation to your body when you do not lovingly take of your body and metaphorically drive it recklessly, trash it, and crash it. This way of using your body does not serve your evolution. Taking care of your body does. This is because your body is more than a vehicle. It is something that you live through and through which you express yourself. It is your connection with your world. This means that the more you take of your body, the more your body takes care of you. As you take care of your body, so also do you take care of your world. It is also true that all the wounds of your beloved Terra are felt in your body, so that healing your body is healing your world.

There is a level of your economics where it is considered wise to be calculating with money and with investments, to buy the best products for the cheapest prices, and then try to sell the cheapest products for the highest prices. This theme shows up much in your world and many of you image "making a living" through this process. This kind of calculation, this search for bargains, can easily move out of balance. It is curious to me that when the price of something is too good to be true, then it is sometimes called "a steal". It seems that this happens when some internal sense of a balanced transaction is violated. It seems many capitalists in your world lose their conscience some and do end up stealing, often in very clever and complex ways, pouring a lot of intelligence into this process, often subtly putting hardships on your "economic system", making "a big profit". Many of these people are actually admired for their "money making skills" and many wish to emulate them. They are considered the successful ones and the fear of failure in many of them is even higher than their fear of death.

What I would like for all of you to do, as a meditation, in your imagination, and in your contemplation with me, is to step out of this economic orientation and process. Your master Jesus invited you to trust life to take care of you, to let the Divine Cosmos continue to support your real needs and simple good wholesome desires. This Divine Cosmos grew your bodies with you and did not drop you into an unsupportive vacuum. But grew you in a world where your food grows on plants nearby, with enough raw materials to build your houses, make wonderful art, and fashion your civilizations. You are meant to serve each other in love, exchanging your products and services with each other to make a good life for all of you. In the original intention of your species, within your genetic mandates, you were not meant to compete with each other, try to better each other, try to rob and steal from each other, try to exploit and enslave each other, or try to kill each other to get at the resources that they own. There was and still is plenty of room for all of you to live and let live, meet each other in love and respect, help each other to grow in ways that honor your evolutionary potential, and build a world together that is worth living within. In the original intention, this did not mean polluting your rivers, lakes, and oceans, poisoning your food with harmful pesticides, making processed foods that are all addictive taste experiences with very little real nutrition, poisoning the air that you breathe, and spewing clouds of radiation into your environment. This poisoning is not needed. It does not have to be the "price of progress". There is no reason why you cannot have very pure water running in your rivers and still have an advanced technological society.

Your insightful Jesus, when he talked about trusting life to take care of you, also talked about a need to decide between serving life and serving money. He did acknowledge that, in a simple and practical sense, you need money. When he said, "Render to Caesar", to those whose faces appear on the coins of the realm, to the politicians and rulers of the realm, he also gave wise advice about how to handle the world and even pay the taxes as a responsible citizen. This advice is still useful and valid. There is sometimes a time to rebel against paying taxes. You will know when and if this is necessary. But when Jesus said this, there was a wisdom that the Roman Empire would collapse of its own accord. Meanwhile, you do need to make exchanges for products and services. There will be a time when money itself will not be necessary for all of you, when you can just share with each other, lovingly serve each other, lovingly grow, work, pray, and play with each other, without money, fear of failure, fear of not surviving, fear of not thriving, and fear of being legally punished for violating rules that you would not consent to following if given a choice. Right now, you are driven by fear and hate the master that you serve. It is behind and within your system. It is possible to peal off this whole layer of motivation and live differently, right here and right now, when you are ready to make this leap. It is still good to be street smart and survival wise, knowing how to live and thrive in your world. You can play the game in a nonattached way and succeed in the world, as long as you are "in the world and not of the world". The inner change comes first and then the outer world will be revisioned and repurposed to serve the higher evolution that wants to happen.

What helps is to imagine that the world is already running without money and you are motivated only by love to serve each other, to grow together, and build the very best world with each other. Find out what you would do in this kind of world and then do it, trusting that money will come and that your needs will be met. That is what Jesus had taught for people to do. It is actually the only advice that works in the long run. It is the only advice that is supported by life, because it is the only advice that asks you to trust life and let yourself be supported, sees you as part of life, and asks you to serve life in return. When money does not also serve this larger process, then it becomes an artificial system and must eventually collapse.

What is interesting is that Jesus instinctively and intuitively also cautioned against "hoarding", against amassing a lot of wealth and then relying on it for security. Such a wish and orientation is the peak goal of the artificial system. It means lording it over others, absolving yourself from lovingly serving others and using the system to make others into indirect slaves of your needs. This is why Jesus said, "The greatest among you is the servant of all." He was aligning you back to the higher evolution. We should want to love each other this much. I am serving you in this capacity. There is a sense that I do not have any more survival needs of my own and am only motivated by love to support your own healing and evolutionary process. My serving you is how I continue to evolve. When I say that in some sense that I have no needs, it is really that I have only one need and this needs is perfectly fulfilled by trusting life to support me. It is always fulfilled directly by my plugging into the universal life field, the pure energy that permeates all of space and all of time, and knowing and trusting that this is enough and that this is all that I need and that this will always be there for me.

There is no need to "hoard wealth" if you live in this kind of trust. It is okay to save some money, because some is definitely needed in your world, and even take some wise precautions as your economic world undergoes the changes that it must go through. But your real wealth is your loving service and the products that you create and share with each other as part of this service. Economics functions rightly when these goods are exchanged with each of you. This is part of your one life together. In a vaster sense, I am here because of you and you are here because of me. Economics also functions between us, though for me I do not need anything from you. Economics has become free energy exchanges within love.

If this perspective is deeply understood, you can then see how your politicians still do not trust love and life. They think in terms of manipulation, fear, and creating incentives, of stimulating the economy, and giving bribes to make things happen and taking bribes in order to succeed. Lots of special interests compete in order to manipulate to make profit. It is like a vacuum that is always sucking energy into a black hole and hoarding wealth, seeing it as manipulative power, and a willingness to lie and present false images to hide what is really going on. When saying this, it is perhaps a bit of an over-simplification, there are good and well intended politicians around, and even those who are corrupt have a small measure of altruistic motivation. Some love is needed even in the coldest and most closed hearts to give their life some meaning. Yet there are major players who are warping your world with their mastery and command of what I am naming "the artificial system". They have figured out what works within this system and play it to the max. In a real sense, their skillfulness, wise within an artificial context and foolish in terms of real life, will drive the artificial world to its natural collapse. They are doing their part. If you go "back to the basics" and stay there, then you will move through this transition in your world in peace.

In doing these meditations, you are co-creating another world, aligning the old world back to its genetic and evolutionary roots, resequencing your world back to the blueprint it was meant to follow, and finishing your detour to go back to the highway.

Namaste. Temavah.

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