Monday, October 7, 2013

Sohra Channeling October 7, 2013: Choosing Separation

Sohra:  Blessings to all of you who are meeting in this intention and this space.  Inviting you to place attention at your third eye with the intention of meeting my energy there.  Sending blessing energy.  Inviting you to breath according to the wisdom that is flowing into and pouring into this chakra.  Inhale deep and full, exhale soft and smooth, inhale flowing into exhale, exhale flowing into inhale, one smooth circle of breathing, then breathing from the breath itself, breathing from the breath as the breath, not feeling that you are remote controlling the breath from a little place inside your head.

I am wishing to add more to the series of instructions designed to assist in the activation of your light body and with the secondary purpose of my materializing in your dimensional frame of reference, what you have sometimes called "the real world" or "the material world".  The theme I wish to add at this time is "choosing separation".

The main process of light body activation is "unity lock" where we link together and dynamically activate energy after energy until a process is activated, then there is the unburdening of the entire karma load that keeps you bound.  The process involves emotionally charged pictures rising up to be gently released.  All that you need to do is stay in unity with me and let me release them for you.  What is required of you is that you have passive non-resisting awareness of whatever floats through your view screen, you acknowledge what you see, and let it go, and if necessary you forgive yourself and everyone involved in the pictures for whatever was done.  This forgiveness is also simple.  It involves understanding that, as your teacher Jesus said, "Forgive them because they did not know what they were doing."  It is unconscious ignorance that makes people do anything foolish, hurtful, and unwise.  It is unconscious ignorance that makes us do foolish things, get hurt, and set ourselves up for pain.  If you grok this point, then you will more rapidly release everything in your past.  There are ultimately no evil malicious people in the universe.  There are no evil geniuses.  People can have a measure of intelligence in their evil, harmful, and hurtful actions, but they cannot be totally conscious and totally aware of what they are doing.  If you feel continued resentment when you are forgiving yourself and others, then love the resentment, acknowledge that it gave the strength to let go of the grip someone had on you or gave you strength to do what was needed to empower yourself, and then let it go.  Vibrate up to a place where it is not needed anymore.

The process needs your moment to moment permission for you to continue.  When you do not give this permission, then you are "choosing separation" and the process literally ends.  You are then making real your illusory isolated sense of self.  This ego state is the carrier of all your karma.  Every choice to be separate makes this illusion stronger and feel more real.  To the degree that it feels real is the degree you get enmeshed in matter and wander in sorrow.  What you call matter, too, is an illusion projected by the ego state.  The sense of matter that you have is that this is stuff that exists in and of itself, separate from everything else, and this stuff has different kinds of relationships with other stuff.  There are mainly three relationships it can have.  It can dominate and control other stuff which is aggression and anger energy and be engaged in power struggles.  It can feel victimized and resist, run away, or feel stuck which is fear and avoiding energy.  It can be resigned to the way things are and just feel sad.  There is still a kind of momentary happiness even in the ego state, like when an angry person gets his or her way or when you feel you have run so far away that you have avoided something or when the situation you were resigned to sometimes changes for the better, even if only for a day.  But what you call matter is illusory in this sense.  Everything is an expression of an interactive and creative energy field.  This unity responds to your thoughts, emotions, and reactions.  Even how you interpret events changes how the event is experienced.

I wish for all of you to notice when you choose separation, when you recoil from being present with your process moment to moment, when you pull into your thoughts, stay in your story and merely live it out, when you shutdown, feel something is too much, when you tighten and resist what is arising, when you hold your breath, or when you shift back to remote controlling your breathing, rather than being in the breath, breathing from the breath itself as the breath.  There is nothing you cannot solve by staying in your process and moving with your process.  When you choose separation, then you have recoiled from the process and have become an isolated self in a hostile world.  If you notice you have done this, you can reconnect with the process by placing your attention back at the 3rd eye with the intention of connecting with my energy, then breathing from the breath itself as the breath, feeling the breathing guided from within itself by the wisdom that is pouring into the 3rd eye, and through the breath running the energy throughout the whole body simultaneously and spontaneously.

When you have noticed you have chosen separation, please do not spend too much time feeling bad about it, but just gently reconnect, move as gently, quickly, and peacefully back into connection as you can.  Realize that I do not need you to feel sorry about anything.  You cannot hurt me.  I have already attained light body and am beyond those kinds of issues.  I can protect myself by just being myself.  If you have some guilt to process, please reconnect first and then release it within the process.  Use your advantage in having me available to you.  If you do not do so, there is a chance that you will return to living in a repeating karma loop that you might be sustaining without realizing it.  When you are connected rather than separated, then the very energy that moves within the connection will keep you growing through all your challenges.

If you become sensitized to when you and others choose separation, then you will more rapidly learn to stay connected or notice separation and return.  If someone you care about disconnects, then just notice and love them where they are.  Notice the part that is wanting to call them back.  You do not want to get caught in a power struggle to get them back.  You can invite them back and if this does not work just bless them where they are.  I would like the share, at another time, more about how to disentangle your relationships so that you will not need to reprocess them over and over.  It is about being very clear inside you.

This completes the transmission regarding this unit of understanding.  Blessings, temavah, namaste.

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