Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sohra Channeling October 9th, 2013: Meeting Halfway

Sohra:  Blessings to all who are meeting here in this energy.  Inviting you to place attention at the 3rd eye with the intention of meeting my energy there, letting your breathing be guided by the wisdom that pours into this chakra, inhale deep and full, exhale soft and smooth, inhale flowing into exhale, exhale flowing into inhale, forming one smooth rhythmic but not rigid circle of breathing.  When you are reading these words, please take a pause now to reground in your breathing, establishing a good felt sense of connection, before continuing with these words...

I am sharing more channelings through Tenabah in order to prepare for an upgrading on the energy level that exists between us.  The main purpose is to assist your shift into light body, to lay down a stable matrix of support for this process, and then to catalyze the process into full activation.  Part of the catalyst will be my intention to materialize within your dimensional frame of reference.  The process of doing so I will call "meeting halfway".  While it is possible for me to intersect your dimensional frame of reference, in terms of immediate ability as you understand it, right here and right now, the timing of the event must be in accord with cosmic law and the nonviolence of unconditional love.  I cannot materialize into your dimensional frame of reference, your usual experience of the physical universe, without the entire permission of each and every one of you who comes to group, at least not if I choose to reveal myself within that group.  The permission needs to be in the moment, too.  It cannot be like a contract that you sign in the past that binds all your future present moments even if you do not want to be bound anymore.  There are no contracts like that possible in the real cosmos.  It is considered part of wisdom to not hold anyone to the unconscious ignorance of the past and the decisions made in this ignorance.  While it is good to make time binding agreements, vows, they sometimes become obsolete and must be updated or released, as respectfully as possible, with minimum impact upon all involved.

To be sincerely open to me materializing in your midst is not so simple.  Your minds have evolved so that you have complex layers of internal processes.  Some of you do not distinguish between feeling it is the right thing to give permission to me to manifest among you in your dimensional frame of reference and actually being willing, able, and ready for the experience.  In terms of your inner democracy of multiple subselves, I would need complete agreement of all parts of you in every member of the group before being fully able to manifest.  This is primarily why I have materialized only to certain "percentages", like 10 percent to a Bandon group, 50 percent to a person in Washington, 25 percent to a person from Talent, and recently 5 percent to the Ashland group that came two sessions ago.  Nor is this openness a rigid setting that gradually increases, it can fluctuate a lot, moment to moment.  I can only initiate the materialization process when it achieves relative stability for at least 5 of your minutes.  Otherwise I cannot "hook into" your energies and calibrate my sensory output to your sensory input.

You are all interfacing each other, calibrated to each other, unconsciously, through alignment with your biological genetic bodies, to see each other, feel each other, touch each other, smell each other, taste each other, hear each other, and a thousand other subtle senses and sense input summation cells to form your experience of each other.  You do not know how you do this and sometimes the mechanisms break down, temporarily scrabble, or are suspended to shift you into a paranormal experience.  Many of you are experiencing these mechanisms being reset right now and are experiencing these things as glitches in your processing, like losing your balance for a short while when your subtle reference points, feedback loops, and balancing mechanisms shift.  Some of the anxieties you have are due to these resets happening.  Some of the anxieties about "money" are really more about these things happening below the surface.  What is felt as a possible "economic collapse" are more about a new patterning to your world being laid down and jump started, with the solar magnetic field reversal kicking the new operating system in.  The new influences arrived around the 2012 solstice but full activation is still in process.

I will be working to prepare for my materialization into your dimensional frame of reference from my side, but something from your side is needed too.  Giving permission summarizes this something.  It is also necessary that you do not try to grasp, possess, or analyze this experience.  What will be helpful is to use the picture Tenabah made of me to visualize me materializing and notice what kind of tension or relaxation arises in your body, whether or not you hold your breath or not, whether your visualization feels crisp and alive or dull and fuzzy.  And, yes, I am affirming that I will materialize, as you say in your world, naked, or just clothed in luminosity.  I am in a holographic light body that is immune to any harshness from any weather, beyond any karma that may allow me to be a victim of anyone, beyond any sense of shame or low self esteem, beyond being impacted by any guilt coming from taking on the judgment of anyone, have a radiance that prevents tentacles of lust for touching me without my permission, and am unselfconscious about how others see me.  My body can take any form that I wish to visualize, since it is, literally, a visualization.  Your own form is also this way, only it morphs more slowly within your present vibrational density and is the result of more complex intentions coming from mind that often have purposes and cross purposes competing with each other for dominance as the voice that guides the organism to where it would go and what it would do.  The truth is that the density that you live within provides a stability that you sometimes chaotic mind does not give you.  It holds your mind until you slowly form enough "mental mass" to move your body in a certain direction.  When your mind is more unified, then you will not need this material density to contain you.  Then you will have outgrown your present body design and vibrational frequency.  So my appearing naked is an affirmation of me regaining an enlightened sense of innocence (pah) and is also a kind of lesson in its own right that will serve you in your light body process.

The picture that Tenabah composed, with some help from his friend Andy, has been blessed as an access point for my energy.  If you look at with relaxed eyes and with the intention of connecting with me, you will feel me connect with you and send you energy.  I would like for you to visualize me materializing before you.  Please do this playfully, without worrying about results, imagining that you and me are in a movie and am beaming into your world as if from a Star Trek spaceship.  Notice what kind of reaction you have to this kind of appearance.  There are parts of your brain that do not fully distinguish between this exercise and my actually doing so.  This means that this visualization will help prepare your emotional body for receiving me and being comfortable with this idea.  I can also inhabit your visualization, kind of take it over within your dream, to work with you within your own lucid dreaming (as always only with your permission, intention, and sincere wish).  Keep doing the visualization until it feels peaceful and even not so exciting that this is happening.  Then we can proceed to the next step.

Blessings, Temavah, Namaste.

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