Friday, January 14, 2011

Sohra Channeling 01/14/2011

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are gathered in this inner space. Inviting you to place your attention at your 3rd eye and to meet my energy there. I am continuing from the last channeling which invited you to radiate loving energy as visualized light from your heart, to send it forth to all that you meet each and every day. I wish for you now to visualize a bubble of light surrounding your body and hold the thought intention that this bubble protect you, that it filter out any energy that is not of love from harming you, that it will transmute the negative energies into love and send them back to those who sent it to you. I would like for you to visualize this light emanating from your solar plexus point, the tip of the sternum, and radiate out as a green light to form the bubble. This will give you a level of protection and boundary setting in your life. Realistically, there are thought energies that you are used letting in and used to allowing to harm you or to take your energy down to a lesser state of internal joy, creativity, and peace. You can strengthen this energy over time by giving attention to your state and noticing what you are allowing to affect you. By revisualizing this bubble, you can choose to not let these influences take you down. In this way, old karma can come to end. There is more that is needed than this visualization, but this will set in motion many good changes for you. Alchemically, you are creating the container for further energetic transformations. It is important that you be relatively immune to external influences before proceding with the next steps.

I would like for you to also visualize another light that is vibrant and fiery red in color, behind the green bubble. This fiery red bubble will burn away any energy that penetrates through the transmuting green bubble. This is the thought intention I would like the second bubble to be infused with. There is, also, another bubble behind the fiery red bubble, which is silvery blue, and is the mirror bubble. The thought intention is to just send back the energy to the owner as is. If the thought is so intense that it cannot be transmuted or purified, then it is meant to be a karmaic lesson for the sender to experience what it is that he or she is giving to others, "as is", and the lesson can be harsh and intense for them. They had two opportunities to learn the lesson more gently with the other two bubbles. All the rays emanate from the solar plexus point.

You also want to release everyone from your control, to honor their freedom, and to let them flourish in their freedom. Visualize yourself releasing any chords and tentacles from everyone, including any children under your care. If you have children, then replace the tentacles of the solar plexus with the radiant love of the heart, surround them with love, guidance, and protection, but bless their freedom. Children willingly and easily obey love when it is pure, because it does honor their freedom. They may occasionally have issues with the seeming control of parents. They have their own process. But simply be gentle and firm with them, trust that they have placed themselves under your care. You will notice that they will respond to your energy when it is clear.


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