Saturday, January 8, 2011

Galactic News Update

Early morning January 7th, 2011, PST, some solar winds caused the above Aurora Borealis to appear across the northern hemisphere. I initially posted the above pictures on Facebook that I got from and The aurora appeared as far south as northern Ireland. One of the pictures above shows the green shimmer along the horizon related to this. Further up in Scotland, the band is a little higher in the sky. Russia and Norway had vivid spectacles with Tromso, Norway, having it over their city and having it not dulled by the city lights. Satellite image map of the north pole shows a picture of a strong "red zone" where the magnetic intensity became stronger, with calmer readings before and after. Any orangeness or redness indicates, to me, significant geomagnetic activity, reflecting events in our galactic quadrant, even if only being subtle carrier waves for other signals in the magnetic sharings that happen in our cosmos. I was not able to download all the relevant geomagnetic snap shots. The red zone may be more related to the second eclipse that happened, though it is likely that all the events are affecting each other. There were more pictures were possible to download. I could have posted about 4 more, but these were felt to be the most representative.

What I find fascinating is the consistent green. Auroras can be in many different colors. The green color fits in with the Sirian pulse that Sohra shared about, because the intention of the pulse was to balance the five elements enough to put the evolution process back on course. She shared that it was successful. The geomagnetic intensity did significantly peak during the Sirian pulse, but the whole intention was have the pulse work in a controlled way and not create any planetary disasters. Even though there were some earthquakes that coincided with the pulse, they were not deadly. They stayed contained within the parameters of the experiment. The green color of the aurora means that the more usual planetary and galactic energies are now at work again. They are continuing to process the energies of this world and to bring it more and more into balance. Green is the color therapy color of healing and balance, along with magenta, whereas green is more about physical healing and magneta more about physical healing.

There is a focus on healing power struggles within loving friendships and romantic partnerships. Green affects the solar plexus and heart chakras directly. In the belly chakra it creates grounding and security. In the throat chakra, it creates an inspiration to not only speak kind and truthful words, but also words that are healing, balancing, and grounding. In the third eye, it stimulates a vision that can realistically see all the forces shaping our future, both good and bad, and the guiding synchronistic hand that is moving us through this time and into a healed future. It is a balanced vision that does not give too much power to the adverse forces and yet does not bury its head in the sand and not see them.

One of the pictures is of naceous clouds which are not quite as dramatic as the auroras, but also very beautiful and energetically related to the same geomagnetic storms.

I want to thank all the people who posted comments or just a thumbs up "like" to the postings on Facebook. I am a little busy right now and only have time to do this summary. Sohra does share that she is happy with the receptive response to her sharing and affirms that many did instinctively feel that all these events were felt to be significant. The color green is an affirmation that things went well.


  1. Footnote1: The sun picture points to where the solar winds that fed the geomagnetic field of the Earth and caused the auroras came from.

  2. Footnote2: The naceous clouds were photographed from Iceland.