Saturday, December 25, 2010

More Regarding the Pulse

The above picture is for 12/25/2010 around 10:30am PST and probably about an hour earlier due to the information processing delays. The light orange shows some further magnetic intensity with the edge of the field including Oregon. When I checked in the day before, it was similar only slightly darker.

On the parallel Facebook entry and on the gmail mass sending, the prediction regarding the Sirian pulse by Sohra received more response than any previous internet channeling. The general sense that I got was because it was timely "good news" and did affirm that the Sirians had a positive influence on the unfoldment of the future history of the Earth.

I have been occasionally checking in on what the geomagnetic field is doing since then. There is usually some low level activity. I do find that my brain is feeling the magnetic vibration of this planet more directly from these daily checking ins. Sohra did share that the pulse would seem to come from everywhere and therefore is one step removed, at least, from what is picked up by the geomagnetic sensors. There are two problems that I can see with using those sensors to verify something of the pulse. One is that the sensors are specifically trying to help sense auroras which are magnetic disturbances or imbalances. Two is that the sensors, at least the ones I have found so far, do not measure the frequencies of the magnetism, only the intensity or strength. But it does measure something that is indirectly related to the pulse.

I have been using "brainwave synchronizers" to help deepen meditation. I have been interested in them ever since Kamiya did his early biofeedback studies on Zen masters and found that they had a "rhythmic theta train". I would use the word "coherent" rather than "rhythmic" nowadays. The mere presence of a certain frequency is only part of the story, its stability, resilience, and coherence are important too. It took these Zen masters about 10 years of practice to achieve this. It takes only 5 minutes to achieve this same brainwave pattern with the assistance of a brainwave synchronizer and about 30 sessions, one per a day for a month, of one hour each day, to stabilize it. I would highly recommend that people use this advantage and to accelerate their meditation process by doing so. While merely getting a coherent theta train may not be the only thing that the Zen masters achieve in 10 years of meditation, the acceleration is still immense.

Much of the later use of brainwave synchronizers has not focused on what I would call the "sacred frequency" of 7.83 hz. This is the Schumann resonance frequency and when our brains are on that wavelength we are "magnetically one with the Earth". Although Buddhist teaching rarely talks about this, the Earth responded deeply to the enlightenment of the Buddha and the Earth "witnesses" the enlightenment of the Buddha and even gave Buddha the blessing of physical immortality, a body that would live as long as the Earth lived without aging or dying. The Buddha later on did a tonglen, taking on enough planetary karma into his body to have it die, and by doing so created a "storehouse of blessing" for the sake of the Buddhist meditation community, so that their meditation process would be easier. Somewhere in this process, the frequency of 7.83 hz is a key to linking us into a deep meditation space where the healing power of the Earth supports us and our own small power supports the Earth.

A few groups later on found that sometimes the brain "habituates" around the 7.83 hz signal and found started to use semi-randomized shaped waves to prevent this. Other researchers found the effect deepened when the frequency was introduced with a "binaural beat", where 7.83 hz was created through two sounds being introduced, one in the right ear and one in the left ear, with a differential of 7.83 (like 27.83 hz and 20 hz). On an intuitive leap, I found that the best "base frequency" is 110 hz which is the frequency of the 3rd eye (117.83 hz and 110 hz binaural beat pattern) with a pink noise background to prevent habituation. I have composed a CD which only has this and have found it helpful to assist people between energy healing sessions, especially if they are going through intense emotions. The CD is one hour long. The only thing I have not described here about what is on it is how to tune the relative volume of the pink noise to beat frequency so that it is ideal. Too much allows some habituation to happen and too little masks out too much of the frequency.

It seems that the brain does form a harmonic link with the consciousness of the Earth. It explains why many who use brainwave synchronizers sometimes report out of the body experiences. It puzzled people why a brain change would allow people to leave their brains. But the key is that the brain itself interlocks with something larger outside itself and is then able to experience a wider field of sensory activity. Somewhere in this process, something deeper than the brain learns to use this wider field to exit the body and travel in a dreambody. One can even feel the Earth itself dreaming sometimes. Once tuned to 7.83 hz, the brain seems able to sense many things that it would not otherwise be able to do, including some of the geomagnetic effects of the pulse.

Sohra was happy with how well and how peacefully the pulse worked, though a few medium earthquakes did coincide with the pulse period. I was tracking the geomagnetic effects, but Tim Stetz mentioned the quakes. He took these as a confirmation that something real was happening during the pulse period. Sohra wished that more could be done to help alleviate as much planetary, human and animal sorrow as possible. She wishes to remind people that she is willing to directly link through the third eye and help each of us burn away as much karma as possible through meditation. It is also possible, once linked, to channel her energy outwards to the Earth in order to assist its process even more. She is doing this anyway, but, given the laws of karma, if we link with her, she is able to do more. We are constantly interacting within the Earth field and share its karmaic journey. Because we are linked, we can be transformed into conduits for the healing of the Earth. She is not linked karmaically in the same way and therefore this partially limits her effect. When we join her we give her access to portals where more energy can flood into the Earth from her. We can also be healed in the same process, just like a hose cleaning a deck is also cleaned inside itself.

Merry Christmas to all and many thanks to all for witnessing the pulse.


  1. Footnote1 (regarding the 2012 solstice):
    The Sun is at 0 degrees Capricorn, the point of the December solstice. It makes a sextile to Neptune, right at the beginning of Pisces. This is an almost exact sextile. The orb is less then half a degree. This aspect can point towards a spiritual experience, a loss or both.

    The most important configuration is a yod which we find in the chart. This is also called the Finger of God. It looks like an arrow in the chart and it indicates change and transformations. .

    The yod consists of:

    1. A quincunx (150 degree aspect) between Jupiter and Pluto.

    2. A quincunx between Jupiter and Saturn.

    3. A central opposition (180 degree aspect) made between Jupiter and the Mercury/Venus conjunction.

    The two quincunxes are almost exact, they have an orb of less then half a degree. In fact the quincunx between Jupiter and Pluto is exact at December 21 2012.


  2. Footnote2: I found the above information on the site mentioned below, what is interesting is that Sohra mentioned Jupiter as important in a kind of galactic astrology. As interesting as the astrological formations were for the 2010 solstice, they did not figure Jupiter as tightly as apparently the 2012 one will. I do suspect it might have something to do with how Jupiter seems to be evolving into a star. It is radiating out more energy than it is getting from the Sun. Europa and Io, in their turn, would be evolving into planets around this proto-star.