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September 21, 2013 "Malformations of the Sex Center"

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are gathered in this space.  Inviting connection at the 3rd eye by placing attention there with the intention of meeting my energy there, and gently repeating "Sohra Saganah Itaho" three times, and then breathing according to the intuitive wisdom you feel when resting your attention there, with inhale deep and full without strain and exhale soft, long, and smooth without strain, with inhale and exhale flowing together creating one smooth circular feeling of continuous breathing, first through the mouth and then through nose when the tingling sensations start, belly expanding on the inhale, belly relaxing on the exhale, lungs expanding outwards in all four direction, upper back, the sides, and the front chest slightly lifting up.  Pausing here to allow you time to fully feel these words in your experience.

Wishing to share a theme that has already been discussed in some of the gatherings surrounding the channeling.  The theme is "the malformations of the sex center".  Early in the contact with Tenabah, he was given a senka "Toboharee Mehdehboh Etalah".  This senka had encoded an equation regarding the root of sorrow in humankind (with "humankind" referring the root genetic pattern that was seeded upon many worlds, including the Earth).  "Tobo" is an external conditioned created attitude.  "Ha" is individual life breath or individual living principle.  "Ree" is strong concentration on purpose.  The first phrase suggests that some artificial purpose rules the human condition.  It shows up in how often, in your world, people seek happiness in sexual relationship with the opposite gender and find sorrow instead and how they eventually end, with each person seeking another and another.  There is a right belief that sexual union should ideally be blissful, the deep harmony easily possible with someone who is loved so fully, deeply, and truly in this sexual union, that it should not be difficult, stressful, challenging, and painful.  There is an instinctive knowing that it should not be the way that it has been in your world.  Occasionally, there are people in your world that do find blissful, harmonious, easy, loving, and peaceful sexual union and sexual bonding with a worthwhile partner who is able to sustain and flow in harmony with the relationship, and some rare beings who are able to flow eternally with each other, evolving into light body with each other, finding the harmony evolving a wonderful telepathy with each other so that there is never a feeling of ever being apart from each other, giving total freedom to each other with the deep trust that other is always willingly connected in each moment, having no control of each other or trying to get one's way with another, not through anger and not through seduction, but trusting natural desire will naturally unfold to all that is meant to happen with each other, in right timing.  Having no negative judgments of each other, where the other is not merely seen as being forgiven of everything that he or she has done, but also seen as being faultless in his or her essential nature.  There being no jealousy, no competition, no struggle to prove that one is better, inferior to, or equal to the other, but simply feeling the innate equality that does not need to measure and compare, with each being too different to really measure and with each being too similar to tell the difference.  Everything that prevents this from unfolding in sexual union with someone is a malformation of the sex center.  These are where the imprints are held dormant and activated as painful experiences.  They are the "tobos" that drive our "ha" energies into strong purpose which is painful in and of itself.

The cure is "medeboh etalah" (spelled differently above for the sake of pronouncing it) which has the meaning of choosing to let go (meh) and actually letting go (deh) of the attitude (boh) and then offering the energy into the heart (eta) so that it restructures the sexual/creative energy (lah).

Because the "tobos" are unnatural and are malformations of the sex center, they will get activated during sexual union.  They will arise when the two lovers are riding the bliss current from sacrum to crown.  They have an artificial "ree" driving them into a different channel, a kind of addictive craving, moving them to a different outcome than the natural alchemical unfolding of sexual union.

In the Ascension Sutra channelings, there were four purposes that sexual union can have.  One is simple pleasure which has the tobo of forming an addiction to this pleasure and depersonalizing the heart to heart connection with the partner in love.  Two is mammalian bonding and family formation which has the tobo of jealousy, possessiveness, control, betrayal, distrust, and dominance struggle.  Three is Tantric energy initiation, learning, activation, and growth which has the tobo of getting stuck, feeling blocked, not flowing, and stagnating.  Four is the three purposes purified and united, enjoyment without addictive craving, bonding without jealousy and possessiveness, and growth without getting stuck or blocked.

The Buddha of your world first taught renouncing sexual union to go "cold turkey" on the addictive energy.  This was only one stage of a larger healing process.  It is "medeboh" without "etalah".  The laypeople were allowed to have sexual union with the requirement of mutual respect, mutual love, and everything done by mutual consent, with no effort to exploit the other person, to use them for sexual pleasure, emotional security, or higher economic status.  Yet this is not complete transformation either.  The sexual creative evolutionary energy has a life purpose.  Every cell is formed through sexual union, carries a life energy activation from the love making of two individuals.  The purposes are either "lunar" for birthing children or "solar" for birthing our light bodies.  Ideally, sexual union serves either one or the other of these purposes.  On your planet, right now, is lunar sex with birth control, thus collapsing the purpose of the sex to pleasure or bonding.  Since the bonds are weak, it is pleasure that is the ruling factor.  This pleasure can have the bliss and warmth of loving feelings, but it is still pleasure and it has an addictive quality until this energy is resolved.  If it has an addictive quality, you will suffer withdrawal and grief when there is loss of this loving energy in your life.

The Tumo Yoga of Tibetan Buddhism is a restructuring of the sexual energy, a movement up the solar channel rather than down the lunar channel, a movement of the lah energy from the sacrum up to the heart with the 3rd eye intuitive wisdom mixing in with the warm energy of the activated heart.

Inviting you (plural) to think "update" at the 3rd eye point and to repeat 24 times the breath senka "etalah".  Feel like you are giving permission for your tobos to be transmuted back into "pah" (innocence).  See if you can be in your sincerest wish to have your energies transformed back into pah.  There may be surfacings of what you may need to acknowledge first about the state of our sex center, things that you are ashamed of and have not fully admitted to yourself.  See if you admit that you have them, acknowledge them and name them without shame or judgment.  You will know when this is done when you forgive others for those same things.  Any judgment on the opposite gender, any issue that holds an emotional charge for you, needs to be forgiven and erased.  Any thing that holds an emotional charge has a corresponding within you that needs self forgiveness and release.  "Eh" is sounded on the inhale in a kind of breathing whisper that shapes the throat air passage and "tah" is sounded on most of the exhale, with a relatively fast "lah" at the end which has the flavor of creatively and intentionally letting go.

I am leaving you (plural) with this instruction that those who are wishing to evolve into light body may rapidly restructure their patterns here and activate the core light process soon.

Blessings, Temavah, Namaste.

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