Monday, October 7, 2013

Sohra Channeling October 7, 2013: Unity Lock

Sohra:  Blessings to all who are meeting in this space.  Inviting attention at the 3rd Eye with the intention of meeting my energy there.  Sending blessing energy to this chakra, pouring energy into this place, wishing all of you well.  Inviting you to be guided in your breathing from the wisdom that is flowing into your 3rd eye.  Deep and full inhale, soft and smooth exhale, inhale flowing into exhale, exhale flowing into inhale, forming one continuous circle of breathing, breathing from the breath itself, becoming the breathing, breathing from the breath as the breath.  Through this connection with me, feel the energy flow into your whole body.  With your permission, I am visualizing for you and with you the sacred geometries of light, the double star tetrahedrons, the small star tetrahedron with south point touching the sacrum and the north point touching the 3rd eye.  The south tetrahedron rotating counter clockwise at 52 cycles per a second.  The north tetrahedron rotating clockwise at 48 cycles per a second.  The larger star tetrahedron is about 3 feet larger in all directions, increasing the size by six foot in diameter.  The south tetrahedron rotating clockwise at 48 cycles per a second.  The north tetrahedron rotating counterclockwise at 52 cycles per a second.  Each relationship between the composite tetrahedrons is forming both a counter-rotating vortex field and a 4 hz dreamtime harmonic.  This will eventually allow you to lift out of your physical body in a fully formed energy body and may allow you to transform your physical body into a light body as well.  With your permission, imprinting this activation into your genetic code and subconscious storehouse mind that it might continue to evolve you in the background of your life.  It will still need to be renewed from time to time, because many of you still hold thoughts in your mind that run counter of the purpose of this activation.  These habitual thoughts will weaken the energy of this activation and even eventually neutralize it, until you learn how to not think them and not nourish them.  I advise that you gently watch over your thoughts and your energy level, notice which thoughts drop your energy level down, and then gently release them.  Question them all and only think the thoughts that are truly necessary for your survival, healing, growth, and celebration.  Notice which ones are birthed from love, wisdom, and creativity, and only flow with these.  Gently acknowledge and release thoughts carried by anger, fear, and sadness, and in their turn sustain these emotional states.  Love them, acknowledge that they served their purpose in your growth and that you can now rise to a higher frequency and higher functioning where only love is needed.  In this higher frequency and functioning, there is no suffering.  I am here for you in this alchemical transformation, this evolutionary mutation, this spiritual death and rebirth into a new being, this awakening to supreme perfect enlightenment, this shift into light body.  I meet you at this event horizon and call you forward into your evolutionary future.  My call can accelerate a process that would take far longer without me.  I am the manifested potential of your own enlightenment process, just as a seed contains the tree, your evolutionary seed contains the possibility that I have manifested.

Within the wisdom field of my light body is the entire Buddha dharma of 72 enlightened teachers who came to my world, many of whom also came and taught in your world.  When you merge with me and I merge with you, you are accelerated in your growth, just as the presence of any good teacher accelerates the learning of his or her students.  There is the law of freewill mediating the process.  In order for this acceleration to happen, each of you needs to choose, moment to moment, to take in and allow the transformational energies to shift you.  Many thoughts and emotions from your unresolved past may arise to be looked at and released.  I advise that you do not analyze what arises, or you will proceed more slowly, tensely, and ambivolently. The wisdom of my energy field, when in unity with your own biological energy field, will illuminate what is arising and reveal its patterns to you, if you stay in silence, in centeredness, and in peace.  If you are thrown off center and are in a reactive spin, then all your analysis will be caught in this vortex and unwittingly perpetuate what is arising, exhausting your energy in the process.  If you notice this is happening, return to me, link with me, again, at the 3rd eye through attention and intention, and then breathing, flowing with the wisdom that knows how to breathe.  This way you will return into "unity lock" with me and I can carry you all the way to the very end of the process.

I am wishing to affirm that all of you, indeed, have the power and potential to go solo and achieve complete perfect enlightenment on your own, through your own efforts.  This is not the issue here.  The question for you, at the evolutionary juncture that you are in right now, is to find the most optimal path for this process to complete itself, that one that is the most easy, rapid, and peaceful for you to take.  And even with my support for your process, there are things that you must do for yourself to stay connected to this process and aligned with this purpose.  The law of free will requires this.  It is the free will itself that is in evolution.  It is the central principle that makes you an alive sentient being.  It cannot be subverted.  Those who wish to do mind control are violating this principle and are doing something worst than the murder of bodies, yet your free will is the seed essence within you that vibrates already at the highest frequency of your being.  It cannot be destroyed.  It cannot truly be violated in any way.  Yet you can imagine that you are not free, you can freely choose to imagine that you are not free, and make this very real in your experience.  You can also paradoxically agree with the mind control people and make their hold on you feel very real as well.

I have shared with you before that "I will remember you until you remember yourself".  In your language, there is a beautiful paradox in your word "remember", meaning that you become a member of something again.  When you remember yourself, you become a member of yourself again.  You become whole and complete.  Inside your free will is a being who is already fully liberated, but who has not yet fully agreed with his or her liberation.  This agreement needs to come from understanding and cannot be forced in any way.  No pressure can force free will to make any decision.  What can be forced is not free.  If I push you, then I push the parts that are not free and this cannot activate your awareness of your freedom.  I can, however, join your freedom and walk with you up the mountain of enlightenment, moving you past the steep and dangerous parts, helping you to avoid unnecessary struggles with paths of sorrows, detours into adverse karmaic relationships, and to watch for low hanging branches that you might trip over or bump your head upon.

Because I have fully awakened the dharma power of a living Buddha, I can infuse you with energy that would take you longer to generate for yourself.  It is like you are still building a power station within you that I have already built.  I can supply power, resources, and energy that are needed for you to complete your power station, even the blueprints for the most advanced designs, and help you to build it quicker and better.

There is a need to learn what your part in your own process is within this yoga of the light body.  It is learning how to deeply cooperate with the evolutionary energies that I am calling "blessing energy".  On the simplest level, you do the instructions as best you can.  They will walk you through your side of the process until to get the feel for flowing with my energy guidance.  Then a more intuitive alignment will replace the more literal instructions.  This "flowing with intuitive wisdom" moment to moment is the vital key that we all allow you to move all the way to the very end of the process, where you awaken to light body and transform your physical body into a living functional hologram within the Quantum luminous field.  It will also guide you throughout your days on Earth, help you meet your seeming challenges, and even let you use them as food for your evolutionary growth.

I will be shared more about this process in other transmissions.  This unit of understanding is complete and being released for you to integrate.  Blessings, namaste, temavah.

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