Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Tech Levels (Tenabah Notes)

When asked about UFOs, Sohra shared a useful map that I have found on value in many ways.  It concerns different levels of technology:

Tech 0 = Stone Age.  Tools are made with stones, wood, and vine (rope), sharpened by rubbing, grinding, and chiseling, etc.

Tech 1 = Fire Age.  This tech level includes everything from using fire to warm oneself, making camp fires, to alchemy, iron smelting, candles, steam engines, and torches.

Tech 2 = Electric Age.  This tech level is where humans on Earth are now.  Batteries, computers, etc. are all from this level, though there are two exceptions.  One is things discovered at a higher tech level but which can be imported to a lower tech level.  Two is the next category.

Tech 2.5 = Atomic Power.  This tech level was not really meant to be, except as a passing discovery on the way to the next level.  This is why it is given a "2.5" rating, rather than a fully implemented technological level.  Even Nuclear power is really downscaled to fire (steam turbines) and electricity (electrical generators driven by steam turbines).  The atomic bomb is a sophisticated fire bomb activated by Tech 2 electrical technology.  Cold Fusion is really Tech 3 and would have been the proper outcome of atomic research.

Tech 3 = Zero Point Energy.  Drawing energy from the infinite field of luminous empty space.  Overunity electrical generators are part of this.  The electricity, too, is qualitatively different from conventional electricity.  This is also the energy of life itself and of lightning storms, auroras, noctilucent clouds, and even the stars.  This is really the minimum level for ETs to navigate the cosmos.

Tech 4 = Consciousness/Matter Interaction.  This is where the consciousness within each sentient being is felt as a force that can interact with matter telekinetically, as in "mind over matter".  However, consciousness is still understood almost like a physical force among other physical forces, and is studied in this context because of instrument science being limited to this kind of measuring.  The beginnings of this are seen in the interfaces that are used to brain pilot jet planes.

Tech 5 = Unity.  This is where the unified field equation is understood and includes everything.  It was necessary for Tech 5 level understanding of consciousness to happen first before completing this mission of Einstein.  The attempts to find an equation that resolves the four physical forces into each other has moved to string theory and m-state theory, but without the inclusion of consciousness is incomplete.  Once all the factors are combined into a unified vision, then you have a technological level that cannot be abused by evil purposes nor can it be used to win a battle within a dualistic struggle.

Tech 6 = Light Body.  This is where life is experienced as a Dream of Consciousness, with only one Dreamer (Unity), and we are parts of this Dreamer and are co-creating the world together.  Technology is literally dreamed into existence according the the laws that govern unity.

Tech 5 and Tech 6 are beyond misuse and it was the rising up to Tech 5 by the Sirians that ended the Sirian/Orion galactic war.  On this level, the Sirians needed to see the Orions as their own shadow side, just as the GMO biotech companies are the shadow side of modern science.  Because Tech 5 and Tech 6 are beyond dualistic struggle, if we learn to function on this level, real evolutionary progress can be made that is non-reversible.

Sohra shared that some ET civilizations are functioning at Tech 3 and above, and that all these levels of tech are interacting with our world, with a lot of our technology reverse engineered from Tech 3 and above space craft (mostly from Tech 4 craft, because Tech 5 is beyond being shot down or malfunctioning).  The ability to reverse engineer from those craft has to do with the human's ability to contextualize what the craft is doing in terms of their own technological level (Tech 2).  The silicon chip would be a reverse engineering of a Tech 4 space craft, though Tech 3 is about the highest level of what humans can grok about those craft.  It is hard to fully grasp more than one tech level beyond where you are.

Sohra has been sharing some Tech 6 crystal devices recently to help evolve our world through its transitional time.  It is functioning more on a Tech 5 level, conforming to the laws of unity in manifestation.  She had been preparing some people to bring it through, because proper use can only be done with a shift in our consciousness (Tech 4) aligning with its purpose and thinking clearly at the frequency of understanding Tech 5.  This can be temporarily done by alignment with the energies being channeled to the point where we meditate into conscious awareness of our Buddha nature.  Since the devices cannot be misused, proper use is accessing its level of function or not.

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