Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sohra Channeling 01/11/2011

Sohra: Blessings to all of you who are gathered in this space. I would like to invite you to place attention on your third eye and intend to link with me here. I am always with you, if you wish for this, and am only one thought away. I anchor in your world through Tenabah. In terms of the computer metaphors that are appearing in your world, Tenabah is a relay server that allows me to hook into the sharing frequencies of your world. I calibrate my handshaking protocols to interlink with you through him. It is through the resonance of his biological cells. There will be a time in your scientific evolution where this will be understood better. It would be important to have these evolutions be matched by a parallel growth in ethical idealism within your species. With such knowledge comes a certain amount of responsibility. The knowledge can be abused some, even though it is regulated, in part, by the law of karma. When your teacher Jesus is being crucified, he says, "Abwoon, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing." He shares that the reason to forgive is that people are operating in unconscious ignorance. Ethical idealism is part of what will awaken you. When you consider your behavior and align your behavior with your highest ideal of goodness and compassion, then you self reflect and evolve. The Mahayana Buddhist ideal is a vow of compassion where you postpone final nirvana to lovingly serve your world and help it to heal and become liberated. There are a number of people who wish to escape your world and find peace in another world. It is okay to seek this kind of refuge, but it is more ideal to choose to stay here out of compassion and serve each other, and eventually make your world into a pure land. When you adopt this attitude, this ethical idealism, then you immediately shift into a greater compassion, release more radiant energy from your true nature, and evolve even further into a light being. Those who embrace "evil", who are not inspired to evolve their compassion, who do not bring forth their enlightened true nature by acts of compassion, are acting, indeed, from unconscious ignorance. There is no such thing as "conscious evil". What is called "evil" has no substantial existence. It is about unconscious habits, about "not knowing what you are doing", and trying to subvert the law of karma, rather than learning to work with the universal law or dharma that unites us all. If evil people are seen in this light, then they can easily be forgiven. If one cannot forgive them, then some unconscious ignorance is still running us and we need to explore this. We can thank them for illuminating this inside us. The law of karma brings us together in this manner so that we can help each other to learn and grow.

Once you have linked with me, I invite you to radiate compassion as visualized light beams from your heart chakra, from behind the breast plate in the center of your upper chest. There is some discussion in your world about whether this location is the "real heart chakra" or whether the heart chakra is overlaid upon the heart muscle that pumps the blood throughout the body with its four chambers. There is no need to choose which one is the real one. They are all real and all relevant, and there are more than two of them. Your Sufis, in their deeper meditations and traditions, map out five that go across the chest, and visualize special colors for each of them to activate them simultaneously. It links into the same level of work as the Tibetan Buddhist Five Archetypal Buddha Mandala. There are other methods of working with these chakras depending on the kriya that wishes to be activated.

For the purposes of aligning with a sacred geometry, the heart chakra that is behind the breast plate is in the middle in relationship to the right and left sides of your body. It is also aligned with the central channel is biologically expressed where your physical spine is. These features are important in terms of a multiple chakra activation and to activate what Gurdjieff would have called a "higher being body".

There is a level where you can send compassion as light and radiate it in all directions. It is not merely a metaphor and not merely some imagination exercise. What is called "imagination" in your world is far more real and more powerful than you presently understand. If you can visualize a lemon and cause your mouth to salivate, there is more going on with imagination that a mere idle fantasy. Just to understand this and acknowledge this will increase its power, since your imagination will imagine itself to be more powerful than it had previously imagined itself to be. You can and do control a vast number of physiological functions within your body through imagination. It is why your scientists work so hard to eliminate what is called the "placebo effect", where people heal themselves, whole or in part, through imagining a pill is going to heal them, even though there is no programmed healing content to those pills and even sometimes contain a slightly harmful dose of sugar. What I find curious is that the placebo effect itself has not really been studied enough in your world. The mere fact that scientists design double blind and triple blind tests to eliminate its effect shows how powerful and pervasive its effect is.

Visualize a radiant sun in your heart, golden in color, sending out rays of compassion, wishing everyone well. Do this even for your "enemies". It is another one of the teachings of the Ascended Master Jesus, when he said, "Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, pray for those who persecute you" and when he said, "Let your light shine before humans, that they may glorify Abwoon who is in the sacred dimension". The kind of prayer that Jesus taught has to do with breathing Abwoon and with sending light towards everyone regardless of who they are or what they have done. Jesus also taught, "In order that you may become like Abwoon". This means that Abwoon, the Eternal Heart of life, the cosmic parent, the father and mother of all sentient beings, the soul birthing principle, is always in forgiveness of sin and we only need to accept this. There is no need for any sacrifice to atone for sin. There is no need to slaughter a poor animal to atone for sin. There is no need to even sacrifice an only begotten son of Abwoon to atone for sin. The radiant light of Abwoon, the light of love itself, automatically forgives everyone for everything always. We cannot accept this, psychologically, consistently, and clearly, without forgiving everyone for everything ourselves. We forgive as we are forgiven.

The Buddha had taught that the three root causes of sorrow are addictive cravings that lead to attachments and clinging, judgmental negativity, and obscuring delusions. Judgmental negativity has to do with anything that obscures the rays of compassion from radiating from our heart towards all sentient beings. The three poisons feed on each other and keep each other going. We can break free of all three of them through radiating compassion from our heart towards anyone and everyone. If you want a fast track to spiritual evolution, visualize love as light radiating from your heart towards everyone. When you walk down your streets or drive your car, send love as light to everyone that you see. When you hear your news, send love as light to the newscaster, send love as light to those mentioned in the news, send love as light to the latest victims mentioned in the news, send love as light to those who are the perpetrators on the news, send love as light to those who form all the political parties, factions, special interest groups, and corporate rulers. When you love in this way, you connect with your true nature and rise above the world that you see. You do not "fall in love", you rise in love, and only through love. The key to this exercise, if you wish to call this an exercise, is that your love become "exceptionless". You do not want to withhold this love from anyone. If you do, then you restrict your own true nature, cause tension inside yourself, and slow down your spiritual evolution. If you need to set boundaries with people in order for them not to harm you, then do so. But make sure that you are rising in love for them at the same time. Many of you are trained to withdraw love as a kind of punishment for people. It is how many of you raise your children and how you were raised. Do not withdraw love, learn to always send it no matter what. Jesus healed people through this kind of love. It required some faith on the part of those who received his love. This is because love is nonviolent. It does not force people to change. People need to willingly receive it, surrender to its action inside them, and trust the process. This kind of response is what Jesus called "having faith". When you radiate love into your world, you generate this kind of faith in love. It will get stronger as a result, until you see people responding by being healed.


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