Monday, January 10, 2011

Jupiter Corona

Sohra had mentioned in one of her recent channellings that there is an galactic centered astrology where Jupiter would figure in differently than traditional geocentric or revised heliocentric.

This photo was taken recently and shows the "corona" of Jupiter which may be becoming sun. It is apparently emanating more energy than it is receiving from the sun. If we lived on Europa (or Io) and put solar panels toward Jupiter, we cou...ld get electricity. Arthur C. Clarke wrote 2010: A SPACE ODYSSEY where Jupiter ends up becoming a sun. Gurdjieff, a Sufi teacher, taught a cosmology where planets were evolving into stars. The picture was taken from Tempe Arizona on 01/09/2011 by Jin Liu.

Several authors and teachers have been pointing to alternative dates to the 2012 solstice for the harmonic completion (where galactic center, sirius, sun, and earth align with each other and a galactic pulse is conducted for about three days). The 2012 solstice does figure Jupiter in its astrological mandala. See footnote1 on:

Sohra shared that other alternative dates are still significant, because between the harmonic convergence and the harmonic completion are many significant astrological formations/initiations. It is the 25 year period of crossing with the last 7 years, which we are already in, being significant. The emphasis has been on transformation and initiation to a new mode of consciousness. People have already shifted more than they realize in this direction. The exact dates in some sense are not crucial, because we will pass through them all and many others afterwards in our evolution into homo holographicus. Nothing is stopping us, now, too, from stepping into what we already are within the primal luminosity and living from this basis even now.

Neteeya Sangay Ooteema Ooteema.

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  1. Footnote1: I have been getting enough responses from the FB parallel posts to not import them here. They have been positive. One person asked about how to rethink astrology along galactic lines. Sohra did share that traditional and heliocentric astrology were okay given their general themes. They have already adjusted to new astronomical findings along the way. She invited people to try to imagine a chart revolving around the galactic center with key planets and suns being relevant in this landscape. For us, on Earth, this would mean the trinary Star system called Sirius (Sirius A, Sirius B, and Sirius C). In this larger landscape, Jupiter slowly becoming a Sun is significant and will shift conventional astrology too. Jupiter is already putting out more energy than it is receiving from the Sun. If we lived on Europa, we could put solar panels facing Jupiter and get electricity from them. Galactic astrology has yet to really be created on Earth, though it is implied in Buddhist cosmology, with Amida Buddha sending energy from Sukhavati, Guatama Buddha descending from the Tushita Star system, and Tara initiating whole solar systems into the Dharma.