Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Aurora 2p-4p 12/21/2010

As far as I can tell, 18 (maybe 19) matches approximately 2pm PST when Sohra shared that the pulse would be the strongest. There is definitely something on the graph that matches the time mentioned. As far as I can tell, it relates more to solar winds, which do affect the geomagnetic field, and how much data is collected at those times. It is really not much to go on and really does not tell much. The other chart is more readable but only gives a "window" every one or two hours. The problem is that these graphs are primarily an aid to predicting when auroras could be visible and where. Interesting is the 2kp minispike near "22". All this is in the high beam activity zone.

Sohra shared that the beam was more diffused and global than the above model and that the auroras (and potential auroras), while beautiful, did represent imbalances being worked out in the atmosphere. The beam did accomplish its intended balancing and was smoother than expected. The beam is presently winding down. There was some discussion about keeping it on longer just to help, but the consensus was that this was "strong medicine" and that other more predictable processes can be offered (and have been offered in the past) and take over from this point. There will not be a need for other beams at future astrological junctures (unless something like another gulf oil spill happens again). Namaste.

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