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Sohra Channeling October 26, 2013: On Sexual Union

Sohra:  Blessing to all who are reading these words.  Inviting you to place your attention at the 3rd Eye with the intention of meeting my blessing energy there, to meet me, feel me, and commune with me through this chakra.  When you connect with me at this place, then feel that I am guiding your breathing and that it is becoming deeper and fuller on the inhale, softer and smoother on the exhale, with inhale flowing easily into the exhale and with exhale flowing into inhale, forming a blissful continuous flow of breathing with no pauses.  Through the breathing, the blessing energy will flow into your whole body, into every cell in your body, and circulate so that all the other chakras and subchakras share their energies with each other.  Emotions will surface and process within this flow.  By staying centered at the 3rd eye, you can remain a non-reactive witness, not clinging to what arises, not resisting what arises, not identifying and getting caught in what arises, and not still being gently sensitive, aware, and curious about what arises, without collapsing into judgment about what arises.  Intuitively feel into holding 70 percent attention at the 3rd Eye, 20 percent attention in the breathing, and 10 percent attention to your thoughts and emotions.  Notice when you lose this focus and gently refocus back to this level of connection.  In this way, you will be able to easily, rapidly, and peacefully process your repressed storehouse of emotions, empty your subconscious mind of all neurotic confused samskaras, and transform your physical body into a light body.

There is a way in which your body is already light.  Everything that appears is seen because of light, being part of a luminous empty energy field of love and light, being a harmonic geometric frequency of vibration that builds form around itself, and manifests within a dimensional frame of reference.  What is called your 3D world is a system of agreements and settings, where your molecules pulsate in and out of existence in synchronization with each other and with all the other bodies that choose to inhabit the same dimensional frame of reference.  Your senses are synchronized with this pulsation so that the appearance of materiality and bodies can be experienced in almost the same with each other.  What is called "real" to all of you is a vast and arbitrary agreement that manifests what is akin to the "virtual reality" games that many of your children are playing (and they are figuring out what I am sharing with you and learning a vast interactive quantum physics).  The arbitrariness is partly about what worked, in your evolution, for survival, for healing, for growth, and for celebration.  Some individual and common settings worked better than others, but there is a wide range of settings that would have also been viable.

During the last channeling, I intersected 10 percent in a stable way, and was felt as a palpable presence in the room.  I situated one of my high vibrational physical etheric bodies in the center of the macro-geometries and chose to pulse "zero point energies" into your space.  I am wishing to generate another word for "zero point energy" or what is also called "overunity energy" in your world.  I will call these energies "nirvanic energies" or "sunyata prana".  There were times that I intersected, in peaks, to even 50 percent, where the radiant light of my physical etheric body appears in your dimensional frame of reference as actual visible light.  At 10 percent, I have sufficient intersection to do much in your world, effect much healing in your physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies.  Your linking at the 3rd Eye is the quantum unity that I need to do this.

All of you are committed to transforming your physical body into a light body.  I am wishing to share that there is a second path to light body which can happen even if physical death occurs.  If we hold connection at the 3rd Eye through the death process, I can latch on to your bardo dream body or subtle energy body, and infuse it with intuitive wisdom energy and sunyata prana to transform this into a light body.  There is a deeper and vaster learning if you take your physical body with you and transform this into a light body.  But for some of you, who are processing and releasing much deep and heavy karma from your living system, you may not reduce your karma rapidly enough to prevent the death of your physical form.  I am wishing to share with you to please do not see this as "the end", but to continue your process with me.  When you transform your subtle energy body into a light body, it will be the same outcome with slightly less practical wisdom having been learned, but this practical wisdom can be learned in other schools, can be completed through returning as I have, in service of the galactic healing process which is happening in your quadrant of the Ekadana galactic system.

Although I am doing many many things for you in the meditations I am sharing, you are shadowing and echoing these processes with me, you are learning through staying in a state of yieldedness and flowing with me.  I am using your inner functions to accomplish my activity in your world.  I am synchronizing my activity with your activity.  There are some meditation teachers in your world who have done certain processes for you, like shaktipat, like abhisheka, like deeksha, like transmission of baraka, like activation, like empowerment, like attunement, and like initiation.  What like to affirm that what I am doing is similar to these.  Each is a little different.  Each of these teachers can only raise you to the level that they have accomplished in themselves.  Because I have attained a fully functional light body, because I have fully learned from 72 Buddhas who appeared in my world, I can activate the light body process within you, bless you, and heal you, within the abilities and limits of our unity with each other.  There will be times where you will need to be active and to do within the unity field that we are generating.  I will be giving, through the Devani Tenabah, verbal instructions to you.  He has a part in this unity field which is integral and which has to do with subtle alignments between two dimensional frames of reference and how they are encoded into the very cells of his body.

I am wishing to share more about what the word "Devani" means.  It is a word from Itanamic language referring to a specific role within a unity field.  It is similar to the phrase "being a channel", but more specific.  A channel can serve many functions, from accessing psychic information, from using the link with a higher being to talk to dead relatives, and share encouraging spiritual messages.  But within the unity lock that we are involved in, I am functioning as "yidam" or "ishtadevata" in this relationship for Tenabah, as his primary guide.  I am here to take him home into the regions of light, to Metaka (deep free choice to enter and abide in sacred space of the loving heart which births the light body).  Those who are coming into this channeled space are part of a Merkaba, a tech 6 space ship with a nirvanic energy engine.  A Devani is needed to generate the nirvanic core of this spaceship.  The word "Devani" means "one who have deeply surrendered by essential free choice, paravritti, into an energy movement that has a specific purpose intention ("nee", siddhi).  Through these "senkas", you will all learn much and be healed much, and if you, too, totally yield into this wisdom energy flow, it can carry you all the way to light body, you, too, can be fully healed of everything and attain this evolutionary omega point.  Becoming a Devani is a specific attainment in and of itself, Tenabah was trained in dreamtime for over two years before starting upon this path and then has been evolving to this function over 20 years.  It is allowing me to anchor into your world and interact with all of you.

Some of the meditations have involved planetary service (seva, wisely choosing to move with an energy inspiration).  This is part of the moving into light body.  In seva, you are functioning as a light being.  We live compassion.  We love service.  We are vibrating at a level where, like the original Ekadanis, we cannot be exhausted no matter how fully we give of ourselves.  You will feel your emerging light body in these sevas.  It will transform how you feel present in your world.  You will wake up beyond the forces that you feel subject to at this time.

I am wishing to share another item now.  We are still involved in the theme of healing all the malformations of the sex chakra.  With the activation of the third shamballa tonewave, there are three interlocking movements happening in all the sentient beings of your world.  There is the healing of the female, the healing of the male, and the healing of sexual union between the two.  Each of these three has its own needs and its own natural sanity or state free from neurosis.  Many of you are feeling a desire to find your soul mate and move into a dual vehicle path.  I, Sohra, am in an eternal relationship with Etabah, and can affirm that what you seek is possible and natural for all of you.  Your 24th Buddha, Guatama, taught celibacy because your world needed to have some "down time" from sexual activity for a certain level of healing to happen without the karmaic replay of dysfunctional patterns of relating deeply hurting your sexual energies.  Sexual union was never meant to be painful and hurtful to either partner of a relationship.  Indeed, an eternal partnership would be literal hell if it were hurtful and painful.  There are a lot of beliefs in your world about the necessity of pain and hurt in your sexual relationships.  We, the Itanami, had shared early on to Tenabah that every samskara, every karmaic seed, has its roots in the sexual chakra, as what we are calling a "malformation".  All the other karmas are echoes of the karmas of this chakra.  If you release these samskaras, the echo karmas will easily and quickly release.

The sexual chakra, the 3rd eye chakra, and the heart chakra are meant to function within a deep infinity energy loop, where breathing gently pumps the energy through this mobius flow, first within the individuality and then within the dual unity that is sexual union.  It is a sacred union in the deepest and truest sense of the word.  If it were merely a hedonistic pleasure, it would not be worth it.  You are better taking some of your recreational drugs and getting high on them, because you will hurt each other less this way.  In Itanamic language, the energy being used and explored in sexual union is "lah".  This is the energy of creation itself.  It is through this energy that the light body and children are birthed.  Your Buddha Guatama had as a precept "to not misuse sexual energy, but to be loving, honoring, respectful, and trustworthy of your sexual partner".  Your partner in sexual union is meant to be the place where the deepest, highest, most intimate loving connection is made with another being and through this union you are able enter into healing interactions with everyone else, to have the love from this fountain flow into all your other interpersonal relationships with everyone.

The level of wounding of this chakra in your world is such that many of become cynical about this possibility and do not believe it can be this way, that it is "just hormones" or "chemicals" inside one that are doing everything, as if the energy that manifests the cosmos can be reduced down to "endorphins".  The chemical level of your body will indeed alter in love, but it is not the sole cause of those changes.

When you are in what is called the "honeymoon" phase, you are experiencing an evolutionary fast forward to a higher state of being.  The higher states of your own evolution first come in flashes and then these flashes happen more often and are of longer duration, until you learn to inhabit the higher state and never fall down to a lesser state.  There is a nervousness in the early meeting of a potential partner where you get nervous and afraid, because you do not feel adequate to hold your part of this sacred mudra.  There is wisdom in this anxiety, because when you flash into the future of your species, you will return feeling inadequate to fully embody this very high level of functioning.  Yet you will also be attracted to the growth that is represented in this exploration.  It will require you to make changes.  Many of you will feel inspired to quit many bad habits for the sake of such relationships.  I would recommend loving yourself enough to make those changes now.  I would recommend not waiting until you find a loving partner and then try to make all those changes at the last moment.  It will not work.  Because if you do everything that you already know you must do to evolve into high sexual union, then you will meet other things that also need to be changed as well.  If you only feel motivated to change for the sake of a partner and not for yourself, this is a state of confusion that will hurt your potential partner somewhere down your time walk with them.  It misses the point of such sexual unions.  The paradox is that if you receive these relationships in the right way that they can be easy, rapid, and peaceful growth for you, within a journey that is both serious and playful, loving and desirable, tender and joyful, spontaneous and focused, flowing with intuitive wisdom, spontaneous creativity, and unconditional love.  The strange thing is that this is how of all you feel with your first innocent explorations of the honeymoon phase of your loving relationships.  There is a deep feeling that the total relationship can flow this way forever.  I am wishing to affirm that it can and in my own case that Etabah and I have this feeling eternally.  Outwardly our oneness with each other is now quiet and cool.  It is a simple warm joyful feeling in the hearts of each other.  It does not need renewal by outer sexual play anymore.  Our love simply vibrates within every cell of our eternal light bodies.  It feels like harmony, warmth, sensitivity, joy, bliss, peace, connection without end, mutual spontaneous unforced growing, shimmering orgasm, and a feeling that he is ever near, even though he is literally thousands of light years away, helping another world that is not the Earth, but is undergoing a similar set of initiations into eventual supernova.

End of transmission.  Blessings.  Namaste.

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