Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tenabah Notes 1211/2013: Outer Support for the Inner Process

Tenabah:  I wanted to add some notes especially for those who are linking deeply with Sohra and carrying this link into their daily lives, and who are using this connection as a primary support for their transition into light body.

I am entitling this article "Outer Support for the Inner Process".  There are a few things that Sohra is suggesting at this time, with more coming if these things are integrated:

(1) Drinking one quart of pure water with a few slices of limes charging it up.  This is done in the morning upon waking up.  The idea is to not eat any food or even take any beverage until this water passes through the system via urination.  This helps the body to cleanse, to use the long fasting during sleep efficiently.  Ideally, we are drinking enough pure water so that we have at least one clear (not yellow) urination per a day.

(2) Before sleep, to drink one cup of pure warm water with a half teaspoon of Triphalia.  Ideally, one has not eaten anything at least one hour before going to sleep.

(3) Sohra has been wanting people to learn towards being vegan and to ideally be vegan.  There are a lot of reasons for this.  One is ethical and karmaic, that by eating animals and animal products one is involved in killing the animals and the karma of this.  If one is taking dairy and eggs, then one is stealing from them and involved in the karma of this.  It is theoretically possible that one can make a conscious agreement with a specific animal and get some milk or eggs from her that would not be stealing, and this would be more karma free.  But this kind of transaction is not meant to be a regular part of the human diet.  Two is that human mother's milk has the carb/protein/fat ratio of 80-10-10 and possibly even less protein than 10 percent (the World Health Organization upped it to 10 percent just to play it safe).  Animal flesh is more like 30-40-30.  It is hard for our diet to move to its ideal health with unbalanced ratios like this.  It tends to produce an acidic blood stream.  It takes a lot more exercise to burn enough protein and fat to lose weight.  A banana has similar ratios to mother's milk and is recommended by the American Pediatric Association for babies if they cannot breast feed.  If the human baby body does not need more than 10 percent protein when it is massively building new tissues and literally doubling and tripling its size, then adults probably do not need very much protein to maintain the tissues that they already have.  There are some people very used to eating animal flesh and products, who may not be able to easily transition to being vegan.  There are herbal brews that will help this transition.  You also want to avoid eating gluten and GMO grains and anything made from them.  Eliminating casein/cheese/elmer's-glue from the diet is a pretty immediate need.  It will take special herbal teas to undo this damage to the intestines.

(4) Taking a hot bath with 1/2 cup to 1 cup of baking soda at night about 3 times a week.  This will alkalize the body and help nourish the skin which is being a little ravaged by oxidation reactions.  This will assist the overall cleansing process.

Blessings, Temavah, Namaste.

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