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Sohra Channeling May 15, 2011

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are meeting me in this shared space, meeting me at the 3rd eye point, within a mutual relaxed intentional concentration, within an atmosphere of love, peace, joy, and even the lightness of humor. I would like for you to hold your attention gently at the 3rd eye point, with a simple gesture of attention. Please notice if you are straining any muscles when you are concentrating there. What may help you is to rub a very small amount of lavender oil, or ideally some lavender and rose blended essential oil, at the 3rd eye point, and then to use this subtle sensation as the place to hold your attention. If you have a favorite essential oil, it may even work better than this, since the emotional wisdom that chooses something to be favorite is often tuned to your specific energy needs.

When you have placed this kind of attention at your 3rd eye, intending to link with me, intending to allow me to infuse your biological expression with energy, and intending to allow me, for a small time, to guide you to your own place of deeper wisdom, where we will be united in purpose and where we will be present to each other as the One-Who-Is-All, please then synchronize your breathing with me. Feel as if guided by me in your breathing. Imagine that I am giving you subtle signals, nonverbal and intuitive, about how to deepen your breathing, how to make your breathing smooth, soft, and relaxed, how to connect both inhale and exhale into a smooth flow with no pauses inbetween, how to expand belly and rib cage without strain so that they have their fullest breathing capacity that is possible in this moment, and how to have what is called "the mother rhythm" between us.

This mother rhythm is something that a few Sufi circles have known and shared within what is called an "oral transmission", passed in a living way between teachers and students. It is really more than just a breathing technique and the form I am presenting to you is different in details to the breathing pattern that you may find scribbled down in some books or in some notes. Many of the breathing methods that are shared in your world do not have the mother energy component of relatedness, love, and energy transmission. Because of this, the mother rhythm is obviously not something that you can learn and do alone. It requires a relationship to carry its energy from generation to generation. It links together whole lineages of Sufis, Taoists, Tibetan Buddhists, Gnostic Christians, Hasidic Jews, and Santana Dharmists, and even many others who transmitted a living sense of truth within Aboriginal Shamanic groups of your world. Within a kind of Cosmic Buddhism, we would call this the linking to the Mahasangha. It is the esoteric core of living light that includes all the spiritually enlightened beings of this cosmos, the living embodiment of the eternal truth that can never be corrupted. This sense of truth cannot be captured within any dogmatic belief, no matter how strongly held in the mind and believed, because only a loving heart can relax into this light and abide within its energy. It is always the mother principle who brings each spark of living light, each individual soul essence, back to its home within primal luminosity, the beloved Dharmakaya, formless truth. And yes, this mother principle exists both within the male and within the female, and even in beings who never chose to enter the gender polarity dance, rare as they are upon your world called Earth. The females of the Earth who are awakening now have more necessity to bring this principle forward and hence are usually closer to this principle, but growth for both genders, at this time in your historical and evolutionary unfoldment within your present timewave, require access to this principle and integration of this principle into your very sense of identity.

There is a passage from one of your non-canonical gospels that is attributed to Saint Thomas, who did follow the Bodhisattva Issa, known as Jesus the Christ within the spiritual traditions and lineages of Europe and North America, and who did go with Issa to study in the spiritual climate of India and the Himalayans, who was and is loved and known within many circles, who smile knowingly and quietly to this day, and who are constrained by secrecy vows to keep quiet about what they know about this master teacher, and who only share about his own teachers when the time, place, and conditions are right. There are small alchemical formulas that have been summaries for the meditation and prayer processes that Issa had taught. One of them, in the original form, lost to your history and archeology, goes approximately as follows, adjusted for right grammatical, linguistic, psychological, and cultural context:

the living breath
of the mother
and the sustained concentration
of the father
conjoined within primordial presence
will make
the female integrate her male principle
the male integrate his female principle
balance and fuse
the male and the female principles
into a new harmony and unity
within each living being
that will manifest in love, peace, and simplicity
within all external relationships
especially within the love
of two twin flames
by feeling the outside beloved within
and the inside beloved without
until there is only oneness
and the dimension of light
is seen to include
the living Earth
and the entire material world

I invite you to deeply enter this mother breath and by doing so deepen your connection to me. It will create an environment within you where your heart will flourish open and radiate healing energy into your world.

There is a channel, a pillar of light, that links your crown chakra to your heart chakra. This pillar of light is the channel through which the living energy of love can flow downwards, pour into your heart chakra, join with your own love for your world, amplify and boost it into a tidal wave of blissful and healing energy, and pour into your world.

I would further wish for you to visualize the whirling spiral arms of our galaxy, whirling within an eliptical geometric unfoldment, around a trinary core of focal points, and to visualize a beam of intelligent, creative, and compassionate lazer light emanating out of this Galactic Center, through the Sirian Trinary Star system, to the emerging Trinary Star system of Sol which is your own solar system. Visualize the light going through the central Sirian sun and through the very center of your own Sun, and through your own heart chakra sun, and into your world. Visualize another beam emerging from right channel of the Galactic Trinity, moving through the right star of the Sirian Trinity, and then moving through Jupiter and into your crown chakra, flooding you with the energy of light and love, pouring into your heart, joining the central beam, and pouring out into your world. Then visualize the left focal point beam, moving through the left star of Sirius, moving through Saturn, beaming through the core of your Earth, welling upwards through the soles of your feet, up the leg chakra channels, joining at the sacrum, lifting upwards through each vertebra, and joining at the heart chakra as a living fire energy, mixing with the other two energies, so that silvery blue energy, a golden energy, luminous green energy, violet energy, magenta energy, bright white energy, and a rainbow light energy emanates from your heart, and pours into your world.

I invite you who are participating in this channeled meditation to trust that I am adjusting for the details, not to worry if your visualizations do not correspond exactly to your Earth based scientific astronomy textbooks. You will feel that some visualizations "lock in" to the feeling energy transmissions more tightly than other visualizations, let yourself be okay with whatever visualization "locks in" for you and release concerns with accuracy. As wonderful as your Earth scientists are, they are in their own growth as well, and will revise their text books many times in their own investigative journeys. They are doing very well in their calculations. Please do not worry about how Sirius A, B, and C in their system correspond to central, right, and left Sirius in my own description. When the visualizations feel right, they are good enough to tune into the frequencies and bring the energies through. It is the intention linking with the wisdom field that the visualizations build around.

You are already in the last time wave of the Mayan Calendar. There is already enough alignment of the Galactic Center, Ekadana, with the Sirian System, Getan, and your Solar system, Tabara, for the convergence fusion to start happening. The closer you move towards the Winter Solstice 2012 CE time marker, the stronger a certain initiation energy wave will become for all of you.

You may wish to give conscious permission to the initiating energy to transform and upgrade your energy system to a new level of functioning. As you serve each other in love, through this initiation, whether felt very directly in this channeling or felt indirectly through your Bodhisattva and Dakini vows to have compassion on all sentient beings, to eradicate all your individual karmas, to master all the Dharma teachings, and to lovingly serve each other, your energy system will be upgraded in stages. It will be a little faster within this kind of initiation, because it is more deliberate and does not have to wait until evolutionary necessity calls down what it needs. Sound and light, or the higher aspects of each, will download into your genetic computer and even shift the chemistry of your bodies. It will be necessary, at some point, to alter your diet to align with these new frequencies and the new metabolisms which wish to activate in your energy systems. Food addictions will surface and be felt more strongly as addictions as part of the required shifts to this new level of functioning. Within this perspective, addictions are obsolete habits that still have some force in your life energy processes and which do need to weaken, be realigned, and repurposed to serve the evolutionary shift that wishes to happen inside you.

In other words that your beloved Issa spoke to you, he said, very simply, "You must be born again." Although this phrase has been reduced down to a simple conversion into one religious sect, it really means something larger than this. It is a birth into light, midwifed by all the spiritual teachers who have come to your world, who have spoken of truth, light, and love, inspired you to embrace your highest ethical ideals, and given esoteric transformational keys to activate the dormant genetic codes that signal your biological organism to move to its next evolutionary stage. In order to be reborn, you need a mother, which is the womb of creation, and the umbilical chord is this 3rd eye link and the mother rhythm breath. You are birthed from the same place that stars are born and by the very same mother.

Namaste, Temavah.

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