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Double Star Tetrahedron

Tenabah:  I wanted to share a general outline of the meditation process that Sohra has been sharing during the last several channelings.  She has been building up in stages over the last few years to reach this point and would like for me to summarize this level of transmissions.  She is going to repeat them with some subtle variations until a certain maturity of understanding has been reached, and then to move into another gear with this work.  In the next gear, the energies will be even more strongly activated, the cells will start to shimmer with light, and deep moment to moment processing will happen.  People will flow in a kind of intuitive wisdom to release hindrances to be present as a light body, diving into and embracing repressed emotions, and then spinning them into a higher frequency where they transmute back into unconditional love.  Even though this is a written description of the interlocking meditation processes.  You are invited to follow the instructions as you read them and make it an alive experience right where you are.


1.1 Sohra:  "Inviting connection at third eye.  Would like for you to place attention at 3rd eye with the intention of meeting and receiving my energy there.  Sending energy blessing.  Would like for you to feel that you are receiving intuitive guidance on how to breathe."

1.2 Sohra:  "Affirming that whenever you gently place attention at the 3rd eye and rest attention there that whatever you imagine becomes real in your experience."

1.3 Sohra:  "Inhale deep and full.  Exhale soft and smooth.  Inhale and exhale flowing into each other without harsh pauses.  The total breathing becoming one smooth continuous flow.  Belly gently expanding on the inhale.  Belly softly relaxing on the exhale, gently pushing the air out.  Rib cage and lungs gently expanding on the inhale.  Rib cage and lungs softly relaxing on the exhale, gently pushing the air out.

1.4 Sohra:  "Notice and feel the expansion and relaxation of the belly as the inhale rises and the exhale falls.  Notice and feel the rib cage expand and relax, also, on the inhale and exhale.  Notice the expansion in the front, sides, back, shoulder, and diaphragm, all six sides of the rib cage and lungs.  Let the inhale expand into all these areas without strain, gently massaging these areas into softness and openness."

1.5 Sohra:  "Notice how the spine naturally moves in response to the inhale and exhale, how it gently waves and pulses, and how the spaces between the vertebrae open and flex.  Gently notice where the spine is stiff and focus attention on the spaces between the vertebra there and let the breathing gently massage them open through the natural rise and fall of the inhale and exhale waving through them.  Focus your attention on these space and notice how this attention helps this process.  You are not forcing but allowing.  You are not straining or efforting, but inviting.  The body will willingly accept this invitation because it wants to."

1.6 Sohra:  "Add a whispering chant of 'yah' on the inhale and a whispering chant of 'hah' on the exhale.  The sounding is made through the wind moving through the throat, not with the vocal chords.  The soundings are continuous and prolonged, but never to the point of strain.  Feel as if the belly is pulling the air into itself on the inhale and gently pushing the air out on the exhale.  Each is a somewhat long drawn out syllable.  Again, you wish to have your primary attention resting at your 3rd eye and feeling that you are following the guidance directly from this place, with only part of the guidance coming through these words."

1.7 Sohra:  "Inviting you to do this basic breathing.  This linking breath.  Feeling like you are nonverbally communing with my wisdom energy at the third eye.  My wisdom then is your wisdom.  They are merged and flowing together when the attention gently rests at the 3rd eye.  Inviting you to do about 100 breaths, with 'yah' and 'hah' in them, with the intention of deepening our connection there.  This can be done in any posture, however, it is easiest to do when you are lying down on a soft carpeted floor, a firm yet soft bed, or a bed of grass.  You do not have to count the breaths literally.  It will be, in your way of measuring time, about 5 to 10 minutes."

1.8 Sohra:  "Gently hold the intention of deepening our connection.  Feel as if we are holding an intuitive warm silent space together.  Let it wash away any harsh thoughts and experiences from your mind.  Not pushing them away, but gently letting them wash away, like the ocean waters of your world and how they gently wash your shores.  This linking breathing, rooted in the 3rd eye, yet done with the whole body, heart, and mind is integral to all that comes afterwards.  It can also be a connection that you may carry throughout your daily life and even within your dream journeys during sleep.  There is a space of unity in this breathing where my wisdom merges with your wisdom, and my enlightenment merges with your own enlightened nature, helping it to gently wake up.  This single method of breathing can, by itself, be enough to bring a deep level of awakening."

2. Core Activation

2.1 Sohra:  "With your permission, activating Double star Tetrahedron."

Note:  Like everything that is written here, it is a translation of her Itanamic thought processes and language into English or a terrestrial language.  The background of the above sentence is that Sohra is very aware that everything that happens to us requires our conscious and/or unconscious permission.  Even when she already knows she has our permission, she wishes that we still consciously give it with full knowing that we are doing so.  The term that is being translated is "teh-teh-vah-nee" (tetevani) which can roughly translate as agreement to concentrate upon and move together within a sacred purpose and process.  Her heart intention ("teh") has already been formed, when we add our "teh" to this (heart choice), then "vani" is activated.

2.2 Sohra:  "Visualizing for you and with you, the Double Star Tetrahedron."

Note:  The Double Star Tetrahedron would be called in Itanamic language "Tatorakaba" (kaba=sacred form/geometry, tato=holographic heart macrocosm aligned with holographic heart microcosm so that universal and individual hearts are surrendered into each other, ra=heart blessing grace as energy in motion).

2.3 Sohra:  "Would like for you to renew your focus of attention upon your 3rd eye.  Please remember that the principle that we are working with is that, when your attention is resting at the 3rd eye, then whatever you imagine and feel becomes real in your experience.  Gently release the feeling that you are working alone, in isolation from me, and trust that we are united in purpose, that I am in you and you are in me."

2.4 Sohra:  "The Double Star Tetrahedron is composed of Two Star Tetrahedrons, and the Two Star Tetrahedrons are composed of two tetrahedrons each, and these are, in their turn, composed of four equilateral triangles.  These are triangles with all their sides of equal length."

2.5 Sohra:  "The triangles form a three sided pyramid with a same size triangle as a base."

2.6 Sohra: "A Star Tetrahedron is formed by two tetrahedrons interlocking to form a three dimensional Star of David."

2.7 Sohra:  "The Double Star Tetrahedron is composed of two Star Tetrahedrons.  The smaller one has the north tip touching the 3rd eye and the south tip touching the sacrum.  The larger one is 3 feet in radius larger than the smaller one or six feet in diameter larger than the smaller one." 

2.8 Sohra:  "The tetrahedrons that compose the Double Star Tetrahedron form counter-rotating spins.  The internal south points tetrahedron is rotating at 52 hz counter-clockwise or moving from left to right behind you and moving from right to left in front of you.  Another way of imagining the spin is that if you looked from above the tetrahedron it would be moving counter-clockwise.  The north pointing internal tetrahedron is spinning 48 hz clockwise.  The larger Star Tetrahedron is the opposite, with the external south pointing tetrahedron going 48 hz clockwise and the external north pointing tetrahedron going 52 hz counter-clockwise.  Each pair of tetrahedrons, internal above and below, external above and below, internal and external below, and internal and external above, all have a differential of 4 hz.  They create an isochronic sine wave beat pattern of 4 hz which inspires the brain to emulate this frequency and gently shift it into lucid dreaming."

2.9 Sohra:  "If you do not feel you can exactly visualize the counter-rotating spins of the Double Star Tetrahedron, then simply intend for the tetrahedrons to spin according to these frequencies and I will visualize for you and with you to align them to their exact frequencies."

(videos to give feeling of counter-rotating spins)

[I am going to add more here until it covers the complete meditation and it will have pictures and even video links so that the sounds, like 'yah' and 'hah' are heard, and geometries more accurately visualized.  But I am going to post the first section right now so that those involved can review.]

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