Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sohra Channeling May 7, 2011

Sohra: Many blessings to all of you who are reading this. Here and now, I am sending energy blessings to you, regardless of when and where you are reading these words. I am holding this pure thought intention and vibrating this intention so that there is no barrier to connecting with you. My energy will be nearby you at this time. You can bring it in more deeply simply by placing your attention at your third eye and intending to receive it into your mind, heart, and body. I will always respect your internal gate, always respect your permission and choice, about what you let in to yourself and about what you do not open up to. I can and do surround all of you with love, patience, and trust until you let this energy into you. I surround you with love, because this is all that I have to offer you at this time. I surround you with patience, calmly waiting for you to receive what I have to offer. I surround you with trust, knowing that you will eventually open up and receive this energy and be transformed. If not my own personal loving energy, then any of a vast number of higher beings who form "the one who is all" and share this same gift to you and for you. Who you choose matters not. There are many doors to the same room and in the center of this room is the same shining lamp.

When you link with me through your third eye, you may feel a tingling sensation there. Please then breathe consciously, smoothly, deeply, fully, and peacefully. Imagine that you are being guided to breathe in such a way that the energy connection grows deeper between us and in such a way that you feel the energy more strongly and fully. Allow it to flow inside of you. See if you can "stay in this intention and concentration". Be careful that you do not wander or stray from the concentration. In the real world, you do not give permission once in the past and then forget about it. What is needed is an ongoing conscious feeling of permission, allowing, and cooperation with the energy. It can eventually be a conscious habit that you naturally always do, but until then many stray thoughts will lead you to other moods and other places. In general, the past thoughts that you have will create and repeat your past karmas. They are meant to surface and be burned away within the purifying energy of radiant awareness. But you can also get lost in them again and give them energy to manifest again in your life. If you feel the tingling sensation weaken at the 3rd eye, then you are lapsing back into your usual space and losing this energy mood that we are co-creating together.

When you "make the link" with me, you may find, in the beginning, that it is hard to stay in the link. The habit of samsaric wandering is very old and you are too used to this kind of mind wandering. You may find your mind rebelling against remaining in a continuous surrender to the one who is all. You do not wish to give this mind too much power either by giving into this mind or fighting against this mind. If you indulge in this mind, then you lose the mood of surrender. If you fight against this mind, then you have "switched intentions" and are no longer merely doing surrender as a process. When this rebelling mind arises inside you, accept this mind, love this mind, and offer this mind to the mood of surrender. Let me handle this mind with you and for you. Just give me permission to work with this mind and I will do the rest. If you can truly do this, then I will dissolve this mind into peace for you. If you cannot do this quite yet, just intend to do this and intend to give permission, and it will be enough to start the process in motion.

In the previous communication, I had talked about the Winter Solstice 2012 time marker and how, we, the Sirians, were sending balancing energies in an effort to neutralize the maximum adverse and painful karma that cosmic law allows. Our wish is that this transition be an painless and nontraumatic as possible. As you have now witnessed, some traumatic events have happened inspite of our wishes. There are more events that will manifest according to karma and cosmic law that are, at present, forming in your planetary manifesting fields, brewing like storms, and readying to unleash the pains that are forming within them. Some can be picked up very clearly and have a very high probability of manifesting and some are vaguer and still have a low probability of manifesting. Like your stock markets, the shares in the events market go up and down very often. The emotions and moods that you collectively feed into have a lot of manifesting power and shape these probabilities. The emotional energy that is being generated has a lot of anger, fear, and sadness within itself right now. When this happens, the energies tend to lean toward the darker outcomes and amplify the probabilities of the painful events. Many of you will still learn the same basic lessons whether through a path of peace, love, and joy or through a path of anger, fear, and sadness, it is worth, as much as possible seeing if you can learn through the former and abandon the latter. I am choosing, at this time, to bring through a communication and support for your planetary process, to turn the tide as much as possible, while the traumatic events that I see manifesting on your event horizon and probability fields are still in the seed stage and are only gathering their manifesting energy. They are like storm clouds that are getting moister and moister, and darker and darker, but have not yet unleashed their lightning and rain.

We, the Sirians, are doing and have done, all that we can by ourselves on your behalf to neutralize as much adversity from your planetary rebirth process. We will do more on your behalf within the limits of cosmic law that we are constrained to work within. I am wishing to support a process whereby our energies can be conducted into your world through you, with your conscious permission and involvement, that could potentially make an enormous difference in the reduction of sorrow from your evolutionary birthing process and even significantly accelerate this process.

I am offering this process outside the usual timing of the spiritual lessons that are normally given within a certain sequence over a longer period of time. I apologize in advance that some of this may be outside the range of your immediate verification by your own personal experience. In a more ideal situation, I would be happy to teach you and guide you step by step so that every lesson makes sense to you, is explained carefully so that you can easily understand, and builds logically from the previous lessons so that you mature higher and higher in your understanding in natural stages of maturity in wisdom, creativity, and compassion. But if I do so in the usual manner of lessons and the usual sequence of lessons, then it will literally be too late to avert some painful disasters that I would prefer that you do not experience. At this point in my own evolutionary journey, I have deep recall of my many past lifetimes and remember being a mother in thousands upon thousands of those lifetimes, feeling my love for my children, and wishing them to be protected from any unnecessary harm. I do have this same love for all of you, having known most of you through the light rays emanating from Tenabah's heart, to whom I am joined with in yidam, as teacher to student. The love of a liberated and fully awakened being touches everywhere in all directions. Something intervenes for us to call our attention so that we can focus this love to a specific person, time, and place, to help him or her. All of you can be our eyes and hands in your world. Because you are in your world, you can serve as a portal for our energy to enter your world and heal your world.

You may ask why we cannot simply just intervene directly and bypass the need to have your permission. We are doing this to some extent. But you do not, collectively, see how you are interwoven together within a common movement and creative journey. Many of you still feel an illusion of how separate you are from each other. When I see you, I see many lines of causation connecting all of you together and organizing the succession of experiences that you have with each other and with your world, forming them moment to moment, within a kind of collective dreaming mind. There are literally thousands of free choice transactions you are making telepathically with each other in this realm that is shaping an enormous part of even your physical journey on Earth with each other. We cannot interfere with those transactions and we are rarely invited into those transactions to influence them. We need to work "within the gaps" where "quantum leaps" are possible and subtly organize synchronicities that bend your evolution in a positive direction. Many of these gaps have to do with permission that you have given in the past, through ancient rituals you participated within in many of your religious processes in past lifetimes. Some of those thoughts float up inside of you, especially when you read your books, and feel a shift happen inside you when you "agree again" with rituals you had done a long time ago, times in the past where you woke up from your habitual sleep walking and really realized what you were doing and why, where some word or line of teaching really struck home, and you awoke for that moment and joined the purpose of life.

I do not wish to scare you in any way or use fear as a motivation for any decision you may or may not make about this communication. I do not believe in fear as motivation. I do not believe that fear as emotion and motivation can lead you to the highest level of awakening and realization. It is too tied to attachment to an illusory self and physical survival. This kind of fear ends by trusting universal life to take care of you and not being attached to your present physical body and its survival. It will last long enough for many wonderful things to happen. You are meant to take care of your physical body and feed loving energy to all its cells. You are meant to even conquer aging and death in your biological cells. It is not so hard to do and maybe perhaps we can have another discussion about this after the Winter 2012 solstice. But right now, for life in your physical bodies to remain worth living, it would be nice if some concentration gets generated that can shift the probability field so that you take a different fork in the time river than the options many of you are focusing on and unwittingly making real.

There is a lot of power and energy we could pour through you to help your world find the path of least trauma throughout this planetary birthing process. At some point in the future, when you fully wake up to your own divinity, you will do the same for others as we are wishing to do for you. And if you do send our energy through you and into your shared world, you will participate in our energy and eventually will feel that you can do the same we are doing through you. Then you will "take over the process" and we will gladly step back and let you continue with our blessings. Right now, though, there are some differences between us. One is that your faith in your own divinity is still growing in stages. Many of you have subtle beliefs that run contrary to your fully believing and trusting in your innate divinity. It shows up the most in the times of crisis where you do to what you really believe in. Many times it is regular chemical medicine and surgery with little razor sharp knives. Many of you talk about breathing and visualization until your life is really at stake and then you go to your "bottom line" and show what you do have faith in, what you trust the most with your own process. I do not say this to condemn in any way, because you are slowly shifting your faith, in stages, to the power of your own mind and the innate divinity behind it. But it is still young and fragile. We have been where you are. You do have enough faith to believe in our divinity and let our power go through you. You have enough faith to give us permission to work with you and on your behalf. As you see us work through you, then even your faith in your own mind and your own divinity will grow, because we can demonstrate for you what you will eventually do from yourself. There is a part of you that wants proof, that wants to see the power of "mind over matter", even though every time you move your fingers you are using this power, and grows in faith when you receive validations in experience of this power in action. When you allow our power to go through you, then you will set in motion these kinds of validating experiences. Your faith will grow from those experiences.

I am wishing to keep our link simple and direct. Place your attention at your 3rd eye, and give permission for me to flow my energy into your crown chakra and out through your heart chakra and out through your hands. Visualize this energy going out to Earth, to Fukushima, to the dry deserts that need rain, to the cities that need peace and hope, to the hungry that need food, and to everything in your world that you notice. Feel the energy go into the ground and heal the ground itself. Let yourself be guided about where to direct this energy. Notice that when you hear the news, how you react to the news, whether you are feeling upset and helpless, or whether you are feeling that this is an opportunity to flood energy that could make a difference. If you are into the latter, then you can be thankful that your news does show things that require our attention and healing energy. Do not miss these opportunities. Please notice that when you feel upset and helpless that you are giving your faith to adverse processes and are believing that they ultimately rule your life. Try to feel that "all symptoms are the cure in progress", that things are flushing up to be healed, and ride the process with this attitude. Please do not underestimate the power of our minds and hearts joined together to reshape your world through love. Try, if you can and want to, to spend about one hour a day devoting yourself to your world and pouring our energy through, for especially the next two weeks. Each of you is at the midpoint of a thousand lines of causation and shift how all these lines function through you. By changing your energy, you can profoundly change your world.

There is some more detailed information that I would like to share at a later time, about targeting some specific things to help heal your world. But right now I would like to see some very general wise, loving, and creative energy flood into your world through the portal of your life and let this level of change integrate.

Thanking everyone in advance who will choose to join this.



  1. Thank you for your help.Love Debbie

  2. I feel deeply touched and inspired by Sohra, as always. Thanks so much for sharing.