Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sohra Channeling May 10

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are meeting me and each other within this space and within this intention. I am happy to feel the response to the previous channeling and am happy with the energy that was able to be poured through into your world because of the energy portals that you have opened up. There are two worlds which supportive of this intention. One is Ita, my home world and the other is Getan which is the central world of the Sirian Galactic Community. There are some questions that arose in the minds and hearts of those who linked with me. I am wishing to respond to them through this communication.

As you feel these words being shared with you, I would like for you to use them to attune telepathically to me through your 3rd eye, that our link may deepen. The strength of this link will be the main factor in how much energy I can bring through you into your world. Even when the words are being shared through Tenabah to you, put into writing, rather than being sounded through your senka or voice, there is still a vibration to these words that will allow you to attune more deeply to me and I to you.

Some of you are already reporting energy shifts happening inside you. Your energy system is being rewired to handle a greater and greater load of energy output. This will, in the long run, assist your evolution into light body. You are birthing a new body within your biological body. This new body will be able to exist independently of your physical body, have greater capacity, less limitations, be less subject to illness, and be more responsive to your love motivated thought intentions. There are two possible destinies of this new body. One is that you may at some point shed your biological body and fully inhabit this one, trading as it were, one for the other. Two is that you may absorb your biological body into the light body in a process that is sometimes called, in your New Age and Tibetan Buddhist texts, "taking your body with you". While the latter is preferable and produces a deeper transformation, both are acceptable paths. Your karma will decide which destiny you will take on. If you burn away enough karma, the need to age and die will be eclipsed and you will take your biological body with you. If you do not burn away enough karma, then your light body will generate experiences for itself to complete the same evolutionary process in the after death state.

In asking you to help in the healing of your world and to join me in this intention, I have indirectly offered an evolutionary path through loving service to your world. It is an easier path than some of the paths that I see many of you working within. This path is not exclusive. You can continue on the paths that you are already on and some of the ease of this path of service will help your other paths to function more easily, rapidly, and peacefully. Ideally, you are actually on three paths simultaneously. One is your personal individual path of growth, through daily meditation practices, higher physical yogas like Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and many other advanced bodywork systems that your New Age consciousness is generating and exploring, including Sacred Dance which may integrate all of these into an even more advanced system, especially when it is integrated with a kind of moving sacred geometry and the corresponding chanting of frequency precise mantras. Two is your work with each other in groups, including the partnership journeys you may undergo in the Tantric Dual Vehicles you are seeking to form. In the group work, even greater compassion, patience, and sensitivity is required to learn how to stay centered in your own process and at the same time honor and harmonize with the individual journeys that surround you. Sacred Dance, taken to a higher level, with heart chakras opened wide with those you dance with, may yet serve for even more powerful transformations than what can be accomplished alone. My sense is that in order to reach the most advanced levels of what is possible through this, though, that the "workshop" format will need to be released, that people intend to unite in community with each other, become a living Sangha and guard the harmony of the Sangha very deeply. It will need to be something experienced as intimately as your close loving relationships are meant to be. Workshops, even intimacy workshops, have an element of impersonality to them by their very format which subtly prevents the full maturing of this kind of Sangha. Workshops are a place to start, some basic methods and tools can be given, but more is needed to go deeper than this. Three is the loving service to your world and to its evolutionary journey. This is a joining within a very large purpose that unites both you and I, and your Earth with Ita, Getan, and the Galactic center world, and even beyond this. When you attend all three of these paths simultaneously, in your life, then you will not be easily stuck. You will be gently challenged every step of the way to grow. When your process gets stuck in one, then the other two paths will carry you across this stuck place.

Please remember that I am in deep honoring of your free choice. If your body is getting rewired, you gave unconscious or conscious permission for this shift. It was agreeable to your consciousness to allow these positive changes to happen to you. Some of the conservations that I have had with each of you have been on a nonverbal light level that your conscious experience may not yet fully validate. But the changes will feel right to undergo and will not feel like a violation. You are still the one in charge of your process.

Having said this, you may wish to increase your uptake of organic silica. There are apparently supplements in your coops which can supply these needs and have been tested for absorbability. There is also horsetail and other herbs that have silica to offer you. Some of you are in areas where it grows nearby you and you can freely take what your biosphere is offering to you. This silica will be needed for you, because the light body has crystalline elements within itself. It refracts light energy to perform its internal alchemies. You are becoming a superconductor for new kinds of energies to flow through you. Many other kinds of minerals will be needed, too. Some of them are found in the Himalayan salts that you have in your coop shelves and other similar products.

Although many of you are not quite ready for this, it would be wise to shift into a vegan, vegetarian, and near vegetarian diet. If you feel unable to do this immediately, see if you can reduce your consumption of animal muscle tissue. If you put your intention to make this change, you will be guided step by step to make this transition in relatively peaceful stages. In the interim period, try to eat as much green veggies as possible, drink pure living water, and gently eliminate any food addictions that you have. If you do not re-align your diet, you can still undergo the energetic shifts and biological upgrades that will wish to happen in your mind, heart, and body, but then your body will cause "a healing crisis" to happen, it will generate or attract an illness to produce the changes necessary. This "healing crisis" is very much parallel to what is happening in your world as you go through this planetary transition phase.

Your world is still not yet "under dharma". It is possible that at some point in the future that all of you will be aligned with universal law and the evolutionary blueprint for the unfoldment of your species, living the way of life that is truly in harmony with your biosphere and galactic energy nexus. But at this point in time, it is not yet fully so. Your Earth is going through a transition right now. It is being initiated into a deeper alignment with the dharma. It wants to carry as many of you with her as possible right now. Her energy matrix is going to go through a kind of "reboot". It will very rapidly realign the four elements and the fifth element into a new pattern. Many cleansings and shake downs will happen.

The closer the four elements are to their ideal pattern, the less intense the alignments will need to be. Different parts of your world have different needs. If you take care of your world, then your world will take care of you. Some places will need some drastic shifts to bring them into alignment, while others will feel just a gentle nudge into a higher alignment and frequency. The vast majority of your world has been built by people who are literally "third eye blind". It is as if there is a geometric pattern that any third eye awakened person can see, certain lines of energy across your world, meridian lines and junctures which are energy relays that keep your world healthy, vital, and alive. Yet most modern cities are not built upon this energy grid. It looks very odd to the energy aware, because it would take a simple effort to align with the grid and things would work better if you did. There have been cultures on your world that have honored this pattern and still do. Many of the buildings that were built on this pattern are still standing. Some are artfully woven into nature so that they are hard to even notice.

During the reboot process, the magnetic field will collapse some. There will be periodic infusions of energy to help this. It is wise to be near a strong local magnetic field, like that of Mount Shasta and of Sedona. I am not surprised that many people who are aligned with what is called "the New Age" are attracted to these natural magnetic field zones and are building a new world on their energy matrix. It shows that many of you have good spiritual instincts and do follow where you are being led. These will be good places to stay in when these transitions happen. They are already at least partly aligned to the new pattern. I would advise you to align more deeply with those patterns and invoke more energy into these vortex points. If you invoke your connection with me, at your 3rd eye, then I and those who are with me will be exceedingly glad to pour energy into those vortex points, to help you renew your Earth. You can reclaim the areas that you live into this new energy pattern. You will start to see it and feel it more as you serve in this manner.

In terms of answering a question regarding the energies that are forming your auroras. The answer is "yes" that most of the energies coming through are part of the evolutionary ballad that your sun is singing to your planet. The auroras are a reflect of this deeper energy sharing. The Earth is in a knowing about what is required of her and she is moving obediently along her path. Her only sorrow is really for you right now, for the humans who are going to suffer as she shifts to the new level of energy in her own journey. She would have wished that she had more time to allow for humans to catch up to what is needed. But now must go forward anyway and hope that all of you keep up. If you serve as energy portals for the healings to happen to the Earth, you will naturally and easily morph in such a way that you will keep up.

Sensing that what wishes to be shared at this time is complete.


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